The TikTok Fashion trends are proliferating over time. Understanding what’s happening within the industry on the video-sharing app is the key to gaining more reach & brand awareness, or basically generating more benefits. Here is the complete guide to the latest TikTok couture in 2023 to grow your business.

Are you a fashion brand looking for ways to grow your business on TikTok?

Here is the tip: learn TikTok’s current vogue styles and make use of the insights.

It helps you a lot with your marketing strategies on the short-form video platform.

TikTok is all about trending and being viral.

TikTok Fashion Trends

Knowing what’s happening on TikTok makes you aware of what your brands should ride or participate in.

Joining the popular thing on the app helps drive your brand into the conversation.

And helps boost your brand awareness & engagement.

Here are the latest TikTok fashion insights in 2023 for brands & businesses

To gain accelerated growth on the mobile video social network.

Let’s dive in.


  • TikTok and the influencers have changed the fashion landscape
  • Joining TikTok Latest Styles brings Brands more awareness
  • Fashion brands working with TikTok influencers leads to an increased conversion
  • TikTok audiences love fashion brands that prioritize interactivity
  • The fashion calendar is the best time for brands to generate more engagement on TikTok
  • Fashionistas on TikTok search more about sustainable products

What is TikTok Fashion Trend?

The TikTok fashion trend or TikTok couture is the current popular mode phenomenon of aesthetic outfits

That are used as inspiration for users to style their looks.

Fashion trends 2023 content results on TikTok
The Fall is coming and creators are suggesting what to wear on cozy days.

If you are familiar with Barbiecore or Weird Girl Aesthetic, then you already get what I said.

Don’t get me wrong, there is more than just “what to wear” when talking about mode trends on TikTok.

The industry demand slowly shifts to sustainable fashion as influencers affect how people buy clothes.

There are still many more trends on TikTok, let’s see what other styles booming on the app.

What are the latest fashion styles popular on TikTok in 2023?

You might be heard about Baddie or Coastal Grandma,

When choosing your outfit of the day on TikTok’s search bar.

But there is more.

Here are what people follow these days on TikTok to keep being relevant in the fashion scene.

1. Barbiecore

The color pink has been the hottest trend in the fashion landscape on TikTok.

But since the new movie from Greta Gerwig, Barbie, came to the surface, the color becomes more prominent.

People flock to recreate and contribute the Barbie-inspired look. 

2. Coastal Grandma


whats your favorite coastal grandma name? #outfitideas #summerlooks

♬ Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Yup, the style has a literal meaning as its name.

Think of your grandma dressing minimalist as she takes a long walk on the beach.

The look can be manifested with breezy linen pants, and wide-brim bucket hats in pale blues, beige, and shades of white.

3. Weird Girl Aesthetic

some of the coolest personal style in our opinions #tiktoktaughtme #tiktokpartner #weirdgirlaesthetic

♬ Puff – Hany Beats

The look is basically a free expression from maximalist fashionistas.

People be mix-n-match-ing fluffy bucket hats with mini skirts and crochet knitwear.

Or anything with clothes with various textures & colors.

Some say the outfit is just taking anything from the kitchen.

But a fun fact, what’s behind the style is Japan’s Harajuku fashion & 70s knitwear.

4. 70s Disco Glam


Antwoorden aan @olivergazdag its my birthday so I went for a disco outfit 😋 #70sfashion #disco

♬ one kiss – 🍪

The 70s outfits are all funky and glittery.

A shiny jumpsuit & colorful eye look are the go-to styles for girls.

A disco aesthetic style for guys will match baggy pants with a printed unbuttoned shirt.

And when it’s created with the right music to promote it.

Well, it’s works great.

5. Baddie

Originating from the term “bad bitch, and strongly influenced by hip-hop culture,

The look is literally bad bitch.

Bold, shiny, sporty, and strong impression are the perfect description.

The dress includes tight leather pants or skirts, sexy crop tops, & jerseys in dark colors.

How TikTok and the influencers impact the fashion landscape

Admit it or not, TikTok heavily affects the fashion industry as a whole.

From how people set a standard on how to look good in clothes

To how they decide their fashion choice towards the environment.

It’s like when you hear fashion, the term automatically comes with what’s trending on TikTok.

People also call the trendy styles TikTok couture.

The term is not limited to OOTD inspirations,

But rather includes the entire experience of influencers buying and trying on clothes.

It can be a haul at ZARA, the latest thrifting from the local shops,

A recreation of a famous look from celebrities, seasonal outfit ideas, and many more.

Influencers here also take an important role in spreading the fashion trends on TikTok,

The ones that help exemplify brands’ content.

Also, you can’t miss how trend forecasters on TikTok are predicting what’s coming to the scene.

However, experts say, while TikTok generates popular trends easily, it is also the place where they die very quickly.

Even if the duration is short-lived, trust me,

Taking advantage of the quick moment can help accelerate your brand growth.

