Banned hashtags by Instagram could affect your post, Reels, and Stories promotion, or worse, get shadowbanned. It’s very important for brands and businesses to keep their content away from the forbidden hash signs, so they don’t hinder their content visibility. In this article, I will mention all of Instagram’s forbidden hashtags in 2024 and how to avoid them.

Did your content not get a good reach or impressions this week?

Or do you feel like the number keeps dropping?

Here’s the deal: it might be caused by banned hashtags.

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Yup, if you accidentally use them, it’s the same as preventing your posts to reach a wider audience.

Simply, Instagram will judge your account as bots and bury your posts.

It’s terrible. Especially for brands that rely on Instagram to grow their businesses.

So, it’s essential to avoid using the prohibited hash signs on your Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories.

Don’t worry, I have prepared the complete list of Instagram-banned hashtags in 2024 and how to spot them.

Take note of each one of them and don’t miss a single word.

Let’s go.

List of all Instagram Banned hashtags

⚠️ Disclaimer: For all prohibited hashtags by Instagram, we don’t know either the reason whatsoever as Instagram never releases an official list and why they are restricted. Some of them are relative to fetishization (?) and it’s not our point of view or anything. We are just providing an updated # ban list here.

What are Instagram banned hashtags?

Banned hashtags are Instagram hashtags that are reported by users because the posts using them violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines and contain inappropriate topics.

An example of a banned hashtag on Instagram hashtag page
Yeah, we have no idea why this hashtag is banned…

This means any post attaching one of the prohibited hash marks is hidden.

It’s a big loss for your account’s organic reach and prevents you to grow your business.

The restricted hash signs are always changing, depending on the community reports and Instagram examination.

When you think it’s a crucial matter, Instagram doesn’t announce which hashtags are forbidden on its page.

So, the only way to know which ones are forbidden is by going through the complete list.

Why does Instagram prohibit using some hashtags?

Instagram will restrict a hashtag after a report from its users,

When some users report inappropriate content using the hash mark,

If it’s proven to disobey Instagram rules, the hash mark will be prohibited.

Some people might “ride” the high visibility of certain hashtags to post improper content.

These generally come from bots or spam accounts,

As mindful marketers, content creators, and social media managers won’t use innocent, plain hash signs for their strategy.

This is also the way to track down fake accounts, an effort from Instagram to serve a better experience for its users.

It’s normal when you see a completely fine hash mark, turns out it’s forbidden by Instagram.

For example, #beautyblogger is prohibited, you can use #beautybloggers instead.

An example of adding one letter to unfold the banned Instagram hashtag
Some hashtags only need one more single letter to cancel the ban 🙂

Posts using #hardworkpaysoff are also hidden.

But #hardworkpaysoffs works just fine.

It’s just a matter of an “s”, but it totally changes the impact.

Make sure you use the right hashtags that work.

Don’t let the littlest mistake ruins how you pick and perform your Instagram hashtag.

Now, let’s get to know the excluded tic-tac-toe signs from Instagram to date.

The complete list of Instagram banned hashtags in 2024

Here are all the hash signs restricted by Instagram you should not use for your posts.

From a harmless #streetphoto to risky words like #nasty,

or triggering like #selfharm, and spam #tagsforlikes,

Everything is here on the list.

FYI, did you know that hashtags are also called octothorpe and crisscross?

Now let’s see from A to the Z,

Instagram forbidden hashtags in 2024.

A – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter a

The first letter A contains various words and phrases.

From a suspicious #armparty to possibly fetishizing #asiangirl (we don’t know the reason either).

Here is the list.

  • #abdl
  • #addmysc
  • #adulting
  • #alone
  • #always
  • #armparty
  • #asiangirl
  • #ass
  • #assday
  • #assworship

B – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter b

If you are a beauty content creator, there is one hashtag you should pay attention to.

Instagram bans #beautyblogger but allows its users to use #beautybloggers, a plural version of it.

Take a look at the list for the letter B.

  • #beautyblogger
  • #besties
  • #bikinibody
  • #boho
  • #brain

C – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter c

For the letter C, we only have 2 forbidden octothorpes.

Even #curvygirls are gone on Instagram’s discovery.

The result hashtags with longtail keywords of a banned Instagram hashtag
Try to give more keywords in the end to use the banned hashtags.

Another hash sign prohibited is #costumes.

Here is the list.

  • #costumes
  • #curvygirls

D – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter d

If you use Instagram to find your soulmate, unfortunately, you can’t.

