As an avid user of Instagram, I’ve noticed the rise of various tools like Instagram scrapers and proxies to optimize the platform’s experience.

Instagram proxies, in particular, are crucial for those of us managing multiple accounts (agencies owners or Social Media Managers), running marketing campaigns, and change your location.

In this article, I’ll explain what Instagram proxies are, why they’re important, and how to use them both effectively and ethically. I’ll also guide you through choosing the right Instagram proxy provider tailored to your specific needs.

The best Instagram proxy providers of 2024

  1. Inflact – Best for Instagram Automation
  2. ProxySeller – Best for the low Prices
  3. The Social Proxy – Best for all Social Accounts
  4. SSL Private Proxy – Best for Privacy
  5. PrivateProxy – Best for Security

1. Inflact – Best Proxy dedicated to Instagram

It’s the best option for Instagram Proxy in 2024.

Automate Instagram securely using the best proxy dedicated and optimised for Instagram usage ($3 for 7 Days to try it or $10 per month)


Best Proxy for Instagram

One of the best Mobile proxies for Instagram, no need to go to complicated settings, turn it ON and it will automatically select the best Proxy to use for your Instagram Account based on your location.

Inflact is the only Proxy 100% dedicated to Instagram Automation

And for you, I partnered to offer an immediate 7 DAYS for $3

All you have to do is to use the promo code INSG20

Why it’s one of the best Proxy for Instagram?

VPN and Proxy option to select to protect your Instagram account

Well, it’s simple, it’s the only Proxy and VPN created 100% for Instagram usage.

Especially for Automation (bot) and managing multiple accounts all around the world.

Inflact servers are also equipped with advanced features

Like SSL decryption, intelligent routing, custom rules to reduce bandwidth, and many more.

  • Mobile Proxy dedicated to Instagram
  • Automation oriented
  • Private ultra-fast servers
  • Location Choice
  • Prevent Instagram from stopping your promotions
  • Requires a paid subscription

Key Features:

  • Huge servers with 72+ million locations
  • Proxy options: datacenter, residential, and mobile IPs
  • Flexible payment options
  • Powerful management tools
  • Advanced features: SSL decryption, intelligent routing, custom rules to reduce bandwidth, etc.
Free VPN option when you are buying a pack of Instagram Automation


Inflact also offers flexible price plan.

And compare to all the classic proxies it’s quite straight forward and simple to understand.

  1. 7 DAYS for $3 (for you to try, if you don’t like it, just stop)
  2. $10 / Month if you only need the Proxy services (unlimited Instagram Accounts)
  3. $54 / Month if you want the Proxy services + the Automation

There is both monthly or yearly subscription.

Inflact is the proxy that I personally use especially when I need to connect to Instagram accounts from all around the world, or by pass locations.

Use my exclusive promo code INSG20, give it a try for 7 days and enjoy Instagram without any limitations.

2. ProxySeller – Cheapest Proxy for Instagram

Most affordable Instagram Proxy in 2024 ($0.08/month)


Cheapest Instagram Proxy

If you are looking for the most cheap Instagram proxy but with high quality features, this platform should be your #1 list. It also comes with various solutions to offer its clients with the best suited payment for them.

ProxySeller is known as a budget-friendly getaway server provider

That provides IPv4, IPv6, and Mobile Proxy locations.

Different from others, ProxySeller is like a proxy marketplace where the price is set for a single location.

Instagram Proxies filter based on price and country
Insert your country & the price you can afford.

This makes the purchase very flexible for the customers.

Proxy Seller also doesn’t need a minimum set of locations to buy.

You can also adjust the rental duration, from 1 month, 3 months, 4 months, etc.

You can even get up to 40 percent discount if you pay for a 12-month.

Proxy Seller offers datacenter proxy, very suitable for small businesses.

Just choose the desired IP then you will get what you want.

Based in Russia, the proxies are compatible with both SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols.

Aside from having flexible price options, Proxy Seller is also one of the few proxy sellers that sell IPv6 proxies,

A getaway server that is cheaper than IPv4.

