Influencer marketing in Thailand is projected to continue rising as more brands are leveraging the partnerships between brands & influencers. From brand insights, the most popular platform & Thai influencers, to successful campaigns by brands, here are the key insights into the state of influencer marketing in Thailand in 2023.

Are you looking for the best way to expand your business in Thailand?

Here is the thing: leverage Thai influencers and run the best campaigns with them.

Marketing experts said that the utilization of influencers will continue to increase in Thailand,

As influencer marketing has been successful to strengthen the relationship between Thai brands and consumers

And help them continue the product discovery process into the final buying decision.

Also, the Thai social media user base is huge.

Study of influencer marketing insights in Thailand

81% of Thai internet users are on social media spending 2 hours and 59 minutes or almost 3 hours online.

Moreover, 76% of them have been influenced to buy a product endorsed by an influencer.

For brands & businesses trying to make it in Thailand, what are you waiting for?

Here are the key statistics & insights of influencer marketing in Thailand in 2023

Perfect to run successful influencer campaigns in the lucrative market.

Let’s dive in.

TL;DR: 7 most important insights of influencer marketing in Thailand in 2023:

  1. Facebook is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand
  2. 53% of Thai consumers spend time engaging with influencers
  3. 76% of Thai digital buyers purchase a product or service by an influencer’s recommendation
  4. Food & Drink Brands in Thailand Spend The Most Influencer Campaign Budget
  5. Fashion & Beauty are the most popular niche for Siamese Influencers
  6. Micro-influencers are dominating Thai’s influencer marketing industry
  7. Nano-influencers are the influencer tier with the highest engagement rate in Thailand

What is influencer marketing in Thailand?

Influencer marketing in Thailand is social media marketing involving brand endorsements and product placements from Siamese influencers, content creators, or key opinion leaders (KOL).

The chosen figure, whether influencer or content creator, 

Will then promote the product or service from a brand on their social media posts as sponsored content.

Influencer marketing is predicted to continue growing in the Siamese land as more new influencers are surfacing,

Not only on the most popular social media platforms, Facebook & YouTube but also on the rising app, TikTok.

The short-form video platform is also gaining more attention among marketers to be their top channel to run influencer marketing.

This is still the beginning of the industry’s insights, you will find more important statistics as you scroll down the article.

Let’s go deeper.

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Where is Thailand? (if you don’t know)

Have you ever tried Sticky Mango Rice? Or “Dancing Shrimp”?

Those dishes are Thai traditional cuisine that is popular worldwide.

Or have you ride Tuk Tuk? That is also the classic transportation from Siam.

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia. It is squeezed by four countries,

Cambodia on the east, Laos on the northeast, Myanmar on the northwest, and Thailand on the south.

Buddhism, monks, and lots of sacred Temples are what make Siam popular.

It is one of the 13 countries in Asia that is still run by a monarchy.

Thailand is also famous for its beautiful sceneries, and well-known places like Phuket are familiar to tourists,

This country has an abundance of legendary adverts worldwide be it touching sad stories or comedy ads.

The state of influencer marketing in Thailand is slowly climbing to its top performance after the pandemic.

Read on to see the key insights of influencer marketing in Siam in 2023.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand

Surprisingly, the most-used social media in Thailand is Facebook, followed by LINE, and Facebook Messenger.

They are still from Meta products, but it’s somewhat strange not seeing Instagram in the top four.

Here are the top 4 popular social media in Thailand:

  • Facebook ranks first and is used by 93% of Thai social media users
  • LINE ranks second and is used by 92% of social media users in Thailand
  • Facebook ranks third and is used by 84% of Thai social media users
  • TikTok ranks fourth and is used by 79% of social media users in Thailand

Are we seeing the rise of TikTok in Thailand? Exactly.

The “shoppertainment” market, which makes the short-form video platform phenomenal in Siam,

Is forecasted to grow by $12.4 billion by 2025.

TikTok has even upped Instagram and becomes the fourth most-used social media platform in Thailand.

Here is the complete list of social media platforms used by Thai users.

The chart of the most-used social media platforms in Thailand in 2023
Meta is everywhere in Thailand. TikTok and Line in a good position.

The popularity of Facebook also overtakes Instagram as the most popular social media network for influencer marketing in Thailand, while YouTube places third.