Seems like Instagram doesn’t want a double function as a dating app for its users.

Check these banned hashtags out.

  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #direct
  • #dm

E – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter e

Yup, we don’t know the reason why #elevator is forbidden on Instagram.

So does for #eggplant. It’s delicious though…

This is hard for food content creators who love sharing roasted eggplant recipes…

Well, this explanation of the eggplant emoji might be the sole reason why it is forbidden on the app 🙃

  • #edm
  • #eggplant
  • #elevator

G – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter g

For glove sellers, you can’t miss this out.

#gloves is unfortunately prohibited on Instagram, might find a way to promote your gloves products.

The banned hashtag notice on Instagram hashtag
Again, we don’t know why this is forbidden…

Trust me, there are more harmless hash marks like this coming on the list.

  • #girlsonly
  • #gloves

H – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter h

For the gym enthusiasts or the excellent white-collar workers,

You might want to change your hashtag strategy to share your productivity content on Instagram.

As #hardworkpaysoff is restricted, you can use #hardworkspaysoffs or #hardworkpaysoff💪 instead.

  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #hawks
  • #hotweather
  • #humpday
  • #hustler

I – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter i

For Italians, update your hash sign sets right now cause Instagram doesn’t allow #italiano.

Again, we have no idea why it’s prohibited.

Other excluded hash marks preceded by the letter “I” are here on the list:

  • #ice
  • #instasport
  • #iphonegraphy
  • #italiano

K – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter k

Attention to travel influencers who visit Kansas, the United States,

#kansas is prohibited on Instagram, but #kansascity works for you.

Here is the list for the letter K.

  • #kansas 
  • #kickoff
  • #killingit
  • #kissing

L – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter l

When you think you could inspire people with your content and put #loseweight in it,

You’re wrong.

The hashtag is forbidden and your intention might not be achieved as it will be blocked on the explore page.

The forbidden hashtag notice on Instagram hashtag page
Maybe there was a story behind it why it is banned?

And #lulu? We completely don’t know what it is and why it is restricted.

  • #loseweight
  • #lulu

M – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter m

We know Miley Cyrus is a controversial artist and musician,

but about her name on the ban list? Truly unexpected.

Also, another spammy tic-tac-toe sign detected: #mustfollow.

Make sure to stay away from these hash pound signs.

  • #master
  • #mileycyrus
  • #milf
  • #mirrorphoto
  • #models
  • #mustfollow

N – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter n

These two restricted hashtags (#nasty & #nudity) are obvious and predictable.

Always follow Instagram’s rules if you want to succeed in your marketing strategy.

But there is one more to avoid: #newyearsday.

  • #nasty
  • #newyearsday
  • #nudity

O – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter o

We have come to the “one letter one hashtag section”.

Just add “oats”, “oatmeal”, or “oatsrecipe” if you want to share your overnight oat content using this hash pound sign.

  • #overnight

P – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter p

For users who love posting self-confident booster content, avoid using #prettygirl,

Or sharing your workout routine with #pushups.

  • #parties
  • #petite
  • #pornfood
  • #prettygirl
  • #pushups

R – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter r

The letter R only has two prohibited hash marks.

Check out the list.

  • #rate
  • #ravens

S – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter s

Here comes the letter with the most restricted hash signs.

Hashtags like #selfharm are completely hidden on Instagram.

Instagram provides help to prevent its users from seeing triggering content.

If you are fine to watch them, might be for some research, you can proceed to look at the hash pound sign.

The Instagram support pop-up button for a hashtag that might encourage harm to users
Kudos for Instagram to put such a very important help 👏

Another one like #snapchat is prohibited, try #snapchat👻 instead, it works.

Take a look at the full list from letter S.

  • #saltwater
  • #samelove
  • #selfharm
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skateboarding
  • #skype
  • #snap
  • #snapchat
  • #snowstorm
  • #sopretty
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #shower
  • #shit

T – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter t

Nearing the end, there are 2 spam hash pound signs in the T section.

Also, a ban on #todayimwearing, might change your hashtag strategy to show off your outfit of the day.

And another fetishizing preventive for #teens & #teen, I guess?

Check the complete list.

  • #tag4like
  • #tagsforlikes
  • #tanlines
  • #todayimwearing
  • #teens
  • #teen
  • #thought

U – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter u

We might already know why this is forbidden.

  • #undies

V – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter v

A hard time for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day as its crisscross is not allowed to use.

