Influencer cost 101: How much money does an influencer make in 2023? We’re here to explain it to you.

From the common influencer rates and costs to how much they charge and really earn

There are a lot of finances that influencers have to calculate when working with brands.

We’ll explain the common influencer pricing for influencers worldwide, according to their size

Influencers charge various rates depending on how many followers they have

Prices, rates and costs of Influencers

It’s a good guide for brands to make sure they’re paying the influencers the right amount of money

Make sure the influencers aren’t overcharging for their services

With this guide, you’ll know how much to spend on influencers and develop an influencer marketing budget

It’s a misconception that influencer marketing is expensive

Actually, all brands no matter how big or small can do influencer marketing

Influencer Rates: How much do influencers make per post in 2023?

You might be wondering,

How much money does a mere 5000-follower Instagram account make?

This is the average price range of a single post on an Instagram influencer page.

  • 2,000 to 10,000 Instagram followers: $75 to $250 per post influencer income
  • 10,000 to 50,000 Instagram followers: $250 to $500 per post influencer income
  • 50,000 to 100,000 Instagram followers: $500 to $1,000 per post influencer income
  • 100,000 to 500,000 Instagram followers: $1,000 to $3,000 per post influencer income
  • 500,000+ Instagram followers: $3,000+ per post

The cost varies depending on what tier the influencers are in.

The more followers they have, the higher the price sets.

Here is another rate card from influencers in tiers on Instagram.

Influencer TierFollower RangeRate per Post in USD
Nano-influencer1k – 10k75-250
Micro-influencer10k – 50k 250-500
Mid-tier50k – 500k500-3,000
Macro-influencer500k – 1 million5,000-10,000
Mega-influencer1 million and above10,000 per post
The average range of influencer-sponsored posts in 2021 | Source: Brandhero

Looking at these prices, you might question it

Why should your business invest money to pay influencers?

You might be hesitant to set aside a budget for influencer marketing

We’ll explain why influencer marketing is worth it and how it works

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Why should my business work with influencers in 2023?

Influencer marketing is extremely advantageous in 2023.

It’s mainly to target a younger demographic – an audience that’s on social media

If you’re looking to expand your brand’s audience to millennials and youths on social media – be it Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube

Influencer marketing is the best way to promote your products, services, or your brand quickly

With influencer marketing, you’ll be able to achieve your marketing goals quickly

What are the Benefits of working with influencers?

Influencers bring many benefits to your business.

For new businesses that don’t have any exposure or audience

Influencers will be the first big boost to your brand’s exposure

While traditional marketing like press releases and news coverage gives your brand a step into the market

Influencers will help your brand grow from 1k followers to 5k.

Sounds like a small number? That’s because you can’t totally depend on influencer marketing for your account growth.

Influencer marketing should never be your sole strategy – you’ll need a solid Instagram content strategy, to begin with.

1. Influencer marketing helps you gain more followers

Influencers are, truly influencers.

Whatever they post on their Instagram, their followers are influenced by them to make a purchase as well.

That’s because these influencers have high engagement rates and a loyal fanbase.

So when an influencer with 20k followers posts a selfie with your brand’s products or simply promotes your service

Their followers will notice your brand, and will likely follow your brand’s Instagram page

That is if they’re convinced and successfully appealed by your Instagram page.

It’s easy to say that their followers will slowly become your followers. (not all though!)

2. Influencer marketing increases sales for your Brand

How does your brand get more sales through influencer marketing?

When an influencer posts a positive review of your product or service.

Influencers have a loyal follower base who are easily convinced by reviews made by influencers

That’s because these influencers are highly trustworthy and engaged with their loyal community

3. Influencer marketing can accelerate your Brand growth on Social Media

When more users on Instagram follow your brand and buy your brand products or services simply due to the influencer post

You’ll see a rise in followers on Instagram

More followers on Instagram = more sales = business growth

Soon, when your page on Instagram becomes established and familiar with your audience

It’s when your brand has truly grown successfully.

What are all the types of influencers?

Now, there are many types of influencers.

Mainly the influencer size – Influencers charge differently depending on their number of followers.

Here are the influencer categories:


Nano influencers have the smallest following: 1k to 10k

These influencers may have the smallest number of followers, however, they have a high engagement rate.

That’s because their community is highly loyal to them- they’re made up of personal acquaintances, friends, and family.

