Brands and businesses should leverage beauty influencers’ online presence to grow in Thailand and here’s why.

Thailand’s beauty industry keeps blooming and will continue to grow in the future.

And looking at their consumer behavior, Thais prefer to purchase cosmetic products online, which they will initially learn first through beauty influencers’ channels.

On top of that, more than half of Thai online users spend more time interacting with content creators, beauty influencers included.

And if you want to know. Influencer marketing in Thailand is a big market.

Beauty Influencers in Thailand - The Complete list

Even the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were made by content creators, compared to that by beauty brands.

Consequently, many beauty and fashion companies have leveraged influencers as part of their marketing strategies.

And you should, too.

As a brand owner, you should never ignore the public’s interest in cosmetics and the significance of influencer marketing in the country.

Because Thai beauty influencers will positively contribute to your brand’s growth, sales, and awareness.

In this article, we will provide you with the best, most influential beauty figures in Thailand who will help you achieve all of the above.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers from Thailand in 2023

  1. Archita Siri – @architasiri
  2. Saira Mirror – @sairamirror
  3. MOSSSTER – @mossster_
  4. Praew – @ppraewq
  5. Lukmee – @lukmeerlw
  6. JaiLamer – @jai_lamer
  7. Pim – @widpimaw
  8. Nitha – @mildnitha
  9. Pear Pawara – @thisispear_
  10. Holidear – @holidearr

Here it is, the 10 best Thai beauty influencers in 2023.

1. Archita Siri – Famous Thai Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

The Siamese beauty content creator Archita Siri is well-known in the industry and has been a great help to Thai women wanting to learn more about makeup.

She shares many makeup tutorials, including glam makeup, waterproof makeup, makeup for beginners and students, and makeup on a budget.

She also does cosmetic reviews to show her followers what to buy and not to buy, the best female Thai creator indeed.

Aside from makeup, Archita shares various hairstyle inspirations.

Archita has been in the content-making industry since 2013.

And with the established online presence she has, it is unsurprising how many trusting fans she has and how many brands she has worked with.

If you plan on growing your brand in Thailand, then Archita is your one-way ticket to it!

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2. Saira Mirror – Hijabi Beauty Influencer in Thailand

Saira Mirror is known as one of the few hijabi beauty influencers in Thailand.

She gives out tutorials on how to achieve bold, girly, and princess-like makeup looks, as well as makeup for Islamic events, such as Eid ul-Fitr.

The beauty content creator is also a huge foodie and has a food section on her YouTube channel.

She occasionally documents her life as a mom of one and uploads it on the platform, too.

Even though some of her content is not makeup-related, her fans will crowd it just as much.

For Thai hijabis and makeup enthusiasts, Saira is their ultimate role model.

If her audience fits your desired brand reach, then Saira’s influence is not to ignore!

3. MOSSSTER – Siamese Beauty Influencer and KOL

Mossster is your go-to Siamese beauty influencer with complete makeup tutorials and skincare videos on her channel.

Her content is about various makeup looks and how-tos.

From subtle to bold makeup, Mossster will show you how to achieve them.

She also discusses her skincare routine and provides reviews for her followers. 

Which are always anticipated because fans are always curious about where she purchased all of her beauty products, including lenses and false lashes.

Her beauty suggestions are always considered by her fans and due to this,

Working with Mossster to grow your business in Thailand is highly suggested.

4. Praew – Thailand’s Fashion and Beauty Influencer

Not knowing what to wear? Don’t worry, Praew has you all covered.

Praew is a Thailand-based influencer whose content revolves around beauty and fashion.

She uploads outfit try-ons, clothes haul, and even accessories haul.

And if you are in need of beauty hacks, Praew is also here to help.

Because she also gives out skincare product recommendations and hacks, such as how to have clear skin and recover from dull skin.

It doesn’t end there, Praew shares makeup and hairstyle tutorials, too!

With her content being so helpful, we can only understand why she has a significant influence on Thailand’s beauty community.

Should you work with Praew, we can guarantee that increased brand recognition will come your way.

5. Lukmee – Siamese Makeup & Skincare Influencer

Lukmee is who you go to if you want to learn about makeup and skincare.

She features many looks on her channel, including dewy, everyday, simple, flawless, and Korean makeup looks.

She also discusses all things skincare and recommends beauty products.

The beauty influencer has worked with brands such as Sephora, Benefit, and Marvis.

And we encourage your brand to do the same to reach Thailand’s makeup enthusiasts in no time!

6. JaiLamer – Cute Thai Beauty Influencer

Next we have on the list is JaiLamer.

She is an expert in simple and subtle makeup looks.

The Siamese beauty content creator makes use of her YouTube channel to share how to achieve peachy, simple, clean, nude brown, and everyday makeup looks.

She also features her skincare routine and “Get Ready With Me” videos, complete with the OOTD, too

Just like many beauty influencers in the country, Jai does skincare and cosmetic product reviews.

And with her youthful look and flawless skin, many follow her advice because they want to look as flawless, too!

Connect with Jai now and get your brand recognized among Thailand’s skincare and makeup fans.

7. PIM – Insightful Beauty Influencer in Thailand

Pim is a Thai beauty influencer that has been giving beauty advice since 2015.

She shared her skin transformation story and how she glowed up.

With many wanting to follow her steps, she gives skincare and even skin supplement suggestions.

Pim also uploads makeup tutorials mainly covering simple makeup looks.

If you need perfume hacks and recommendations, Pim has them, too!

With the online traffic Pim has, you shouldn’t miss out on working with Pim to help your brand grow in the country!

8. Nitha – Thailand’s Rising Beauty Influencer

Nitha is a rising Thai beauty influencer who uploads makeup transformation videos.

From soft, sassy, glam, simple, peach, Korean, to everyday looks, Nitha has it all.

With her makeup videos being well-loved, she does the highly requested makeup product reviews as well.

Nitha also provides hairstyle tips and ideas, so her page is definitely perfect for those who want to elevate their looks.

Work with Nitha now and get a hold of Thai makeup lovers now!

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9. Pear Pawara – Dedicated Thai Skincare Influencer

Pear is another beauty influencer who is known for her skincare story on YouTube.

Now with her being living proof of a successful skin journey, many ask her for her skincare routine product recommendations.

She is seen as a reliable and trustworthy source of skincare insights and many of her fans rely on her advice.

Sometimes, Pear uploads makeup tutorials and tips, too.

You definitely have to work with Pear Pawara if you want to target Thailand’s skincare enthusiasts.

10. Holidear – Stylish Thai Fashion Influencer

For fashion enthusiasts, Holidear is who you need to get outfit inspiration and clothing item ideas,

Because holidear has them all, be it for casual, simple, or comfy style.

She is very stylish and can pull off any style!

Upon watching her, you will want everything in her closet.

Holidear also shares bag and even skincare product recommendations, as well as hairstyle and hair DIY ideas.

To work with Holidear is to get increased brand awareness in Thailand’s fashion community, no doubt.

Start working with these beauty influencers now and watch your brand thrive in Thailand.

So, did you find the perfect beauty influencer for your brand?

We hope you did because that means you only need to contact them and start your influencer campaign in Thailand.

Once you did, you can rest assured that your brand will benefit from its influence and flourish in the country.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try and see it for yourself after tracking your marketing results.

One more thing, don’t choose an influencer merely because they have a big following.

Instead, examine their niches, lifestyle, and portfolio to make sure that they are who your company truly needs.

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