The prohibited hashtag notice on Instagram hashtag page
It’s a beautiful holiday, why is it forbidden??

Just add “gift” or the current year after #valentinesday to share your post on the special moment.

  • #valentinesday

W – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter w

No idea why this is forbidden.

If you want to use it, just add a money emoji right after the hash pound sign, like this #workflow💸.

  • #workflow

Y – Instagram banned Hashtags Starting with the letter y

The last hash mark on the list.

Same as other hash pound signs that only need to add an “S”,

you can try using #youngmodels if you want to attach it to your post.

My best guess so far: to emphasize community sense, so it has to be plural?

Or just simply filled by bots. No one knows except Instagram.

  • #youngmodel

What happens to the Instagram accounts using banned hashtags?

The sole purpose of an Instagram hashtag is to be discovered by a new audience and join a discussion.

If you use a restricted hash mark, your content will be completely buried unless the users visit your profile.

Or when they see it on your Stories, and when they type the exact hash pound sign and scroll down the results.

There is no way your posts get reach, impressions,

And even a good engagement if you use a prohibited hash sign.

Instagram will automatically flag you as bots, spam, fake accounts, etc.

If you use too many forbidden hash signs, it could lead you to a shadowban from Instagram.

Or worst, they will suspend your account.

Better safe than sorry.

Never put a prohibited hash mark on your post, always use working hashtags, 

Don’t let a single letter stops your content to reach and gain more followers.

How to avoid using Instagram-banned hashtags?

After reading the full list of the forbidden hash pound signs,

The next thing you wonder about is how to stay away from restricted hashtags in the future.

Or the hash signs that are not on the list?

Here is how to do it.

Check the hashtag on Instagram’s explore page

There is a very simple way to avoid prohibited hashtags.

Go to the search bar on Instagram and type the hash pound sign you will use.

You might find a hash pound sign that is not on the list but it’s actually restricted.

The banned hashtag notice on Instagram hashtag page
Well, maybe for this one, we know why…

By the time this article is published, there might be a new restricted hashtag coming.

As I said, it’s not fixed, it still can change if some users find improper content on other hash marks.

The safest way to make sure whether the hash mark could make your content hidden or not

Is to check manually on Instagram.

If you don’t find the notice “Recent posts for #hashtag are hidden because some posts might not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines”

Then you can go with it.

Use a hashtag generator tool to spot prohibited hash signs

Looking out and seeing if any hash pound signs are forbidden is lowkey tiring.

Here’s the deal: you can use a hashtag tool and finish your job quicker.

Find one hashtag generator that also provides a banned hash sign checker tool.

Like this one from Inflact.

It also allows you to scan your profile and get rid of potentially restricted hash pound signs from your posts.

Forget about removing restricted hash marks from your posts,

Start using an effective way with the help of a hashtag tool.

Don’t use prohibited hashtags to avoid getting penalized by Instagram in 2024

We’re here at the final section of the blog post after fully discussing about

Instagram prohibited hashtags in 2024 and how to avoid them.

It’s very important to know every single forbidden hash mark and not use them on your Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories.

Banned hash marks can reduce your content visibility, and prevent you from gaining new followers.

It also could lead you to get shadowban from Instagram and account suspension if you use it too many times.

Stop killing your reach by actively checking the hashtags you want to use.

Either manually on Instagram or by using a hashtag generator tool to speed up your work.

Lastly, always respect Instagram’s Guidelines.

Those two are the best tips to stay away from Instagram’s shadowban.

So, that’s it for today. Do you happen to know another forbidden hash sign that is missing from the list?

Kindly comment down below, help others out, and we will definitely update the list for your favor

Note: Contribute your thoughts about this topic and contact us here if you think we miss something to talk about.

How do you know if a hashtag is banned on Instagram?

Go to the search bar and type the hash mark you will use. If you can’t see the follow button, rather a warning like this: “Recent posts for #hashtag are hidden because some posts might not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines”, then it is forbidden by Instagram. The same thing also happens when you type in some hash signs and you can’t find them on the search results.

Can you get banned from a hashtag on Instagram?

Yes. Intentionally or not, Instagram will not promote your posts using prohibited hash signs. Your posts will not appear on your audience’s page unless they visit your profile, view your Stories with the restricted hash pound sign in them, search directly on the bar and click the results.

Can I get shadowban on Instagram using forbidden hashtags?

Yes, if you use too many restricted hash marks or repeat them many times on your Instagram posts. A shadowban means that their content is blocked and the publisher is not aware that it’s happening.

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