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6 Best Instagram Bots to Automate your IG Page in 2022 and gain more followers

This is the latest list of top Instagram bots for Instagram page automation in 2022.

In this blog post I will go through the best automation tools available for Instagram.

And there is plenty to be honest.

Not always the best ones are promoted on articles. There is a lot of 💩 tools.

So let’s focus on the best rated, with the best reviews and the one we tried here.

Just for you. But prior of showing you what are the best tools to automate you Instagram in 2022.

You might be wondering:

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation is simply the use of bots to automate your account.

From likes, comments, DMs and even uploading content on Instagram

All those activity on Instagram can be pre-programmed using Instagram bots

Which means you won’t have to manually do it yourself.

Using Instagram automation tools, or Instagram bots will help you perform tasks on your account automatically.

What are the top Instagram automation tools safe for you account in 2022?

Instagram automation tools are bots.


But they’re extremely useful for brands, businesses, influencers, professionals and even marketing agencies.

Due to its functions that allows pre-planning of automated actions

It saves so much time.

Why upload posts manually and reply to hundreds of comments and Direct Messages one by one

When these automation tools can help you remove the need to perform those repetitive tasks

Here’s the best Instagram bots for account automation in 2022

PositionBotMonthly PriceNoteLink
1Inflact$37 $29⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️22% OFF code INSG22
2FollowAdder$24 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️7 DAYS FREE
3SocialBoost$59⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Full Automation
4InstaForce$125⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For Businesses
5SocialPilot$42⭐️⭐️⭐️Discover the Bot
The complete list of Instagram bots

These are the top popular tools that many brands, professionals use for their Instagram management.

Choosing the right Instagram bot for your business needs

Instagram bots vary in features, functionality and benefits.

What are Instagram bots, is it safe?

Instagram bots are simply softwares that perform tasks they are programmed to do.

For instance, if you want to pre-publish posts on Instagram, you can program these using Instagram bots.

Instagram bots also help other tasks such as following new accounts, posting comments, gaining followers and sending Direct Messages.

While Instagram bots can be a convenient tool for Instagram account management, they can be dangerous as well.

Instagram bots are safe to use, when you carefully select the right bot to use.

Always make sure to choose an Instagram bot software or website that’s credible and legit.

Check the reviews, make sure the bot provider isn’t a fake scam.

The bot you choose to use should be able to provide the best solutions for your brand.

Think about quality – is the bot able to target accounts for your niche? Is their hashtag automation really useful?

These are important things you’ll need to consider and verify when looking at the specs of Instagram bots.

Instagram bots can also be dangerous for your Instagram account.

Keeping your Instagram account safe

When bots are used too harshly, for example if you’re using bots to gain followers

Instagram will notice unusual activity coming from your account.

Your business account may get flagged if Instagram detects any bots or fraudulent third-party software from your account.

To prevent any harm or getting your Instagram page taken down, you need to know how to use these Instagram bots properly.

Keep your Instagram account safe by using bots in moderation and having a strategic growth plan.

Make sure your content strategy has quality posts, good usage of hashtags that scream authenticity.

As long as you use Instagram bots in moderation and smartly, you can avoid Instagram’s bot detection.

Instagram bots: buying fake followers

There are many fake accounts on Instagram using Instagram bots to buy fake followers.

It’s just sooo obvious when a business account has fake followers.

Their posts don’t have any likes or comments, and you probably have never heard of that business before

But magically, they have 100k followers and more.

Businesses and even influencers have bought fake followers using Instagram bots.

That’s just unethical and detrimental for your business.

Instagram is all about communication and authenticity – your audience wouldn’t like to communicate with fake accounts.

It impacts your business image as well, and people won’t trust your brand.

Instead of using bots to buy followers on Instagram, why not do it the authentic way?

Organic growth done aggressively through proven Instagram strategies is always better than buying followers.

Instagram bots: generate comments, spam accounts

Other than buying followers, there are professionals, businesses and influencers who use Instagram bots to generate fake comments using spam accounts.

One might think that using these spam accounts to get more comments and likes will help to boost your account performance.

Nope, it’s quite the opposite.

If real people are commenting and liking your posts the organic way, then yes your account’s interactions and page performance gets a boost from Instagram.

