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10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2023 – Ranked & Reviewed

Here is the complete guide to the top 11 best influencer marketing tools with an overview of features, reviews, and prices.

We understand how confusing and tough it is for a brand to start influencer marketing for the first time.

We’ll give you a thorough breakdown of the top tools that will help you find quality Instagram Influencers relevant to your niche.


100% FREE

A real FREE tool to find Influencers anywhere via a very simple tool. Try Influencers for Free




Prepare, run, monitor, and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. Influencer Automation.




Buy Influencers Stories and Reels and Promote your product or offer directly. Fixed Price per Influencer.




Complete Influencer Marketing Solution to find Influencers and Manage your Campaigns. Easily.


Influencers that your brand really needs, high-performing influencers that bring you campaign results.

With a targeted influencer marketing strategy, your brand will achieve the best results from your influencer marketing campaign.

The more relevant your influencers are to your target audience, the better.

Different influencer marketing tools have different functions and features, so choose the tool that will help you the most.


Use Favikon if you need AI-powered influencer discovery with excellent analytics and bot followers detection

Or Inflact for tight-budget businesses to find influencers totally for free.

Instagram influencer marketing tools are extremely helpful for brands, businesses, and agencies who are looking for influencers for their influencer marketing strategy.

With these influencer marketing tools, you’ll be able to receive a detailed report and audit of influencers’ accounts.

Showing you which influencers have the best engagement rate, authentic followers, and strong accounts.

It prevents your business from sponsoring the wrong influencers – aka fraud influencers with fake followers or low engagement with their audience.

By diligently using these influencer marketing tools, you’ll be able to find the best influencers that provide good ROI and achieves your brand’s sales and growth KPI.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Tools for Instagram & TikTok ⬇️

  1. Favikon
  2. Inflact
  3. BuzzGuru
  4. Promoty
  5. NinjaOutReach
  6. BuzzSumo
  7. Analisa
  8. HypeAuditor
  9. SocialCat
  10. inBeat

There are various tools available with different price plans and functions.

We’ll list down the top 10 tools including a detailed review of the features, pricing, and overview.

If you have more Influencers Tools to suggest 👉🏼 Contact me directly.

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1. Favikon – Best & largest search influencer marketing tool

Best influencer marketing tool available in 2023 ($59/month)


Robust influencer search tool & analytics

Your #1 tool to find influencers with powerful robust search filter. Over 8 million influencers are on the database. Powerful AI-based influencer audit & performance analytics. Comprehensive influencer campaign management features.

Favikon is one of the largest influencer marketing tools with advanced influencer search functions and analytics.

Literally, you can find the best influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and also the recently growing video app, TikTok for your brand

Among the 8 million influencers on its database from 168 countries, 54,000 cities, and 95 languages.

Don’t get me wrong, TikTok is a platform with ever-changing influencer trends, including the recent one, de-influencing.

So, using a tool that can recommend the best TikTok creators is crucial.

An excellent audit result of an influencer checked on an influencer marketing tool
All the green colors are the biggest hint to hit this influencer up :)

All you need to do is open the search tool, set the filters, and click “Search”.

The influencers that are relevant based on your search setting will show up :)

Even you can go very specific by entering the influencer’s engagement rate, tier, number of followers, or Favikon score.

After clicking the “Search” button, you will find a lot of influencers with brief information about them,

Which are the number of followers, the nationality, and the Favikon score.

If you are wondering, the Favikon score is a unique assessment from the tool to wrap up all the influencer’s performance.

Pro tip: choose the one with a good “green” score from Favikon.

The robust search filters from an influencer marketing tool
Insert all your criteria and generate the most relevant influencers :)

After that, click the profile you are interested in and you will be directed to the influencer analytics review.

From engagement rate, and account growth, to how much you should pay to work with the influencer,

You will get the most comprehensive influencer review ever on Favikon.

You can also use bot followers detection to avoid fraud from bogus influencers.

Once you are done with your influencer discovery process, you can save them to a list

And send them your email outreach. Read this guide to write an influencer email outreach.

You can also collect all the influencers you are currently working with to track the campaign progress.

More management tools are also available on Favikon,

Such as an influencer list, campaign tracking performance, and CRM management.

All these helpful features are only $59/month.

Curious about the premium plan but the price can’t match your budget?

Try our promo code INSG25 and get a 25% off.

You will only have to pay $44/month for the Starter plan if you use our promo code.

Subscribing influencer marketing tool with a reduced price after being given a discount
Get more discounts with our promo code!

