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Top 10 Best Instagram Reels Video Editing Tools in 2022 – Free and Paid

List of Instagram Reels editing tools, free and paid
A blog with a list of top Instagram Reels video editing tools

Here is the list of the top 10 Instagram Reels video editing tools in 2022

If you’re looking to improve your Instagram Reels content and post exciting, viral-worthy videos

Having a good editing tool, software or app is important

While Reels are just fun videos on Instagram

Video quality matters too – How they’re produced and edited makes a difference

With a good Instagram Reels video editor, your reels would perform better

Instagram favours good quality content, so it’s a good idea to upload quality Reels

What are the best Instagram Reels video editing tools?

Offeo$19/MonthLearn More
BiteableFree + Paid Learn More
Animoto Free + Paid Learn More
Promo$18/Month Learn More
Invideo Free + Paid Learn More
Animaker$10/Month Learn More
Vyond$49/Month Learn More
Viddyoze$97/Forever Learn More
Moovly Free + Paid Learn More
Flexclip Free + Paid Learn More

How do I create Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a relatively new feature on Instagram, and it’s very popular.

To make your brand stand out and be on the good side of the Instagram algorithm

You’ll need to have a good content strategy for Reels

It’s pretty simple to create Reels.

Simply choose the video that you want to upload, edit them with effects and music, and then upload it.

But, you’ll have to optimize your Instagram Reels for maximum results

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How to optimize Instagram Reels for better performance, Instagram growth

Video editing is the fundamentals for having great quality Instagram Reels.

There’s no point in having a brilliant Reels idea if the video isn’t of good quality and has poor edits.

Here are the important features of Instagram Reels that help improve your Reels performance:

Transitions: Trending effect used by influencers and creators – Use various video transitions for dramatic Reels

Effects: There are tons of effects you could add – Slow motion, fast forward, transitions, filters

Stickers: Using Instagram stickers helps improve discoverability and reach of your Reels

Music: Trending music used by creators and influencers on Instagram Reels helps your Reels perform better

Captions: Optimize your captions – make them interactive, encourage your audience to leave a comment on your Instagram Reel.

Hashtags: Hashtags are super important for reach and discovery.

When your Instagram Reels are well-optimized, they’ll perform better.

Benefits of quality Instagram Reels

Well-planned, quality Instagram Reels are favoured by the Instagram algorithm.

You’ll get more views, impressions and interactions

All of which would help your Instagram page gain more engagements and interactions.

Overall, you should see an improvement in your page performance as long as you upload videos on Reels.

Since Instagram Reels are ultra-trendy, there’s a high chance of your Reel going viral too ;)

Are you now interested and convinced to start an Instagram Reels content strategy?

Here is the up-to-date list of the top Instagram Reels video editing tools in 2022:

Offeo – Quality animations, Instagram Reel video editor

Offeo is a professional video editing tool
Offeo is a creative video editing tool for customized animations

Offeo is a video editing tool with various animation and customization features.

Catering to various video sizes and formats

Offeo’s catered to all social media platforms

It’s ideal for Instagram

Here are the features that can help you design quality Instagram reels:


Offeo's easy to use video editor function
Offeo has easy-to-use video editing features

Cinematic music: 1000 commercially licensed music

Design asset library: From animated icons to watercolour stickers

Visual editor: Control animation and timing of graphics

Background remover: Customise image background for photos

Animation: Single click animation with a variety of styles

Full customization: Customizable design, animation

Templates: Designer templates for e-commerce, intro maker, etc


Offeo only has one pricing plan.

Choose between monthly or yearly billing.

You save 26% if you select the annual billing, which is $149.

Otherwise you could opt for monthly payments of $19/month.

Here are the features available with the premium pricing plan:

  • Unlimited High-res video and image downloads
  • Unlimited projects, create videos up to 3 mins
  • Curated designer templates and 100k royalty free stock images/videos
  • Up to 20GB storage
  • 1k animated graphic assets, 1k commercially licensed music, unlimited brand fonts and colours
  • 40 credits per month to remove image background
  • Upload transparent videos


With the premium features that Offeo has to offer

Offeo is an ideal and attractive video editing tool

While some functions such as music and stickers may not be necessary for Instagram Reels (those features are already there on Instagram right)

The high quality of graphics and animation makes it a great choice for Instagram Reels video editing!