But if you’re using fake accounts and bots to gain interactions, Instagram can recognise these fake accounts and bots.

Instagram is at war with fake accounts, and are purging bots constantly.

It’s not a good idea to use bots to gain more interactions through fake followers and spam accounts!

Dangers of using fake Instagram bots

Fake Instagram bots not only damage your brand’s reputation and harm your Instagram page performance.

Getting your business page deleted and flagged from Instagram is one thing.

But these bots can also host viruses and steal personal information.

These bot accounts that are otherwise your fake followers or fake accounts that provide your posts more likes and comments

They can be sending Direct Messages to your followers and other Instagram users

Phishing messages, spam comments

These are the consequences that fake followers can bring.

Damage not only to your business, but to others as well!

Now, this isn’t all of the bots on Instagram. There are good bots and fake bots.

Here’s the difference between good vs fake bots on Instagram.

Difference between fake Instagram bots vs Instagram automation tools

Now, what’s the difference between fake Instagram bots and Instagram automation tools? The results it brings your page.

The good bots are basically Instagram automation tools.

They use AI databases to find accounts, hashtags for your business to follow on Instagram based on your target niche.

They actually benefit your account by helping to provide suggestions on accounts to follow to grow your business account.

Instagram automation tools provide real insights on your account performance

They’ll show you the top performing posts, as well as provide tailored recommendations of hashtags to grow your account effectively

Now, fake Instagram bots

The bad guys do everything.

And that’s the problem, they’re not tailored for your brand at all.

Fake bots don’t know your target audience and they’re not optimized at all.

They’ll follow random accounts and comment on random posts. Not to mention the use of outdated, random hashtags.

That’s a sure way to waste efforts for Instagram page performance.

It’s always important to follow the right people and comment on the right posts.

Since fake bots can’t provide targeted and optimized community interactions

Their interactions are deemed as low quality from Instagram

And it’s also harder to gain followers if your followings aren’t optimised.

For optimal account performance and engagement rates, Instagram automation tools are definitely the way to go.

Instagram is quick to detect bots and fake engagement, so using bots won’t do well for your page performance.

Aggressive organic growth vs Instagram bots

Aggressive organic growth is an intense way of gaining more followers – through an optimized strategy.

Aggressive organic growth strategy is often done using the following methods:

Community management

Communicating with your audience by replying to Direct Messages, comments is a sure way to grow your account.

Your audience loves it when they receive attention from brands.

Other visitors to your page will also be compelled to follow your account if they notice that your brand is responsive on Instagram.

Post optimization – Optimized hashtags and interactive copywriting, engaging content

Networking within your niche

Networking on Instagram by following similar profiles in your niche is a way to connect with fellow professionals… and grow your account.

Get your business known in the industry through Instagram networking.

You’ll be able to gain followers from people in your industry, it’s effective and easy to network on Instagram.

Influencer marketing

Work with top influencers with a strong community and build partnerships.

Influencers can help to grow your brand, by giving it exposure to a wider audience.

Influencers are highly effective in promoting products and services due to their loyal fanbase.

Simply by sponsoring an influencer, your business will grow huge not only in Instagram followers, but also sales!

Paid ads

If your business has the budget, buying ads on Instagram is a sure way to gain followers on Instagram.

Just like how ads work on Google, Instagram ads will be shown on the feeds of a wider audience.

People from across the world will encounter your brand simply by seeing your ad on their Instagram feed.

For discovery, engagement and page visits – Instagram ads is the fastest way to achieve that.

Pair that with compelling copywriting and content creation, and your brand will soon grow in followers quickly.

An aggressive Instagram growth strategy – done organically – can quickly build your account, grow your follower base and gain a strong and loyal community.

With these organic efforts, you’ll be able to see the benefits and results as well as learn what methods work and what doesn’t.

Your brand can also gain insights on content types that work for your brand.

On the other hand, Instagram bots.

They’ll grow your account for sure

But your brand won’t benefit much

You won’t be able to understand how to appeal to your audience

What content to post, what hashtags work, connecting with your audience.

All those factors are crucial in customer retention and building a loyal customer base.

With an aggressive Instagram growth plan, Instagram will recognise your efforts and reward you by pushing your posts up the algorithm.

