Promoting your music on TikTok can be a life-changing experience. Countless artists have their tunes gone viral, tasted popularity, and gained music fans. In this article, I will spill the best tips on how to advertise your song on TikTok and become a viral sensation in 2023.

If you are a musician and need a boost for your new album,

Listen to me: Hop on TikTok and promote your music.

How to promote music on TikTok?

You might have heard of thousands of TikTok famous because of a silly, simple video.

Like Bella Poarch with her lip-sync mixed with Disney Princess parody.

Or like Khaby Lame, with a simple reaction over dumb videos.

In fact, 75% of TikTok users find new artists through the app.

TikTok has helped a lot of musicians go viral too with their songs.

Doja Cat with Kiss Me More, Kali Uchis with Telepatia, Nayeon with POP, you name it.

If you are curious to know how a sound can be easily flourishing on TikTok and want to apply it to your track, 

This is your time to shine.

Here are the best tips to popularize your song on TikTok and become popular in 2023.

Let’s go.

TL;DR: 9 tips to promote your song on TikTok:

  1. Upload your song on TikTok
  2. Release TikTok-friendly audio
  3. Create a TikTok challenge with your track
  4. Follow fellow musicians and popular TikTok influencers
  5. Create TikTok content related to your music consistently
  6. Do a duet with other musicians on TikTok
  7. Use a mix of hashtags when creating music content on TikTok
  8. Create an authentic, visual, and local-oriented TikTok song content
  9. Attach your song’s link from the song streaming platform on TikTok

What is a viral song on TikTok? And how to recognize one?

A viral song on TikTok means the songs are used by many users on the platform for the time being.

The song will be circulating on your whole timeline and you probably hear it often on some videos.

That’s when you know the song is trending.

Or you can go to the TikTok Creative Center and access the Trend Intelligence dropdown to view data for hashtags, songs, creators, and videos.

On the menu, you can browse or search songs from the previous day, the last 30 days, or the last 120 days.

Here are the top 5 songs that recently became popular on TikTok and go Viral:

  1. So you are an artist – Tej Patel
  2. Tiba-Tiba Speed up – Lirik Lagu
  3. It’s Corn! – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy
  4. Pink Venom – Blackpink
  5. Bizcochito – Rosalia

1. So you are an artist – Tej Patel

This sound was recreated into something trendy by Tej Patel which turns a viral trend on TikTok.

Even Terry Crews and Kim Kardashian have been joining the trend.

It follows a simple dialogue to show off an artist’s portfolio.

2. Tiba-Tiba Speed up – Lirik Lagu

This mashup song places fourth as a popular song in September 2023.

It is mostly used by Indonesian TikTok users (as the language is in Bahasa).

But surprisingly, the sound is also gaining global popularity.

It’s Corn! – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

If you are active on the internet, you must know the corn kid.

Now we have the remix here on TikTok, even TikTok itself creates a special corn effect on the app.

4. Pink Venom – Blackpink


PINK VENOM TUTORIAL!!🐍💗🖤 @blackpinkofficial #dancechallenge #blackpink

♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

If you are a K-Pop fan, you must be familiar with this global girl group.

By creating a dance challenge, the song emerged position tenth as a trending song in September.

5. Bizcochito – Rosalia


Hopping on the trend with @audaamar 💎 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #rosalia #fyp #foryoupage #dubai #bizcochito


Another song promotion with TikTok content.

Just that Rosalia makes it more fun by putting her music with an “I’m done”, disgusted face.

More general and engaging content for other users to join the challenge.

TikTok and its influence on the music industry

TikTok or the international version of Douyin has gained global popularity over the years.

And it’s no secret that TikTok has helped plenty of musicians with their careers.

With the immersive sound inserted into every published video,

Any catchy song with a good hook will be popular very easily on TikTok.

And you only need 15 seconds to be viral.

Plus, TikTok makes it easier for its users to use a song for their videos.

The button to use music on TikTok videos
Easily use viral songs to boost your TikTok video~

63% of users admit to discovering new songs they have never heard of through TikTok.

Once the song goes viral, it will never stop circulating because people like to ride the wave 🙂

Brands and businesses can take advantage of the trending sound and appeal to their viewers.

As a result, 72% of users associate certain songs with TikTok.

It’s like you will immediately know what the guy is doing on his phone when you hear “that” viral TikTok song.

Let’s see how TikTok changes a new shift in music and its industry.

Plenty of songs go viral easily on TikTok

Thanks to dance challenges, duets, & collaborations, many songs become popular easily on TikTok.

When talking about viral TikTok songs, you can name a lot of songs from various artists.

From the already well-known ones to the emerging, independent artists trying to make it into the music industry.

Come look at this guy who creatively makes trends on TikTok.

Yup, the one who initiates one of the biggest TikTok trends, “So, you’re an artist”.


Did i just create the next big trend for creatives on tiktok 👀

♬ So your an artist – Tej Patel

As soon as the video is published, many artists & creatives hop on the trend,

Including the one and only, Kim Kardashian.

