Having your product endorsed by Thai female influencers is a great way to grow your brand in Thailand.


Because they have big audiences who will come across their posts all at the same time.

Influencer Marketing in Thailand should be great for your brand.

Best Female Influencers and Creators in Thailand

So, introducing your brand through their social media accounts is guaranteed to reach many social media users in Thailand.

In addition to this, the consumer behavior of Thai people is promising for influencer marketing in the country.

Research shows that Thai people use social media before purchasing a product and they love using e-commerce to shop online.

The combination of both will surely contribute to your brand’s growth should you work with a Siamese social media influencer.

So, here is the list of the most-followed, biggest Thai influencers in 2024 the female version,

Get to know each one of them.

Top 10 Female Influencers in Thailand in 2024

  1. Davikah – @davikah
  2. Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul – @baifernbah
  3. Supassara – @supassra_sp
  4. Violette Wautier – @violettewautier
  5. Jarunan Tavepanya – @dejarvu
  6. Pantipa A – @pantipa.a
  7. Amata Chittasenee – @pearypie
  8. Jam Ponybah – @jam_ponybah
  9. Sarika Sathsilpsupa – @fahsarika
  10. Ailyn Napamol – @mynameisailyn

Your brand awareness and sales will skyrocket and you will see why working with these Thai female content creators is the best decision you can make.

Let’s get to know them now, shall we?

Here are the top 10 female Thai influencers in 2024.

1. Davikah – Prominent Female Siamese Influencer

Davikah is well-known in the Thai entertainment industry since she was only 14.

The half-Thai and half-Belgian influencer is an established model, actress, and singer in the country.

So, many Thais know who she is.

Also being active on social media, Davikah showcases her superb fashion taste, hence gaining followers from the fashion community.

But even if you are not that into fashion, Davikah’s charm will make you want to follow her right away.

That being said, Davikah is clearly the influencer you need to get your brand recognized by Thais of all ages and backgrounds.

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2. Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul – Iconic Female Actress & Instagram Influencer in Thailand

Nicknamed Baifern, Pimchanok Leuvisadpaibul is an iconic actress and public figure in Thailand.

Her popularity rose after starring in the movie “A Little Thing Called Love” with Mario Maurer. The movie was a hit and it’s still being talked about in many articles now.

After getting widely recognized, she immediately got many movie & TV series deals. Baifern can also be seen appearing in many Thai advertisements and music videos.

Baifern is pretty active on social media, especially Instagram where she appears to leverage her influence and collaborate with many brands.

Big or small, brands must work with Baifern to get recognized by all the Thais of many generations.

3. Supassara – Fashionable Female Thai Mega-Influencer

Supassara Thanachart is a Thai female model, actress, & influencer, famous for her various roles in Thai series & films.

Supassara is also on social media where she connects with her fans, shares life updates, and shows off her photo shoots and OOTD.

I’m not good at math but you know how it is: a popular actress + social media = a huge following on her platform.

And Supassara is out here proving that the equation is legit. Fans always flood her posts with greetings and compliments about her looks.

Because of this, many brands have trusted her to endorse their products to reach many of her dedicated followers.

Follow them in leveraging Supassara’s presence and grow your brand in Thailand ASAP.

4. Violette Wautier – Multilingual Female Influencer in Thailand

Multilingual and multitalented, that’s what Violette Wautier is.

The Thai-Belgian influencer is good at singing, acting, playing piano, playing guitar, and also composing music.

Her talents have brought her to audition for The Voice Thailand, produce her own music, and act in many Thai dramas. 

Remember when I said that she is multilingual? Violette has no problems speaking fluently in Thai, English, and French.

She is all-around gorgeous, talented, and smart.

Violette is now among the well-known female artists & influencers on Instagram.

Many fans see her as their ultimate inspiration who always has something to offer to the world.

I encourage you to benefit from her presence now and have her introduce your brand to her loyal followers.

5. Jarunan Tavepanya – Female Siamese Supermodel & Influencer

Jarunan Tavepanya is a supermodel from Thailand who modeled her way up in her early 20s.

The combination of her talent and ideal model body allows her to become one of the most elite models in the country.

She even got many offers to model for brands from other countries.

As for now, Jarunan can also be seen traveling, attending events, and enjoying her life.

Which can be seen in her magazine cover-worthy Instagram pictures.

On her Instagram, Jarunan loves showing off her cool outfits, too. So, if you want to look as stylish as her, give her a follow ASAP.

