The cryptocurrency market in Indonesia is expected to expand at a rate of 9.10% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a total market value of US$818.3 million by 2028.

Working with the top crypto influencers is a measure you must take to grow your business in Indonesia, whatever if you are on the web3, NFT, crypto or even bitcoin industry.

And by someone, I mean an Indonesian crypto influencer.

Influencer Marketing in Indonesia is a great market for crypto brands.

Crypto Influencers in Indonesia 👇🏼

  1. Kenwilboy
  2. Angga Andinata
  3. Timothy Ronald
  4. Rizki Aditama
  5. Coinvestasi
  6. Andre Rizky Investasi
  7. Toshi Crypto Indonesia
  8. Crypto Prayoga
  9. Belvin Tannadi

As we all know, crypto is not something that you can learn with only a light reading and following a few steps.

Indonesian consumers prefers to follow Influencers Account

You have to gain as much knowledge as possible before you know how the whole system works, particularly in Indonesia.

For many, this can be done by following as many Indonesian crypto content creators as possible.


Because they provide all the information you need before becoming an investor, for free.

All you have to do is follow them and click on their content, and that’s it.

Also, since many of these Indonesian crypto influencers are on YouTube, you can listen to them whenever you want, even when you are in a commute.

Very convenient, right?

Indonesian crypto influencers play a huge role in introducing digital gold to the public.

They contribute to the growing crypto industry in Nusantara and the high crypto adoption rate in the country.

Influential is the word you use to describe them.

That’s why I believe that they are your gate to the many crypto enthusiasts in the country.

Once you work with them, increased brand awareness is guaranteed.

Want to learn more about them?

Best Crypto Creators Influencers in Indonesia

Here are the 10 best crypto influencers in Indonesia in 2024.

1. Kenwilboy – Successful Bitcoin Influencer in Indonesia

Kenneth William is the face behind the channel Kenwilboy.

He is a young trader, investor, and entrepreneur who started earning his own money at the age of 14.

The Indonesian crypto influencer is quite big on YouTube and makes use of the platform to share many things crypto, such as how to buy and deposit bitcoins.

He also breaks down all the broker frauds you should avoid when investing.

Now, Kenneth is a successful investor in his early 20s and his success makes many listen to his advice, making him one of the influential male influencers in Indonesia.

If you want to reach the crypto enthusiasts in Nusantara, then working with Kenneth is a must.

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2. Angga Andinata – Experienced Indonesian Crypto Investor & Content Creator

Angga Andinata is an experienced investor who posts premium educational content that you can only get at expensive seminars.

On his YouTube channel, Angga covers crypto markets, developments, and tips.

He discusses anything related to financial freedom and maximizing financial assets, too.

Angga is also the founder of, which is a page visit to learn more about digital gold.

You can see that he is passionate about educating people to succeed just like he did.

And with his experience in the field, many trust him for insights regarding cryptocurrency.

Angga is the perfect influencer to work with should you consider targeting the crypto community in Indonesia.

3. Timothy Ronald – Informative Cryptocurrency Content Creator in Nusantara

Timothy Ronald is an Indonesian top influencer who will invite you to learn crypto through his informative crash courses.

He doesn’t only give his own advice but also breaks down all the tips and advice from experts.

He also talks about the history of crypto, which not many influencers talk about.

If you are into more technical stuff, Timothy also has it.

He will teach you about bitcoin from the very beginning and tell you what you should invest in when you have a certain amount of money.

You should follow him if you want to plunge into the bitcoin investment world but don’t know where to start.

And if you plan to expand your brand in Indonesia, his influence will totally be a great help. 

4. Rizki Aditama – Young Indonesian Crypto Influencer

As a bitcoin influencer, Rizki Aditama has what you need to learn when you start investing in digital currency.

This is because Rizki’s content is complete.

He chats about crypto 101, how to understand the market structure, what to do when the market is weak, and even overcome losses.

He also covers the psychology behind trading, how to manage your money as an investor, and also trading advice.

With such thorough content, it’s unsurprising that Rizki is followed by many.

