Influencer outreach is an important piece of content to craft if you want to invite creators for a partnership. One way to write an email outreach that gets a reply is by using an influencer collaboration message template that is later personalized. These are the best influencer email outreach examples & ideas for brands and the best practices.

Do you need the inspiration to help you with your email outreach?

You are in the right place.

Here are the best influencer outreach templates & examples so far in 2024

To help you write a perfect message for the creators you’re targeting.

Example of an email template to reach out an Influencer
It’s just an email template. Use AI tools or your keyboard to write it better 😉

Knowing how to message influencers properly to promote your product is very important.

You can’t just send unprepared messages with unclear expectations & offerings.

Especially when you skip the subject lines… promise me to never do this.

The key to perfect email outreach to influencers is setting clear objectives 

And mastering the tips to make the targeted creator intrigued to open the message.

Struggling to make one?

Read on to find the best collaboration message samples for your targeted Instagram influencers.

6 Best Influencer Emails Outreach Templates 👇🏼

This section contains the best examples of influencer outreach in various topics,

From inviting brand ambassadorships to asking for a collaboration for a giveaway project.

These templates are applicable both on Emails and DMs.

Just shorten the message and be straightforward if you want to go on Instagram DM.

Here are the best email outreach examples in 2024.

Instagram Influencer email outreach templates

Influencer outreach template for General Brand Collaboration

If you come across an influencer that suits your brand image and you immediately envision a collaboration,

This template will be a good help.

Open your notes, copy this text & modify it to your liking.

It only takes 5 minutes to write & personalize the message. Don’t lose them and grab the chance.

Take a closer look at the sample.

Hey [insert influencer name],

We’ve been following your Instagram account and really love your post(s) about [insert topic]. [Insert personalized compliment about their content].

My name is [insert name here] and I’m the [position] at [insert brand name]. We [insert summary sentence of your product/service and unique selling proposition].

Since [insert what the influencer is passionate about or how their content aligns with your brand], I wanted to see if you’d be open to doing a collaboration together. We’d love for you to test our [insert product] and share your thoughts.

Let me know if you are interested and I will send more details!


[insert your name]

Influencer outreach sample for Affiliate or Brand Ambassador invitation

Here are templates you can use if you need an affiliate or brand ambassador for your brand.

  1. Brand ambassador as the brand’s representative

Hey Lauren,

My name is Kristen and I’m with Flex.

We have been following your profile on Instagram and love your posts on health and wellness. I wanted to personally invite you to join our ambassador program!

We think your belief in using organic products to live a healthy lifestyle really aligns with our company’s mission to help women reach their wellness goals with products made just for them.

As a brand ambassador, you’d partner with us for social media campaigns and content featuring our protein powders. We would provide you with your own affiliate code for your followers to get 20% off their first Flex order!

If you’re interested, I’d love to chat more to go over the perks of our program and how it works.



  1. Brand ambassador invitation for new product

Hey, [influencer name]. Loved your last video on the [insert subject] 😊 We wanted to ask whether our new product could help inspire some more content?

We’re keen to collaborate and help you to develop your own ideas in your authentic style.

We would also like to invite you to our affiliate program, there’s a great rate of commission, so please let us know if interested, and we’ll share details, we’d love to have you on board.

It’s almost always a good idea to swap ‘affiliate’ for ‘brand ambassador’ when referring to the influencer.

For all intents and purposes, the campaign will be the same thing, but becoming an ambassador is a much more attractive proposal.

Influencers who become brand ambassadors of yours may even display their affiliate links on their social media bios and profiles.



Influencer outreach template for Paid Sponsorship

Do you want to feature an influencer in your Instagram & TikTok Ads? To make it more convincing?

Try this template and adjust it to your needs.

Real example of an email sent by a Brand to convince them to work with them

Hi [influencer name],

We’ve been watching your channel for a while, and we’re super impressed [influencer content] which we thought was [your genuine reaction after watching it].