As for brand owners, Jarunan is who you need to reach the fashion and modeling enthusiasts in Thailand.

6. Pantipa A – Thailand’s Female Model & Influencer

Pantipa started her career as a model, and now, she is one of the most prominent influencers in Thailand.

Apart from being a model, Pantipa is also a singer who released a debut single in 2020.

Now, Pantipa is a mother to a sweet little angel she named “Cyanblue”.

And she can be seen sharing many heartwarming moments of her little family.

Pantipa is also an inspiration to many when it comes to makeup, skincare, and OOTD.

Her style is amazing and she can always pull off any kind of look.

She should be your go-to influencer to reach the Siamese fashion & beauty community.

7. Amata Chittasenee – Loved Female Influencer in Thailand

Amata, better known as Pearypie on the internet, started her career as a make-up artist on YouTube.

But upon reading “natural beauty makeup artist in the past” on her Instagram bio, you can see that she no longer pursues it anymore.

You don’t have to worry, though, because Pearypie still has helpful tutorial videos on her channel.

And although it is sad that we can’t see more beauty content from her, she is still on social media sharing her newfound love for farming and gardening.

The way she talks about the plants she nurtured and harvested will tell you how passionate she is about what she’s doing right now.

Once in a while, Pearypie uploads fashion and outfit photos in case you miss some of her old content.

Whatever she’s up to, Pearypie’s dedicated fans will always support her, so working with her is highly recommended to reach many Thai social media users.

8. Jam Ponybah – Elegant Female Siamese Content Creator

Jam Ponybah became famous for her roles in many Thai movies and TV shows, such as Doot Tawan Dang Pupah.

On the YouTube channel “Piglet & Twins”, she shares lifestyle content, unboxing videos, and travel vlogs with her twin sister, Noey, and their younger sister, Piglet. 

Meanwhile, on Instagram, she posts modeling photos and travel memories.

Jam loooves traveling, so when you follow her, expect pictures of her posing at the beach, lake, or snowy park.

All while also showcasing her stylish outfits and swimwear.

Jam has many loyal followers who stick around for OOTD inspirations. Therefore, make sure to work with Jam now to reach Siamese fashion enthusiasts. 

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9. Sarika Sathsilpsupa – Talented Female Siamese Content Creator

Mostly going by Fah, Sarika Sathsilpsupa is a Thai actress and beauty blogger. 

Before becoming an actress, she established her career as a beauty YouTuber in 2011.

She makes use of the platform to give out makeup tutorials and fashion mix-and-match.

The content got very popular since everyone also wants to look as flawless and “stylish but effortless” as her.

Then, a few years later, Fah started pursuing acting and has starred in many Thai dramas ever since.

Which is good for her because her creativity and talent are meant to be recognized by the world.

Fah has many loyal fans, it’s true, so she must be on your top list of influencers to work with in Thailand.

10. Ailyn Napamol – Female Influencer & Travel Enthusiast from Thailand.

Last, we have Ailyn Napamol, a female lifestyle influencer who loves traveling and enjoying outdoor adventures.

In some posts, she looks feminine, wearing an elegant dress.

In other, she looks rather cool with her baggy pants and an oversized T-shirt.

And in many, you can see her wearing her favorite bikini pieces while enjoying the sunny beach.

Ailyn loves traveling and has visited many beautiful places both in Thailand and other countries.

She also loves outdoor activities and sea sports, such as paddleboarding and scuba diving.

Her carefree energy is unmatched and she’s here to remind you to have fun and live life to the fullest.

Want to target Thai traveling enthusiasts? Then consider working with Ailyn ASAP.

Ready to work with female Thai influencers and grow your brand in Thailand?

The influencers I mentioned are all influential.

Their posts are always anticipated and fans never forget to interact with their content.

Whether they upload a selfie, a small life update, or a big announcement, huge online traffic is to be expected.

They surely are the perfect gate to reach more people in Thailand.

One more thing:

Before you work with female Thai influencers, make sure they can help your brand meet its goals and reach the appropriate audience.


Do a little research by scrolling through their platforms and portfolio. Then, pay attention to their content and niche.

If they align with your brand image, then they are who you need to thrive in the Thai market.

Want to learn about male Thai influencers, too? I got you.

Check out our article on the “Top 10 Male Influencers in Thailand in 2024.

Not enough?

Here, let me attach one more discussing the “10 Best Thailand Influencers”, both male and female.

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