The Health & Fitness market in South Korea is projected to grow by 10.83% (2022-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$32.69m in 2027.

To expand in South Korea, brands should start working with female fitness influencers in the country, and here’s why.

In recent years, more women in Korea are beginning to take a liking to fitness as healthy lifestyles and gym life have become more approachable, thanks to fitness influencers.

Fitness influencers are people who share their fitness plans and goals on social media to promote a healthy lifestyle with their followers.

Top 10 Female Korean Fitness Influencers in 2024 👇🏼

Influencer marketing in Korea is an opportunity not to be wasted.

From beauty influencers, and travel content creators, to photographers.

Here are the best ones regarding fitness & health.

  1. Yoon Jin Sam  –  @pilates_yj
  2. Lee Eun-Hyung – @hopisophie
  3. Lee Jin Seo – @the_realfit_jjin
  4. Kyung-Ah – @laget_om_ka
  5. Jeong Ji Hye – @_jihye_jeong
  6. Jeong Seon Hee – @1mgruvi
  7. Kim Byul – @altongstar
  8. Kim Ari  – @kim___ar_
  9. Jihye – @jihye_wbffpro
  10. “Yema” Jeong Gayoung  – @yema_yoga

Consequently, Korean women started following female fitness influencers to achieve their fitness goals.

They are seen as a shortcut to having an actual fitness coach.

Influencer Marketing in Korea is a booming industry.

Since many people relate to their struggle and weight-loss journey, fitness content creators usually have loyal followers who look up to them.

These followers stick around for content, tips, and motivation they freely get on a daily basis.

List of Fitness Influencers in South Korea

For brands, working with female Korean fitness influencers means having an access to followers who listen to what these influencers say.In this article, we are breaking down the Top 10 Female Korean Fitness Influencers in 2024.

Their fitness niche ranges from pilates, yoga, and bodybuilding, to body wellness.

For each fitness influencer profile, we provide a short description so you can decide which is more suitable for your brand.

Without further ado, let’s meet our top influencers on the list.

Here are the 10 best female fitness influencers in Korea in 2024.

1. Yoon Jin Sam – Female Korean Pilates Fitness Influencer

Yoon Jin Sam is a fitness influencer specializing in Pilates.

This Korean fitness influencer also shares her weight loss journey along with her diet.

She has her followers’ hearts by saying they don’t have to be on a strict diet to lose weight.

She emphasizes that her followers can still enjoy delicious meals and that they should not be so hard on themselves.

Yoon Jin Sam’s social media is full of her just enjoying life – traveling, going to the gym, surfing, running, preparing healthy meals, and even learning how to drive.

No matter what she posts, her followers are always ready to show their love by liking and commenting on them.

Given the traffic of her social media posts, brands should definitely consider working with her.

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2. Lee Eun Hyung – Korea’s Female Fitness Influencer Who Does Pilates With A View

Lee Eun Hyung is another influencer who does pilates.

However, this Korean fitness influencer sometimes gives a refreshing twist to it.

Combining her love for pilates and traveling, she would do pilates at places she is visiting, like Central Park in New York and at the beach.

She loves traveling and doing outdoor activities.

Lee Eun Hyung also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to her Pilates videos.

With her audiences being from across different social media platforms, we recommend business owners work with her.

3. Lee Jin Seo – Female Korean Bodybuilder and Fitness Influencer

For Lee Jin Seo, bodybuilding is her life.

Her arms and abs are so toned and well-curved that she wins a few contests because of it.

This female fitness influencer from Korea is also an inspiration for her followers to lift their buttocks by working out.

On her Instagram, Lee Jin Seo always writes friendly captions for her followers like they are her friends and she’s updating them about what’s going on in her life.

Because of this, a lot of people react to her posts.

With the social media engagement she gets, brands are guaranteed improved sales when working with her.

4. Kyung-Ah – The Versatile Female Korean Fitness Influencer

Kyung-Ah is a versatile female Korean fitness influencer.