You can literally buy the IPv6 location only with $0.08.

Regarding the speed & response time, Proxy Seller is not the fastest on the market, but it’s still acceptable.

Instagram Proxies various location and prices
The price varies depending on the location & proxy type.

Key Features:

  • Provide proxy protocol  HTTP(S) & Socks5
  • Flexible payment option
  • Many location coverage
  • Fine speed connection & response time


If you want to try ProxySeller, you can choose the desired location and pay for the price.

The thing is, it varies depending on the location.

You can choose the cheapest ones with IPv6, but limited locations.

Or the most expensive locations on Mobile Proxies.

3. The Social Proxy – Proxies dedicated to Instagram

The Best Instagram Proxy available in 2024 ($89/month)


Best Instagram Proxy For Bots and Automation

If you plan on using automation on your Instagram, this tool is worth trying as the focus is to provide advanced mobile proxies. Also, supported by API, very fast internet connection, and no metered bandwidth.

The Social Proxy is a company that provides mobile proxies dedicated to Instagram automation.

Their servers are based in The UK, The US, Germany, & also Israel.

You can use their proxies to give a try for 2 days, totally for FREE using the promo code INSG.

Supported by API, The Social Proxy is one of the fastest mobile proxies in the market.

Instagram Proxies various mobile proxy function for social media
Grow your Instagram account with the help of The Social Proxy.

You can open multiple Instagram accounts at once with no worries.

It also rotates automatically per every request, supported by REST API, with no metered bandwidth.

This tunneling server is also dedicated for SEO, brand protection,

Market management, travel aggregating, and many more.

For considerations, this tool doesn’t support geotargeting & IP authentication.

Key Features:

  • IPs supported in The UK, The US, Germany, & Israel
  • Supported by REST API & IP rotating
  • Fast speed connection
  • No metered bandwidth
  • 3 days refund policy


To use The Social Proxy, the price is set for €89 to $119/month for each country.

Use the promo code INSG – for the first of you who want to test.

You will have 2 days of free trial plus you’ll get $10 OFF if you will continue the subscription for a month.

INSG coupon is available for 4G & 5G and it’s unlimited.

Need more coupons to use the best proxy for Instagram? Check this out:

  • INSG_15 – if you want to add 2 to 5 proxies to your existing account.
  • INSG_20 – if you want to add 10 proxies to your existing account.
  • INSG_30 – if you want to add 20 proxies to your existing account.

You can get private connection, IP used by real users, highest IP trust score, and Instagram authenticity guarantee.

If you doubt the price, just try its Free Trial.

Or try the premium in advance and issue the 3-day refund if you are not satisfied.

It’s the most advanced proxy for Instagram right now. Used by top companies and big accounts.

My #1 recommendation. If you want to get results and use the best services to automate your IG account without any risks.

4. SSL Private Proxy – Optimised for Instagram usage

Best Proxy Optimized for Instagram ($1.75/month)


SSL Private Proxy

Try this proxy provider if you need an affordable solution with protected anonymity for your Instagram automation. The specific bundle for Instagram makes the function run well on the app.

SSL Private Proxy is a classic player in the proxy industry.

Founded in 2012, the getaway server provider is known for its highly anonymous proxy and VPN service.

SSL Private Proxy also provides special bundle package for specific needs, e.g. Instagram Proxies, Pinterest, and more.

That way, the proxy can be used for targeted action

Like classified ads sites, social media, and e-commerce stores.

It has a quite large IP pool with 120.000 IPs in 39 countries across The US and Europe.

SSL Private Proxy also has fast speed connection, generating 52 Mbps in download.

Lastly, you can choose between username/password or IP authentication for more security.

Key Features:

  • More than 120.000 IP address in 39 countries
  • High-protection with HTTP & HTTPS
  • Fast speed connection
  • 7-day refund policy
  • Multiple authentication method


Same like others, SSL actually provides various pricing plan.

But you can’t miss out on the special package by SSL Private Proxy, especially for Instagram.