Biteable – Video editor with animations, templates

Biteable is a creative video editor tool for animations
Biteable is a video editing tool with various templates and animations

Biteable is a premium video editing tool

Suitable for Instagram reels editing, they offer studio quality video editing

They offer both free and paid plans

It’s good to start with the free plan and have a trial at the features available


Biteable features a wide range of video templates and animations
Biteable has a wide range of animations and video templates

Studio-quality animations

Royalty-free music, 2.8 million Unsplash stock images, Shutterstock premium clips

custom uploads, custom watermarks

Unlimited video exports, HD resolution, commercial usage rights

Analytics: views, engagement, location tracking


Free $29/Month$99/Month
1 User
Watermarked video exports
Stock images
Royalty-free music
Custom uploads
Views analytics
Free +
Unlimited video exports
HD resolution
Watermark removed
Commercial usage rights
Custom watermarks
Plus + 10 users, engagement, Location tracking analytics
full audio on video uploads
Shutterstock premium clips
Collaborative editing
Reseller rights


For professionals, influencers and content creators

The free plan would not be sufficient as your videos will carry the Biteable watermark

However you could start off with using the free plan to look at the features available

It’s a great choice to upgrade to the paid plan, you’ll be able to access more features

Animoto – Full Suite Video Editing for Instagram reels

Animoto is a versatile video editing tool suitable for Instagram Reels
Animoto is a complete video editing tool filled with essentials for Instagram Reels

Animoto is a full-suite video editing tool

Whether you’d like to edit videos from scratch, or use designer templates

Animoto’s a great tool to start your video editing journey.

With various video animations, stock videos, music and design functions

You can unleash your creativity when editing your Instagram reels with Animoto.


Animoto is an ideal video editor for Instagram Reels
Animoto has many themes and templates for all kinds of Instagram Reels

Designer video templates: a wide library of templates for different designs, occasions, themes and functions

Photo and video editing: Add in your own images and videos, or add in free stock images and videos from the media library

Customized designs: Edit the templates with your own text, layout, filters, fonts, animations

Music: Add in songs from the licensed music library


FreeProfessionalProfessional Plus
Free forever$22/Month$49/Month
Watermarked export
3 Standard fonts
720p quality video
50 music tracks
30 color swatches

No watermarked export, add your own logo watermark and brand colors
Unlimited downloads
40 professional fonts
HD 1080p video
3000 licensed music
1 million stock photos and videos from Getty images
Professional + up to 3 users, license to resell to businesses, 30-minute consultation with video expert, upload your own font


The features available for the Free plan is pretty limited. It would be better to upgrade to the paid plans to access more features.

Most of their editing templates and designs are catered towards professional videos

But you could start off with the free plan and see if it’s good for editing Instagram reels

Promo – Professional video editing tool for Instagram Reels, social media

Promo is a professional video editing tool, ideal for Instagram Reels
Promo is a professional video editing tool, great for Instagram Reels

Promo is a video editing tool for professionals and businesses.

Their online video maker is optimized for online results, be it video ads, social media, and more.

Award-winning and over 5 million marketing videos created

Promo is an ideal choice for professionals, Instagram reels content creators and marketing agencies.


Promo is ideal for Instagram Reels with professional features and templates
With premium features and templates, Promo is ideal for professional business Instagram Reels

Customizable video templates: Facebook ad creator, Instagram stories, YouTube intro, Instagram feed

Customized templates for different industries, business type

Video maker

Photo to video maker

Image resizer

Online collage maker

Facebook video cover

Social media calendar

Social media video ads


Standard assets
100 designed templates
Unlimited video downloads
1 Brand
Unlimited premium assets
4000 designed templates
Unlimited video downloads
1 Brand
Unlimited premium assets
4000 designed templates
Unlimited video downloads
Up to 10 brands

There’s a whole ton of other features available – customised editing: animations, collage maker, editing suite..


You’ll have to try out the editor yourself to know what’s in store for you.

The templates are highly targeted depending on your industry

This may be a good or bad factor – it narrows down the diversity of content you can edit

But if you want a specific niche of videos, then this would be good for you.

Try it out and see if it works well for your Instagram Reels video editing :)

Invideo – Professional Instagram Reels editor, Free and Paid

Invideo free and paid Instagram Reels video editor
Invideo is a video editor suitable for Instagram Reels and has free or paid options

Invideo is a versatile video editing tool.

No matter what type of video content you want to produce

Invideo has a wide variety of functions catering to different types of video content.

From social media ads to memes, posters and promotional videos

Invideo’s capabilities are endless.


Invideo video editing tool is suitable for instagram Reels
Invideo features for Instagram videos, including Instagram Reels

Here’s a brief look at the features that Invideo has to offer:

Online video editor

Video ads

Invitation maker

Video maker

Outro maker

Slideshow maker

Meme generator

Invitations, wishes, offer, discounts, webinars, quotes – There are various video editing features for every occasion


Free $20/Month$60/Month
4500+ Video templates
3M+ Standard media library
Automated text to speech
15 mins video duration per video
Free + No watermark
10 iStock media/Month
1M+ Premium Media
60 video exports/month
Free + No watermark
120 iStock media/Month
1M+ Premium Media
Unlimited video exports/month

With the paid plans, there’s access to premium templates, 1080p video rendering, background removal.


