Here is the latest, up-to-date list of the top 10 influencers in Thailand in 2023,

Dedicated to brands and businesses that are looking for quality influencers to work within the country.

These Siamese influencers are the perfect getaway to reach Thai online consumers on social media.

Because Thai people spend almost 3 hours a day scrolling social media.

and also because the Influencer Marketing in Thailand is a huge Market.

Best influencers in Thailand on Instagram

Also, more than half (53%) of Thai online users spend more time interacting with social influencers.

With influencer marketing, your brand will gain more exposure and is introduced to a wider audience.

The step will also lead to getting highly potential customers and sales increase.

To embrace the importance, it’s time to check out which influencer on the list can drive the best results for your brand.

From beauty, lifestyle, and food, to photography,

every content creator is here with their own followers’ size and audience demographic.

Let’s get to know each one of them.

Top 10 Thai influencers in 2023 👇🏼

  1. Pigkaploy
  2. Mean Suda
  3. Archita Siri
  4. Win
  5. Mew
  6. Pipa
  7. Joe Putra
  8. I Heart to Eat
  9. Hutchiew
  10. Jorjoy

There are lots of influencers in Thailand.

To say the top list, we have curated the most important influencers in their niche with various tiers.

These are the best 10 Thai influencers who make it to the final selection of high-quality figures in 2023.

Even if they are not the most followed accounts on Instagram,

These Thai influencers have a very dedicated audience.

Now, let’s dive into the main topic:

the list of the top 10 Thai influencers on Instagram in 2023.

Pigkaploy – Thai-based Traveling Content Creator

The first influencer on the list is Pigkaploy, a well-known travel influencer in Thailand.

She is your go-to list if you like a mountain, hiking, beaches, lakes, and the sea.

She loves nature and backpacking in natural landscapes or strolling in other cities.

No wonder her Instagram page is full of her own portraits picking up carriers, wearing a shawl on her head, etc.

Pigkaploy also shares her cute moments wearing dresses on a normal day.

When you go further, she accepts many beauty brand sponsorships despite being a travel influencer.

With overflowing engagement on every post,

she is the best content creator to reach hikers who also care about their skin health.

Go add her to your list if you have enough budget as Pigkaploy has built trust to more than 600k followers on Instagram.

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Mean Suda – Thai Art & Lifestyle Content Creator

Mean Suda is always being herself on Instagram.

She shares everything she loves, from drawing, cycling, doing eco prints, and many more.

She is the type of influencer who embraces art and manages her Instagram page aesthetically.

With her artsy sense, even a product endorsement becomes something special.

Mean Suda is the best choice if your brand has built a pretentious persona and wants to work with people with the same vibe.

Archita Siri – Mega Beauty Influencer in Thailand

I believe beauty influencer is needed in every influencer list.

So, here, I give you Archita Siri, one of the biggest beauty & lifestyle influencers in Thailand.

She shares her daily life with friends, daily outfits, and a lot of brand sponsorships.

From beauty brands, softeners, snacks, to supplements, Archita is open to every health & skincare product.

As a mega influencer with over 1 million followers, Archita’s posts are full of likes and comments,

making her Instagram page worth it for a brand that wants to reach the Thai general audience.

Add her to your list and prepare for the budget.

Win – Thai-based Photography Influencer

Do you love seeing Thailand at night?

Then you should look out for Win, a Bangkok-based photographer specializing in night view.

He sometimes also takes a shot of the dawn view from the skyscrapers.

Win’s wonderful shots make everyone in awe, flooding his posts with likes and compliments.

For a brand that sells cameras or its equipment, Win is definitely your number #1 choice.


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Mew – Siamese Healthy Food & Lifestyle Influencer

Healthy food brands and businesses, gather up.

I have the best Thai healthy diet influencer for you to push in some endorsements.

It is Mew, the owner of @behealthybymew on Instagram.

Healthy food is not something new on Instagram and Mew has built her own influence.

On Instagram, she loves sharing healthy recipes & diet alternatives for those who want to enjoy coffee or noodles.

Mew is a must-list if you want to reach the wellness community in Thailand.

Pipa – Sustainable Fashion Influencer in Thailand

Looking for a beyond Thai fashion influencer?

Pipa is the answer. She loves fashion and highly supports a sustainable lifestyle.

She founded Pipatchara, a fashion store selling handbags, shoes made of 100% plastic trash, food containers, etc.

No, you won’t see cheap, poorly recycled plastic bags.

The bags all look fancy and expensive.

Just peep into her official website here if you are wondering what the bags look like.

Despite being busy taking care of her business, Pipa is also doing brand deals on her Instagram page.

If your brand resonates with her value for supporting sustainable fashion, Pipa is impossible to ignore.

Joe Putra – Thai-based brand Fashion owner & Influencer

As influencer marketing in Thailand keeps growing,

Joe Putra takes the chance to join the bandwagon sharing men’s wearing fashion.

He prefers wearing tees and other casual fashion elements on a daily basis.

He pours his love for tees into a business named Iosef, a store selling modern men’s tees.

Joe also loves showing off his shaped body, a result of his hard work months maintaining his weight.

If your brand supports casual men’s wearing, Joe is the number #1 target you should reach out to.

I Heart to Eat – Siamese Rising Cafe Hopper & Food Blogger

Thailand is one of the countries with the best cuisines.

So, food influencers are essential in the industry to promote restaurants, cafes, and other food stands.

I Heart to Eat is a Thai food influencer who is growing her Instagram account.

Despite still being ‘small’, she has already worked with many food brands.

In fact, nano-influencers actually have the highest engagement rates among other tiers.

It is a proven stat from studies discussing influencer marketing in Southeast Asia.

She has visited lots of restaurants and cafes around Thailand and is always sharing reviews.

Try working with I Heart to It and see how good nano-influencer gives benefit to your brand.

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Hutchiew – Thai Fitness & Wellness Influencer

Does your brand sell whey protein?

If yes then you should pay attention to Hutchiew.

He has built a gym training center and shares lots of fitness content on Instagram.

From sharing tips to lift a dumbbell, healthy diet recipes, and many more.

Hutchiew is the type of influencer who encourages you to do better for your health.

For brands, do add him to your list and reach the fitness enthusiast of Thailand.

Jorjoy – Gamer & Influencer from Siam

Jorjoy is a gaming content creator who is still building up her follower base.

Despite being small, Jorjoy has actually accepted some product endorsements on her Instagram.

She loves playing online games, cats, food, and her husband.

Her favorite game is Valorant as she often shares content about playing with the game.

Jorjoy is the type of versatile influencer as she posts a lot of content about games, cats, and foods.

If you want to reach the gaming community in Thailand but your brand sells crackers, Jorjoy is the perfect match to start.

Start working with these top Influencers on the list to grow your business in Thailand

All done to list the top Thai influencers in 2023.

How is it? Does this article help you find the right influencer for your brand?

Finding influencers is actually not that hard, you just need to know what your company needs.

By looking at the list, you are automatically selecting which ones resonate with your brand value,

Have good quality performance, and might bring the highest results possible for your business.

Take some notes that these influencers are highly influential in their niches.

Having engagement flood and dedicated follower base.

If you still don’t leverage the influencer marketing date, grab the chance ASAP.

Or be gone from the market.

What do you think about the list? Do you need other influencers with a different niche or tier?

Let us know in the comments section, what is the next influencer list you expect us to write.

Good luck on your influencer marketing journey 😉

Here are more Thail influencers to check out:

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