Here are the top 3 favorite social media to run influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand.

  • Facebook ranks first and is preferred by 35% of Thai marketers to run influencer campaigns
  • Instagram comes second with 24% of marketers preferring it for influencer marketing
  • YouTube places third after 16% of marketers choose the platform to run their influencer campaigns

To see the full list, look at this pie chart of the top 5 social media platforms used for influencer campaigns in Siam.

The preferred social media platform to run influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand
Facebook (Meta) Still leading the game of influencers in Thailand

The statistics indicate that Facebook is an important platform for influencer marketing in Thailand,

In the future, TikTok might be the strongest Facebook rival in running influencer marketing.

Now seeing the most-used social media chart, TikTok is nearing a 5% gap with Facebook Messenger.

TikTok influencers are already crowding the app in Thailand.

While Facebook still remains the prominent channel for influencer marketing, brands in Siam can also be ready for the TikTok rush in the future.

53% of Thai consumers spend time engaging with influencers

More than half, or 53%  of Thai online buyers are interacting with influencers for some reason.

With the encounter, Thai influencers help online customers with their buying decisions,

From the discovery of products to the purchase step.

According to a study, even 63% of Thai consumers who spend time engaging with influencers

Often find a new product that can be to their knowledge.

The number of Thailand online shoppers who often discover new products when interacting with influencers
Influencers from Thailand can help more people recognize a new product.

Of the 63% of Thai digital consumers, 42% of them feel influenced by product endorsements.

The other 45% say they don’t feel influenced or influenced by the branded content.

Even so, Thai influencers still help increasing more brand awareness among those who don’t know the brand from the beginning.

Percentage of Thai online buyers who feel influenced by influencer’s product endorsements
40% more means the influence from Thailand it’s just strong

These statistics show a great opportunity for brands to leverage influencers and reach as many relevant consumers for the business.

As I said, even if the Thai consumer doesn’t feel influenced,

Brands can still gain benefits from influencer marketing by spreading more brand awareness to those who are unfamiliar with them.

So, for brands & businesses in Thailand, wait no more and jump on influencer marketing ASAP.

76% of Thai digital buyers purchase a product or service by an influencer’s recommendation

The consumer journey doesn’t end there.

76% of Thai online buyers have already purchased an endorsed product by an influencer.

The number is huge, and so does the influencer’s impact on Thai consumers’ buying decisions.

Percentage of Thai digital customers who have bought an endorsed product by an influencer
If a product is relevant, you have all your chances to sell in with Influencers in Thailand

However, Thai urban followers are more careful with sponsored products.

They will buy if the product is relevant to them,

If not then the consumer journey will end only on Consideration or even Discovery.

Food & Drink Brands in Thailand Spend The Most Influencer Campaign Budget

Now we’re moving to the brand’s section.

To see how huge the influencer marketing industry is,

We also need to know how much brands invest in influencer marketing campaigns.

The Internet economy in Southeast Asia is predicted to hit $1 trillion in 2030.

The potential is huge, and so does influencer marketing in Southeast Asia.

In Thailand, there are various brands putting their trust in influencer marketing,

But Food & Drink brands are the ones that spend the most budget for the campaign.

Here are the top 3 brands that invest the most in influencer marketing in Thailand:

  • Food & Drink brands rank first or takes up to 39%
  • Fashion & Beauty ranks second or takes up to 17.4%
  • Gadgets & Automotive ranks third or takes up to 10.6%

The list is in line with the most content niche produced by Thai influencers, that we’re going to discuss further later.

Let’s take a look at the chart containing every Thai brand that spends the most on influencer marketing.

Chart of type of Thai brands that spend the most on influencer marketing
Food & Drinks (F&B) and fashion and beauty brands are spending a lot on Influencers

Examples of Thai Brands with Excellent Influencer Campaign

Studying brands is incomplete without learning the successful campaigns they have executed.

These are examples of Thai brands with excellent influencer marketing campaigns in 2023.

Learn and get inspired 😉

Pomelo Fashion boost promotions with various influencers

Pomelo is one of the leading women fashion brands in Southeast Asia.

They reach out to 150 influencers to promote their 11.11 mega sale

Where the influencer shows a Pomelo 11.11 special bag alongside branded hashtags.

The campaign succeeded in boosting 80% of Pomelo’s traffic.