If you are interested in Favikon, book a call and talk with their teams immediately.

The Favikon team knows what is best for you when you communicate your needs to them.

One thing about Favikon: they have customer service and they’re hella friendly.

They will match the price that you can pay for the quality features you need.

Key Features:

  • Best influencer search tool
  • 8 million influencers from 168 countries, 54,000 cities, and 95 languages.
  • Influencer list, email outreach template, influencer DMs
  • Campaign tracking management
  • CRM management


There isn’t much of a difference between the pricing plans.

It’s just the number of lists, influencer audits, and searches that makes a difference.

Note that this pricing is not absolute, you can still book a demo and talk to Favikon’s team to customize your price.

Here is the price list.

  1. Free plan: 3 searches, 1 audit
  2. Starter $59/month: 200 searches, 100 audits
  3. Pro $99/month: 500 searches, 200 audits
  4. Business $199/month: Unlimited searches, 1000 audits

Coming to this article is a waste of time if you don’t try out this impressive tool.

The best database, best customer service, and real knowledge of influencer marketing are what define Favikon.

They are the reason Favikon is on our number 1 list.

Reach out to their teams and talk about your budget ASAP.

2. Inflact – A simple Free Tool to find Influencers all around the world


100% Free Influencer Search

If you want to do a first Influencer research or make a list of Influencers and then contact them yourself. Then this is the best solution to test Influencer Marketing for FREE.

Inflact is the most complete and popular automation tool on the internet. Now also offers a completely free Influencer search.

It’s really powerful and totally free.

Simply sign up to their platform to take advantage of their influencer search results.

Search result for Content Creator Influencers based in France with less than 40,000 followers on Instagram
577 results of French Influencers with less than 40k followers that you can export for FREE

Find influencers by several criteria, based on:

  2. Posts
  3. Countries
  4. Gender
  5. Profile category: Entrepreneur, Digital Creator, Photographer…

You will be able to create lists of your favorite influencers, have their contact details, and download your data and results in CSV or XLS format.

In short, it is complete as I told you.

It’s the perfect tool for beginners and those who don’t have an Influencer Marketing budget yet or just for those who don’t need much to get started 😉

For those who want more than Influencer research but are looking for an Instagram Automation solution for their account.

So go for Inflact, you will opt for a powerful and more than complete solution to get your Instagram account off the ground.

I talk more about it here and there.

3. BuzzGuru – All-in-one influencer marketing solution


Bring your influencer marketing to the next level

BuzzGuru helps you do your marketing wisely and saves time and resources. It’s a cutting-edge technology for brands and marketers that value accuracy in data analytics and prefer to make data-driven decisions.

BuzzGuru is an influencer marketing SaaS platform for brands and agencies with a database that has detailed information about 27+ million influencers worldwide.

You can plan, manage and analyze campaigns with content creators on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch
and TikTok.

It includes a full stack of tools necessary for influencer discovery and management, market research and competitive analysis, content search and quality checking, running and evaluating advertising campaigns with creators.

BuzzGuru provides you with more than 50 smart filters to discover the most relevant influencers fast and easily.

The smart AI algorithms calculate the projected budget of an ad campaign with any influencer on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch – so the marketers can estimate the advertising budgets they need to make a promotion.

Find Influencers on TikTok
Clean and Clear Influencer Dashboard 👍🏼

What differentiates BuzzGuru from other influencer marketing platforms is the ability to do competitor research on any brand.

You can access the list of influencers a brand collaborates with, their budgets for influencer marketing campaigns, target geo and audience profile, dynamics of news and mentions, and more.

Key Features: BuzzGuru covers every step of an influencer marketing campaign from discovery to getting results on the campaign’s performance:

  • Influencer discovery: Find and recruit perfectly aligned influencers and content creators for your marketing needs
  • Influencer analytics: Analyze influencer performance and audience quality rates to choose the high-quality creators to partner with
  • Campaign management: Run advertising campaigns with influencers from start to finish, evaluate the result and track the performance in real-time
  • Competitor analysis: Benchmark your influencer marketing performance against market leaders and gain visibility into your competitor strategy
  • Market research: Get a complete picture of the influencer marketing landscape in your niche and discover new opportunities for your brand
  • Reporting & analytics: Measure the success of an advertising campaign, calculate relevant metrics and get the performance reports in a few clicks


BuzzGuru suggests entirely customizable prices that depend on your company’s needs.

So, first come questions. What’s the size of your company? What are your goals? What do you expect of your influencer marketing program? And what does it look like currently? 

