The best Instagram hashtags generators are essential to promoting your content on Instagram. The best IG hashtag research platform tool will show the most updated & relevant hashtag to reach a wider audience. In this article, I have ranked & reviewed the top 3 Instagram hashtag tools Free and Paid available in 2023. Let’s dive into #hashtags


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Best Generator

Best AI-powered tool to find hashtags with strong analytics


Looking for the best Instagram hashtag generator?

You have come to the right place.

Using an Instagram hashtag generator tool is the perfect way to:

Get analytics about certain hashtags PLUS gain inspiration for your post’s hashtags.

To add 20+ hashtags, you can’t just rely on your brain.

If you just scramble hashtags that come to your mind, you can’t be sure they have traffic.

This is why using Instagram hashtag generator software is important.

With a hashtag research platform on your IG, you have references to stimulate your creativity.

Stop working harder, start working smarter.

Now take a look at the 4 best Instagram hashtag generator tools in 2023.

Let’s go.


Use Inflact if you want to generate strong hashtags with full reports and full options of hashtags and full Instagram Analytics.

Top Instagram Hashtag Generator & Analytic Tools in 2023

  1. Inflact

Here are the 4 best hashtag generators for Instagram you should use in 2023 to find the perfect hashtags for your content.

1. Inflact

This is the Best Instagram Hashtag Generator available for everyone in 2023 (Only $3 for 7 days TRIAL-$19/month)


The Best Hashtag Tool

Best AI-powered tool to find hashtags with strong analytics. Even with a free plan serves the best results at a very affordable price.

I might say that Inflact is the Instagram hashtag generator I have dreamed of.

As we know, Inflact has been a powerful marketing automation tool for Instagram.

Little did you know, Inflact also has a very powerful hashtag generator and analytics.

An Instagram marketing toolkit front page website
The Inflact robot is ready to give you all AI services 😍

No wonder because Inflact uses an AI-powered generator that can deliver smart results.

When you open their website, you will find 2 tabs: hashtag generator & hashtag trend for Instagram.

The hashtag generator lets you find IG hashtags with many options.

You can search by keywords, photos, or even overall posts in a URL.

All of this is for FREE.

Instagram hashtag search bar tool
Either a keyword, photo, link, you can insert anything. It’s yours to choose😊

You only wait for 30 seconds the longest for the results to appear.

Also, Inflact presents the best and most comprehensive results ever.

By inserting the database, Inflact will automatically serve:

categorized hashtags according to the frequency of use and the difficulty level to top the rank.

Don’t worry, Inflact will not recommend you the banned hashtags from Instagram.

Comprehensive Instagram hashtag suggestions from a tool
The detailed hashtag categorization by Inflact makes it easier for you to mix-n-match the desired hashtag strategy🔥

The categories are frequent, average, and rare.

Later, the categories are followed by the labels hard, medium, and easy.

The function is to tell the users how hard it is to rise as the top content in those categories.

Wait until you see the robust analytics.

You can access the brief yet helpful insights about the hashtag for FREE.

You can expect 4 special reports from the analytics:

From the difficulty level, daily post activity using the hashtag, and posts using the hashtag, to the related hashtags.
For FREE use, I don’t know how to describe it except it’s very generous and useful.

Detailed Instagram hashtag analytics shown by a tool
The robust analytics help you consider which hashtag works best for your post~

And if you are too confused (read: lazy) to mix and match the hashtags,

you can use the “Smart Selection” button as an auto-generator for your Instagram hashtags.

It will select the best hashtags to boost your post to the suggestion pages, e.g. explore feed.

This is the best feature if you are stuck with ideas.

The smart Instagram hashtag selection by a tool
No more stuck ideas, use this instead and reach wider potential customers!

One last thing, you can also monitor the hashtag trend on another tab “Hashtag Trend”.

If you are still ‘fresh’, try creating your hashtag using this helpful feature to know what’s in the talking.

Once you are in the discussion, your post will blow up your Instagram notifications.

More special features from Inflact:

It lets you search hashtags in any language based on the location and search up to 5 key phrases.

Key Features:

  • IG hashtags finder, you can search up to 5 key phrases for any language
  • Powerful results, easy-to-read graphics for users
  • Hashtags analytics, from the difficulty level to the related hashtags
  • Smart selection, to create hashtags automatically
  • Hashtags trend, up-to-date hashtags to watch


Inflact is a powerful tool, so you must try their premium plan.

With its incredible features, Inflact only charges $19/month.

If you want to check if the premium features are worth your money,

you can try its 7-day FREE TRIAL only for $3.

  1. Free plan: hashtag finder, limited hashtag trend, limited hashtag analytics
  2. $19/month: full analytic reports and unlimited hashtag trend

With so many benefits and ‘only’ charged at that monthly price, Inflact has always been #1 in my heart.