We’ve got a product that’s gaining recognition for being a great alternative and were wondering if you’d like to feature it as part of a paid sponsorship deal?

Let me know if you’d like to explore this opportunity.



Influencer outreach example for Free/Sample Product Tester

Launching a new product is tricky if you are still new to the business

And need to build trust with your targeted audience.

Reach out to influencers! The ones that have dedicated followers & align with yours.

Then use this message example as a starter.

Hi [influencer name],

You’re building an amazing community – I’m so impressed with how you’re approaching your Instagram account. I also have a product I think you’d be interested in.

We’d love to get your thoughts and for you to potentially share your opinion with your followers. Could we send one to you to get your feedback?



Influencer outreach template for Giveaway or Challenge collaboration

Inviting an influencer to uplift your giveaway or challenge project will be very awesome.

Their influence will magnify the buzz easily. You get more brand awareness in return.

Here is the template you can use.

Hi [influencer name],

Great to see your audience growing! Your latest posts about [reference influencer work] has been passed around by our team.

For the launch of [your product] we wanted to engage with the community and partner with an influencer who really knows their stuff.

We’d love it if you would consider hosting a giveaway for [your product] on your profile, as we think our brand is a match made in heaven for your audience.

All we ask for is your honest assessment of the [your product]. In return, we’ll cover the costs of the competition to engage your audience.

We’re big fans of your content and look forward to working together!

What exactly motivates Influencers to work with a brand?
Most influencers still prefer brands that are relevant to their audience.

Message idea for Influencer Event invitation

Do you want to arrange an event where you invite every influencer working with your brand?

Like an Avenger ensemble but make it an influencer version?

We also have the template, no worries 😉. Here is an example.

Hi [influencer name],

Are you free [insert date and time]? We’re hosting an exclusive preview event of our [insert product] and would love it if you would consider attending.

Of course, you’ll get to try [insert product] on the house and there’ll be plenty of photos ops.

We’re really looking to create a big buzz on social media for the launch so knew that we had to invite you!

Please let me know if you can make it and the name of your +1.



Best Subject Lines Examples for Influencer Outreach

Do you know what’s the crucial part of writing a message to an influencer?

The subject line.

The limited-character snippet determines your email open rate.

Fun fact: 1/3 of recipients open the email based on the subject tagline.

Whether your message is opened or not, the subject line is the first thing you can rely on.

Here are the best examples for your subject email outreach.

  • [Name], we love what we’ve seen on Instagram! 👀
  • [Name] — Want to be a [Brand Name] VIP?💎 
  • We want you to be [Brand Name]’s featured creator! ✨
  • Loved your latest Instagram post, [Name]! ❤️
  • [Name] x [Brand Name] collab? 🤝
  • Your followers will love this product, [Name]!
  • [Name], interested in being our future ambassador?
  • [Name], you would be the best influencer for our brand!

What is influencer outreach?

The term might not be familiar,

But influencer outreach is where you approach and message an influencer or creator for a collaboration or partnership.

A brand ambassador collaboration message through DM Instagram
Make sure to highlight your offers clearly in the message.

Basically, it’s like writing an email to an influencer you think will be good as your brand representative.

Not limited to emails, you can also message your targeted creator through their Instagram DM or other messenger apps.

Of course, the type of message will be different.

Collaboration messages on DM will be much shorter and more straightforward.

While an influencer outreach through emails will have more space to explain the deal & project.

But, which one is better? Sending a message to influencers through emails or IG DMs?

Let’s find out.

Should I send the influencer collaboration message through Instagram DMs or Emails?

There is no solid answer to this as it all depends on the influencer.

First off, see the influencer’s preference in terms of being contacted.

Do they put their email addresses on their bio?

If yes, then you can consider sending a message to their emails.

An example of an influencer collaboration message through emails
You can write a longer message as long as it’s still straight to the point.

If not, then they might prefer straightforward message offers on Direct Messages to a whole email.

An Example of influencer outreach through DM Instagram
Always be straightforward when messaging influencers on DM.

