In 2024, the Beauty & Personal Care market in Taiwan is projected to generate a revenue of $5.58 billions USD

Working with the best beauty influencers, cosmetics content creators, and KOLs of Taiwan will help you to reach new clients.

They have suitable accounts on several platforms and followers for all who want to learn about makeup, face cream, Skincare or even haircare

And for those who just joined the bandwagon, influencer marketing in Taiwan might be what you need.

People in Taiwan rely on beauty influencers to get makeup and skincare content.

Beauty Influencers in Taiwan in 2024

  1. Nini Ouyang – @niniouyang
  2. Clina Liu – @clinaliu
  3. Mii Huang
  4. I’m Charlie
  5. Dr. Ivan 6
  6. Ginny Daily
  7. The Regina
  8. Ruby
  10. MayMei

Taiwan has a lucrative beauty market that even the cosmetics and skincare practice has its own popular name, T-beauty.

T-beauty stands for Taiwanese beauty and it covers all the products and routines associated with the country.

And the fact is that Taiwanese beauty brands are making their way to be more globally recognized, 

Following the steps of K-beauty or J-beauty.

List of all the content categories (verticals) for influencers in Taiwan
🇹🇼 loves entertainment and 🧋

Cosmetic companies begin to thrive and prove themselves that they indeed have worth-purchasing types of products.

They follow them, take their advice, consider their recommendations, and crowd their posts.

Therefore, beauty content creators are who you need to grow your business in Taiwan. 

They will be your gate to push your brand sales and exposure to the top.

Reaching your potential customers and penetrating the T-beauty industry won’t be so hard anymore. 

Finding influencers is not easy, but we make your job easier by providing this Taiwanese beauty influencers list.

Let’s learn more about them in this article. 

List of Beauty Influencers and content creators in Taiwan

Here are the top 10 beauty influencers in Taiwan in 2024.

1. Nini Ouyang – Popular Beauty Influencer & Mega Instagram Star

Nini Ouyang is a famous actress in Taiwan and the daughter of former actors Ouyang Long and Fu Juan.

Nini is pretty active on social media and she uses both YouTube and Instagram to showcase her love for beauty, travel, and fashion.

Along with travel posts, her photoshoots with recommended skincare products dominate her Instagram feed.

She can be the best influencer to choose if you need someone to represent your beauty brand.

Because then, the number of people who will interact with her post is massive.

Many brands have proven that a celebrity endorsement is the ultimate move to reach a wider audience.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity and collaborate with her ASAP.

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2. Clina Liu — Prominent Beauty Instagram Influencer in Taiwan

Clina Liu is a Taiwanese Instagram star whose content revolves around lifestyle and beauty.

OOTD pictures, skincare product recommendations, travel photos, and photo shoots are among the many things she uploads. 

Clina has collaborated with many beauty brands in Taiwan.

Because she has the clearest, most flawless skin and the cleanest makeup looks, 

that always gets her fans asking about what products she’s using. 

With such curiosity her fans have, her content is your gate to make her audience notice your brand. 

Therefore, consider working with Clina now so your brand can flourish in the nation.

3. Mii Huang – Informative Beauty Influencer from Taiwan

Meet Mii Huang, the ultimate beauty influencer in Taiwan you need to follow.

Because she doesn’t review only the best cosmetics products but also worth-checking skincare goods.

From anti-aging essence to foundation with a blurring effect, Mii has it all for you.

She also loves to chat about perfume and gives out recommendations.

An account to help me look flawless and smell heavenly? Count me in!

Mii Huang is followed by many people in Taiwan, that’s understandable.

So, be sure you leverage her influence and reach them all at once!

4. I’m Charlie – Makeup Reviewer & Beauty Content Creator from Taiwan

For beginners, sometimes makeup techniques can be a little hard to learn.

But Charlie will ease your way in understanding them with her content.

She presents all the how-tos, dos, and don’ts of applying makeup.

Oftentimes, she also discusses skincare suggestions you must follow so your skin is as clear as hers.

Charlie has helpful content for many Taiwanese girls and that’s why many of them become her dedicated followers.

If they are who your brand plans to target, then you know that having your product promoted by Charlie is what you need.