Mistine Thailand collaborates with KOLs in a video marketing campaign

Here is another comical ad from the country, very typical of Thailand.

Mistine is one of the prominent beauty brands in Siam,

And they feature various KOLs and influencers in their video marketing campaign & ad entitled “I’m Perfectly Me”.

The idea to deliver the brand message is successful as the video has been viewed by more than 5 million viewers in three months.

Grab Food Thailand works with influencers to increase sales

One of the most-loved food delivery services, Grab Thailand also joins others as having the most excellent influencer campaign.

Grab Thailand collaborates with leading KOLs & in Siam’s food industry & brand ambassadors

Such as Bella Ranee, Noey BNK48, Zee Pruk, and many more to run a campaign called Grab Eatnomenon.

The hosts also invite consumers to capture & post their fun moments during the event.

The winners will get special prizes from leading beauty influencers in Siam such as PiXiE, Yin-War, and more.

Prime Video Thailand collabs with influencers to promote their brand

This year, Prime Video is running a campaign to penetrate the streaming video industry in Southeast Asia,

Specifically in Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.

In Thailand, Prime Video collaborates with Thai actor & a top influencer, “Pae” Arak Amonsupasiri in a video commercial.

Pae is cast to make a local approach to Thai online customers.

LINE Thailand partners with influencers to increase promotions

When launching LINE IDOL in Thailand, LINE ran influencer campaigns with various creators to attract users using the new feature.

The influencers they work with can create diverse content, whether it’s through articles, photos, live sessions, videos, and more

LINE IDOL is a messenger chat where fans can communicate with influencers they adore.

LINE itself sees influencer marketing as a very effective tool with potential growth.

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Fashion & Beauty is the most popular influencer niche in Siam

The big market of Thai influencer marketing has a lot of niches. 

But Fashion & Beauty is the most prominent niche for Siamese influencers across social media platforms.

Here are the top 3 most popular influencer content in Thailand:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Food & Beverages

The top 3 content types are always in front, making it a common influencer niche.

Games & Gadgets now is in the top five in Siam, gaining position after Travel influencers.

Take a look at the full chart of the most popular influencer content in Thailand here.

Most popular types of influencer content or verticals in Thailand
Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment & Food are the most produced content in 🇹🇭

The three most popular content in Thai is the most common niches in the influencer marketing industry.

However, it’s a surprise that Music & Gaming comes last as the least popular influencer content in Siam,

Despite the video game industry in Siam being billions of dollars worth.

In markets like Indonesia, and Japan, Gaming & Gadgets are always in the top five.

On the other hand, the numbers conclude that Fashion & Beauty brands have more chances to leverage influencer marketing in Thailand.

Micro-influencers are dominating Thai’s influencer marketing industry

Now, we’re reaching the influencers section.

According to data, micro-influencers outnumber every influencer tier in Thailand in 2023.

Nano-influencers come second behind micro-influencers.

Here is the order of the number of Thai influencers by tier in 2023:

  • Micro-influencers rank first with over 12,000 influencers in the Thai industry
  • Nano-influencers rank second with over 6,000 influencers in the Thai industry
  • Mid-tier influencers rank third with over 2,600 influencers in the Thai industry

To know the exact number of influencers in Thailand, take a look at the graphic.

Number of influencers by tiers in Thailand in 2023
Between 10000 and 50000 followers for Influencers is the norm in 🇹🇭

Celebrity influencers with over 1 million followers become the least creators in Thailand with 528 users.

One thing we can say about influencers in Thailand:

The more followers the influencer has, the least rivals they have.

It also means that smaller influencers keep showing up.

This is a good thing for Thai brands as they need more small creators rather than big, expensive ones.

Nano-influencers are the influencer tier with the highest engagement rate in Thailand

Being dominant doesn’t mean micro-influencers are the best ones for brands.

The best influencer for brands is nano-influencers as they have the highest engagement rate ever.

Look at the graphic to see the comparison of engagement rates by influencer tiers in Thailand.

Average engagement rate of influencers in thailand
Smaller Influencers are better in Thailand

Thai nano-influencers are generating a 3.67% of engagement rate on average,

No wonder they are hunted by brands to run their influencer campaigns.