These nano influencers also have the most authentic followers – they don’t buy fake followers and their audience is real.


Micro-influencers are influencers with 10k to 50k followers.

These influencers are more prominent socially compared to nano influencers

However, they’re not as famous as your top celebrities.

Mid-tier influencers

Mid-tier influencers have 50k followers to 500k followers

This wide range indeed is growing rapidly and has an established audience.

Macro influencers

Macro influencers have 500k followers to 1 million followers

These influencers are hugely known across all social media platforms

They’re also influential in society and have been featured in the media as well.

Mega influencers

Mega influencers are celebrity-level influencers with over a million followers on Instagram.

Some of these influencers were already famous in real life and then brought their fame on Instagram

While others were lucky and got famous on social media, before then being known to the general public.

Influencer niche

There are also different types of influencers catering to various niches.

Here are the common types of influencer niches for various industries:

  • Fitness influencer
  • Food influencer
  • Lifestyle influencer
  • Beauty influencer
  • Fashion influencer

It’s known that beauty influencers are the most expensive to work with.

As there’s a higher saturation of beauty brands, influencers have to raise their pricing to choose the brand that gives them the best pricing.

But other niches may have higher influencer rates.

For example, food sponsorships which require professional photography and videography to produce a thorough review of the food, restaurant

The more effort put into producing the sponsored content, the more expensive it is.

Where are all these Influencers? All the Marketing channels

Influencers aren’t just on Instagram.

Influencers have various social media channels, each with its own audience.

Commonly used are Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter

If you’re wondering, which platform should I use to hire influencers?

Mid$500-5k $25-125 $1k-10k$100-1k$1.2k-12.5k
Macro$5k-10k $1.2k-2.5k $10k-20k$1k-2k$12.5k-25k
Mega $10k+$2.5k+$20k+$2k+$25k+
Influencer cost and rates per post across different social media channels | Source: Influencer marketing Hub

5 Factors that Affect Influencer Cost & Rates

Influencer rates vary accordingly due to various factors. Here are some things you should take note of when dedicating your influencer budget:

Specialty affects how much you should pay an influencer

Some influencers specialize in a certain niche

They have a talent that is not common and is hard to find – which is how they became influencers in the first place.

Examples would be artists or product creators.

Content that isn’t easy to produce will definitely be more expensive 🙂

Influencer’s origin & location defines the cost market

Influencers from different countries have different prices 🙂

It’s because some countries have more influencers, so the saturated market makes the prices lower

Or on the other hand, influencers from countries with a stronger economy may charge more

Typically in Europe, influencer marketing is more expensive!

Content Format impacts a rate card of an influencer

Some influencers specialized in producing video content only, through Reels or TikTok.

Video-only influencers are more expensive than regular influencers

It’s because it takes more time to create a script and film a video content

So the more resources needed to create the sponsored content, the more expensive the sponsorship will be.

The influencer cost might be more expensive for Cross-channel campaigns

Especially for influencers who are on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok simultaneously

You might want to host a campaign with this influencer across all their social media platforms

But this makes it more expensive, of course

The more channels you work on, the more budget and effort it takes to produce the content

It’s also more efficient to work with one influencer on different platforms, rather than many influencers for one platform each.

That way, you’ll be able to promote your products on different social media platforms with the same influencer

Rather than look for different influencers per platform.

It also helps you to build long-term partnerships with influencers.

Long-term partnership with an Influencer helps you get a good cost deal

When an influencer is loyal to a brand, long-term partnerships can be formed

This can cause the influencer to provide discounted rates, especially if you’ve worked with them for a while 🙂

It’s not only cheaper for your brand, but it also saves the hassle of constantly looking for new influencers for campaigns

Now you’re finally wondering, how much influencers actually earn:

Influencer cost: How much do Influencers earn around the world?

Influencers aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of campaign.

Just like regular marketing campaigns

Influencers around the world charge different prices

It’s in relation to their audience size, and their currency as well

Here are the different influencer prices according to country:

Influencer cost: How much do Influencers make in the USA?

How much do influencers cost in the US 3 1024x1024 1
Instagram sponsored post influencer cost | Source:

The USA has an abundance of influencers due to its large population.

It’s even more competitive this way, as it’s harder for influencers to stand out from the competition and succeed as an influencer.

