Growing Instagram Page is essential to generating leads, sales, and overall business benefits through the online channel. For brands and businesses, this ultimate guide will show you the most crucial strategies to accelerate your business account on Instagram in 2023.

It’s important to grow your Instagram page in 2023, especially for brands and businesses to gain more followers.

Drive sales, and increase leads and conversation rates when your page on Instagram performs well. 

With more growth on Instagram, your brand gains more credibility and stands out from the competition. 

Guide: How to grow your Instagram Following

An actively growing Instagram page is also highly favored by Instagram’s algorithm

With more followers, your brand gets more leads and sales.

Overall, when your Instagram page grows, your business also flourishes.

Remaining stagnant on Instagram isn’t only bad for your Instagram page, it’s also bad for your business.

Your business needs to stay relevant in this competitive market with thousands of competitors online.

If your brand is suffering a lack of improvement on Instagram, we’re here to help.

Here are ways & tips on how to grow Instagram business pages in 2023.

And gain more followers. Let’s go.


  1. Follow the tips to gain followers on your Instagram
  2. Know the reasons why your Instagram page is not growing
  3. Make use of Instagram Reels, Stories, Ads, and influencer marketing
  4. Grow your Instagram networks and collaborate with other business accounts
  5. Understand the posting strategy on Instagram
  6. Use Hashtags for your Instagram Post for Better Reach

How to gain more followers on Instagram?

Boosting your followers is one part of successful Instagram business growth.

The more followers you have, the chance of getting your promotions seen by more people is also higher.

Well, increasing followers is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some tactics.

Here are effective ways to get more followers on Instagram.

  • Leverage Reels, the most powerful feature on Instagram today to increase brand visibility.
  • Optimize your Captions. Encourage your followers to engage with your Reels, Stories, and Posts with a strong CTA caption.
  • Influencer Marketing, work with influencers to promote your brand and gain more targeted followers & conversions.
  • Instagram Ads, make use of Instagram Ads to boost promotions quickly and to a wider audience.
  • Use Hashtags. Put relevant hashtags in your Posts for a better reach on Instagram’s suggestion pages.
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Reasons why your Instagram business page is not growing

Do you feel like the number of likes on your Instagram business page is stuck?

That’s a sign of a stagnant business account.

There are several reasons why your Instagram business page isn’t growing

You’ll need to do an audit of your Instagram management strategy.

instagram reach

Find out what’s working and what’s not, what you need to improve on, or increase efforts on.

You can try and test out different ways to help improve your account performance – but that could be tedious and take a long time to get results.

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Here are common mistakes that cause slow advancement in followers on Instagram:

  • Not posting at the right frequency
  • Lack of effort in copywriting captions
  • Posts and interactions lack authenticity
  • Misusing hashtags 
  • Not interacting with other users on Instagram

Now, if you don’t have time, try and experiment with different methods to help your business grow on Instagram.

We bring you an in-depth, latest comprehensive guide on solutions for your Instagram business growth.

Instagram Reels: Why is it important to accelerate your business and how to use it in 2023

It’s 2023 and the IGTV is gone.

But video content is very important on Instagram.

No worries because Instagram has gone full-Reels for the upcoming years.

Now, Instagram Reels is the frontier to gain organic growth on the app.


Its algorithm allows your videos to be seen by more people in a wider audience.

In that sense, more people will know your brand and follow you to watch more content.

Using Reels is the epitome of high exposure and the biggest brand visibility booster.

Instagram Reels can help you gain new followers on your Instagram Business Account

Video content on Instagram performs better than regular posts. 

Reels have effectively appealed to the mass audience on Instagram.

It’s been reported that Instagram has seen an increase in average time spent on Instagram since Instagram Reels was launched.

grow followers using instagram reels

Instagram Reels are super trendy right now.

Influencers, public figures, brands, and businesses.

They’re all posting Instagram Reels.

Why? Views, Exposure, Page Growth.

Instagram Reels are a quick and easy way to gain more views, impressions, and followers on your brand’s Instagram page.

Post short, 15-second snippets showcasing behind-the-scenes content.

Or even doing product features.

Add on trending music, and your Reels are ready to bring a huge wave of new customers to your brand.