These are the average engagement rate of influencers by tiers in Thailand, from the highest to the smallest:

  • Nano-influencers generate a 3.67% of engagement rate on average
  • Micro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 3%
  • Mid-tier influencers have an average engagement rate of 2.79%
  • Celebrities generate only 2.67% of engagement rate
  • Macro-influencers generate only 2.6% of engagement rate
  • Mega-influencers generate a 2.4% of engagement rate on average

Why do I say nano-influencers are the best for brands?

Let me explain.

The engagement rate shows how many & how often people connect with influencers.

The more the audience interacts with the creator, the better the relationship is.

The engagement rate literally represents the trust & closeness of the audience toward the content creator.

The audience of nano-influencers is usually close relatives, family, & friends, that’s why they generate such a high engagement rate.

Brands can easily create a brand buzz from these small “circles”.

Collaborate with more than 1 nano-influencers and it will be the most successful influencer campaign ever.

The best Influencers in Thailand in 2023 you can work with

This report is incomplete if we don’t recommend to you what kind of influencers are best for your brand.

Read here to find out what’s the best influencer and how to contact them if you are interested.

After that, go to this guide to write the perfect influencer email outreach, there are templates too! 

Now, let’s look at the 10 best Thai influencers you can work with.

1. Sarika Sathsilpsupa – Talented Beauty Siamese Content Creator

Mostly going by Fah, Sarika Sathsilpsupa is a Thai actress & beauty blogger.

Started as a beauty YouTuber in 2011, Fah is now one of the top female influencers in Thailand.

Her YouTube content got very popular as her “stylish but effortless” is wanted by everyone.

2. Mean Suda – Thai Art & Lifestyle Content Creator

Mean Suda is very talented in arts.

She shares everything she loves, from drawing, cycling, doing eco prints, and many more.

She is the type of influencer who embraces art and manages her Instagram page aesthetically.

3. Keno – Insightful Male Siamese Tech Influencers

The TikTok account Keno is two guys from Thailand making videos about gadgets, mainly Apple devices.

They review the most viral phones in the country covering their camera quality and features.

They sure are the ultimate tech influencers in the country.

4. Mew – Siamese Healthy Food & Lifestyle Influencer

I have the best Thai healthy diet food influencer for you to push in some endorsements.

Mew loves sharing healthy recipes & diet alternatives for those who want to enjoy coffee or noodles

Mew is a must-list if you want to reach the wellness community in Thailand.

5. Pipa – Sustainable Fashion Influencer in Thailand

Looking for a beyond Thai fashion influencer?

Pipa is the answer. She loves fashion and highly supports a sustainable lifestyle.

She founded Pipatchara, a fashion store selling handbags, shoes made of 100% plastic trash, food containers, etc.

6. Joe Putra – Thai-based micro-influencer for Fashion

Joe Putra is one of the well-known Thai male influencers in the fashion industry

And he takes the chance to join the bandwagon of sharing men’s wearing fashion.

If your brand supports casual men’s wearing, Joe is the number #1 target you should reach out to.

7. MOSSSTER – Siamese Beauty Influencer and KOL

Mossster is your go-to Siamese beauty influencer with complete makeup tutorials and skincare videos on her channel.

Her content is about various makeup looks and how-tos.

From subtle to bold makeup, Mossster will show you how to achieve them.

8. Hutchiew – Thai Fitness & Wellness Influencer

If your brand is in the health & fitness industry, then you should pay attention to Hutchiew.

He has built a gym training center and shares lots of fitness content on Instagram.

Hutchiew is the type of influencer who encourages you to do better for your health.

9. Win – Thai-based Photography Influencer

Here is Win, a Bangkok-based photographer specializing in night view.

He sometimes also takes a shot of the dawn view from the skyscrapers.

Win’s wonderful shots make everyone in awe, flooding his posts with likes and compliments.

10. Pigkaploy – Thai-based Traveling Content Creator

Our last influencer on the list is Pigkaploy, a well-known travel influencer in Thailand.

She is your go-to list if you like a mountain, hiking, beaches, lakes, and the sea.

She loves nature and backpacking in natural landscapes or strolling in other cities.

How to start an influencer marketing campaign in Thailand?

You get the campaign inspiration & influencers in hand, but don’t know how to start?

No worries, we call this a complete guide for nothing.

Here are the best ways to start your influencer campaign in Siam.