With only Inflact’s free plan, you can use so many useful features.

It will be worth the price when you expect it from the premium plan.

What is an Instagram Hashtag?

An Instagram hashtag is a word or phrase combined with letters, numbers, or emojis preceded by the symbol #.

For example, #socialmediamarketing, #911memes, #nationalgfday❤️.

The sole purpose of hashtags is to categorize content and make it easy to find.

It is clickable so when people click certain hashtags,

they will be shown a page of content that is tagged with the hashtag.

You can also type the desired hashtag on the search bar.

Are Instagram Hashtags still important in 2023?

As Instagram has practiced a more SEO-friendly algorithm, many question the hashtags’ relevancy.

But is it true that hashtags don’t really matter anymore?

Actually, they are still important for your posts. In a way.

Especially when Instagram prioritizes small creators today.

Hashtags may not distribute your posts overnight,

but it helps push your content to get more discoverability.

On one condition: you must create good quality content.

Basically, hashtags will shove content that already performs well on its own.

Here are the benefits of using hashtags for your Instagram posts in 2023.

Instagram Hashtags help your posts Reach more audience

As I said, Instagram hashtags work differently these days.

But that doesn’t mean they are useless.

A good hashtag will be your content pusher to reach more people.

First things first, you have to create good quality content that follows Instagram SEO rules.

When you have good content, the hashtags will suggest your content to more places, such as the hashtag pages.

Meaning, your well-performing content will get a better reach with the help of a hashtag.

So, never erase your hashtag 😉

Hashtags are important on Instagram to push discoverability to your Posts

When more people find your content, it means the discoverability of your post is good.

One way to achieve that:

Use the right hashtag for your post.

Using hashtags is like giving a pinch of salt to your food. It tastes a lot better, right?

Exactly. Your “already good content will get better results with the right hashtags.

Not only should you pay attention to when to post on Instagram, but also keep an eye on your hashtag usage.

Remember that people can follow hashtags.

The more you are using it, the more people will see your content.

Instagram Hashtags help your videos Reels go viral

Reels have already been a primary selling feature on Instagram.

Many creators and businesses utilize this feature for many goals.

But how to make your Reel goes viral?

Use hashtags!

A hashtag will help people find related Reel content and it can be yours.

The right hashtag helps your Reels to appear on the explore feed.

That way, a hashtag connects the content and people who want to find their desired content.

Using Hashtags can boost the reach of your Stories

Same as other posts, using the right hashtag can also help your Stories to be seen by more people.

When people search for a hashtag on the search bar, it can boost your Stories to more people.

Well, Stories might not appear easily on the hashtag page.

Your content must be a high-quality image or video and have high engagement.

How do Instagram hashtags actually work these days?

You might still be confused about my statement earlier:

“Hashtags can still be helpful to your posts, but you must create good content first”

Let me explain how Instagram hashtags work today.

When many people doubt its function, Instagram hashtags actually work more efficiently.


Previously, the hashtag is believed to expose content to a wider audience.

Let’s say you post content. You use hashtags and it performs very well.

Then you start thinking that what makes the content gets great results is that you use hashtags.

In the good old days, this conclusion might be correct, but not for today.

Hashtags do not distribute mere content, rather it boosts excellent content to more viewers, and users.

So, the conclusion to the study case is:

What makes your content perform well is your own content quality.

Whether it’s SEO-friendly, engaging, etc. it’s your own content that makes a good performance.

When you use hashtags, they will push the already good content to more people.

Instagram hashtags nowadays are no longer content distributors.

It’s more like the best content pusher, and promotor IF you made well-performing content.

How an Instagram Hashtags generator will help you?

A hashtag generator is a tool to help you find the right hashtag based on the keyword used.

Leveraging AI, the generator will analyze your image or keywords,

and come up with hashtag recommendations.

So, is it helpful? Yes.

And how is it helpful?

The generator provides an alternative to limited knowledge or creativity from marketers to give the best product descriptions.

The hashtag generator turns keywords into hashtags easily.

Instead of forcing your brain to present creativity, 

you can easily choose the recommendations and decide which hashtag best describes your content.

Modify the hashtag a bit and voila!

You get the best hashtag to promote your content.

Why you should use an Instagram Hashtags generator?

Finding the best hashtag for your content is not easy.

But with a hashtag generator, you can find relevant hashtags easily.

It shows recommendations based on your keyword,

PLUS show you hashtags that have the best exposure for your content.

It lowkey gives you hashtags inspirations, and you can modify the hashtags to better present your content.

If you ride their big niche, you have the chance to boost your content and get a higher reach.

Also, a hashtag generator will avoid you to use banned hashtags on Instagram.

They automatically won’t recommend them.

Basically, a hashtag generator will help you find

the unthinkable yet influential and safe hashtags for your content.