 An Instagram Proxy bundling package price and its benefits
Just need 3 bucks to equip your Instagram account with trusted proxy from SSL.

This is the bundling price list.

  1. Private Proxies $1.75/month: Dedicated IPs, unlimited bandwidth
  2. Pinterest Proxies $2.24/month: Dedicated IPs, HTTP/HTTPS
  3. Instagram Proxies $2.68/month: Dedicated IPs, unlimited bandwidth
  4. Classified Ads Proxies $3.60/month: Virgin dedicated IPs, 1 GB speed

If you need high protection when running multiple Instagram activities on 1 device,

SSL Private Proxy can be your best choice.

You can issue a 7-day refund if you are not happy with their services.

5. PrivateProxy – Instagram Proxy with top security

Extra secure Instagram Proxy in 2024 (Free-$5/month)


Instagram Proxy with high security

A powerful and highly secure proxy service with extensive performance. It carefully picks and works with the best servers, so you can target a precise location with high protection. A literal definition of quality comes at a price.

The best tool ever to help you use Instagram anonymously is PrivateProxy.

It’s given 4.8 stars review on almost everywhere.

With more than 1000 cities and over 15.000 IP addresses,

Instagram Scripted Proxies from a proxy provider
The hand-made Instagram script makes an optimum proxy usage.

PrivateProxy can help you connect to any location without a problem.

With PrivateProxy, you can bypass the geo restrictions, and unblock the Instagram account limit.

The UK-based company provides lots of proxy options, from rotating, to static server.

It also uses SLS encyrption, has a strict lo-logs policy,

so you don’t need to worry about your real IP address leak, bandwidth usage, browsing history, and many more.

And this is what makes PrivateProxy special: it offers a private connection from its own server array.

More secure than P2P proxies.

PrivateProxy also runs an extensive performance tests for their servers

so that you can pick any location with precise and targeted connection.

Key Features:

  • Over 1000 locations & 15.000 IP addresses
  • No-logs policy, SLS, encryption, no privacy leak
  • Private & secure connection from its server
  • Support torrenting


You can try their Free Trial, just in case you doubt their offers.

Then, if you are satisfied with their features, you can continue subscribing to its premium plan.

Starting only $5/month. Look at the full price list here.

  1. Residential Static $5/month: 1 static residential proxy, multiple location
  2. Datacenter Static $9/month: 3 static datacenter proxies, multiple location
  3. Datacenter Rotating $59/month: 200.000 requests, 2 days-trial
  4. Residential Rotating $150/month: 200.000 requests, unlimited simultaneous connection

The prices above are only starters, you can proceed further with more expensive budget

but also more quality features.

What is an Instagram Proxy?

A proxy server is a system providing an intermediary server between a user and the internet.

While an Instagram proxy is a getaway server to connect your IG account to a safe IP address and access the visual app privately.

How does a proxy work between you and internet
💻 Proxy in the middle

This indicates that the servers are usually prepared for mobile use, so they are most likely to be residential servers.

That way, they are not easily detected so you can protect your account from getting banned as soon as you start using them.

Proxies will also work best if you use them along with an Instagram bot.

It protects your account from suspicious activities generated by the bot you are using.

They both work perfectly together to boost your Instagram account an exceptional growth securely.

Why do you need Proxies for Instagram?

Aside from browsing the internet anonymously,

The getaway servers are vey helpful for your Instagram growth.

It can let you use

  • more than 5 accounts at once
  • unblock geo-restrictions

Now let’s check out the full benefits of using proxies for your Instagram account.

Proxies help login with multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram limits how many accounts you can manage from a single IP address: 5 accounts.

This is a bad news if you are running more than 10 clients profiles.

But with proxies, you can use multiple IP address so that you can login more than 5 Instagram profiles at once.

If not, you must stick to Instagram’s rules.

Unblock Instagram’s geo-restrictions with Proxies

If you live in a place where Instagram is not allowed aka it’s clearly banned, well you can’t have access.