Therefore smaller influencer tiers like nano and micro-influencers may charge more affordable rates to remain competitive.

Since brands are always aiming for the biggest influencers

Smaller influencers would benefit from having a lower price – brands would be in favor of working with smaller influencers as they won’t break the budget.

And it’s ideal for brands as they spend less as compared to working with an expensive celebrity.

Case study – Influencer cost with different tiers and incomes

InfluencerUsernameFollowersAverage Cost/Post
Kylie Jenner@kyliejenner251M$5M
Amy Jackson@fashion_jackson760k$15k
Hannah Leigh@hannnah.leigh.c89k$2k
Rosie Graham@rosiegraham_14.7k$147
Amanda Devon@amandadevon6.4k$107

It’s an obvious fact that the more followers an influencer has, the more expensive their rates are hence the more income they earn from a single influencer campaign.

Even though nano-influencers like Amanda Devon have a smaller following, they have more sponsored posts frequently uploaded.

This then makes up for the price while helping her to gain more credibility as an influencer 🙂

How much do Influencers make in France?

influencer price france 1024x1024 1
Common influencer cost for Instagram sponsored posts in France | Source: Mediakix

In France, influencer costs are definitely steeper.

That’s because most influencers in France are already fashion models and public figures.

It’s different from most other countries where influencers can be anybody random.

Not to mention, everything in Europe is more expensive 🙂

Here are some of the French influencers and how much their average prices are for an Instagram campaign:

Jeanne Damas – 1.4 million followers, $29k per post

Jeanne Damas is a French model, actress, and entrepreneur

With an excellent engagement rate and audience growth, her average likes are 34k and 87k video views.

Possible influencer campaign: Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion sectors

As a famous celebrity, Jeanne Damas is highly in demand amongst brands in France.

Angelina Maggie – 20k Followers, $170 per post

Angelina Maggie is a French fashion model and influencer

With an engagement rate of 2.5% and above-average audience quality

Possible influencer campaign: Fashion, beauty sectors

Angelina Maggie is a great example of how influencers in France are mostly models and public figures.

Even though her following isn’t as big as the famous celebrities

She’s well sought after and does an average amount of sponsored posts 🙂

Influencer marketing in France is also established that’s why French influencers are pretty expensive,

But they’re high-quality pages with authentic followers and high engagement rates.

Since French influencers are high in demand, the influencer cost tends to be more expensive.

These quality influencers make rewarding campaigns for brands who work with them 🙂

Here’s the average cost of influencer campaigns in Singapore

Influencer cost – How much do Influencers make in Singapore?

Estimated price of a sponsored post with a influencer in Singapore
Price and average influencer cost per post | Source: Seedly

Influencer marketing in Singapore is different because Singapore has a small yet dense population.

Singapore has a high saturation of nano-influencers.

Micro-influencers aren’t as saturated, it’s always the same few influencers being picked

However, due to the high number of nano-influencers, the influencer cost and rates are more competitive

Small blogshops and Instagram-based local businesses tend to work on sponsorships with nano influencers

Even though these nano influencers don’t have much following

They’re effective in conversion as they’re more personally connected with their followers

Therefore it’s fair to say that nano influencers are pretty popular among smaller businesses

It’s due to their lower influencer cost and higher conversion rates.

The micro-influencers and higher-tiered influencers tend to work with the big and major brands in Singapore.

Their price is more expensive and it’s more competitive.

Here’s an example of Singaporean influencers and their sponsored post prices:

NameUsernameFollowersCost Per Post
Jian Hao Tan@thejianhaotan633k$12.7k
Christabelle Chua@bellywellyjelly260k$14k
Rachel Lim@ms_rach115k$4.8k
Shina Tan@shinamissstothea38.5k$250

The influencer cost really depends on the niche of the influencer

For influencers that are strong on YouTube, such as Jian Hao Tan, their source of income mainly comes from YouTube

Therefore it’s good to check out the various social media channels that the influencers are on and choose the platform with the best value

With a large variety of influencers in Singapore

Different niches such as food, photography, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle

It’s not difficult to score an influencer campaign

And a high saturation of nano-influencers with low sponsorship prices and influencer costs makes it even more appealing and easy to maintain your campaign budget 🙂

Influencer cost in Indonesia – Rates, prices, How much do influencers make?