And then see how it opens to lots of business opportunities:)

Some welcome this trend, but others (mostly known musicians) are not happy

When their agency forces them to go viral on TikTok.

However, to date, when your tune becomes the buzzing sound on the app,

It is a proven tactic to elevate your career in music.

Plus, now you can see plenty of the so-called TikTok musician has published their singles, debut album, and other original releases.

How TikTok changes the music industry

From the stats, TikTok is provenly impacting the music industry.

The most interesting part is how the audience feels happy when a brand features a song they like.

Thus makes 68% of TikTok users remember the brand better.

And 67% of users prefer brands using trending/popular music in their content.

TikTok audience key insights when asked about a brand featuring a song they like in the video
Putting popular music never goes wrong~

The “lots of recording labels urge their artists to go viral on TikTok” says it all.

Music experts also agree that dedicating as much time to promoting your track as to making it is very important these days.

TikTok is later seen as a “bait app” to encourage users to listen to artists’ music on streaming platforms like Spotify.

TikTok wants to create a better, new Spotify

Seeing how the platform has helped a number of musicians emerge,

Currently, TikTok is in the work to create a special platform only for music,

Aiming to compete with streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

In fact, TikTok has applied for a trademark for “TikTok Music” with the U.S Patent & Trademark Office.

According to it, you can play, share, purchase and download music on the platform.

You see, TikTok is preparing more spaces for musicians to grow.

Are you in the game? Do you need some tricks to elevate your music career on TikTok?

Read on to have a life-changing experience on TikTok.

9 Tips to Promote and Go Viral with your Music on TikTok

The best way to promote your song on TikTok is to create user-generated content,

And leverage your fanbases to buzz the campaign as you do.

However, the case will be different for newcomers in music.

As TikTok is heavily affecting the music industry,

New artists have no choice but to promote their songs on the platform unless they are Beyonce.

Hear me out: there is nothing wrong with advertising your craft.

A viral song means people love how it sounds in their ears.

So stop doubting and follow these best TikTok marketing strategies for musicians.

Tip 1: Start Uploading your song on TikTok

If you want to be popular on TikTok, then hop on to the app.

It helps you gain attention and encourage people to listen to your record.

Once you release your song on TikTok, it will be clearly displayed on the music tab on your account.

The music tab & list on an artist account on TikTok for promotion
All your music will be found easily by visitors on the music tab~

Today, there are a lot of distributors to provide artists with TikTok sound signing up.

Choose the most reliable one that shares fair royalty.

Keep reading as I will guide you to sign up for your song on TikTok.

Tip 2: Release music that appeals to TikTok users

Rule number 2: try to make a TikTok-friendly sound.

What exactly makes a song TikTok-friendly?

Truth is, there is no absolute rule about this.

But seeing those popular songs roaming around the platform,

At least you have 15 seconds catchy, unique sound in your music.

Total play and use of one of the most popular songs on TikTok
All your music will be found easily by visitors on the music tab~

Does the beat invite people to dance? Does it have a snappy hook?

Try incorporating a mindset of “TikTok virality potential” when making your music.

Tip 3:Invite others to join your TikTok challenges & contests using your song

This is the ultimate tip among others on the list.

For people to enjoy your song, you must create a sensation where people get along easily using your tune.


With SHINDONG, the 2022 TikTok challenge #hellohouse

♬ original sound – diassa

Whether it’s to create dance challenges, invite singing duets,

Lip syncing videos, comedy memes, parodies, and many more.

The thing is: make it fun and challenging.

When you leave room for creativity, people tend to be more excited to join the trend.

Tip 4: Follow other musicians and popular TikTok influencers

Establishing an online presence on TikTok is another great way to market your sound.

To start, follow other artists and follow back everyone who follows you.

Music producers are now showing off what they do on TikTok, rather than being the behind-the-scene guys.

Following accounts that walk in the same path with you help discover what’s trending,

What’s working for your content marketing and not, and gives you more TikTok music content ideas.

Also, engage with influencers and collaborate with them to promote your song.

There is nothing wrong with spending some money to gain more 🙂

In fact, many TikTokers get paid to endorse songs on the app.

Tip 5: Advertise your tune by creating TikTok content consistently

Keep making yourself and your music appear on TikTok.

Content is still the most important piece of cake, so show up.

And making creative content out of it is the best way to start.

There are a lot of things to do with your music on TikTok.

You can give a snippet, show off your producing skills, produce a beat from home appliances, and many more.

Here are some TikTok ideas for producers you can use as inspiration.

Tip 6: Do a duet with other musicians on TikTok for promotions

Duets are the best way to gain TikTok fanbases.

You can gain new listeners by engaging with other musicians’ content.


@edsheeran YOU’RE ONE OF MY HEROS! 🤩🥺 Can’t wait to hear your new album! #Equalsalbum #duet #dreamcometrue

♬ original sound – Jerrica Alyssa

You can also “ride the wave” by dueting with a popular influencer’s video.

When you grab their attention, you make them curious about you, which leads to a profile visit.