Now see what brands can do with the trends circulating on the short-form video app.

Joining TikTok Latest Styles brings Brands more awareness

As I said before if you want your TikTok strategies to work,

Know what’s happening on the app then ride the wave.

Tiktok itself supports creators that insert popular elements in their content.

This way, participating in the TikTok trending means increasing reach & brand awareness.

Some companies already make millions on TikTok using these trends.

These are 3 ways to be in TikTok’s fashion conversation.

Create a branded hashtag leveraging a “core” to start a TikTok style

Look how this brand recreates a Barbie look from their closet. Very creative 😊


Looks Barbie core parte 2 💓🫶🏼 #barbiecore #fy

♬ som original – Raivest

You might be heard about Balletcore, Twilightcore, or other looks ending with “core”.

It’s new subcultures on TikTok when users can recreate the style without leaving the essence of the look.

It’s essential for brands to know any kind of core or other latest couture on TikTok.

For example, when sharing your version of Barbiecore,

You don’t have to wear exactly the same outfit as Margot Robbie: a pink cowgirl-inspired outfit.

Take the main idea of the mode: pink color.

The core in Barbiecore is a broad and popular trend that any fashion brand can freely ride on.

Insert the TikTok humor in your fashion content

Here is the thing: TikTok users are seeking content from brands that can make them laugh.

Spend some time learning the TikTok content, then apply the “TikTok humor” for your sake.

The most popular humor for fashion is on TikTok:

Associating a look with a specific lifestyle with a bit of self-deprecation,

So anyone participating in the trend won’t feel offended by it.

If you can merge the thing with your brand image, that would be very great.

Or simply be creative with the humor 😉

Show your brand character through TikTok fashion influencers

Collaborating with the TikTok creators is one of the proven strategies that gain real results.

The aligned yet wider audience from the influencers helps you to spread more awareness.

If your brand is into maximalism, try reaching out to creators with the same vibe.

It is also a way for the influencers to recommend to their audience a trusted brand to buy.

Take a look at this list of the top fashion influencers in France for your future TikTok influencer campaigns.

Do you need the ones from Southeast Asia?

Here are the best fashion influencers from Singapore and Indonesia.

Fashion brands working with TikTok influencers leads to an increased conversion

Influencers will always have the power to sway people,

To consider, to buy.

Influencer marketing is indeed the best way to convert more users.

Here are the approaches you can do with influencer marketing on TikTok.

Make influencers a channel to put the TikTok audience into perspective about your fashion brand

Creating a brand image is not a one-person job, to be honest.

A brand needs to make sure the values are delivered.

On TikTok, you can do this by collaborating with influencers to confirm your brand value.

Build an environment with your brand as the center point,

Surrounded by influencers who give some perspective about your brand.

The thing is, creators have their own personalized audience which demands authenticity from the figures they follow.

Rather than pushing the obvious brand agenda,

It’s better for the creators to have their own brand interpretation so the audience can relate to the message they try to convey.

Work with a spectrum of different TikTok fashion influencers


i can’t choose a fav 😵‍💫 @playhood

♬ original sound – stitch

Trust me, you don’t want to spend all your influencer marketing budget on a single promotion on Kim Kardashian’s TikTok page.

It’s a lot better to share the budget with 100 influencers with different sub-niche & follower sizes.

Pro tip: broaden the definition of fashion influencer.

Take the commenter, the trend forecaster, or anyone.

The more varied the influencers you’re working with,

The more they can help broaden your brand message and develop your brand story.

Let them deliver your value in their creative way 🙂

Collaborate with TikTok influencers outside of the fashion niche

If you want beyond creative: work with non-fashion influencers.

The TikTok algorithm is not exclusive, rather it serves users a wide variety of content.

You can also do the same with your brand, right?

Brand partnerships with various influencers can reach more diverse audiences too.

Khaby Lame, a non-fashion figure was chosen as the Boss brand ambassador.

In fact, lots of fashion brands have been looking forward to a fresh partnership.

If you struggle in finding the right influencer for your brand,

Try using one of these best influencer tools to do an auto-search and find creators easily on TikTok.

TikTok audiences love fashion brands that prioritize interactivity

60% of TikTok users are Gen-Zs.

Brands hopping on TikTok must pay attention to this specific group of users,

That Gen-Z loves interactivity so much.

They prefer brands directly address them, helping with product suggestions that might be right for them.

Think of TikTok content where you give them ideas of a full outfit only from your brand.

Here are more strategies to keep your audience engaged with your content.

Incorporate user-generated content for your TikTok videos

Don’t push only-brand strategy, rather invite more user-generated content (UGC).

While TikTok provides supported features, like TikTok effects, stitch, and duet,

There is no reason for brands to ignore this potential agenda to increase engagement.

Create a campaign, challenge, giveaway, or else invite their participation.

When users are encouraged to join the campaign,

Brands get a guarantee of increased reach & awareness.

