The Travel & Tourism market in Japan is expected to experience a growth of 0.14% from 2023 to 2028, culminating in a market size of US$40.57 billion by 2028.

Collaborating with travel influencers in Japan is one of the most impactful marketing strategies to target a wider audience.

This is because Japanese travel influencers give out the best traveling content and have many dedicated followers.

Top 10 Travel Influencers in Japan 👇🏼

  1. Solo Solo Travel
  2. Suit Travel
  3. Shiho Zekkei – @shiho_zekkei
  4. Ame LIFE
  5. Anna Haneishi – @hawaiianna913
  6. Leaves Diary
  7. Ayumi – @ooooooayumioooooo
  9. Tiffany in Japan – @kodootv
  10. Travel Boy

Their content is always anticipated and full of online interactions.

Types of the most popular influencer content niche of Japanese influencers
If you can make beauty product reviews and add a bit of entertainment to it in 🇯🇵 = 💰

Influencer Marketing in Japan will be really good for your business.

Are you planning a trip to Japan or maybe even a Japanese wanting to travel abroad?

Worry not because I have what you need – a list of the most informative and insightful Japanese travel influencers in 2024.

I mean, let’s be real, who will give you the most authentic, raw traveling stories and suggestions if not travel content creators?

That’s right, they will provide you with nothing but valuable traveling how-tos and spot recommendations.

Their videos and photos are also well shot, guaranteed to make you wanna book a plane ticket immediately.

Even if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you won’t regret watching them because they show you how life is in Japan and other parts of the world.

Japan’s tourism industry to recover by 2025

Or maybe motivate you to save some money to experience them first-hand

With everything they offer, it is unsurprising that these Japanese travel influencers have many dedicated fans.

For brands, Japanese travel influencers are definitely who you need to reach the traveling enthusiasts in the country.

Travel Influencers in Japan - The Complete list

Their significance is totally not to overlook – even the authorities work with influencers to revitalize the country’s tourism industry.

Want to get familiar with them?

Here are the 10 best Japanese travel influencers in 2024.

1. Solo Solo Travel – Japanese Travel Influencer for Solo Travelers

Solo Solo Travel or “Soon to travel” in English is a YouTube channel that just started in 2021 but is now one of the leading traveling channels in Japan.

It covers trips around Japan using unique types of transportation and accommodations, such as overnight trains, bullet trains, ferries, and capsule hotels –

All within various ranges of budget, from cheap capsule hotels to luxurious suites, Solo Solo Travel has them all.

The Japanese Travel influencer also reviews the food he enjoys and his experience.

Since the content is about the host traveling alone throughout Japan, the channel is perfect for those who prefer solo trips.

Solo Solo Travel acknowledges that its content is needed by foreigners who need more information about the above.

So, he makes sure to provide English subtitles in his videos.

Want to reach local and foreign travelers in Japan? Solo Solo Travel is your best choice.

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2. Suit Travel – Polished Nihon’s Travel Influencer

The Suit Travel channel is basically about its name, a man in a suit traveling around Japan.

Just like Solo Solo Travel, this Japanese content creator does solo trips and will show you what flight and train to take and what hotel to choose when you visit a certain place.

He also covers tourist sites, hidden gems, busy streets, and even abandoned places in Nihon.

Having a goal to upload as many videos as possible, Suit Travel keeps his videos simple, without too much editing and video effects.

That’s why they are relatively long – many include various trips in one vid.

His channel is suitable for those who like complete and thorough traveling content in Japan.

Interested to visit Japan? I really recommend you to follow Suit Travel.

And if you plan to grow your business in Japan, join many other brands in working with him now!

3. Shiho Zekkei – Dedicated Japanese Travel Content Creator & Photographer

Shiho is a traveler slash writer from Japan who has published 9 traveling books,

And was appointed as the welcome ambassador for her hometown, Hamamatsu in Shizuoka

This should be enough to tell you how passionate she is about traveling but that’s not all.

Shiho’s Instagram account showcases tons of breathtaking locations inside and outside Japan.

From a sea of clouds to fields of daisies, sunrises to sunsets, quiet hills to firework explosions, and seas to mountains, you can see them all on her profile.

All of her content will show you the best places to visit and even if you already know where you would go, 

You can check if she had already explored it and find out what other options you will have there.

Shiho truly is a must-follow travel influencer and a must work-with for all brands planning to grow in Japan in no time.

4. Ame LIFE – Tokyo-Based Travel YouTube Influencer & Dog Lover

Ame is a Japanese travel content creator who documents her life living alone in Tokyo with her three dogs.

So, her content is mostly about places she visited in the capital city.

Ame’s content usually begins with a mini vlog of herself preparing her meals and getting ready for her adventure with her dogs.

Then, she will show you the unique places that don’t get much coverage, such as antique markets, flea markets, and expensive retail stores.

Her content might show you the busy life in Tokyo but her content is super calming.

Recently, Ame has started wandering to neighboring big cities and I believe her love for traveling will have her explore more places in the future.

Ame’s channel is new but has amassed many loyal subscribers who love all the details she puts in her videos.

Want to reach all Tokyo travel enthusiasts? Collaborate with Ame now.