Not sure what to post on Reels? Here are some trending ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Influencer Takeovers
  • A day in the life of our brand
  • Packing parcels
  • How we make our products
  • Service reviews by loyal customers
  • Try-ons and tutorials

With Reels, your brand is ready to gain more impressions and discovery on Instagram.

Knowing how video content can go viral easily due to Instagram’s algorithm

You just need to create videos that have viral qualities.

Use trending music and effects, and take some inspiration from influencers.

In no time, your brand will be known more by your potential audience and you’ll enjoy higher sales thanks to the product features you post on Reels!

Instagram Stories: Why does it work for your business to gain followers?

Yes, Instagram stories do help you boost your followers.

Instagram stories can gain a lot of discovery simply by using the right stickers.

After designing your Instagram stories well

The final step before posting your story is using Instagram story stickers.

Instagram story stickers for Instagram growth: How does it work for your company?

Instagram story stickers improve your account’s performance.

Like, a lot.

Instagram story stickers options
Really are a lot of stickers to use, making your Stories more creative~

Simple stickers such as Polls, Sliders, Quizzes, and Questions

When users interact with these stickers by asking questions, participating in polls and quizzes

Your engagement rate and interactions will increase.

That in turn will boost your account performance.

The more interactions your account has, the better the performance and the more followers you’ll gain. 

Using Instagram Stories: why does it work to gain followers for your Instagram business?

Since Instagram stories bring higher visibility to your page, more non-followers will visit your page when they encounter your business’ Instagram stories through the location sticker or hashtag sticker.

Instagram stories can also appear on the explore page simply by adding a location sticker or hashtag sticker, so make sure you use it well.

When your Instagram Stories are well-planned and designed beautifully

Other users on Instagram and potential customers will have a good impression of your business.

Simply put, Instagram stories help you gain followers if they’re beautiful and well-planned.

Having a regular Instagram story posting schedule is important too.

It’s weird for users to follow a brand that isn’t consistent in posting on Stories and doesn’t display professionalism on Instagram Stories.

Therefore, Instagram Stories indeed play a big role in your brand’s discovery and exposure on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing: Use Influencers to grow your account followers on Instagram

Influencer marketing plays a big role in elevating your business on Instagram.

When a start-up or small business has gained social proof from customer reviews,

An influencer sponsorship is a cherry on top of gaining credibility for your business on Instagram.

Influencers are trusted by their loyal community base to provide sponsored content for brands and products that are genuinely tried and tested by the influencers themselves.

Therefore the testimonials and reviews made by influencers on brands’ products and services have a strong impact on their audiences’ views toward brands.

When an influencer provides an honest, detailed review including the benefits of a brand’s products or services, their audience would be highly persuaded to make a purchase with the brand in partnership.

Therefore an influencer’s audience will become your potential audience and customers who will drive your business sales higher.

Your brand will also appear more credible after being featured with an influencer.

Therefore, influencer marketing is extremely beneficial for a brand’s growth on Instagram.

Instagram Ads: Expand your followers through paid advertising 

Instagram Ads are a fast way to gain more followers – provided your business has the budget to run ads.

Just like how Google Ads work, Instagram Ads allow you to promote your business, products, or services through promoted or sponsored posts.

instagram feed post ads
Choose any kind of Ad: Stories, Reels, or even on Feed posts.

Your brand will be visible to a wider audience when ads are shown to them via feed posts or Instagram Stories.

Therefore, make sure to always design your ads to appeal to a wider audience and make it a point to use quality copywriting.

Other than paid ads, Influencer marketing is also another form of paid advertising on Instagram.

Instagram Networking to Gain Followers: Connect with Professionals and Elevate your business 

Networking on Instagram simply means following other professionals on Instagram and interacting with them to gain stronger connections.

Networking online through LinkedIn, and offline through events is commonly known.

But did you know that networking on Instagram exists, and is simple?

Simply follow other people in the same niche as your business and connect with them.

Instagram is a social media app, your brand should be social too.

Instagram Networking: Why does it work and how to do it?

When your business follows an influencer, public figure, or another business on Instagram, they may or might not follow you back.

This is when your brand starts interacting with their pages – Let them know that you’re friendly and genuine in building connections.

You need to know how to network properly on Instagram, especially when networking with professional accounts.