They might also be more comfortable using online messenger as their communication funnel.

These are considerations of whether to send the influencer a message through emails or DMs.

  • Consider the influencer’s activity on Instagram, a DM outreach is better for a super-active influencer or if you are mutual on the visual app. An influencer with their email address on their bio and a few updates for a week might be suitable for the email message.
  • Think of the message length, a shorter and more direct message will be best on DM while longer & more comprehensive outreach is better through emails, plus you can attach media more conveniently.
  • Think of your “bait” strategy, you might need a captivating subject line for the message to be noticed if you send through emails, while on Instagram you can tease them by commenting or featuring their accounts in your post.

How long should the influencer outreach message be?

Keep your message short & straightforward.

Even if you do it in emails, keep it straight to the point.

You are asking for (also persuading) a partnership, not making a whole presentation.

According to research, the best length that gets the highest response is an email of up to 100 words.

Here is the ideal email length if you can’t estimate it.

There is also a high possibility that the receiver will read the message through their phones.

You don’t want to read stuffy sentences for just a partnership, right?

If you find the template too long, just remove the parts where it’s not necessary.

Write a message that delivers your intentions in 100-150 words only.

Tips to send a message to an influencer that gets a reply

Don’t be focused on writing the perfect message.

You must have a strategy where you can guarantee your message gets a response.

Here are the best tips to send your proposal letter to an influencer that gets a reply.

Show interest before sending the influencer pitch

Before writing the message, set a strategy where the influencer has knowledge about your brand.

If you appear on their Instagram Direct Message out of nowhere, it’s difficult to win their hearts.
Start liking & commenting on their posts, or even tag them on your Story or post.

A brand commenting on an influencer’s post on Instagram
Start your move slowly to get your message answered 🙂

Make them know you first then send them the best message you have.

Read further to learn how to find & contact influencers properly.

Use catchy subject lines in your email outreach

The “teasing” strategy on Instagram is difficult to run if the influencer isn’t very active on the platform.

The only way to get noticed is by putting compelling text in your email subject.

Create an intriguing subject line and make their eyes squint.

Stiff & lame phrases will only result in a skipped, spammy email.

Take an influencer outreach example, then personalize the message

Choose one of the templates above and adjust it.

Don’t stick to the example, rather make it personal.

It would be better if you stalk the influencer’s account and learn their values, brand image, etc.

Put your finding into your outreach message and convince them that you know them.

Anyone will be disappointed if they have clicked an email but the message is not “interesting” enough as the subject.

Our take: Carefully Craft your influencer outreach by selecting the best message template

Don’t get me wrong,

Writing an influencer outreach needs a tactical trick to win their hearts.

If not, don’t blame me when you get ghosted.

Imagine you spend so much time writing the perfect email outreach but you miss the details & initial yet important moves.

That’s why mastering the tips and using a template or example are the best way to overcome the issue.

It can guarantee your message to get a response.

It also saves you time instead of selecting the right words to write.

These influencer outreach samples are the closest messages that apply to the best practices.

Use it to your advantage, adjust to your needs, and work with the influencers you want.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have another template to add? Comment down below 🙂

Note: Contact us & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

More Questions about Influencer Outreach Examples?

How do you approach influencers on Instagram for collaboration?

Tease them by liking or commenting on the influencer’s posts for the initial approach. You can also feature them on your post, tag them on your Stories, and more for further moves. Make them know and notice your brand first, so that it will be easier to send a message through Instagram Direct Message.

How do you write an influencer outreach?

The first thing to do to write a collaboration message is to know your marketing goals. After that, learn about the influencer’s characteristics, what they value, the brand image, etc. Then you can start writing the message based on your findings. Define your intentions clearly, keep the message short & straight to the point, make it personal, and speak their languages if needed.

How do you write a DM for collaboration?

Just stick to one rule if you send a collab message through DM: make it super straightforward & no small talk. There is a character limit and a messenger feature was created for short conversations, as does your proposal letter.

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