What is the maximum hashtag you can use in one Instagram post?

Instagram limits certain things to do on its platform, including hashtag usage.

It allows its users to use up to 30 hashtags on one post. If you include more than the limitation,

your content might not have a chance to appear in the suggested places.

Instagram will consider your post as spam and they neglect it.

Even if Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags doesn’t mean you should use that many.

There are no exact rules to using the number of hashtags on one Post.

One thing is for sure: the reach rate increases by 11% as the number of hashtags grows from 1 to 30.

Meaning, more hashtags = better results.

Some say 11 hashtags are fine to start.

But in a study, using 20 hashtags on your Posts get the highest reach.

While using 30 hashtags get your Posts the highest engagement.

Always remember:

a hashtag doesn’t automatically boost your post unless your content has good quality.

Why some Instagram Hashtags are banned? Is there a list?

Because the hashtags are spammed by bots or against Instagram’s community guidelines.

The banned hashtags are used to prevent users from seeing inappropriate or undesirable content.

The banned hashtag notice from Instagram on a hashtag page
No worries, #beautybloggers (with an “s”) works fine 😉

Instagram will not limit users to using the banned hashtags,

but if you use one of them, the Instagram algorithm might think you are a bot or spam so they neglect your content from promoting.

So, before using hashtags, you need to know the list of banned hashtags on Instagram.

Some of them are the ones you might be surprised about, such as #beautyblogger.

You have to add an “s” so it would be acceptable for Instagram (#beautybloggers).

Here are some of the Instagram-banned hashtags you should avoid:

  • #besties
  • #costumes
  • #dating
  • #elevator
  • #girlsonly
  • #hotweather
  • #italiano
  • #kickoff
  • #asiangirl (Don’t ask me why, I dunno)
An Instagram profile using one of the banned hashtags on their caption
We literally have no idea why it is banned…
  • #loseweight
  • #mustfollow
  • #newyearsday
  • #prettygirl
  • #rate
  • #selfharm
  • #tag4likes
  • #valentinesday
  • #youngmodel

Can I put my Hashtags in the Comment section?

Actually, you better put your hashtags in the Comments than your caption.

What do you feel when you read a caption with a bunch of hashtags?

Looks messy and spammy, right?

It looks confusing, but you still need hashtags to boost the reach of your posts.

So it’s better to hide the hashtags on your comments where people don’t see them.

An Instagram creator account putting hashtags in the comment section
Putting hashtags in the comment section is your go-to hack to create a cleaner caption post✨

This strategy is the best way not to look desperate while still promoting your posts.

But if you only use 3-5 hashtags, you can put them at the end of your captions.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter where you put your hashtags.

As long as your post has hashtags (not banned) in it, then Instagram will still promote your post.

5 Tips to Optimize your Instagram Hashtags in 2023

You already bag the top 5 hashtag generators on Instagram.

To use it properly, you also need to master these 5 tips to optimize the hashtags for better results.

Check these out.

Understand your target audience on Instagram

Always know your audience.

Try to figure out what kind of users you want to attract.

And most importantly, you must have the answer to this question:

“What does my audience expect from my content?”

That way, you will understand who you are targeting and deliver the best tone for your content.

Well, understanding your audience is the main principle to staying connected with your audience and growing your account.

So does the hashtag.

Create a hashtag that includes your audience’s interest so they are excited to engage with your posts.

Write well-crafted Instagram captions that blend with your hashtags

Hashtags are rigid phrases that you can’t elaborate and stretch.

Many people like to stuff hashtags at the end of your content, but it makes the content messy.

Instead of doing that, you can attach them among sentences in your captions.

And be creative when you use them.

Choose a hashtag that can blend with your captions perfectly.

Not only it’s attractive to see, but it also shows that

you can integrate the hashtag with your content smoothly.

Don’t spam hashtags on Instagram

If you use a hashtag generator, you will find a lot of hashtag suggestions.

Use them wisely and don’t overdo them.

Spamming your content with hashtags will not help your content reach the audience further,

Instagram will consider your content spam and your content will not visible on the suggestion page.

Remember that you don’t need to use many hashtags, right?

It will be more effective if you use quality and targeted hashtags rather than attaching useless hashtags.

Using a hashtag generator is a big help for this tip.

Create a branded Instagram hashtag and run campaigns with it

It’s never wrong to use your own hashtag.

Whether you are a content creator or run a business account, branded hashtag always works.

Especially when you have a loyal audience.

With the branded hashtag, you can run campaigns with it and invite more people to know about you.

You can create a branded hashtag to do challenges, giveaways, or basically any campaign you want to do.

For example, you are a fitness coach plus a content creator.

You have a signature move and you want people to enjoy the motion when they work out.

You can create a branded hashtag #WorkOutwithDanny to spread awareness about your moves.