  1. Start by following their account and liking their recent posts.
  2. React to their Instagram stories and interact with the Instagram story stickers 
  3. Be friendly! Leave a like or comment on their posts.

Instagram Networking: Why you should do it to grow your Instagram business page?

When you gain connections and followers from networking with professionals and businesses on Instagram, it opens up doors for future collaborations and partnerships.

Networking helps to improve your brand’s social presence. 

Let’s say you’ve achieved connections with famous influencers and models. 

They’ll be the ones who could potentially promote your brand’s products and services in the future. 

It’s also easier to form partnerships for paid collaborations with an influencer that your brand has connections with. 

The more networking you do, the more your IG business account grows, and your brand will be more prominent socially. 

It’s especially important for startups who have yet to get their name out there in the industry. 

Now, once your brand has formed connections with the influential and powerful. 

Take one step further and do paid collaborations. 

Instagram Collabs: Work together with other brands to gain new followers

Collaborations on Instagram happen when a business or professional reaches out to another user on Instagram to work together and form a collaboration deal.

Simply put, if you want to work with another page on Instagram to gain more followers from each other’s audiences.

instagram brand collaborations

Either a shoutout of each other’s posts or a unique collaboration post.

Even host an Instagram live-together or do a Reels remix.

Whatever it is, the possibilities are endless.

As long as both parties come to a common agreement to do a shared collaboration

It’ll be successful in gaining interactions from both parties’ audiences.

How to start an Instagram collab?

Simply follow the page of the business you want to collaborate with.

Then, interact with their posts by commenting and liking their posts.

When you get a follow back, initiate a Direct Message with them.

Let them know that you want to start a collaboration with them 😉

If you’re nice and friendly, chances are they’ll be open to collaboration too!

Great collaborations with other brands can elevate your business page on Instagram

Through collaborations with other accounts on Instagram, your business page would generate more new visitors from the audience of the accounts you collaborate with.

Their audience will see your business for the first time when it is posted on the partner business’ feed.

That’s how your brand will gain more views and grow its social presence.

Posting Strategy: How to get the best posting schedule to gain followers for your enterprise 

Of course, a posting schedule is important. It ensures that your posting frequency is consistent, and consistency is key to performing better on Instagram.

With a regular and optimized posting strategy, your followers would be able to view and interact with your posts actively, helping to boost the performance of your posts.

So, the trick is to understand when your followers are the most active on Instagram.

Then, you schedule your posting strategy based on the timings in which your followers are the most active.

Best Posting Timings that Help You Gain Followers on Instagram 

The best posting timings, ultimately is when your followers are the most active.

If you are new to the market, try using the global best times to post on Instagram.

Here are the best times to gain the highest engagement for your Instagram posts.

global best time to post instagram

But if you have established your online presence, your account will generate some stats on Instagram analytics.

Use the data to determine your own personalized best Instagram posting time.

You can check your audience insights through Instagram:

Click on the “Insights” tab on your profile

Tap on Your Audience > Total Followers

You’ll be able to see their most active hours on Instagram, as well as what days they use Instagram the most.

How to Post on Instagram to Gain Followers?

The way you post on Instagram does actually affect your follower growth.

Understanding what types of posts are popular with your audience and what your audience likes to see from your page is important.

Catering your Instagram posts designs and content to your niche audience is important to keep them happy and loyal to your brand.

In turn, good-quality Instagram posts also attract new visitors to your page and gain more followers.

So, how do I create attractive Instagram posts?

Use online designing tools.

If you’re not proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, or Photoshop

Canva is always an option. They provide pre-designed Instagram templates which you can easily customize accordingly to your brand.

With a standardized, consistent post design and layout, your Instagram feed will look beautiful and well-organized.

Simple things like the aesthetics of your Instagram posts also leave an impression on your audience and can affect your follower count!

While organic growth is ideal, Instagram ads are also another option to grow your account fast.

Importance of using hashtags to accelerate Instagram business followers

Hashtags are a quick way to get your post discovered by the masses.

Instagram users from all around the world use the same hashtags and discover new posts through common hashtags.

It’s a huge opportunity for discovery. 

instagram hashtag post usage

With Instagram adding the function to follow hashtags, it becomes even easier to get more reach on your posts when adding hashtags to your posts.

Users follow their favorite hashtags – if they’re into sports, K-pop, Skincare, Makeup, etc.

