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Top 10 Best Influencer Photographers for the Perfect Instagram Photoshoot in 2021

Who are the best influencer photographer in Singapore? Here’s our list of Instagram photographer for your influencer photoshoot.

Whether you’re a business, brand, model or influencer in Singapore

If you’re looking for photographers for your photoshoot project,

there are many photographers in Singapore with various niches and photography styles, art direction

You should find the photographer with the skills and expertise that fits your photoshoot needs.

Who are the top photographers in Singapore?

NameInstagram UsernamePhotography
1. Zipeng@zippyzipeng Lifestyle, Street
2. Ben@benmatchapPortrait, Fashion
3. Bryan@bryanfoongLifestyle, Commercial, Portrait
4. Larry@lkzxPortrait, Street
5. Zantz Han@zantzBeauty, Fashion, Portrait, Editorial
6. Rice @ordinary_RicePortrait, Fine Art
7. Gabe Tan@g.abetanPortrait, Fine Art
8.Isa@kiplowkiPortrait, Fine Art
9. Zhang Minhua@minhuahahahaEditorial, Fashion, Portrait
10. Shawn Paul Tan@shawnpaultanEditorial, Fashion, Portrait

Here are the top 10 photographers in Singapore for influencers, models, brands in Singapore as of 2021:

1. Zipeng – Lifestyle Photographer

Zipeng is a Singapore-based influencer photographer with 83k followers.

A photographer who works with many influencers, cafes, restaurants and other spaces in Singapore

Businesses who need a photographer to share a new launch always work with him.

Not only is he a photographer, he’s an effective influencer with 83k followers and sharing information about new businesses with his audience.

With good hashtag quality and Instagram management, Zipeng has also gained an international audience.

Zipeng is definitely an influencer photographer you’ll need for your business!

Next up is Benni, an influencer photographer from Singapore.

2. Benni – Versatile, Experimental Photographer

Benni is a Singaporean photographer who works with various influencers and models in Singapore.

Their photoshoot concepts are highly unique and reminiscent of album covers and photoshoots for musicians.

As seen from their Instagram portfolio, Benni loves experimenting with various styles of lighting and hues.

From neon lights to vintage hues, Benni is a versatile and adventurous photographer who’s worked with many influencers.

With their strong personal brand, It’s no wonder they’re so well-sought after by models for personal photoshoots.

If you’re an influencer who’s looking for a photographer specialising in various types of lighting, make sure to contact Benni ;)

3. Bryan – Commercial Instagram Photographer

Bryan Foong is a Singaporean photographer with a commercial, traditional photography style.

As a professional photographer who has worked with various brands, models and celebrities

Bryan Foong has also established his own photography studio in Singapore.

If your brand is looking for a commercial photographer for your brand’s website, advertisement or store display

Bryan Foong is your go-to photographer ;)

Next up is Larry, a commercial influencer – photographer.

4. Larry – Portrait, Influencer Photographer

Larry is an influencer with 50k followers on Instagram – he does photography on the side and has his own digital marketing agency.

As an influencer, he’s worked with brands and businesses such as Atome, Spa Nes and Daniel Wellington.

His photography portfolio also showcases works for property agents, influencers and brands.

An all-rounded influencer and photographer, Larry has strong Instagram management with a loyal following.

Next up is Zantz Han, a celebrity and model photographer

5. Zantz Han – Beauty, Fashion Photographer

Zantz Han is a professional beauty and fashion photographer and a creative director.

With a variety of photography styles and working with an impressive clientele of top models in Singapore

Zantz Han’s photography is indeed stunning and great for high fashion and luxury brands.

A versatile Instagram photographer who works with different themes and compelling captions

His photography captures stories and portrays his subjects cleverly and beautifully.

Up next is Rice, a not-so-ordinary and experimental photographer.

6. Rice – Experimental Portrait Influencer Photographer

Absolutely gorgeous set designs and intense works is what you’ll notice upon scrolling through Rice’s Instagram profile.

Working with a plethora of models capturing various atmosphere and moods

His photography is highly versatile and eye-catching.

Playing with different set designs and lighting, Rice is able to capture different atmospheres accurately to the theme that the models want.

If you’re an influencer who loves fashion and dressing up in quirky, eclectic styles

Rice is not your ordinary Instagram photographer.

7. Gabe Tan – Cinematic, Portrait Instagram Photographer

Gabe Tan is a Singaporean photographer with gorgeous cinematic photography and editing.

Simply scroll through his Instagram profile and you’ll feel like you’re looking at Netflix posters.

Beautifully edited photos that grasp different moods, styles and genres

Gabe Tan is a highly creative and versatile photographer to work with.

If you’re an artist, musician or movie production crew looking for a photographer who captures and designs beautifully cinematic pictures

Gabe Tan is your go-to photographer for cinematic concepts! ;)

8. Isa – Emotive Portraits, Instagram Photographer

Isa is a Instagram photographer who works with emotive concepts.

Notice his models that portray an unforgettably emotional expression and the style of Isa’s photography

The harmony of the concept and the photography with the models is simply incredible.

Influencers or models who have a definite concept that matches Isa’s photography style

Keep a look out for this photographer and keep him in your list of photographers!

9- Zhang Minhua – Instagram photographer, Editorials

Zhang Min Hua is a professional celebrity photographer with 11k followers.

Working with artists, models for various high-profile clients

Min Hua is a rising Instagram photographer.

From photoshoots for musician album covers to makeup photography, he’s able to capture different concepts beautifully

This all-rounded photographer is the go-to for brands looking for a versatile photographer and celebrity influencers.

10- Shawn Paul Tan – Celebrity, Magazine Photographer

Shawn Paul Tan is an editorial Instagram photographer who works with various celebrities, models, influencers in Singapore.

His clients are Vogue Singapore, Loewe, August Man, Esquire Singapore, Her World Singapore…

Yes, you get it. He’s an amazing photographer with an impressive clientele of magazines and luxury brands.

His works are extremely versatile. He’s able to deliver various styles of photography for any occasion.

It’s no wonder that he’s a well-known photographer in the industry.

With 9k followers, Shawn Paul Tan has maintained and managed an impressive portfolio on Instagram.


Now that you know the list of top 10 photographers in Singapore

There are various photographers for different photoshoot styles.

Be it fashion, magazines, anything under the sun

Singapore’s photographers have various niches and styles of photography.

It’s up to you to decide which art style and photography direction works best for you or your brand.

As an influencer, it’s good to work with a variety of different photographers and try out different styles of photoshoots.

Brands should also build connections with photographers who can deliver various genres and styles of photography for your brand photoshoots.

We wish you all the best in your search for the best influencer photographer for your photoshoot needs!

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