Choose one of the top Thai influencer marketing platforms

Going back to back between your worksheet and Instagram is a big waste of time.

Imagine how long you will need to find the right influencers only from research on the Instagram app,

Looking at the influencer profiles one by one.

Instead of wasting your precious time looking for the best influencers,

You can use one of the best influencer marketing tools in Thailand to save time and it helps you manage your campaigns well.

Just set the filters with the influencer category you want,

And let the big database of the influencer tool displays the relevant users for you.

You can also use campaign analytics, bot followers detection, campaign & CRM management, and many more.

Having an influencer marketing tool is going to help the most out of your campaign in Thailand

Use the service of the best influencer marketing agency in Thailand

If you don’t have time to run the influencer campaign, give it to a trusted influencer marketing agency in Thailand.

It will save you time & energy.

Plus, you will be guaranteed real results from them without actually running the campaign.

Even if they charge you more than paying for an influencer tool, they’re still worth your money.


An agency is mostly filled with practitioners who have expert knowledge in the ever-changing marketing industry for years.

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They literally have the best experience and insights into the industry.

Plus, they have a dedicated creative team.

Just give the campaign brief and you will get the best results in hand.

What is the best influencer tool to find influencers in Thailand?

Our answer is Inflact.

We already tried and reviewed plenty of influencer marketing Tools & Software.

And Inflact proves its Free Features are the best ones to discover potential influencers in Thailand.

You will get 20% OFF if you want to use their professional tool using the promo code INSG20

As it said, it is totally FREE and is very easy to use.

Just type the preferred query, from keywords, and emails, to a set of filters,

Then you will be displayed with the most relevant KOLs & figures for your brand.

Plus, you can add them to your list (sign-up required) or download the search results easily to your device.

recherche influenceurs createurs gratuite

Inflact is also a complete marketing tool where you can schedule posts on Instagram,

Use its Free hashtag generators, and more.

You can also save the targeted profiles from the influencer search as your benchmark

To target followers from their audiences if you use Instagram automation.

My Take: Level up your influencer marketing strategies in Thailand by using the best 2023 insights & trends 

Penetrating a new industry, especially in a new country is not easy.

You need important insights about the market industry & consumer behavior in order to succeed.

Reading into these key statistics of influencer marketing in Thailand is the right step for you.

The Thai online buyers’ insights, the brands, the influencers, and the campaign ideas,

Will be your best fuel to run the most successful influencer campaign in Siam that bring you the goals you target.

The Thai influencer marketing industry is huge and is projected to grow more in the future.

The demand also comes from Thai digital consumers, they trust influencer recommendations more than anything else.

However, don’t forget to audit the influencer you want to work with.

Never fall for obvious scams, even a Thai mega-influencer can do it.

This is 2023 and if your brand is not on influencer marketing yet, you lost the competition even before competing.

Start leveraging influencers to wider market your product, spread more brand awareness, and increase your sales.

You have no idea how to start?

Use the best influencer marketing tool or hire an agency to help you with the influencer campaign.

And if you look for one, we are open to collaboration 🙂

Hundreds of clients have been handled by us collaborating with trusted influencers, no fake ones.

Try us and receive the best, real results from your influencer campaign in Thailand.

So, are you ready to rock the Thai influencer marketing industry with us?

Note: Do you want to get featured? Do you have additional data to add or a solution to help our readers? Just contact us here.

Answering Questions about Influencer Marketing in Thailand 👇🏼

What is the influencer culture in Thailand?

Thai People are very receptive to influencers because the idol culture here is heavily rooted. The idol culture is where people in Thailand are deeply attracted to entertainers to the point where they imitate their lifestyles. Looking at this culture, leveraging influencer marketing is definitely the best thing to penetrate and reach every Thai online consumer segment.

How much do Thai influencers get paid?

Mid-tier influencers with a range of followers 50k-100k followers in Thailand can earn 30.000-70.000 baht per sponsored post. While Thai celebrity influencers with over 1 million followers can at least make a million baht on a single post.

What brands benefit from influencer marketing in Thailand?

Depending on the goals brands want to achieve. But generally, influencer marketing can help you achieve any marketing goal, from brand awareness, sales increase, traffic boost, leads generation, and more. They are all achievable through influencer marketing, as long as brands run with the best influencers & excellent campaign ideas.

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