Ask your TikTok audience about their perspectives


PSA: your autumn shoedrobe needs these – be quick, they’re selling FAST! #NewLook #ThatNewLookFeeling

♬ sonido original – Gossip Girl

Always understand what the audience demands of your brand.

Putting a customer’s question or a comment from previous videos is one way to do it.

Just make sure you respond to the comment that aligns with your brand values.

Brands also build a sense of community towards their followers

When they value their audience’s concerns & perspectives.

Leverage the TikTok digital features for your fashion content

Producing digital creation in your campaign is going to be fun.

When you succeed in creating a virtual sensation, your brand can benefit from the situation, right?

Collaborate with a virtual influencer, make AR product content, leverage metaverse, and many more.

TikTok fashion moments are the best time for brands to generate more engagement

To date, TikTok is slowly shaping its own fashion moments

Like #BamaRush, the sorority “rush” in the University of Alabama’s recruitment.

The trends were “What’s in my bag” and “Outfit of the day”.

A fashion brand admits they had a 400% of sales increase during #BamaRush.

So, for brands & businesses,

Pin any special fashion moment and integrate it into your TikTok campaigns.

Try creating aspirational real-life experiences since Gen Zs prefer it that way.

For example, a campaign from a fashion brand, Motel, brings a group of influencers for a holiday in Ibiza.

The experience, including the outfits, becomes a viral sensation as it encourages people to go on real plans.

Another thing you can do: is connect a seasonal traditional fashion moment with your campaigns.

TikTok users are not interested in generic themes like Halloween or Easter,

Rather in sophisticated ideas of them.

Basically, being on TikTok urges brands to be creative if they want to take a lead,

Not just participate in a trend.

It’s also good for your SEO, as the app becoming more and more searchable like Google Maps.

Take advantage of it to be more visible and reach a new audience / future clients.

Fashionistas on TikTok to search more about sustainable products

Microtrends on TikTok expire easily, while “sustainability” remains sustainable.

Yup, exactly, young users tend to search for more information about sustainable fashion on TikTok.

The #SustainableFashion generates 2.8 billion views on TikTok.

The Discovery method is now the topic with a growing interest in the video-sharing platform.

For example, “What I searched on eBay”, “What I found at thrifting”, and more.

TikTok Users are also actively searching for durable textiles that generate minimum or zero waste.

Now, brands should consider displaying more whole-life garments on TikTok.

The thing is, most users are already well-aware of “greenwashing”,

So fashion brands should be careful not to only “take advantage” of the situation,

But rather perform a genuine brand image to the users.

Our Final Take: Dive deep into the latest Fashion trends on TikTok to grow your business

The fashion landscape is moving rapidly on TikTok, especially the trends.

Since Gen Z is dominating the platform, it’s important to understand this group’s needs & demands.

They prefer branded content that provides helpful information & recommendations about their products.

Rather than silent, cold marketing from ads and obvious marketing content.

They will also love it if their questions or comments are involved in branded content.

So, what brands should do about this?

Take notes on what you can do for successful marketing campaigns for your brand on TikTok:

  1. Participate in currently trending TikTok modes & styles 
  2. Collaborate with both fashion and non-fashion influencers for a wider audience reach
  3. Create engaging content to maintain interactivity with your audience
  4. Take advantage of TikTok fashion moments for creative fashion campaigns
  5. Consider producing sustainable fashion products to appeal to TikTok users

The last thing, remember to always be genuine with your brand image.

Users are well aware of brands doing greenwashing, so never fool them.

Don’t let a careless, unresearched brand character ruin your whole business.

Fashion is all about creativity, so make use of the trends for your business’s sake.

And turn the insights into tangible business results.

If you can’t be relevant to the audience, just prepare for the worst:

Brand flop, or business failure.

Did you find good insights reading this?

Do you have another way to take advantage of the current TikTok couture? Let us know in the comments section 🙂

Note: Contact us and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Answering Questions about TikTok Fashion Trends in 2023

Why is TikTok good for fashion brands?

TikTok enables your brand to create authentic and relatable content. When you jump on TikTok, it’s like erasing the wall between you and your audience (customers). You can throw a joke, share outfit ideas using your garments, respond to a customer’s question or comment, and more. When a brand can maintain this kind of relationship, it strengthens a strong brand image and customer loyalty.

Why brands must update with the current fashion trends on TikTok?

When brands know the recent happenings, they will accurately plan & set up strategies that relate to popular trends, increasing the chance to be more appealing to users. When your brand is relatable, users will find your brand interesting & relevant. It is also one way to open more possibilities to gain more conversions & sales.

How do you keep up with the TikTok trends?

Simply go to TikTok’s search bar and type what you’re looking for. For example, “trending fashion trends 2023”. Other things you can also do to keep up to date with TikTok trends: see the popular hashtags and follow mega influencers, see what they are doing in their content.

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