When you succeed, not only you can strengthen your bond with your audience,
but you will also gain more recognition through your campaign with a branded hashtag.

Update your hashtags on Instagram

Don’t use one kind of hashtag over and over.

Hashtags grow over time, they can be more popular, or just vanish and become unused.

So, use the most updated hashtags to boost the newness of your content.

You can also use different hashtags based on your content type, Reels, Stories, etc.

That way, your content will not be packed into just one hashtag page,

rather it spreads to every page related to your niche.

Diversity makes your content reach a wider audience.

Is there any tool to find Instagram Hashtags for Free?

Of course.

T`he best Instagram hashtag generator tool suggestions here, Inflact

These two are best alternatives if you don’t have enough budget to subscribe to the premium plan.

Let’s dive in.

Inflact to find hashtags for free

Yes, Inflact has the option of a FREE tool.

I might say that Inflact is such an amazing tool with NO charges.

And you can use both its Hashtag Generator and Hashtag Trends for Instagram.

A tool's buttons to generate and find trending Instagram hashtags
With Inflact, you can manually type the hashtag, or roam around what hashtags are trending at the moment~

You can use their hashtag finder, hashtag trend, brief analytics, and smart selection.

All of those are for FREE.

Even if you need to pay for their further analytics, I think it’s more than enough to give your hashtag consideration.

Trust me, Inflact is the best FREE tool ever for an Instagram hashtag generator.

Try Hashtag Generator Tools from Instagram schedulers

Don’t get me wrong, these Instagram schedulers also have the best hashtag generator tools.

This is the best solution if you want to subscribe to the Instagram planner PLUS the hashtag generator.

For a more affordable option, let’s check them out.

Inflact to schedule your posts and find the best hashtags quickly

The first powerful scheduler with a hashtag generator for Instagram is Inflact.

It has built-in hashtag presets to ease your content scheduling.

So, whenever you schedule content, you don’t need to go back and do research for your hashtags.

Inflact is all-ready to give relevant hashtags suggestions for your scheduled posts.

Since its main offer is an Instagram scheduler, you need to subscribe to the scheduling pricing to use the hashtag presets.

Don’t worry, Inflact is very affordable.

If you doubt the price, you can try their FREE TRIAL.

You only need to pay a small amount of money to use both the Instagram scheduler and hashtag generator.

Continue to use hashtags on Instagram in 2023, Use the right generator tools to find them

It’s a long ride, isn’t it?

But I’m glad you made it to this final section.

So, that’s it, my top 6 best Instagram hashtag generator tools so far in 2023.

Are Instagram hashtags still relevant in 2023?

Yes, and you should know how to use it properly.

The Instagram hashtag helps push your already good content to the top.

So, you must create good quality content first and then use hashtags to boost it.

Will a hashtag generator help you find the best hashtags for your Instagram post?


In this list, I have shared the best ones for content creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and also enterprises.

This article just highlights the best parts of each IG hashtag tool.

I suggest you do more research about the tool before actually using it.

You need to make sure the features meet (and work for) your needs and your budget.

My best solution: use Free-Trial.

See if the tool sticks to the promises and how much the tool helps your content.

But if you ask me for the best IG hashtag generator tool possible for everyone, it’s always Inflact.

It’s very affordable for its robust features.

It has many options to generate hashtags, complete results, and strong analytics.

Inflact also lets you search based on the location and up to 5 key phrases.

Also, you can never forget the smart selection.

It’s the best thing when you run out of your creative battery 🙂

Note: Do you think something is missing and you want to complete the pieces? Contact us here and contribute your thoughts.

Are Instagram hashtags dead?

No, they still work for your posts. However, they work differently these days so you must understand how to use them correctly. The Instagram hashtags will push qualified content that performs well. Today, you must optimize your content first (Instagram SEO and engaging content) and have hashtags to push more reach to your content. So, hashtags still matter if you know how it supports your content.

How do you use Instagram hashtags correctly?

Always start with the hash symbol #. Only use letters, numbers, and emojis to form the hashtag. Don’t use spaces, symbols, and any other stopping marks (punctuation, dots, etc.). Keep your hashtag short and don’t use too many words. Use relevant and specific hashtags, do not exceed 30 hashtags. Choose the most updated hashtags, don’t use the same hashtags for every post.

Does it matter where I put my Hashtags on Instagram?

If you care about the aesthetic matter of your post, yes. Stuffing hashtags at the end of captions is unpleasant. You can link the hashtag between sentences on your captions so it looks neat and appealing. Also, you can ‘hide’ the hashtags in the comment section so people will not see them while you still promoting your content with hashtags. But, remember to comment on the hashtags quickly after posting. Instagram promotes content based on when it was posted. If you are late, your content may not be added to the suggested pages.

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