BuzzGuru has made an influencer marketing platform that is not “one size fits all”. Instead, they split the features and customized the tool for different verticals based on their needs.

The individual approach to pricing makes BuzzGuru fairly suitable for any size of business so that each company finds the right way to use BuzzGuru to achieve their respective goals.

4. Promoty – All-in-one influencer management tool

Large influencer database marketing tool ($50/month)


Powerful influencer content management tool

Best tool to manage & organize influencer content & campaign. Detailed influencer reports. Number #1 creator tool that cares about influencers’ want. Best for brands & agencies.

Here is another tool that offers complete management features for your influencer campaign.

Trusted by big brands, Promoty provides over 150 million influencers to choose.

With the number, you can search literally from the most famous creators & celebrities,

To the smallest influencer tier.

The search query is equipped with a follower count, engagement rate, and analytics button.

The influencer search tool result of famous figures & influencers
Click the analytics and you will get the full performance report.

After that, you get detailed influencer reporting, just select the “Has analytics” button.

And you will see all the insights you need before working with one of them.

You also must try CRM management, it lets you monitor all the current projects

Plus the content made by the influencer.

The campaign progress from an influencer marketing tool.
Label all your influencer progress to make it easy to check.

Even if Promoty is best for agencies, the tool is also useful for creators.

No wonder, the creator economy is growing rapidly in 2023.

Influencers can apply to any campaign, rather than brands recruiting them.

If you are a creator, you can use Promoty and get yourself your preferred brand.

Key Features:

  • Big influencer search tool with 150 million influencers worldwide
  • A detailed report from social metrics to audience insights
  • Campaign & content management tool


With the given features, Pormoty is definitely worth trying, especially when the tool has an affordable price.

Look at the price list here.

  1. Starter $50/month: 50 influencers in CRM, 5 brands
  2. Pro $150/month: 150 influencers in CRM, 5 brands

Start for Free to use Promoty or pick a custom price and then match it with your budget for the next usage.

5. Ninja Outreach – All-rounded Influencer Marketing Tool


Powerful influencer finder

There are 82 categories for you to find the right creator for your brand, add them to your list, and send a bulk of influencer outreach at the same time. You can also export the campaign you are running so you have the file backup.

ninja outreach is an influencer marketing search tool that integrates with email outreach
An ultra-powerful tool that integrates influencer search with email outreach.

Ninja Outreach is an Instagram and Youtube Influencer search tool.

Search for business accounts and influencers by entering the target keywords, niche and location


ninja outreach instagram influencer search tool with email template feature
Ninja Outreach creates a holistic influencer outreach plan – Once you’ve searched for the one, you’ll have to email them for outreach.

Find Websites and Blogs, Instagram / TikTok / Youtube Influencers

Influencer outreach email templates

Enjoy breezy influencer outreach. You won’t have to manually type out every email – simply use the template by Ninja Outreach and your influencer mass mailing is completed within minutes.

Email finder and verification

Find influencers’ email addresses quickly and verify if the email addresses provided are legit and up-to-date


Here is the premium plan price list for NinjaOutReach

  1. Flex $119/month: 1000 contacts,1 seat, 1 email
  2. Pro $199/month: 4000 contacts, 3 seats, 4 emails

Basically, as you can see the only difference between the two price plans are the number of contacts, seats, email connections, and monthly emails.

76 million instagram influencers
8 million youtube influencers
10 million tiktok influencers
7 million twitter influencers
19.5 million business emails
6 million bloggers
4000 contacts, 3 seats, 4 emails, & 15000 emails monthly
76 million instagram influencers
8 million youtube influencers
10 million tiktok influencers
7 million twitter influencers
19.5 million business emails
6 million bloggers
1000 contacts,1 seat, 1 email, 10000 emails monthly

Basically, as you can see the only difference between the two price plans are the number of contacts, seats, email connections, and monthly emails.


It’s great how Ninja Outreach provides the same features across the two plans – the only difference is the quantity itself.

This way, you’ll be able to choose a plan that matches your budget well and your marketing needs.

6. BuzzSumo – Quality Influencer Marketing Tool


Quality influencers

This tool helps you find the right influencer for your brand plus robust competitor monitoring. You can also find creators based on the content they share, a great way to work with influencers with proven successful results.

Influencer Marketing Tool to collaborate the Influencers who matter
With Buzz Sumo, find out the various influencers and content online in relation to your brand’s target niche keyword.

BuzzSumo is an influencer marketing tool that provides detailed analysis on influencers for brands, businesses and agencies.