Your page will also enjoy a boost of interactions and growth.

Whereas when it comes to bots, Instagram may punish your account for using bots and even risks getting shadowbanned or having your account deleted.

Therefore, you can see how growing your account the organic, strategic way benefits your brand more than using bots, right? ;)

How are Instagram automation tools used?

Simply, when using these automation bots

You’ll have to fill in the various settings you want the bot to perform.

Post Scheduling:

All your posts planned for the month, simply schedule them.

Upload the image, set the date and time of the Instagram post, caption, image and etc.

Your posts will be automatically uploaded on Instagram according to these settings.

Community Management:

You can also plan automated replies to comments and Direct Messages on Instagram too.

Answer FAQs:

Programming a list of FAQ to respond to common questions is highly useful for brands and businesses.

Hashtag Discovery:

You can also use these automation tools to discover new hashtags that will help boost your account growth and performance.

If these Instagram automation tools sound appealing due to its handy features, here’s how to use them properly.

How to use bots wisely and properly?

Now, here’s how to use bots wisely and properly.

Find bots that provide you a solution that’s otherwise time-consuming.

Hashtag discovery

It’s too much work to constantly research the best hashtags for your account.

Searching for hashtags, measuring its effectiveness, discovering new hashtags

Using Instagram bots is a great way to save time on hashtags.

They don’t require input of personal information – all you need to do is to input your target niche.

Hashtag discovery which traditionally is time-consuming, comes to you instantly with hashtag discovery bots.

Account discovery

Networking is important for account growth, but it’s too tedious having to research deeply for professional accounts in your niche.

That’s where Instagram bots come in to save the day.

By using tools that provide up-to-date results and audits of Instagram accounts in your niche

You’ll be able to network on Instagram much faster – without compromising your account’s safety.

Should you use Instagram automation bots for your business?

It’s a golden question.

If you have a strategic plan and rationale that requires a little help from bots

Instagram automation will be advantageous as it provides support for an otherwise overloaded marketing strategy.

For non-sensitive uses, such as discovering hashtags and accounts in your niche

Instagram automation bots are indeed a wise option.

If your business can afford hiring a marketing agency

We recommend you to invest in a marketing agency instead of using automation bots.

Otherwise, you could code a bot yourself with Python.

It’s a smart way to create bots without compromising on your business safety.

That is, of course if you code your bot securely and are an expert techie.

How to code a bot with Python

If you’re a techie, this is a great option for you.

Did you know that you could code your own bot with Python?

Sometimes, these robots on Instagram don’t provide what your business really needs.

They either provide too many features or too many features at an expensive price.

Or perhaps you’re worried about your personal information being infringed.

Whatever the reason is, it’s possible to code your own bot with Python.

Tons of tutorials on Youtube and on the internet available as well.

We’ll discuss the various functions and features of these Instagram bots for you :)

Inflact – All Rounded Instagram Automation Bot

direct messenger to gain more followers using Inflact
Dashboard of Inflact’s Instagram automation features

Inflact, previously known as Ingramer is an all-rounded automation bot.

I’m sure most marketing managers would have heard of Ingramer before.

Inflact has a full suite of Instagram automation tools catered to various functions.


results and detailed statistics of account performance
Dashboard of account performance with Inflact

Here are the features that Inflact offers:

For customer service, there’s community management tools and client interaction

If you need help with content creation, there’s scheduled posting and hashtag generators.

However, these tools have separate pricing plans.

You can choose to purchase these features as individual modules or purchase all the features at once.


FeatureMonthly Price
Bulk messaging $87
Scheduled posting $76
Hashtag generator $79
All features$128


We love how Inflact provides core features that are otherwise highly tedious when done manually.

All at an affordable pricing too.

It’s a great option for brands who often find themselves cluttered with managing their content, clients and general audience.

Next is Follow Adder, an Instagram growth automation tool.

FollowAdder – Instagram Growth Bot

FollowAdder automation software that helps gain Instagram followers
Dashboard of FollowAdder Instagram automation software

FollowAdder is an Instagram growth tool that claims to help you grow followers, without bots or fake results.


Their features are as follows:

Profile targeting

A tool that provides recommended user profiles relevant to your Instagram niche

Feature is useful for Instagram networking – growing your account by following others in your niche.