While Instagram is the best place to grow your business, now you have a problem blocking your dream.

Using an Instagram Proxy will help you bypass the geo-restrictions forever as the IP installation is dedicated to your Instagram account permanently.

This guy explains how a proxy website can breach a geoblocking.

How to by pass Restrictions on Websites Using Proxy Websites

It’s a bit more pricey than a VPN, but it’s worth every penny.

Also, if you are working remotely with your team across the world,

the proxy can help every team access the Instagram account everywhere

without having to install a VPN with a different IP address.

By the way, I wrote an article to explain: if you want to know what is the difference between a proxy and a VPN for Instagram usage.

So just read it if you don’t know yet.

To Scrape any Instagram data using Proxies

Want to extract data from Instagram safely?

Do it with an Instagram proxy.

Instagram has a bunch of useful data for your brand or business.

Such as likes, comments, shares, or your overall account performance on Instagram analytics.

When using a proxy, Instagram detects the IP address from the proxy so you can extract every data securely from one server.

But, does it help your Instagram promotion?

In a way, yes.

By developing wider strategies, your Instagram account definitely has a bigger chance to grow.

What types of Proxies work best for Instagram?

There is 5 types of Proxies dedicated to Instagram:

  1. ✅ Mobile Proxies
  2. ✅ Residential Proxies
  3. ❌ Dedicated Proxies
  4. ❌ Shared or Datacenter Proxies
  5. ❌ Free Proxies

But for Instagram, some proxies may not work properly.

Mobile and Residential Proxies are the safest choices when it’s time to find the best proxy for Instagram.

So, here are the best intermediary servers you can use for Instagram.

Mobile Proxies

First and foremost, mobile proxies will always be the best option.

As we know, Instagram is a mobile app that is used by mostly mobile users in the world.

Mobile proxies will transform your access from any device to an IP address from a mobile user.

Mobile proxy usage for Instagram to protect you
Mobile proxy = Best option for you

Looking at the compatibility, they exceed any server type.

However, you might consider that this type of server is very expensive.

Also, it’s not suitable for businesses that run several accounts in one phone.

Residential Proxies

This type of proxy lets you roam around the server and browse the internet like real users.

Residential proxies are the IP address issued by your internet service provider (ISP).

Residential proxies and datacenter proxy differences
Do you see the main difference?

When they are used, it will look like you are requesting a network from your residence.

It’s far safer from a datacenter proxy who shares their IP address with every user.

Both static or rotating servers work fine for Instagram.

But, take note that static is best used if you only want to manage your multiple accounts.

Otherwise, use the rotating ones when you want to create a new account.

Avoid using these Proxies for your Instagram account

We already know the best type of proxies to use.

Now, it’s time to avoid the ones that you shouldn’t use for your Instagram account.

Dedicated Proxies

To be honest, this server is not that bad.

They are actually a cheaper option than mobile and residential proxies.

They are also very good to scraping your Instagram data.

The thing is, they are not working so well if you use an Instagram bot for your account.

Shared or Datacenter Proxies

This type of server is the worst among all.

It’s very risky as you will never know which server has been blocked or not.

why shared proxies are a bad option for you?
🛜 Now you know. Pick your proxy wisely

Also, their servers are connected to a datacenter proxy, which is used by many users at once.

So, it’s a big no-no.

Once you use it carelessly, it’s over.

Free Proxies

This is the worst of the worst.

If you want to use a proxy for a safer Instagram activity, it will be contradictory when you use the free ones.

It’s too dangerous risking your personal information.

Here I explain further why free intermediary servers are not recommended for Instagram.

Why shouldn’t you use a free Instagram Proxy?

Bitdefender (a well-know leader in Cybersecurity) explain it very well.

It’s tempting I know, to use a free proxy option.

Your connection won’t be secure anymore and your IP address will be detected easily by Instagram.

It lost its main function to manage Instagram anonymously.

It can also contain malicious malware, risking your personal information.

Your sensitive information might be in danger and you can be a target of harmful internet attacks.