She lifts weights, runs, pulls, and does arm and leg workouts.

But her account mainly revolves around weightlifting.

Kyung-Ah mostly posts Instagram reels of her exercising at the gym.

It’s like the gym is her second home.

Her dedication and consistency in posting fitness journeys gain her tens of thousands of followers.

Brand owners, grow your sales through her influence!

5. Jeong Ji Hye – Korea’s Strong Female Fitness Influencer

Jeong Ji Hye posts her workout routine on her gym-themed Instagram account.

She also shares her fitness knowledge in her captions.

Sometimes, she even breaks down what would happen to our bodies and organs when we do a certain workout.

This female Korean fitness influencer is loved by her followers because she always reminds them to stay motivated and keep challenging themselves.

She is also open about her fitness struggles and despite her toned body and knowledge, she always says that she is still learning.

And her fans love her for that.

If you are a business owner wanting to reach the fitness community in this Asian Tiger country, working with Jeong Ji Hye will help you meet your goal. 

6. Jeong Seon Hee – Korea’s Well-Built Female Fitness Influencer

Jeong Seon Hee is a bodybuilder slash female fitness influencer from Korea.

She often joins various bodybuilder competitions, such as NABBA.

Also being a model, she spends much time in the studio for photoshoots.

This bodybuilder is currently dating a male Korean fitness influencer.

And sometimes she shares sweet pictures of her and her partner working out together or having a date night.

Add Jeong Seon Hee to your list should you want to reach the female fitness and bodybuilding community in South Korea.

7. Kim Byul – South Korea’s Yoga Instructor Slash Female Fitness Influencer

Kim Byul is a yoga instructor based in South Korea.

She is also a model and posts the results of her photoshoots on her Instagram.

You can find lots of photography influencers in Korea since being flawless on camera is a must thing to do.

The female Korean fitness influencer uploads dance covers, too. 

Kim Byul has a lot of active followers.

Whenever she posts something, her followers always flood the comment sections.

Collaborate with Kim Byul to target many fitness and yoga fans in Korea.

8. Kim Ari – The Adventurous Female Korean Fitness Influencer

Kim Ari is a female Korean fitness influencer who loves to travel.

Apart from her gym mirror selfies, she mainly posts herself being a tourist in other countries.

She also enjoys outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, speed boating, and going to the beach.

She is quite an adventurous person.

Kim Ari is the perfect fit for brands that want to target Korean fitness and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

9. Jihye – Female South Korean Fitness Model and Influencer

Jihye is a fitness influencer and professional sports model with a big number of followers on Instagram.

She is also a trainer and sometimes shares professional fitness advice with her followers. 

On her Instagram, you will find photos of her working out at the gym, joining bikini contests, and modeling.

Jihye has collaborated with several fitness brands before.

She can be a suitable pick for other brands wanting to make sponsorship.

10. “Yema” Jeong Gayoung – Korea’s Passionate Female Yoga and Fitness Influencer

At the end of the list, we have Jeong Gayoung or Yema.

This female Korean fitness influencer is a mother finding the comfort of doing yoga at home.

Her Instagram account is full of reels of her doing yoga.

Sometimes, her daughter would join in and curiously imitate her poses.

Compliments like “cute” and “pretty” crowd her comment sections whenever the toddler is in the frame.

Yema consistently posts her yoga content and even has her own yoga website.

With her influence and passion, brands shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to work with her.

Collaborate with the Female Korean Fitness Influencers on the List and Grow Your Business!

The list we have provided for you contains influential female fitness influencers from South Korea.

In Korea Influencer Promotion is considered one of the most effective channels for brands.

Even though they work in the same industry, they have their unique characteristics and personalities.

Their specialties also vary from one another.

The thing is: every Korean influencer on the list is the best fitness & health figure to follow.

From here, brands only need to pick the influencer who best suits their niche, goals, and even budgets.

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