Automated Likes, Comments, Direct Messages

Take the burden off manually interacting with other accounts on Instagram with FollowAdder’s automated community interaction features.

The automated likes, comments and direct messsages allow you to interact with targeted profiles on Instagram.

Automated direct messages allows you to send DMs to your network to gain more interactions.

Automated Follows/Unfollows

Panel of features that FollowAdder uses for Instagram automation
Various functions of FollowAdder’s Instagram automation software

FollowAdder’s software recommends profiles that you should connect with, and then automatically follows these profiles.

If these profiles don’t follow your account back after a period of time, FollowAdder will automatically unfollow the accounts that don’t interact or follow back.

Scheduled Posts

With FollowAdder’s post automation, you’ll be able to schedule future posts, and upload posts multiple times a day.

It helps your brand remain relevant while saving time – no need to manually publish content on Instagram for engagement.


Here are the pricing plans available for FollowAdder:

1 Instagram profile
All Instagram growth features
All Instagram targeting features
Free updates
Free 24/7 online support
10 Instagram profiles
All Instagram growth features
All Instagram targeting features
Free updates
Free 24/7 online support
25 Instagram profiles
All Instagram growth features
All Instagram targeting features
Free updates
Free 24/7 online support


FollowAdder’s pricing plans are extremely attractive.

For individual brands, business owners and professionals who only use one Instagram profile

The basic price plan is super affordable with holistic functions.

It’s a great option for businesses who are new to Instagram automation – just give it a try!

Instaforce Instagram bot for compagnies & businesses

InstaForce is an Instagram growth tool that provides 100% risk-free Instagram growth with real followers.


Guarantee of 400+ targeted followers per month

Graph showing Instaforce Instagram automation results
Instaforce guarantees a gain in 400 followers within a month

They’re confident of achieving 400+ target followers,

And guarantee a full refund if your account does not achieve 400+ new, target followers within the first 30 days.

Manual followers without bots and automation

InstaForce ensures that they’ll gain new followers manually, while maintaining 100% compliance with Instagram’s API.

They don’t use bots or automation, so that your account won’t get shadowbanned by Instagram.

All these sounds appealing – here’s what the pricing plan is and what it entails:


Instaforce Instagram automation price
Instaforce pricing point for Instagram automation and page growth

At 125/Month, InstaForce provides the following:

100% manual work, gaining followers without bots or softwares: No fake or bot followers

Highly targeted followers in your target audience

Weekly growth reports: They’ll send reports every Monday regarding your account performance

100% safe and Instagram compliant: By wholly abiding by Instagram’s API, InstaForce protects your account from getting shadowbanned.


InstaForce seems highly promising, at a $125/month pricing plan without automation software and bots

They guarantee no bots, fake followers or shadowban, and 400 new organic followers after a month?

That’s absolutely amazing

It’s equivalent as hiring an agency for Instagram management and account growth.

Except we don’t exactly know what methods they use to gain followers manually.

SocialBoost – All-rounded Instagram bot automation

Instagram post scheduler on Hyper Instagram automation tool
Hyper Instagram automation posts scheduling


With a built-in IOS and Android device emulation, Hyper keeps your account ultra secure.

SocialBoost proxy management tools allows their bots to operate safely

This means that your account will not be at risk of being banned by Instagram, so long as the activity stays within limits.

DM manager

Auto Follow, Unfollow, Likes: It’s SocialBoost strategy to gain real followers.

With this, you’ll gain genuine followers, increased engagement and sustained growth.

Mass voting: SocialBoost has a mass voting system which allows your account to vote on polls created by users on Instagram to gain more exposure.


Here are the price plans offered by SocialBoost:

1 Instagram profile
Photo, Story, Album Photos
Hypervote, Repost, Affiliate Automations
Normal support
3 Instagram profiles
Story, Album Photo and video posts
Auto follow, unfollow, likes: Hypervote, repost, affiliate, DM manager
Normal support
10 Instagram profiles
Story, Album Photo and video posts
Auto follow, unfollow, likes: Hypervote, repost, affiliate, DM manager, Profile scraper
Priority support
20 Instagram profiles
Story, Album Photo and video posts
Auto follow, unfollow, likes: Hypervote, repost, affiliate, DM manager, Profile scraper, accelerators
Priority support


Hyper Instagram growth automation tool hashtag targeting feature
Hyper hashtag targeting for Instagram automation

SocialBoost price plans are pretty affordable, and are catered to businesses and agencies of all sizes.