The Free plan has access to majority of the basic features

However, like other free plans, there’s the watermark which you can’t remove

We won’t recommend the free plans for professional video creation

You know how watermarks ruin the videos you upload

Like other video editing tools, it’s best to try out the free plan, and then compare the features before deciding which editing tool to purchase.

Animaker – Animated Instagram Reels, Free + Paid

Animaker is a video editing tool with animations
Animated video edits with Animaker

Animaker is a friendly video creation tool for beginners, non-designers and professionals to create animated and live-action videos.

Different from the previous tools mentioned which were catered towards professionals, right?

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the features – even though they make it easy to edit

They have a complete range of functions like other professional video editing tools.


Animaker simple editor for Instagram Reels
Animaker simple video editing interface for Instagram Reels

Character builder: Create your own animated character for your videos

Stock photos and videos: Add a touch of professionalism to your Instagram reels

Thousands of templates: For all occasions, themes and designs

4k video editing: Best quality videos for Instagram reels

Instant resizing: Adapt your videos for various social platforms, repurpose videos from other formats for Instagram reels


There are 4 different pricing plans available:

$20/Month$35/Month$79/MonthCustom Pricing
5 premium downloads/month
HD quality
5 custom characters/month
10 premium asset credits/month
10 premium downloads/month
Full HD quality
15 custom characters/month
20 premium asset credits/month
20 premium downloads/month
2K quality
30 custom characters/month
45 premium asset credits/month
Unlimited downloads
4k quality videos
up to 20gb files upload
unlimited characters


As the name suggests, Animaker is specialised in animation and custom character or avatar creation

For regular brands or creators who don’t need to use characters or avatars for your Instagram reels, Animaker wouldn’t be the best option

However if you’re a corporate brand who needs those animated characters in your Reels, Animaker would be the perfect Instagram Reels editor for you.

Vyond – Professional Instagram Reels Video Editor for Businesses, Enterprises

Vyond video editor for Instagram Reels with animations
Animations with automated software with Vyond video editor

Online automated software for professional animated videos

Targeted towards marketing teams and agencies

The Vyond editing studio is built for multiple team members to work together on the same video project

With various features, their editing software creates dynamic and animated videos


Vyond Instagram Reels video editing features
Vyond video editor with various features

There’s three visual styles for character / avatar creation:

Contemporary: modern 2D characters

Business friendly: commercial-friendly 2D characters

Whiteboard: Classic whiteboard characters

Multiple export options: 720p, 1080p, animated gif


$49/Month$89/Month$159/MonthCustom pricing
1 user
720p export with Vyond watermark
Customizable branding
Limited character creator themes
1 User
No watermark
Customizable branding
Limited character creator themes
all export options (720p, 1080p, animated gif, custom aspect ratio)
Premium +
Video collaboration
All character creator themes
Shared assets library – audio, video, image
user management panel
team video sharing
A combination of Professional + advanced security features, training and onboarding assistance, dedicated account manager


Considering how the features are catered to professionals with animated graphic features

It’s questionable how useful this will be for creating Instagram Reels

However if your business is catered towards professional services, family and children

You’ll benefit from the animation and character creation features.

Other than the animations, the basic features are available to edit videos simply, though

There’s other video editing tools with better features for Instagram Reels.

Viddyoze – Versatile Instagram Reels Editor

Viddyoze versatile video editor with Instagram Reels
Viddyoze full-range video editor and Instagram Reels editing

Viddyoze is a full-range video editor for individuals, businesses and agencies.

With video editing features to animations and customizable templates,

You’ll be able to edit your Instagram reels, no matter what niche.


Viddyoze Instagram Reels video editor interface
Viddyoze simple interface for quick and easy Instagram Reels video editing

Customizable video templates: Various templates for different video types and industries

Studio-quality designs and live animations: Unleash your creativity with animation

Customizable branding options: Edit your video theme according to your brand colours and fonts

Full suite of video editing tools

Social media video animations: Aspect ratios for all social media video formats, including Instagram


– Automated video animation software
– live action video engine
– ALPHA technology
– 30 renders per month
– Unlimited usage rights
– 160+ Viddyoze templates
Individual +
– Image editing tools
– Multi-ratio templates
– Multi-font support
– Unlimited renders
– Unlimited usage rights


The commercial is a great option for agencies and marketing teams who need more video editing options.

