Discovering the right hashtags for your Instagram content is important as it helps push your content higher on the Explore Page & gain more followers. The best thing to put relevant hash marks is through the help of an Instagram hashtag generator. Here is the guide on how to find Instagram hashtags for your IG content using Inflact as the best generator in 2023.

Are you tired of manually guessing the right hashtags for your Instagram Feed posts & Reels?

Say goodbye to the tiring hash mark selection with your own hands.

And let’s welcome the revolutionary tool to ease & optimize your IG hash sign strategy:

The Instagram hashtag generator.

It is the best way to produce hash marks automatically

But still give you relevant suggestions.

Do you need the trending hashtags on Instagram?

No worries, the tool is ready to share the hottest, most popular, happening hashtags on the visual app.

So, this is a tutorial to find relevant hashtags for your IG content in 2023.

Gain more followers and rank higher on Instagram search results.

Let’s go.

TL;DR: 4 steps to find Instagram hashtags to gain more followers:

  • Choose the best hashtag generator for Instagram and open the website
  • Insert a keyword, photo, or URL link to the Instagram generator to show hashtags suggestion
  • Pick a set of relevant hash marks for your Instagram content
  • Bonus: use the IG hashtag generator’s smart selection to have auto-suggestion

How to find the best hashtags for your IG content?

Searching hashtags is easy, but finding the best ones is not.

Especially if you still don’t know the banned hashtags on Instagram.

These are the best ways to find Instagram hashtags with a tool:

Let’s try using an Instagram hashtag generator to see how helpful it is for your hash sign selection.

This time I use Inflact, the robust Instagram hashtag generator tool,

Complete with analytics, and smart hashtag selection.

Now let’s go through the steps.

Choose the best hashtag generator for Instagram and open the website

The key to finding relevant hashtags recommendation is through a generator tool.

This time I pick Inflact.

Not for a reason, it provides the most relevant hashtags for you,

Thanks to its powerful AI-based hashtag searcher.

The best thing ever: it’s FREE to use.

You can search by keywords, photos, even post URL.

The AI auto-generated searcher by an IG hashtag generator
Search using anything conveniently with Inflact~

Insert a keyword, photo, or URL link to the Instagram generator to show hashtags suggestion

Now find a box to insert your query.

Choose between a keyword, photo, or post URL.

Good news if you want to use a keyword: you can put up to 5 key phrases.

Put the query inside the box and let the searcher generates the hashtag results.

Or you can try copying the hashtags suggestion under the “Topics” menu.

The search button from an IG hashtag generator for hashtag suggestions
Click the “Topics” menu for ready hashtag suggestions

Pick a set of relevant hash marks for your Instagram content

After inserting a query and clicking the “Generate” button,

You will get a whole range of hashtags related to the topic like this.

The search results from the keyword “beauty skincare” on an IG hashtag generator
The “Frequent” hashtags are the generic ones, don’t insert too many.

Inflact gives you 2 types of hashtags recommendations: Similar & Related Organic Hashtags.

Similar means the hashtags contain similar keywords,

While Related Organic Hashtags means the hashtags are advised by Instagram and often used together in a post.

Now you have all the complete suggestions.

Select the ones you think describe the best of your post.

Inflact pro tip: use 1-4 “Frequent”, 10-15 “Average”, and 5-10 “Rare” hashtags.

Inflact itself guarantees the highest reach if you use the strategy.

Also, check each hashtag’s statistics by clicking the “Hashtag Analysis”.

The analytics button to check a hash mark statistic on an IG hashtag generator
Don’t just randomly put hashtags, see also the details.

Do you also need trending hashtags on IG to add?

Don’t panic. Inflact understands its customers the most.

Go to the “Hashtag Generator” menu on top of the screen and switch to “Hashtag Trends”.

See today’s most popular hashtags, from the past 7 days, last month, and even all time.

The IG hashtag generator’s popular hashtags suggestion
Use some and expect a 3x post reach 🙂

Bonus: use the IG hashtag generator’s smart selection to have auto-suggestion

If you noticed and wondered about the green button on the bottom right on the results image previously,

I must give you applause for your curiosity.