5. Dr. Ivan 6 – Taiwanese Skincare & Haircare Influencer on YouTube 

Dr. Ivan is the source of skincare insights behind the channel Dr. Ivan 6.

What skincare-related questions do you have? I’m sure dr. Ivan has the answer to those.

Among his videos are sunscreen recommendations, how to deal with dandruff, how to get rid of acne, and what anti-aging products are worth trying.

He explains how to use the products in the right way so they work effectively.

And also discusses what ingredients to avoid and all the myths you shouldn’t believe.

Subscribe to dr. Ivan is now to be in the now about the most updated skincare talks.

And contact him for a brand collaboration to introduce your product to Taiwanese skincare enthusiasts.

List of the social media platforms where influencer marketing campaigns are run in Taiwan
Never forget Youtube. Especially here in 🇹🇼

6. Ginny Daily – Helpful Beauty & Mode Influencer in Taiwan

Ginny is a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion YouTube star from Taiwan.

She has all the guidelines for achieving flawless looks, as well as the mistakes to avoid so your makeup is not blotchy.

Ginny is also honest in the way she tells both what she likes and dislikes about a product.

This makes her even more trusted by her already loyal fans.

On top of beauty content, Ginny also has OOTD videos on her platform, 

Making her one of the most reliable content creators for Taiwanese women to elevate their beauty.

Want to grow your business in Taiwan? Her online presence will immensely help you achieve this goal in no time.

7. The Regina – Passionate Cosmetics Content Creator in Taiwan

For Regina, beauty, fashion, and shopping mean happiness.

And she shares her love for all of the above on her YouTube channel, The Regina.

There, you can find practical advice for makeup and skincare.

Regina always has all the product reviews and recommendations ready for you.

Other than beauty product hauls, Regina also has fashion content.

Following her is guaranteed to make you look gorgeous and trendy at the same time.

As for working with her, it is guaranteed to bring more recognition to your product in no time.

8. Ruby – Talented Makeup Influencer in Taiwan

Cute, flawless makeup is Ruby’s expertise.

She has also the magic to turn herself into her celebrity of choice.

And seeing her videos will leave you speechless at how skillful she is.

It’s like she has successfully copied and pasted each celeb’s aesthetic onto her face!

Moreover, if you want to know how to apply certain techniques as a beginner, Ruby also has that kind of content.

Ruby is surely followed by many makeup lovers in Taiwan, no surprise.

So collaborating with her means getting your product noticed by her loyal audience.

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9. LYLA SPARKLING – Taiwan-Based Aspiring Beauty Influencer 

Lyla has many makeup products and she knows which are recommended and which aren’t like the back of her hand. 

The aspiring content creator also uploads makeup tutorials you can follow.

Her looks are simple and elegant, perfect for those who don’t like bold makeup.

Because she offers helpful makeup videos, Lyla’s channel is growing more and more every day.

So make sure you collaborate with her to also grow your brand with the help of her online presence.

10. MayMei – Dedicated Nano Beauty Influencer in Taiwan

Do you like simple and glam makeup looks?

MayMei is the beauty YouTuber you need to follow, then.

She will show you all the techniques and products to use to look flawless. 

Because simple everyday makeup looks are sometimes not that simple, especially for beginners. 😁

So her content will be very much needed by you, among many makeup enthusiasts in Taiwan.

Now, as for brand owners, the nano influencer’s significance must be utilized if you want to grow your brand in Taiwan.

Working with Taiwanese beauty influencers helps your Brand to grow online and offline

Beauty content creators in Taiwan are your gate to reaching the right audience.

The food Influencers scene is also important in Taiwan, but the beauty one is super promising, with great creators.

They will introduce your brand to their dedicated fans who include makeup and skincare enthusiasts, 

Therefore helping you connect with your desired mass.

Just be sure to choose the influencer with a niche that aligns with your company.

So your influencer marketing can have the maximum outcome, 

And your company’s marketing budget is spent efficiently.

Also, don’t forget to audit the influencer you’re going to be working with.

Don’t let fake influencers come your way and take your money to waste.

Do you also need to know how to track your campaign results?

Don’t worry, we got you covered, again! 😉

Check out our article on “How to track your Influencer Marketing Campaign Results

Find more Beauty Influencers in Asia

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