Leverage Rizki’s influence now and have your brand get recognized by his audiences in no time!

5. Coinvestasi – Leading Crypto Media Influencer in Nusantara

Coinvestasi is Indonesia’s leading platform for events and information related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain technology.

It focuses on educating the Indonesian people to benefit from blockchain and crypto on many social media platforms.

Along with their website, you can follow Coinvestasi on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and TikTok.

Whichever you prefer using, Coinvestasi is ready to keep updated with the latest crypto news.

I encourage you to work with Coinvestasi.

Because with its online presence, the media site can easily introduce your brand to Indonesian crypto investors.

7. Andre Rizky Investasi – Indonesia’s Beginner-Friendly Crypto Influencer

In crypto investment, you will need applications when it comes to trading.

But with such a wide variety of both mobile and desktop apps, where do you even start?

If that’s the case, you must follow an influencer like Andre Rizki because he reviews trading apps and will show you which to and not to use.

You can find him debunking fake cryptocurrency apps, too. He really is looking out for all the beginner investors.

On his Channel, Andre Rizki Investasi, Andre can also be seen sharing tutorials and strategies,

As well as teaching the public how to invest with only Rp.10.000 or Rp.50.000 (roughly $1 and $5).

Who would’ve thought that’s even possible?

Curious to know more? Subscribe to him now!

For brand owners, his significance in the industry must not be overlooked, okay?

8. Toshi Crypto Indonesia – Realistic Indonesian Crypto Content Creator

Toshi Crypto Indonesia is a YouTube channel that discusses anything crypto-related in a relaxed way.

It actively updates the market conditions in the #DAILYCHARTINGWITTOSHI segment.

So, for those who want to explore the world of crypto, read charts, and get crypto news, this channel is perfect for you.

One of Toshi’s missions is also to share authentic investing experiences without sugarcoating anything – profits and losses, everything is as factual as it is.

Toshi also promotes the DYOR or “Do Your Own Research” movement because too many people experience crypto losses due to a lack of information.

He makes you aware that even though you think you know what to do, it’s always wiser to do more research regarding your plans.

Toshi has many loyal followers who thank the host for sharing information that just “makes sense.”

With such significance, I think it’s clear why brands must collaborate with Toshi to reach the Indonesian crypto community.

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9. Crypto Prayoga – Insightful Crypto Content Creator in Indonesia

Prayoga is an Indonesian crypto content creator who talks about many things,

including what crypto to choose, how to achieve maximum profit, how to sign up for an account, as well as to deposit, sell, buy, and withdraw your assets.

Prayoga also has reviews, tutorials, updates, and many other bitcoin how-tos on his YouTube channel Crypto Prayoga.

Pretty informative, right?

Because Prayoga explains everything in detail, his videos are suitable for beginners.

If Prayoga’s audience is who your brand wants to target, then you should contact him ASAP!

10. Belvin Tannadi – Popular Indonesia-Based Crypto Influencer

Belvin Tannadi is one of the Indonesian influencers who is quite popular among Indonesian investors. 

Through his Instagram account @belvinvvip, he often shares various things about the investment world, both in stocks and crypto.

Belvin became an investor in 2014. Then, he joined the crypto community in 2019.

He is very passionate about investing he even dedicated his whole Instagram page to posting about it.

But what makes his content different is that he always uses memes so people can resonate with it better.

By looking at the kind of memes he posts, his target audience is millennials and Gen-Z.

If you plan to reach all the millennials and Gen-Z Indonesian crypto investors, Belvin must be on your A-List.

Grow your brand in Indonesia with the help of top crypto influencers.

As implied, crypto KOLs are seen as the reliable source of cryptocurrency news and information in Indonesia.

They are trusted by many and their advice is always valued.

Not to mention that Indonesians rely so much on influencers before making a decision.

Convincing, right? 

Influencers are indeed your ultimate gate to getting your brand acknowledged in Indonesia.

I know, there are many of them but the influencer you need is actually the one who can represent your company well.

Here’s how you can choose one: pay attention to their niche and audience.

Easy, right?

Want to know more crypto influencers from other countries? Check our articles here:

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