You get to find an abundance of influencers according to the keyword niche that you select.


Powerful metrics

Find influencers that are truly useful, with good engagement with their followers.

Abundance of profiles

Get a whole plethora of influencer profiles across the whole industry

Competitor analysis: Find out what your competitors are doing

Analyse your competitor’s influencer marketing strategy so that you’ll be ahead of the competition

Shared content: Find out influencers based on the type of content they share

This tool is useful to see which influencers might favor your competitors more than your brand.

It’s easier to build partnerships with influencers who don’t have much support for your competitors.

Buzz Sumo influencer marketing tool is useful for influencer marketing research.

Price of influencer marketing tool

For Buzzsumo, their pricing is rather flexible.

They offer a one-month free trial

You can also choose monthly or yearly payments.

Yearly payments enjoy 20% off compared to monthly payments.

Here’s a breakdown of the price plans available:

  1. Free plan: 10 free searches per month
  2. Pro $79/month: unlimited searches, 5 users
  3. Plus $179/month: unlimited searches, 10 users

Large 299/month: unlimited searches, 15 users

Free Plan
10 Free Searches per Month
1 Year of data, Max 1k results
1 User
1 Content Project (max 100 items)
1 Custom Feed
0 Alerts
0 Exports/month

Content Analysis Reports
Domain Reports
Influencer Searches
Journalist Profiles
$79/Month or $948/Year
30 Days Free Trial Available
Unlimited searches per month
1 year of data
5 Users
Unlimited Projects and Items
10 Custom Feeds
5 Alerts
50 Exports/Month
Content Analysis Reports
Domain Reports
Influencer Searches
Journalist Profiles
Unlimited searches
10 Users
10 Alerts
10 custom feeds
Pro + Question analyzer
unlimited searches
15 users
30 alerts
200 exports/month
50 custom feeds
Plus + Youtube Analyzer, top author search, facebook page analyzer, facebook pages


With a great number of features, each tier is definitely worth the money.

You’ll be able to enjoy a multitude of features even with the lower priced plans.

It’s up to you to decide which plan is right for your business – think about how many users need access to this influencer marketing tool and what your brand really needs

7. Analisa – Instagram Profile Analytics


Powerful Influencer analytics

If you need a strong analytics tool for your influencer campaign, this tool is a must-try. You can find quality influencers with robust filters plus prove their quality with the provided analytics tool.

Influencer search tool with refined and optimised results
Analisa has three different AI analytics: Profile analytics, follower analytics, and hashtag analytics


Analisa isn’t a discovery or search tool, per se

You’ll have to find the influencers yourself first

And then Analisa will help you analyze the quality of the influencers that you’ve selected.

They’ll analyze the Influencer’s profile, followers, hashtags, location, age, gender, and authenticity.

It’s a useful tool for profile analysis and agencies who want to do a quick audit of their existing list of influencers.

Instagram Followers Analytics from an Influencer
With Analisa, your business, brand or agency can find the most in-depth audience demographics and influencer engagement.


Try the free plan from Analisa if you want to try out the tool.

But you should also see the good price list.

  1. Free plan: unlimited profiles with daily limits
  2. Premium $59.35: Instagram profile only
  3. Plus $109.55: authenticity 10 tokens/month, export all files, dedicated support
  4. Pro $199.35: authenticity 25 tokens/month, all plus plan
Unlimited profiles & hashtags
6 Recent posts and activities

Unlimited profiles & hashtags
Historical posts: up to 5k posts per profile or hashtag posts provided by Instagram
6 recent TikTok posts
Analysis results only for Instagram

Unlimited profiles & hashtags
Historical posts: up to 5k posts per profile or 8k hashtag posts provided by request
Up to 5 TikTok posts per profile and hashtags
Selective analysis results for both TikTok and Instagram
Unlimited profiles & hashtags
Historical posts: up to 5k posts per profile or 8k hashtag posts provided by request
Up to 5 TikTok posts per profile and hashtags
Selective analysis results for both TikTok and Instagram


It’s a little tricky to decide which plan is best for your influencer marketing campaign.

You’ll have to carefully consider the different analysis features and evaluate the plan which gives you the most benefits

Mostly the difference lies between analysis on Tiktok and Instagram

If your business or agency is mainly relying on Instagram, then the Plus plan would be perfect

But if you need both Instagram and TikTok influencer analysis then you’ll have to go with the Pro option

8. HypeAuditor – All-rounded influencer marketing platform


Best-in-class influencer marketing tool

This complete, enhanced tool has every little thing you need, from influencer stats to the industry landscape. Give it a try for a more market-oriented influencer marketing campaign.