The estimated price and cost of Instagram influencers in Indonesia
Influencer cost and prices in Indonesia | Source: Sindonews

Indonesia is also highly saturated with influencers but has a wider variety of influencers from different tiers.

Influencer marketing in Indonesia is a big & promising market, of course, there are various influencers with dedicated follower bases.

Here’s a list showcasing the diversity of influencers in Indonesia and the average influencer cost per post:

InfluencerUsernameFollowersAverage Price/Post
Titan Tyra@titantyra665k$13.3k
Molita Lin@molita_lin307k$15.2k
Faradila @faradilarasyiqa10.1k$124

Indonesian influencers are highly saturated in the fashion and beauty sectors.

It’s been said that these sectors have the highest influencer cost.

But since there are many micro-influencers and nano influencers

You’ll be able to score an influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia with a low budget.

Not all influencer costs are expensive, you just have to look carefully 🙂

Real examples of 3 influencers and how much money they actually make

We’ll show some influencers who have revealed how much they really charge per sponsored post 🙂

From micro-influencers to mid-tier and even mega influencers

These influencers shared their base prices per post on Instagram!

Tyler Chanel – 12,000 Followers, $500-850 per Instagram-sponsored post

Chanel is a part-time micro influencer based in the USA.

She’s a content creator on YouTube and Instagram

Her niche: Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty

She has 12k Instagram followers and 10k Youtube Subscribers

Her usual rates for Instagram sponsorships as of 2021 are:

Feed photos: $500-650

IG Stories: $100-250

Reels: $750-850

As you can tell, the charges really depend on the type of content the influencer will need to create 🙂

Amber Broder – 2.9k followers, $50-250 per post

As a nano influencer, Amber Broder is a full-time student and part-time influencer

A content creator on Instagram, TikTok, and a blog

She’s a skincare influencer who actively posts reviews on skincare products

Her sponsored posts on Instagram are priced as such:

Feed post: $100-120

Reels: $50-75

Reels: $200-250

It’s definitely a much lower price working with nano influencers

Just like other influencers, her prices are dependent on the type of content

Reels would be the most expensive since they’re hype videos and take more effort to produce 🙂

Using affiliate links such as discount checkout codes also helps her earn a passive income

Gifting, aka receiving free gifts from brands is also a great way to start and grow your Instagram page as a nano influencer 🙂

Macy Mariano – 170k followers, $1200 to 2000 USD per sponsored post

Macy Mariano is a travel and style influencer with 102k followers on Instagram

As a mega influencer, she works with major companies such as Four Season Hotels and Resorts, Lululemon, and more.

Her rates per post are adjusted based on the brand and advertising type

Here are the base rates that she charges for sponsored Instagram content:

Feed posts: $1.2k

Videos: $1.8k

Monthly partnership (1 post each on Instagram and blog): 2k

IG Stories: $300

She’s a trustworthy and credible influencer who has worked with many big brands.

She has a professional media kit ready to send to brands upon contact

It’s great that influencers are well-organized especially when they’re working with many brands 🙂

How many followers do you need to earn 100k a year?

For newbies who want to start earning on Instagram or planning to grow your Instagram account

We’ll explain how long it takes to start earning 100k a year.

It’s possible 🙂

PlatformMin. FollowersPosts/YearEarning
Instagram5k followers308 sponsored posts/year$100k/Year
TikTok10k subs 270 million views/year $100k/Year
YouTube1k subs24 million views/ year$100k/Year

Of course, this influencer cost isn’t fixed, as an influencer, you can adjust it however you want to price your sponsored posts.

It’s a good idea to schedule your sponsorship campaigns

Especially as an influencer who’s working with many brands at once

If it gets too difficult, there are influencer management agencies

They’ll help you manage your sponsorship deals

From contacting clients and companies and arranging sponsorships

It’s easier to handle if your schedule is busy 🙂

Influencers, always remember that consistency is key to building your Instagram influencer account

It’s possible to earn 100k a year if you work hard and consistently in producing content 🙂

Are influencer marketing campaigns worth it?

Of course 😉

As you’ve seen above the various examples of influencer costs for sponsored posts

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be expensive

Even with a small budget, small companies and startups can afford an influencer marketing campaign

There are just so many benefits of working with influencers

If you’re determined to expand your customer base to a younger audience

Grow your business online and stay relevant and updated in the digital world

Influencer marketing is definitely worth setting aside a budget for 😊

Influencer Marketing in the Covid-19 Pandemic – Is it worth it?

