Here are 10 of the best influencer marketing agencies in Singapore that you can pick and work with.

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List of the top Singapore Influencer Marketing companies 👇🏼

  1. Ninjapromo
  2. Red2digital
  3. Impossible Marketing
  4. We Are Social
  5. DFW Creative
  6. Creative For More
  7. DWHQ
  8. X10 Media
  9. Finn Partners
  10. Plexxie

Finding a good and result oriented Influencer Marketing Agency in Singapore can be quite challenging.

In the little red dot, where 89% of the population uses social media, Brands know that working with Creators and Influencers is very important to connect with potential customers and drive more sales.

Rates and prices of all Influencers by tiers in Singapore
“On average” – It’s not for everyone. Chill.

Singapore is small, but is a leading country in South East Asia and a strong Influencer mature market.

There is already a large community of content creators including

Picking a professional marketing Agency to manage your campaigns is crucial to get the best results.

  • Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate and are the most important influencers tiers in Singapore 🇸🇬
  • Follower fraud widespread among Singaporean influencers
  • More Singaporean brands invest their marketing budget for influencer marketing in 2023
  • 40% of Singaporeans prefer watching review content
  • 51% of online consumers in Singapore are influenced by a digital creator to buy a product

Now, why should you consider partnering with one of the Influencer Marketing Agencies mentioned above?

well, a few (good) reasons to work with a Singaporean Content Creator Agency:

  1. All based in Singapore – Better understanding of the local culture
  2. Direct access to selected Influencers, some are even exclusive
  3. Offers customised strategies and negotiate contracts, and track results.
  4. More budget-friendly rates compared to largest (aka old-school) agencies.

Influencer marketing agencies are like matchmakers for brands and influencers. They help businesses connect with social media creators who can help them promote their products, services, or ideas.

these agencies will help you find and contact the perfect influencer and creator, build a campaign or established a long term collaboration.

Finding Influencers is not the hardest part of the job to be honest.

You can find plenty of tools to do it by yourself.

Contact them, follow up with them, pay them on time.

Be really careful with it. In Singapore there is some agencies who are not paying their influencers at all.

Now as you can see, Influencer Marketing Budget are growing and new Brands are jumping into it every year.

Influencer Marketing Budget of Singapore Brands spent in percentage
There is more and more foreign and International companies investing in this area, especially in Singapore.

Just keep that in mind 😉

Now let’s go deeper and let’s see what are these Influencer Marketing Agencies can do for you if you are looking for starting a campaign with Singaporean creators:

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Ninja Promo specializes in B2B and cryptocurrency influencer marketing.

Seriously, they’re like the pros in these fields.

They also created some awesome content for the campaign! 

It not only grabs the eyeballs of new people but also keeps them hooked.

Oh, and here’s the cool part. 

They’re like matchmakers, but for connecting businesses with the fit influencers.

They don’t just wing it, no way! 

They use data and all of their experience to make sure the campaign gets the best results.


Red Digital agency is all about influencer marketing. 

They know the Singapore market inside out and have loads of experience.

What makes them stand out? 

They use cutting-edge tools and data analysis to find the perfect influencers. 

This data-driven method not only identifies what works but also helps to optimize the influencer marketing campaigns.

Also, Keep this in mind!

Red Digital has worked with 150+ brands and won 50 awards. 

So, their expertise is solid and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing has been assisting over a thousand brands in Singapore.

Big and small, in boosting their engagement.

How do they make it happen? 

They use AI-powered tech to connect influencers with brands. 

This technology helps find the perfect influencer match.

Wait, there’s more!

Big names like Singtel and Vivo have teamed up with them.

So, when you’re thinking about the top agencies in Singapore, Impossible Marketing is right up there!

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We Are Social

We are social approach to working is genuinely unique. 

They emphasize teamwork and recognize that influencers have a strong bond with their communities. 

This approach leads to highly effective content creation.

But that’s not all! 

What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate the brand message into the influencer content. 