HypeAuditor can help you beyond executing your influencer campaign.

It offers the most complete AI-powered tools ever for an influencer marketing platform.

From finding influencers to listening to industry trends.

With its huge database of 50.5+ million influencers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch, 

you can easily search for anyone, from the biggest to the micro-nano influencers.

After finding the desired influencer, you can examine their account performance at the analytics

The Hype Auditor influencer marketing tool provides holistic solutions to discover the best influencers for your brand
Influencers Super targeted search Options

And consider if their account could perform your campaign well and bring you results.

HypeAuditor will send you 35+ in-depth metrics and AI fraud detection.

From overall audience demographics to authenticity & reachability. It’s all there.

You can also monitor the influencer marketing landscape with HypeAuditor.

Checking on the trends and the happening insights is important to run a successful influencer campaign.

You can see what are the big players doing, compare and evaluate with yours, and get inspiration from it.
Check out these important influencer marketing trends to watch in 2023.

Key Features

From basic to market-supportive tools,

HypeAuditor highlights everything you need as their key features.

  • Influencer analytics to review influencers’ performance
  • Influencer discovery to find influencers that are a match for your brand
  • Campaign management to track the progress of campaigns
  • Market analysis to analyze competitors and industry trends


HypeAuditor is indeed targeting the bigger players.

But, trust me, you won’t regret trying out their packed FREE plan.

However, don’t let these premium features pass you by:

  1. Free plan: 10 campaigns with 150 influencers
  2. Basic plan $399/month: Unlimited campaigns and influencers
  3. Add-ons $99/month: Advanced discovery, predictive media plans
  4. Enterprise (custom): Unlimited reports & flexible solution

If your company spares a high budget for its influencer marketing campaign,

don’t miss a chance and start using the helpful features from HypeAuditor.

9. Social Cat – Best Influencer Tool for Small Businesses


Influencer Matchmaker

If you love working with a business that supports small businesses, this tool must be your top priority. It is here to offer a matchmaking service to help you find the right influencer easier. They also curate manually every micro-influencer joining their platform.

Social Cat is a relatively new product in the Influencer Marketing industry, freshly launched in 2021.

Their main powerful feature is their matchmaking system for brands and creators on Instagram and TikTok.

This is it, the Tinder for brands and influencers who are looking for a gifted, affiliate, and paid


Besides being new, the niche that SocialCat has chosen brings them a 4.9/5 star review from clients.

After selecting the influencer, later you can manage the campaign and monitor the progress.

Campaign management on an influencer marketing tool
Work with the chosen influencer and monitor the progress.

To work with the creators on Social Cat, you will have to create a free account.

Tell your profile background, the kind of influencer you are looking for, etc.

Based on that, Social Cat will match you with the micro-influencers and engage with them on their behalf.

This means you don’t need to “find” and reach out to the influencers, rather you just need to “match”.

I can say that Social Cat is very “small business-friendly”.

They prioritize small brands to work in a gifted collaboration,

at the same time helps creators to find small yet cool products to try.

Here is the best thing:

Every micro-influencers on Social Cat are manually checked before they can join the platform.

But since they are new, you might not find YouTube influencers as much as you expect, nor macro-influencers on Social Cat.

Key Features

Even if still new, Social Cat has an abundance of features you can’t miss out on.

Here are the key features.

  • Matchmaking algorithm system to connect brands and creators
  • High-quality micro-influencers as they are manually selected
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Content rights for brands
  • Affordable pricing
  • Gifted collaborations


Social Cat is very supportive of small businesses, they won’t charge you that much.

Starting from $49/month, you can use all of its premium features.

Use our code INSG25 to get a 25% discount on your first month’s subscription.

10. inBeat – Affordable Influencer marketing tool


Influencer tool with free resources

This tool can help you find genuine influencers at a very affordable price. You can also enjoy the free features they provide, like calculating the influencer’s engagement rate or checking their authenticity.

When I say versatile, it means inBeat.

Where it provides both affordable and free features for brands.

inBeat allows you to find the right influencers with a wide range of filters.

The location filter for influencer discovery on a tool
Find real Influencers per Country

It also has over 120,000 best creators in the industry as it spam-checks all profiles

By checking content authenticity, engagement metrics, and fraudulent behaviors.

You will find practical steps to build a campaign, measure results, or leverage different strategies.

