Models and fashion influencers in Singapore are absolutely killing it with their beauty and amazing sense of fashion in 2023.

Highly influential amongst normal Singaporeans who look up to these trend-setting fashion influencers

They’re absolutely amazing at targeting the local audience due to their stunning visuals and ability to pull off any style.

Working with them would give your business growth and a stronger social media presence.

List of the Best Fashion Influencers in Singapore

Especially if you are a rising Singapore local fashion brand.

This list of the top 10 fashion influencers and models in Singapore is the latest, up-to-date curation of the top influencers who are trendsetters in the local fashion scene.

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Top 10 Singaporean Fashion Influencers in 2023

  1. Layla Ong – @laylaong
  2. Yoyo Cao – @yoyokulala
  3. Kaci Beh – @kacibeh
  4. Cheyenne Chesney – @cheyennechesney
  5. Ee Jin – @parag0n
  6. Natalia – @natalianataliax
  7. Rusydi Jufri – @rusydijufri
  8. Mei Yue – @dmeiyue
  9. Joey – @tiredjoey
  10. Aimee-Cheng Bradshaw – @aimeechengbradshaw

1. Layla Ong – Singapore’s Global Top Model

Layla Ong is the first Singaporean model to walk on a Gucci runway.

She’s been on Asia’s next top model too, as well as on the cover of numerous fashion magazines like Female magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, NYLON… and the list goes on.

An iconic Singaporean model with a luxurious fashion sense

Layla Ong is a face that is well-known in the fashion industry.

As a top model with many brands, it’s not easy to approach her for an influencer partnership.

But you’ll want to keep her on your list of influencers.


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2. Yoyo Cao – True Fashionista & Designer from Singapore

Yoyo Cao is an iconic fashion model famous in the fashion scene in Singapore.

A trendsetter with a killer sense of fashion

She’s a natural-born model and a fashionista.

Her success and fame in the modelling and fashion industry have led her to be a businesswoman.

She’s now the founder and designer of her own fashion label.

Yoyo Cao is truly extraordinarily talented, it’s no wonder that so many brands want to work with her.

A true fashion influencer you must add to your list.

Next up is Kaci Beh, a Singaporean-based model and influencer.

3. Kaci Beh – The Lion City Rising Model

Kaci Beh is a young, rising model & micro-influencer in Singapore‘s fashion scene.

Having walked on international runway shows for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Jean and Emporio Armani

Kaci Beh is young and on the road to success.

With a unique sense of fashion, she uploads her outfits onto Instagram and Tiktok

Showing off her runway walks and modelling clothes and trying new outfits

She’s a true influencer with a great fashion sense.

Next up is Cheyenne Chesney, a Singaporean model and influencer.

4. Cheyenne Chesney – Singaporean Fashion Influencer & Model

Cheyenne is an influencer and fashion model based in Singapore.

With her fun personality and beautiful features, Cheyenne is one of Singapore’s top influencers.

A great influencer you’d want to work with as her posts on Instagram is diverse and unique.

As she’s always active on Instagram, with witty posts and content

It’s no wonder that she has many loyal followers on Instagram.

In fact, luxury brands such as Dior and Gentle Monster have already done partnerships with this influencer.

5. Mei Yue – Top Fashion Model in Singapore

Mei Yue is a Singaporean runway model and influencer.

With her oriental, exotic beauty she became a highly-sought after model for various international runway shows.

In fact, in 2018 with barely one year of experience in walking on runway shows

Mei Yue had the opportunity to walk on runways such as Dior Couture and Sephora.

She’s a stunning and talented model who’s earned recognition in the model and fashion industry not just in Singapore but internationally too!

6. Aimee-Cheng Bradshaw – The Lion City Model, Fashion Influencer

Aimee-Cheng Bradshaw is a Singaporean model and Instagram influencer.

With 100k followers on Instagram, she’s a true influencer and celebrity.

Having walked runways and appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines.

Aimee-Cheng Bradshaw is a successful model and influencer who’s highly sought after.

7. Ee Jin – When Punk and Luxury Collide in Singapore

Ee Jin, better known by his Instagram page @parag0n is a Singaporean fashion influencer.

With an eclectic fashion sense and always dressed head-to-toe in luxury punk fashion

Ee Jin is truly not your ordinary fashion influencer.

A true inspiration to many young fashion enthusiasts

Ee Jin is a unique influencer you’d want to add to your list of influencer partnerships.

8. Rusydi Jufri – Singaporean Rising model and fashion influencer

Rusydi Jufri is a rising fashion model and influencer from Singapore.

Started by posting his outfit pictures on Instagram

He’s built a name for himself and has been featured in the Men’s Folio June/July 21 issue.

Among Singaporean youth, he’s well-known for his unique, vintage-esque fashion sense.

We can’t wait to see how Rusydi will grow as a fashion model.

He’s definitely a rising influencer you’d want to keep an eye on!

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9. Joey – Singapore-based Delicate, Fairy-like fashion influencer

Joey, known on Instagram as @tiredjoey is a Singaporean influencer and fashionista

Her beautifully delicate, vintage-inspired and fairylike outfits fill up her Instagram feed reminiscent of the main character in a fairytale.

A rising influencer and model, she’s one you’d want to keep your eyes on.

10. Natalia – Singaporean Rising Fashion Influencer, Model

Natalia is a Singaporean model who’s a rising and up-and-coming Instagram fashion influencer.

With her beautiful and chiselled features, she’s modelled for various brands such as Cartier, FreshKon and Revitalash.

Her stunning beauty and talent in modelling are what make her a favourite to work with.

Rock the Singaporean Fashion industry in 2023 with the Top influencers on the list!

Now that you’re familiar with the top fashion models and fashion influencers in Singapore

I hope they’re useful in your search for influencers to model for your fashion brand πŸ˜‰

Even though we can’t have Naomi Campbell or Kendall Jenner models for your brand

These Singaporean models are equally as beneficial for your brand

They’ll successfully appeal to the local audience in Singapore.

From top models to rising influencers in Singapore

Brands and businesses of all sizes would be able to find the model they need for their brand

Like how the Singapore local brand collabs with a granfluencer to create an ageless dressing for National Day.

We wish you all the best in your future partnerships with Singaporean fashion models πŸ™‚

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