It is a special feature called Smart Selection from Inflact

Where you can get an auto-selection of hashtags related to your keyword.

Try this out and filter the hash signs you think are not representative enough.

Trust me, your post will shine on the Explore Page 🙂

The smart selection to auto-select relevant hashtags by an IG hashtag generator
Copy & modify the hashtags for the best result~

What is an Instagram Hashtag Generator?

Reaching this section after the guide

And you’re still unsure of what the heck a hashtag generator for Instagram is?

Here to release your uncertainty.

An Instagram Hashtag Generator is an online tool to auto-generate relevant and popular hashtags for your IG content using Artificial Intelligence.

You just need to insert a keyword and the software will automatically display hashtags related to the topic.

But is it necessary to use one?

Read further to know why a hashtag generator is helpful for you.

Why should you use a hashtag tool for Instagram?

Using a tool will always be helpful, especially for your 2023’s Instagram hashtag strategy.

Especially when the job is tiring and consumes a lot of time, including hashtag search.

Imagine collecting over 20 hashtags from manual research on the visual app.

That’s why Instagram generators are here to help your hashtag search more efficiently.

It speeds up the process and saves you time.

Plus, you can get help to gather relevant & popular hashtags at a time.

An Instagram hashtag generator basically helps businesses join the conversation

And increase their content reach to maximum performance.

Besides, the tools are totally FREE.

You can’t just miss a free platform to help your content get a significant reach, right?

Just remember to avoid banned Instagram hashtags, and you’re free to go.

What is the best hash sign generator for Instagram so far?

Inflact, indeed.

Just type any search query to your liking, and Inflact will generate results based on it.

From keywords to photos, and URLs,

This tool will recommend you the most relevant hashtags for your IG content.
Also, Inflact has hashtag analytics to help users examine how well the hashtag is pushing your content reach.

The statistics of a hashtag on an IG generator tool
78 is quite difficult, better use a lower rate for the generic hashtags.

The best thing about Inflact:

It is totally FREE and very easy to use.

Imagine those quality features with zero charges?

If you need more references, check out these best hashtag generator tools to try.

On Inflact, you can also download other content from Instagram, totally for Free:

And all of them are very simple.

Type any keywords or username/profile URL and Inflact will automatically load them for you.

Our final recommendation on the best hashtag generator for your Instagram content in 2023

Finding the right hashtags can be time-consuming if you do it manually.

While you might have lots of content to schedule.

It’s definitely a waste of time when you actually can use it for other important matters.

This is where an Instagram hashtag generator becomes important.

It helps you save time and search hashtags effectively.

The next thing you might struggle with is choosing which services offer the best price & quality.

I have tried several free tools, and I can say Inflact exceeds others.

The forever-FREE service is accompanied by good-quality results,

You ask for trending & popular hashtags? It’s all there.

Relevant hashtags are also displayed in a whole range of options.

It is also very easy to use and the user interface is intuitive.

The last thing, you can’t miss the Smart Selection feature. A visionary invention.

Once you get the hashtags, use them effectively for your social media campaign.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have another free hashtag generator to try?

Comment down below

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

More Questions about Finding Instagram Hashtags?

Can you still search hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, of course. Find the search bar on Instagram and type the keywords to find photos and videos, hashtags, accounts, audio, tags, and places. If the top results don’t satisfy you, just tap the “See all results” blue button at the bottom to see the complete accounts, tags, places, and more.

Do Instagram hashtags still work in 2023?

Absolutely, hashtags still have an important role in your content. Hashtags are both content classifiers and reach boosters. The right hashtag usage can bring you to the top results of the keyword typed in. On the other hand, poor hashtag strategy might affect your reach, especially if the hashtags used are banned from Instagram.

Why are Instagram hashtags not working in 2023?

You might unconsciously use banned hashtags. If you use these banned hashtags in your content, Instagram won’t display your post on your followers’ feeds even if they follow you and promote it on the Explore Page. It might also affect your overall reach & account growth. The only way to see the post is by going through your IG profile and seeing the post directly.

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