Now let’s talk about the best part: free tools.

There are engagement rate calculators for Instagram and TikTok, fake follower checkers, money calculators, and lists of top influencers.

Another notable thing, you can export the names of creators and integrate them with your CRM tool.

Or use inBeat’s Creator Studio, the newest addition to the platform.

A software that can access the top 1% of influencers that can help you create and curate a user-generated content campaign.

Give the editing and curation process to inBeat, then seamlessly incorporate the content into your campaign, regardless of the channels you’re using.

Export influencers list option located on a tool
back up your data by exporting the file.

Key Features

Influencer search is the main feature of inBeat, of course.

But there are more. Here are other main valuable features from inBeat.

  • Influencer discovery with abundant filters
  • Access to over 120k quality influencers
  • Create + export campaigns
  • Free resources available: engagement rate calculator, fake follower checker, list of top influencers, etc.


You can try out inBeat with the free plan but only with limited searches.

With the free tools from inBeat, you can also try out their premium plans much lower than other tools.

Check out the price list.

  1. Free plan: limited searches
  2. Growth $35/month: 100 contact exports/month, 1 client account
  3. Brand $80/month: 500 contact exports/month, 2 client accounts
  4. Agency $200/month: 2000 contact exports/month, 5 client accounts
  5. Business $400/month: 5000 contact exports/month, unlimited client accounts

Instagram to find influencers using Hashtags

Now, back to the analog way. Here’s how you can use Instagram to find influencers!

Hashtags: Using your target niche hashtags, check the top posts and the accounts related to the top posts

Influencers’ posts tend to perform well when using hashtags, so it is easier to find influencers related to your niche simply by searching the hashtags.

Location: Using the location tag or location stickers, it’s easy to find the top-performing posts by influencers in your target location.

Influencer Agencies’ Instagram Pages: There are many influencer management agencies with Instagram pages.

Simply look through the influencer management pages and you’ll find many influencers from your target niche.

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  • Community Management - We’ll manage your posts, comments, direct messages - Boost interactions, engagement and grow your Account.
  • Content Creation & Design - Trendy, relevant video content, we’ll give your Community what they’re interested in every format.
  • Influencer Marketing & Advertising - Effective Social paid strategies with clear ROI for your business and your brand.


Our Take on using an Influencer Marketing tool for your business?

With these top 10 influencer marketing tools, I’m sure your business will be able to find the best tool that will help you in your influencer marketing search.

As a community manager, I’ve tried and tested out all the tools and learned the pros and cons of each tool.

Ultimately, your business or agency needs to use the tool that best fulfills your influencer marketing needs.

Influencer marketing will be much easier with the help of the best influencer marketing software.

You’ll be able to accurately find influencers that indeed can help your business achieve its goals.

With accurate influencer discovery = optimized influencer marketing strategy = increased sales and business growth.

What’s my personal recommendation? Favikon and Inflact

Favikon is outstanding due to its holistic suite of search filters and influencer tracking.

At an affordable price point as well, is a great investment due to the benefits that it provides.

Say no more to fake influencers and waste your budget!

I would recommend Inflact due to its comprehensive influencer marketing interface.

Since they have an email template feature, it allows you to mass email hundreds of influencers at once – right after you’ve just discovered them.

It’s an all-in-one process that greatly saves time.

And not to forget the price point as well, I love how the prices aren’t staggeringly different between the two price plans – you really can enjoy every feature even if you choose the most basic plan.

As a community manager, I’ve come to realize the importance of having multiple processes done under one roof -or interface-.

Social media community management becomes so much more efficient when you get to manage everything under the same app.

See how much easier influencer marketing is and how you’ll achieve your goals quickly

Influencer marketing is indeed powerful when done the right way.

I wish you all the best in your influencer marketing campaigns 😉

What is an influencer marketing tool?

It is software or a platform that helps brands and businesses find, discover, and contact influencers in their niche that match their needs. Most tools also provide complementary features like campaign management, profile auditing, social listening, competitor monitoring, and many more.

Can I check fake followers with influencer marketing tools?

Of course. Just choose a tool that provides the service, audit the influencer account, and check how many suspicious followers they have. But generally, as fake followers are already rampant in the influencer marketing scene, most influencer marketing platforms offer the service in hand.

How do you track the success of influencer marketing?

First, before measuring, you must track the campaign first. You can monitor using UTM links, affiliate links, unique coupon codes, or even personalized landing pages. After that, you can insert the numbers to measure whether it has reached your brand’s goals and KPIs or not.

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