They’ll be able to find new posts appearing on their feed from users that they’re not following, all because of a hashtag.

That’s an incredible way for posts to gain more reach and impressions from non-followers.

So, the more non-followers that come across your post from a hashtag – The more your account will gain new followers.

So, now that you know the importance of using hashtags to gain more reach and followers, here’s how to find the best hashtags for optimal results.

How to find hashtags that boost your followers on Instagram business? 

Using hashtags that are optimized and relevant to your niche is important.

There’s no point in using 30 hashtags in your post captions if those hashtags are completely random. 

It’s also blatantly obvious when a user is just adding hashtags to their post for the sake of getting more likes and followers.

To make your posts more authentic, make sure that the hashtags you use in your captions are optimized.

This means that they have to be relevant to the caption contents, and the theme of the post.

The maximum number of hashtags that can be used on a single post on Instagram is 30 hashtags.

A good practice would be to use at least 20 hashtags per post on Instagram.

Of course, the more hashtags, the merrier.

How to find hashtags that help your posts perform better?

Use social media tools to help you find relevant hashtags to use in your posts.

Or, you could simply type out various synonyms of each hashtag.

Keep adding related keywords to your hashtags.

The more specific your hashtag, the better it is for your post performance.

hashtags instagram growth 549x1024 1

Of course, you shouldn’t only use hashtags that are super specific.

It’s good to mix in a few general hashtags as well, to get more reach. 

Just strike a balance between specific and general hashtags, and your post will definitely do well.

How hashtags can help you gain followers to sell your products?

Let’s say your business is selling hand cream.

When you upload photos of your products, you add 20 hashtags such as 

  • #handcream #organichandcream #softhandcream #malehandcream #luxuryhandcream #frenchhandcream #lecrememain #cream #handcare #skincare 

…and more hashtags.

Users who are looking to buy new hand cream

Or just simply lovers of skincare products

They’ll chance upon your post just because of a hashtag.

And that’s how you gain more sales.

A potential customer looks for a new brand of hand cream -> Searches #handcream hashtag on Instagram -> Sees your brand’s post -> Makes a purchase 

It’s as easy as that.

Users actually discover new products that they’re looking for by looking through posts under hashtags.

It’s said that 72% of users on Instagram make their purchase decisions after seeing a product or service on Instagram.

Therefore using hashtags on your posts can increase sales, and followers effectively.

Now, moving on from hashtags.

Ready to grow your Instagram business page?

Now that you’ve known the entire formula to grow followers on Instagram for your business page.

It’s time to take action and actually develop your account.

Instagram business accounts are everywhere competing for the market.

By using the simple, yet effective methods above

Your brand will soon see an increase in followers, and page performance – likes, comments, reach, and impressions.

More sales, leads, and conversions will be generated too.

That’s why Instagram is the best for businesses.

As a social media community manager, I’ve tried and tested many ways and processes.

It takes effort indeed to optimize your brand’s Instagram page

But it’s highly rewarding in the end when you see the results coming in 😉

Last important thing, also put bio link on your Instagram page so you can boost your followers to convert.

And go deep to learn all about Instagram marketing in courses.

We hope this blog has been helpful for your business’ Instagram planning strategy 🙂

I wish you good luck with your Instagram business growth plan!

How do you get more reach on Instagram in 2023?

First, use Reels. It is proven for brands & businesses to reach a wider audience. Second, find your optimal best posting time so you can gather as many audiences as possible when you post Reels or go on Live. Third, go on Instagram Live and communicate with your audience. Fourth, use Instagram Ads to promote your products. Lastly, use hashtags. Hashtags are not dead and it still works to help boost your content to be visible to a lot more people.

What content performs best on Instagram in 2023?

Of course, it’s Reels. Other video content types like Stories with links and Livestream with guests are also the best kick for your Instagram marketing in 2023. Even though the hype is slowly vanishing, Carousel Posts are still performing well on Instagram.

How do I make my Instagram business look good?

Know why you are on Instagram (business objective). Then create the best business profile, starting by finding your visual aesthetics. Be consistent in your Instagram Posting, engage with the community and your audience, and establish content diversity. Align how you do your Instagram activity with your marketing goals and evaluate your results. Take notes of your audience insights and use them to enhance your Instagram presence.

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