For personal use, the individual plan is a great option and sufficient.

At a lifetime pricing, it’s worth it due to the various functions and features available.

Moovly – Professional, Full Suite Instagram Reels Video Editor (Free + Paid)

Moovly is a professional video editor, great for Instagram Reels
Moovly is a professional video editor for Instagram Reels and more

Moovly is a professional video editor tool with solutions for corporate use.

It’s pretty professional and wouldn’t be the best option for Instagram Reels

Unless you’re creating Instagram Reels for your business or enterprise

Or you need professional-looking Instagram Reels videos.


Moovly Instagram Reels editor interface and features
Moovly professional video editing interface for professional Instagram Reels

Video creation and editing studio is fully cloud-based and works within web browsers

You won’t have to worry about installing plugins or softwares

Photo, music, video editing: Upload your own media or choose from the in-house royalty-free media library.

Animated illustrations, motion graphics, documentary-style and many many more video formats

Animations, transitions, aspect ratio, multiple soundtracks: This would come in handy for social media videos, especially Instagram Reels.

Subtitles, automatic or manually: Translated subtitles with Moovly’s google translate integration within seconds.

Color remover: Remove green screen, make the background transparent, change background


Free$49/Month$99/MonthCustom Pricing
Get to know the interface
– Create videos
– 1 million free stock assets
– Publishing to YouTube, vimeo
– 20 personal uploads
For budding creators
– 1080p quality
– unlimited video duration
– 25 downloads/exports monthl
– no watermark
– share projects
– create video templates
Maximum creative freedom
– 50 downloads/exports monthly
– text-to-speeech
– screen/webcam recording
– subtitles/closed captions
– automated audio to subtitle conversion
– automated video translation
– background remover
For teams and collaboration
– user management back office
– floating subscriptions
– custom group libraries
– multiple acocunts in one group
– white-labelling options


It’s an excellent tool for Instagram Reel video creators of all niches.

Be it individuals, professionals or enterprises

Moovly’s impressive suite of video editing features is so powerful and all-rounded.

Like other tools, try out the free plan first to get a proper look at the interface and usability.

Flexclip – Free online video editor for Instagram Reels

FlexClip is an all-rounded video editor for Instagram Reels
FlexClip is an all-rounded video editor for Instagram Reels, both free and paid

Flexclip is a video editor with easy-to-use interface.

With storyboards, video templates for all occasions and themes

It’s an all-rounded tool that’s simple for beginners to video editing

In addition to basic video editing tools, they also have animations for extra creativity!


FlexClip features for Instagram Reels video editing
FlexClip versatile Instagram Reels templates for professionals

Video templates: For business, professionals, brands, personal

Animation: Animated text, widgets, dynamic overlays, intro + outro, etc

Stock media library: Millions of royalty-free music, videos, photo

Video editing: Key features and visual effects for versatile and flexible video editing


FreeBasic PlusBusiness
480p SD downloads
1 stock video per project
Maximum 12 projects
Maximum length 1 min videos
720p HD downloads 1 stock video per project
Unlimited projects
Maximum video length 3 min
Custom watermark
10GB cloud space
1080p Full-HD downloads
5 stock videos per project
Unlimited projects
Maximum video length 10 min
Custom watermark
30GB cloud space
1080p Full-HD downloads
Unlimited stock videos per project
Unlimited projects
Maximum video length 30 min
Custom watermark
100GB cloud space


With various price plans available

FlexClip is rather affordable for professionals

It;s great that each price plan has the same basic features, the only difference is in the quantity of each feature available.

The free plan isn’t recommended for heavy video creators, with only 12 projects maximum.

After trying out the free plan, you could always select a paid plan – or switch to a different video editing tool for your Instagram Reels video edits ;)


So now you’ve seen the various video editing tools that can be used to create exciting Instagram Reels

These video editing tools have various pricing plans and functions

It’s best to choose the one that best suits your video editing needs and budget

These video editing tools range for different target consumers

Individuals, brands, businesses, agencies

And for all industries and niches as well.

Do I need to use a video editor to create Reels?

No, not necessarily.

It all depends on the type of videos you plan on creating and posting on Reels.

If you want your brand to be more authentic and raw, then simply uploading and editing from Instagram Reels’ built-in editor would do

But if your brand wants to create professional, quality Reels to uphold your brand image

These video editing tools would come in handy

They’re really great for beginners to create quality videos with their easy-to-use interface

If you’re looking to create Reels with cool transitions and animations, these tools are great due to the diversity in types of animations they provide

It’s great how many of these video editors have free plans too

You can take your time to explore the free versions of these video editors before deciding which editor is the best for you.

We wish you all the best in your Instagram reels journey!

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