To sum up, free proxies can risk both your Instagram account and your personal information.

For further explanation, this video shows you what can go wrong with using a getaway server.

Think about your Instagram needs before picking a proxy

The first important step is to decide your Instagram need.

Understanding your brand’s needs is crucial to continue to the next step. 

If you only run a single account, then you don’t need proxies to help you manage multiple accounts.

If you want to create a new Instagram account, then choose the one that can help you with the process safely.

If you use a free proxy option, don’t expect a high security from the provider.

And so on.

If you don’t know your brand’s necessity,

it’s difficult to set a standard of which features can provide what your Instagram needs.

Or follow what this guy said, proxies are best to scrape Instagram data.

Determine how much you are willing to pay for a proxy service

The next step is crucial as same.

Set at what range you can pay for such features.

The price of a proxy varies depending on the type and features they provide.

And it affects the proxy’s reliability & level of anonymity.

It’s very important to prepare the budget and pay the features as you wish.

Do an extensive research before using an Instagram proxy

This is almost not a tip anymore,

but rather an obligation for every client trying out an Instagram proxy.

It includes observing the features you need and the price the proxy provider offers.

A deep research will prevent you from an unwanted cost,

And the possibility of the proxy doesn’t meet your expectations,

Also, that way, you can compare each plan from different proxy providers,

Then proceed to decide which one best suited your need and budget.

How to avoid a ban from using an Instagram intermediary server?

A worst scenario is where you get caught by Instagram while using a proxy.

If you don’t want to be in that position, use a proper number of proxies for your Instagram profile.

First note: only use one proxy for one Instagram account.

Remember that proxies only work on one platform/website/page, unlike VPNs.

Stick to using the same forward server when creating a new profile,

so Instagram doesn’t alert your email when you open the account using a different IP address.

Second note: do your Instagram activity gradually, one by one.

Never use Instagram hastily when you are borrowing an IP address from a proxy.

For example, if you want to grow your following, do it for days.

If you execute it so suddenly in one day, Instagram might start getting suspicious of your account activity.

My advice: Use the Proxy that matches your Instagram needs

Picking the best proxy for your Instagram account might be tricky.

While proxies are the answer for managing multiple Instagram accounts in hand,

There is a lot of shitty and proxies scam services.

And some of them pretends to be good and secure for Instagram.

When writing this blog post and testing and ranking them: They even not doing the job properly…

So be careful, your can lose your Instagram account using the worst Proxy for Instagram.

Just remember the rule: a quality always comes at a price.

A cheaper option like shared proxies or even freebies will never be useful.

Most importantly, know your needs and budget.

So that you can find an Instagram forward proxy that best matches those two parameters.

The weight of choosing which Instagram proxies are right for your account in 2024 might be heavy,

That’s why we are here to provide and review the best ones in the market.

From my list, Inflact has the best features among others.

It’s highly secure, lets you execute your Instagram marketing safely and completely anonymous.

It has a bunch of servers (completely precise and private) and it’s very easy to use.

So, are you ready to leverage proxies for your Instagram marketing in 2024?

Any Tools That
I Missed?

Submit a product for review

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something about this topic to talk about.

How many proxies should I use per Instagram account?

Only one. No less no more. It will give you a full identity protection since you are not changing your IP address. That’s the standard and no other rules allowed. Except when you use a mobile proxy that can provide 5-10 accounts per proxy.

Can I use shared proxies for my Instagram?

Big no. You won’t know which proxy has already been banned. When you sign up on a shared proxy. It increases your chances of getting caught by Instagram. While getting suspended by Instagram is the last thing you expect from using an intermediary server, it’s best to avoid using shared proxies in the future.

Can Instagram ban my account if I use an Instagram proxy?

It’s possible. However, you only need a few tricks to avoid the ban radar. Firstly, use a very safe proxy type like residential or private servers, and never use risky proxies like shared and free ones. Last but not least, use a secure number of profiles on one proxy, which is only one account per Instagram proxy.

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