Tip 7: Promote your music TikTok content with hashtags

Remember, never leave hashtags in every post.

It’s very important to boost your content discoverability on the “Discover” & “For You” pages.

TikTok hashtag usage match the keywords typed on the search bar
Hashtags always work. Never leave them out.

Mix your hashtag usage, both specific and general to balance the competition.

You can also add trending hashtags to join the phenomenon.

Tip 8: Create an authentic, visual, and local-oriented TikTok song content

Unique & original content will always find a way to become viral on TikTok.

You can also follow the path by making authentic content that stands out from the crowd.

Don’t worry about quality, just think about making fun, engaging video.

You can show your local surrounding to boost your authenticity as people welcome personalized content.

Tip 9: Attach your song’s link from music streaming platforms on TikTok for marketing

What’s the use of going off with the promotion if you don’t encourage people to buy your song?

The Apple Music button on a musician account for the TikTok full version music
All your music will be found easily by visitors on the music tab~

Provide your music link on streaming services to play a full song.

It’s very common where people to want a good sound to be on Spotify or other platforms.

So, when you have it, don’t hesitate to put the link.

People on TikTok still respect music and the hard work of the artist 🙂

How to sign up for your song on TikTok?

If you want to share your sound freely on TikTok, it’s very easy.

Just upload a video with your original tune, and that’s it.

Your audio can be reused & recreated by any user on TikTok.

However, if you want your track to be official, you need a third party to handle the matter.

Here is how to do it.

Choose a music distributor to add to your song on TikTok

Today, lots of distributors offer services to be the middle-man between your music and TikTok.

Or you can use a service from the distributor of TikTok itself: SoundOn.

Whatever it is, pick the most reliable one that shares your track royalty fairly.

You will pay before publishing your tune to the distributor,

Then they will collect the royalties on your behalf and pay them to you.

Create an account on the distributor’s website and choose the release type on TikTok

Once you decide on the distributor, sign up for their website and create an account.

If you decide to use SoundOn, go to the hamburger icon on the right corner, pick “Creator tools” and go to SoundOn.

You will be directed to its website, click “Join Now”.

And authorize your account synchronization.

TikTok SoundOn profile authorization to manage the music tab
You can edit access as you desire.

After that, fill in your identity information, then proceed with your track releases.

Remember, TikTok won’t promote an underage artist.

Choose a single if you want to release a single, or pick an album if you want to release an album.

Fill out your TikTok song information and upload the Music

After that, continue by filling out the song information.

Like the release date, genre, song title, file type, credit information, and many more.

Don’t forget to insert your track artwork cover.

Lastly, sign the contract first and then upload your music.

TikTok SoundOn uploading music dashboard
Sign the contract document and you’re ready to go!

Pay and release your TikTok music

Lastly, pay for your release.

The price differs for each distributor, just pick the one that suits you.

After everything is set up, your track is ready to be released on the date you set.

Our Advice on Marketing your Music on TikTok

Consistently making music content is proven to encourage people to listen to your track.

But there are also ways that work just fine.

One way is leveraging the best TikTok influencers to endorse your song.

Advertising it to a wider and more diverse audience.

A very great promotion to expand the opportunities for people buying your tunes.

Take a look at these influencer tools to find the right TikTokers to share your music creatively.

For brands & businesses, taking advantage of this music virality phenomenon on TikTok

Is the best way to grow your influence on the app.

There are still many ways to promote your brand using a viral/creative music

It’s still possible in 2023.

Creators can collaborate with artists to help popularize their songs.

While brands & businesses can use popular music (a job done by the influencer & musician).

Riding the wave by attaching trending songs can help boost your TikTok business content.

The thing is: this phenomenon needs harmonious cooperation from some parties.

When done successfully, it will bring benefits to everyone on TikTok.

If you have no idea in mind how to create TikTok content to promote your music,

Or how you, as a brand, can leverage trending sounds for your content strategy,

Just contact us! We can help and have keen experience with it 🙂

So, how were the tips? Do you have another hack to help songs go viral on the international Douyin?

Comment down below and share it with everyone.

Note: Contribute your thoughts about this topic and contact us here if you think we miss something to talk about.

Answering Questions about Promoting Music on TikTok

Can I promote copyrighted music on TikTok?

No. TikTok will immediately detect any video containing copyrighted music. The video will be automatically muted. If you use copyrighted music intentionally without legal reason is a violation act to TikTok’s policies. At the same time, not all unauthorized uses of copyrighted content constitute an infringement.

How much money does it take to make a song go viral on TikTok?

Depends on your TikTok strategy. If you rely on organic strategies like making content consistently about your music, you will spend zero dollars. But if you go further like collaborating with influencers, you might spend some budget to pay them, usually $300-$1500 for micro-influencers.

How do you monetize sound or music on TikTok?

Put your official song on TikTok through a distributor. Otherwise, if you only put in free audio, you won’t gain anything. Also, remember to put your song’s link on streaming platforms on TikTok. That’s the way to provide people to buy the full version of your music.

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