You can simply choose the plan you need based on how many Instagram profiles your agency is managing.

With their ultra-secure bots that prevents your Instagram account from getting banned

SocialBoost provides security and a peace of mind that your accounts are well-managed and growing.

SocialPilot – Automated Instagram Community Management, Scheduling


NapoleonCat Instagram automation tool features for page growth
Instagram automation trigger feature

SocialPilot is an all-rounded automation tool that provides the following social media management functions:

Social inbox: Manage conversations via DMs on multiple platforms

Publisher: Schedule Instagram posts and content

Automation: Automated replies and interactions with audience through comments

Analytics: Analyse and monitor results of automation strategy with optimization based on results


SocialPilot provides Standard, Pro and custom pricing plans.

3 profiles, 1 user
Multiple social inboxes, publisher, ads moderation, analytics
3 profiles, 1 user
Standard + Automatic moderation, auto translation, PDF reports, XLS data reports, custom resports, moderator reports, reply templates, Email and SMS alerts


Results of NapoleonCat Instagram page performance
SocialBoost dashboard of page performance results

There’s a steep difference in the features available for standard and pro plans.

The standard plan is pretty basic, great for startups and small businesses who are new to social media management.

The pro plan has more features and is more comprehensive.


With these automation tools – or Instagram bots – available in the market

They’re highly useful for brands of all sizes

However you’ll need to learn how to use these tools correctly

If misused, it may be obvious to your audience that you’re using bots

Your brand should always provide the best customer service on Instagram and be as authentic as possible

Instagram is extremely people-oriented and personal

It’s the reason why consumers don’t like to interact with accounts that are too fake and bot-like

What I think about Instagram bots – my personal opinion

Personally, I think businesses can continue using these bots in 2022

They’re helpful in customer service – when your audience has an enquiry, they’ll be happy to get a reply quickly

As long as these Instagram bots are well-programmed and used in moderation, you’re good to go!

Always remember to remain as authentic as possible when responding to your audience on Instagram.

If you don’t know how to use Instagram bots properly

It’s best to leave it to the professionals to handle your business’ Instagram account

Hire an agency to manage your Instagram – it’s less of a risk and much more professional and trustworthy!

They’ll be able to handle all the work for your Instagram page and you’ll get a peace of mind knowing your business’ social media management is in good hands.

Instagram bots have ruined the Instagram experience

There’s just too much junk comments and posts cluttering Instagram hashtags, thanks to these fake bots.

Which is why we’d highly advise against using social media bots.

Find tools that really benefit your account and provide insights and recommendations tailored for your Instagram page.

Or better, hire a marketing agency !

There are teams of expert marketers all over.

It’s a monetary investment – and it’ll be worth it.

Alternatives to using Instagram bots?

If you’ve decided not to take the risk of using Instagram bots.

Here’s my recommendations of organic strategies and alternatives to using bots.

Create a targeted, quality Instagram strategy

You wouldn’t need to use bots if you had an Instagram plan that’s efficient.

Instagram management doesn’t have to be laborious and tedious.

Evaluate your Instagram strategy and get rid of techniques and content that aren’t bringing any results.

Simply by changing your content strategy and community management, you’ll be able to grow your Instagram account more effectively.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are powerful in bringing new visitors and engagement to your page.

With more unique visitors, your brand will be more socially prominent and enjoy higher growth as a result.

More page views = more interactions = more followers!

Hire a social media manager

A social media manager can easily fulfil all the tasks that an Instagram bot can do.

However, social media managers are obviously a better option than Instagram bots.

Human interaction is important when using Instagram, and bots cannot replicate responses as authentic as humans do.

Social media managers can also provide on-demand solutions for your Instagram page, in case anything goes wrong.

They’re the experts, with proven results and expertise knowledge on how to manage and grow your business Instagram page.

We hope this was helpful for your decision on using Instagram bots.

We wish you all the best for your Instagram marketing and growth strategy!

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