They’re also like talent scouts, 

Finding the perfect match and ensuring authenticity for the influencer marketing campaign.

DFW Creative

Looking to expand your business in Singapore?

But not sure how?

Well, DFW Creative might just be the team you need!

They’ve already partnered with some major players like Daniel Wellington and Opera Software.

DFW Creative specializes in ensuring that influencer campaigns align with your brand identity. 

They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. 


They will create unique and creative influencer advertising campaign ideas for brands.

Their top priority is delivering the best results!

Creative For more

Creative For More is like the place to be for influencer marketing in Singapore.

You know what they specialize in?

Helping brands team up with social media influencers.

Want to know the best part?

They’ve got all sorts of cool solutions for brands!

They can help with things like sharing content, giveaways, featuring guest content, reviews, and more!

It’s like a one-stop shop that gives brands a big advantage over the competition. 


DWHQ is agencies that specialize in influencer marketing in Singapore.

They’re well-known for their innovative and unique approach.

But wait, there’s more!

They’ll be there every step of the campaign!

This ensures brands achieve desired results in their influencer advertising campaigns. 

If you’re in search of a reliable agency in Singapore, DWHQ could be the best solution.

X10 Media

X10 Media provides powerful and effective influencer marketing plans. 

Recently acquired by TSL Media Group.

They’re experts in many different areas.

So, why is this important? 

Because it means the brand will get a really high level of interaction with the targeted audience.

They use data and all of their experience to make sure the campaign gets the best results.

And here’s the cool part: 

X10 Media has a range of influencers, from small to big, all set to boost brand engagement.

Brands can choose the one that’s just right for them.

They are one of the top choices for influencer advertising campaigns in Singapore.

Finn Partners

FINN Partners is an influencer advertising agency based in Singapore.

Think of them as your all-in-one solution to make your brand shine.

They’re also experts in various markets.

Fashion, Technology, Travel, you name it!

But it’s not just about connecting brands with influencers.

Their team will also assist brands in fine-tuning their influencer marketing strategy.

They’ll help you set goals, run campaigns, select the right content, track progress, optimize, and much more

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Plexxie is a well-known influencer marketing agency from Singapore.

They specialize in connecting brands with influencers.

And you won’t believe this!

They’ve already partnered with over 100 brands and successfully completed more than 5000 projects!

They’ve also got a bunch of influencers from different fields!

Ready to team up with brands to boost their engagement and sales.

Here’s another crucial thing to keep in mind!

They’ve got your back every step of the way when it comes to managing the influencer marketing campaign.

Their team will take care of all those little details.

This means businesses can expect even better results! 

My top tips for picking an Influencer Agency?

For small businesses and startups readers here, let me tell you something:

You probably don’t need an Influencer Marketing Agency yet.

Especially if you are targeting nano and micro influencers.

If you have time and limited budget you can easily reach content creators by email or DM yourself using templates after using the best tools to find the best Influencers for your Brand.

Now if you really need an hand for your campaigns, just be careful.

There is more than 100 listed Instagram Marketing listed on “dedicated agencies portals” and most of them with either fake reviews or not even located in Singapore, or directly sponsored with no dedicated Social Media or Influencer offers.

Make sure that they are serious enough to manage your campaigns and bring you the best of their creator portfolio.

Any Agency That
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Contact them, compare and be sure that at the minimum they are providing the services like:

  1. Identifying and vetting influencers: Agencies have a network of influencers that they work with, and they can help you identify the right influencers for your campaign based on your target audience, budget, and goals.
  2. Negotiating contracts: Agencies can help you negotiate contracts with influencers that are fair to both parties and that protect your brand.
  3. Creating content: Agencies can help you create content that is engaging and relevant to the influencer’s audience.
  4. Tracking results: Agencies can track the results of your campaign and provide you with insights into how it performed.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you either for helping you picking the best agency based on your Brand needs or any Influencer or Social Media consulting services in Singapore.

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