5. Anna Haneishi – Carefree Travel Influencer from Japan

Anna Haneishi was a member of the Japanese reality show “Terrace House” and got widely recognized for it.

Now, she can be seen traveling all over the world and pretty much just enjoying life.

On her Instagram, you will see all the places she visited and the moments she experienced.

From busy streets to mountains, from beaches to flower fields, you can find them all on her feed.

Anna also loves outdoor activities which explain all the surfing, sunbathing, picnic, and skydiving photos.

I know, Instagram pictures can only show so much. But Anna has all the raw and beautiful traveling moments on her highlights as well.

So, whether you prefer travel photographs or mini vlogs, Anna has them both.

Want to work with Anna, too? You should do it now and watch how your brand gets recognized by many travel enthusiasts in Japan.

Prediction of total spend for Influencer marketing in Japan from 2020 to 2027
Influencers business keep growing in 🇯🇵

6. Leaves Diary – Japanese Family Travel Influencer for Camping Lovers

Leaves Diary is the couple Shin and Ayako documenting their life traveling around Japan in their campervan, along with their daughter Yuri.

On their channel, you will find heart-warming moments of their adventures as a family of three.

You can see them enjoying warm drinks as the sun rises, cooking and eating together, sheltering from the rain, mountain climbing, and even fishing.

In some videos, the Japanese travel content creators show how they renovated their campervan to be homier.

So, you can also expect DIY content about turning your vehicle to be more travel-friendly.

Want to camp in Japan’s wilderness like them? This is your sign to do it because Japan is so safe you can camp outdoors without worries.

And if you need an influencer who will help you target the camping enthusiasts in Japan, Leaves Diary is a must work with.

7. Ayumi – Insightful Japan’s Travel Influencer & Blogger

Ayumi is a dedicated Nihon travel influencer and blogger in Japan.

She has traveled to many cities in Japan and other countries like Hawaii and Singapore.

She is a HIS travel ambassador who is popular for her insightful travel blogs.

Just check it out. You’ll be welcomed by traveling Q&A, traveling insights, and even cafe recommendations, all written based on her real experience.

Through her Instagram, Ayumi will show you just how vast and beautiful this world is.

Her account will definitely want to make you go to all the places she visited.

Don’t forget to also watch her Instagram highlights to see what’s behind the amazing photos she took.

As for brand owners, Ayumi’s account is also worth checking. I promise that you’ll see why you must work with her.

8. KINOPIKO – Japanese Food & Travel Influencer for Foodie Travelers

KINOPIKO is a female office worker in Japan finding love for traveling and food and shares it with her subscribers.

An important part of traveling is trying foods you haven’t tasted before, right?

If you agree and can’t seem to separate the two just like KINOPIKO, then subscribing to her is a must.

Because the travel influencer will show you just how fun strolling around the busy streets of Japan is,

And how even more fun it is to try the intricate delicacies Nihon has to offer.

Planning to visit Japan and try the delicious foods there? Consider checking KINOPIKO out so you’ll know where to go.

Or, are you planning to expand your business in Japan? Then working with KINOPIKO is not an option, it’s a must.

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9. Tiffany in Japan – Japanese Worth-Following Travel Influencer

Tiffany is a Japanese travel video creator who will show you all the famous and non-famous places to visit in Japan.

Tiffany does not only cover big cities but also remote places many tourists haven’t even heard of before.

From the Nintendo World, refreshing Japanese hot springs, worth-visiting restaurants, old temples, sightseeing spots, and traditional markets, Tiffany will show you everything.

So, whether you prefer to enjoy nature or stroll around a city in Nihon, she is still who you need to follow.

Tiffany also has a YouTube channel but whatever platform she posts on, her fans will flood her content with comments and likes.

Working with a significant travel influencer like Tiffany is a promising opportunity. So, consider connecting with her ASAP.

10. Travel Boy – Passionate Travel Influencer in Japan

English teacher-turned-influencer Travel Boy will give you a closer look at Japan and many other countries through his traveling content.

No, for real, because he loves staying in a certain place for a quite long time – for example, he documented his stay in Turkey for a month!

When you are subscribed to him, you can only expect detailed and authentic content.

From eating local food, learning different cultures, strolling around villages, and visiting fancy restaurants – his page is overall about experiencing life abroad and in Japan. 

Subscribe to his channel now and find him exploring Nihon, Europe, and many others.

You’ll be among his active fans who can’t resist sharing their thoughts about his beautifully created videos, I promise.

Travel Boy is also up for collaborations. Work with him to reach all the adventure lovers in Japan.

Ready to work with the top 10 Japanese travel influencers?

The travel content creators in Japan are all amazing and informative.

They give the best suggestions and show you all the gorgeous places they went to. 

They are also passionate about content making, so all of their posts are always enjoyable.

Travel influencers are truly who you need to reach all the travelers wanting to explore Japan or outside Japan.

If you work with them, you should be ready to penetrate the Japanese market in no time.

As always, I need to remind you to choose the content creator who can represent your brand.

The list I provided covers them in different niches, so it should be all you need to help make the decision.

Want to work with other Japanese influencers?

Discover all the Traveler Influencers in Asia

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