One might think that due to the pandemic, influencers aren’t in demand anymore

Well, that’s wrong indeed

Influencer marketing has gone up ever since 2019

It’s because brands no longer operate physical stores

The popularity of online shopping is increasing due to the convenience

Everyone’s spending more time online shopping and using Instagram

The majority of consumers’ shopping decisions are made based on what they see on Instagram

Instagram is important to convince buyers to purchase a product or service

And that’s exactly where brands will need influencers

Because who else has the power to convince and influence consumers? Influencers.

It’s not surprising that influencer marketing is of high importance in 2021

With more people wanting to try becoming an influencer

There’s a rise in nano influencers during the pandemic as well 🙂 Good news for brands who have a lower budget!

Our Take: Spend some money on influencers to have accelerated growth for your Instagram page

Now that you know how much influencers are worth paying for

You must be wondering, how to find influencers to start an influencer marketing campaign.

If you’re convinced that you want to start looking for influencers for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign

But you’re not sure of where to start and how to find these influencers

Here are common methods of finding influencers:

Influencer Management Agencies: There are many influencer management agencies with Instagram pages showcasing the influencers under their management

To find these, simply search via Google or hit the Instagram search button and enter related keywords like “influencer” “agency” or “influence”

Or you could simply contact us, our Instagram marketing services will help you build your Instagram influencer campaign 😉

Find an influencer for your brand on Instagram

Where else is easier to find influencers than on Instagram?

Simply search for common brands – it could be fashion, food, or skincare

Then check their tagged posts – Influencers would tag brands in their sponsored posts

Otherwise, you could simply search up hashtags and find the top posts

Influencers’ posts are always the top-performing ones.

It’s easy to find influencers just by searching for brands on Instagram.

It’s because many brands on Instagram are already working with influencers 😉

Use an Influencer marketing tool to find more influencers

There are influencer discovery tools available

You’ll be able to find the influencer you need simply by filtering influencers based on your needs.

An example of an influencer discovery tool would be Inflact

With Inflact you can search for your ideal influencer by entering the keyword of your influencer niche, the number of followers, and the location.

Then, the influencer marketing tool will recommend influencers based on the information you input as well as provide stats on the influencers you need.

Using influencer marketing tools, you could find the average engagement rate, audience quality, and average cost per sponsored post.

These influencer marketing tools are indeed useful to help you find the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

How to choose the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign in 2023

Now that you’ve found your list of influencers

You’ll have to carefully pick the influencers that you’ll be working with

There are various considerations when choosing an influencer:

Consider the Engagement rate before picking an influencer for your brand

When using influencer marketing tools, you’ll be able to receive a detailed report on the influencer’s engagement rate

Influencers’ engagement rate is important to know

It reflects how loyal their follower base is

The higher the engagement rate, the better

That means that there are more users who will give your business page more interactions once the influencer post is uploaded

If an influencer has a low engagement rate, your brand wouldn’t benefit from increased followers and engagement as much.

Check the Conversion rate of the influencer before working with them

Influencer conversion rate is pretty crucial, especially for influencer sponsorships like these.

What’s more important than gaining more leads is the actual conversion itself right?

So while influencers do bring more leads through increased followers and customers

The influencers you work with must be able to bring sales as well.

Influencers with a strong influence over their followers’ spending power are indeed the best ones you should work with.

Look at the Page quality before working with the influencer

Through influencer reports generated by influencer marketing databases such as Inflact

You’ll be able to see the influencer score based on the quality of their Instagram page

With this, you can tell whether or not the influencer indeed has authentic influence

And which influencers bought fake followers and bots.

You should engage influencers with high-page quality

Examine the influencer’s Account activity before creating a campaign with them

This is basically dependent on how active the influencer is.

Influencers who are highly active on Instagram

Posting regularly on both Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels

These active influencers would have better content performance.

This means that the sponsored post done with the influencer is likely to perform better

Which would give your business page the maximum reach, views, and interaction possible!

Now that you’ve learned all about influencer cost and how to find the right influencer

According to your budget and other considerations

We hope you’ll be able to find the best influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

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