Here’s the latest, up-to-date list of the top 10 micro-influencers in Singapore in 2023

Micro-influencers in Singapore are highly influential.

More so because the Singapore population is so small and tightly knit.

These Singaporean influencers may have a smaller following than actual celebrities, but they’re equally as powerful.

List of the Best Micro Influencers in Singapore

Micro-influencers tend to have a more loyal community of followers and friends who are highly supportive.

Influencer Marketing in Singapore is a strong market.

Working with micro-influencers not only helps you save budget but also achieves influencer marketing goals.

Top 10 Micro-Influencers in Singapore in 2023

  1. Chloe Chong – @chloehhh_x
  2. Shina Tan – @shinamissstothea
  3. Cheryl Ong – @chrylxong
  4. Yuni – @yuniqueyuni
  5. Ken Hermanns – @kenhermanns
  6. Bernice – @bernicelyq
  7. Char – @charrlloyd
  8. Kaylene Choo – @kayleneeeechoo
  9. Ibtisam Almashor – @ibtisamakeup
  10. Efy – @efymefy

If your brand, business, or agency is looking for micro-influencers in Singapore for your influencer marketing campaign

Here is an up-to-date list of the top micro-influencers in Singapore in 2023:

1. Chloe Chong – Singaporean Versatile, Established Micro-Influencer

Chloe Chong is an Instagram micro-influencer turned entrepreneur based in Singapore.

Owner of Cojo Beauty, an Instagram blog shop

Chloe Chong has successfully established her online skincare business with the loyal audience she gained after years of being an influencer.

A well-established influencer in Singapore, Chloe Chong has been actively promoting products from brands through sponsorships consistently for the past few years.

It’s no wonder that her name is familiar amongst Singaporean youth and she’s the top few micro-influencers that brands look out for!

2. Shina Tan – The Lion City Lifestyle YouTuber & TikToker

A lifestyle all-rounded influencer, Shina Tan is a well-known micro-influencer in Singapore

She always recommends products and services that are truly meaningful to her and her audience

Her authenticity in providing reviews of sponsored products is what makes her a trusted influencer

From health supplements to skincare and beauty food and products

Shina Tan only works with the best brands that bring proven results!

3. Cheryl Ong – Singapore-based K-beauty influencer

Cheryl Ong is a micro-influencer and entrepreneur with 13.8k followers.

After amassing a following on Instagram, Cheryl Ong took her loyal audience in her favor and started an online blog shop.

Her online blog shop @c0_wellness focuses on K-Beauty skincare products, whereas @chrylselects sells fashionable, trendy apparel and shoes.

As a fashionable influencer, Cheryl Ong loves working with beauty and lifestyle brands.

If your brand caters to beauty lovers – Cheryl Ong is the micro-influencer you’re looking for!

4. Yuni – Well-loved Singaporean Mom Influencer

Yuni is a Singaporean mother influencer on #momstagram.

Frequently posting sponsored posts with products that are great for mom and baby

Yuni is a great micro-influencer for moms on Instagram as she recommends products that are good for fellow moms!

If your brand or business is looking for an influencer to promote family-friendly products catering to children, mothers, or parents

Yuni is a mother micro-influencer you should keep on your list!

Up next is Ken Hermanns, a Singaporean Beauty MUA micro-influencer.

5. Ken Hermanns – Makeup Artist, Beauty Micro-Influencer in Singapore

Ken Hermanns is a Singaporean makeup artist, influencer, and musician.

An influencer who’s all for brands that support inclusivity and diversity, Ken Hermann works with brands that are supportive of social causes.

It’s evident in Ken’s choices of makeup – Ken uses brands such as Rare Beauty to create iconic makeup looks.

If your brand is socially aware and loves contributing to good causes – Ken Hermanns would be more than willing to work with you!

Next up is Bernice, a beauty and lifestyle influencer.

6. Bernice – Singapore-based Beauty, Lifestyle micro-influencer

Bernice is a micro-influencer in Singapore who loves beauty… a lot.

Always dressed up like a doll in the prettiest outfits and beautiful makeup

It’s no wonder that Bernice is a favorite micro-influencer for businesses providing beauty services.

Lash services, nail manicures, and food.

If your business is in the beauty, f&b, or simple lifestyle industry.

Keep Bernice on your list of micro-influencers 😉

7. Char – Singaporean Lifestyle Micro-Influencer

Char is a Singaporean lifestyle micro-influencer who loves beauty and fashion.

You’ll see from her feed that she receives sponsorships from hair salons and fashion brands.

With her beauty and great sense of style

She’s a great model for streetwear brands looking for a fashion influencer.

If your brand or business is in the beauty services industry

Or you’re looking for a micro-influencer to rep your brand’s new tee

Keep Char on your list of influencers!

8. Kaylene Choo – Lifestyle, Mom-Influencer from Singapore

Kaylene Choo is a Singaporean lifestyle influencer who’s also a mother and a wife!

Even before she had her child and started posting content with her family

Kaylene Choo was already a popular influencer.

And her influence didn’t stop growing even after she became a mother!

Kaylene Choo loves working with brands from all industries

If it caters to her family, all the better!

Family-oriented services and brands, lifestyle and beauty businesses, make sure Kaylene is on your list of micro-influencers

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9. Ibtisam – Beauty, Makeup Artist & Singaporean Influencer

With 17k followers, Ibtisam is a successful beauty influencer in Singapore.

She’s a mom of 3, a wife to Mr. Magician, a makeup artist, a makeup educator, AND does bridal makeup services.

Wow. Sounds like a thriving life.

With witty and creative videos, Ibtisam has worked with countless makeup brands.

She’s even an influencer for Sephora.

If your brand is family-friendly, in the beauty industry, and looking for a makeup influencer

Add Ibtisam to your list of makeup influencers in Singapore.

10. Efy – Singapore-based Celebrity Influencer

An ultra-talented artist is Efy, an influencer with 21k followers.

Specializing in graphic design and watercolor paint, she’s extremely talented.

And fashionable too, with a chic and unique sense of style.

Looking for a lifestyle, beauty, or art influencer?

Efy is the micro-influencer you should keep on your list!

Launch your influencer campaigns in Singapore with micro-influencers on the list!

From beauty and lifestyle influencers to makeup artists and mother influencers

I hope this diverse list of micro-influencers was useful for your brand.

Even though micro-influencers have a smaller following

Their audience is highly loyal and their engagement rates are definitely high.

Don’t hesitate to work with micro-influencers – You’ll save your budget while meeting the KPIs!

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