Are you interested in working with South East Asian Crypto Influencers to promote your products?

Well you should, because the Cryptocurrencies market in Southeast Asia is projected to grow by 12.40% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$2499.0m in 2028.

With its young population’s enthusiasm for new technologies, South Asia is now the headquarter for more than 600 crypto companies.

With a lot of people taking interest in cryptocurrency, the craze produces more and more crypto influencers ready to educate the public.

On average, Southeast Asia has a crypto adoption rate of 3.5 percent in 2021, with Singapore leading at 10 percent.

Top 10 Crypto Influencers in South East Asia ⬇️

  1. Andy Senjaya – 🇮🇩
  2. Felicia Putri – 🇮🇩
  3. Marvin Germo – 🇵🇭
  4. Paul Pattarapon – 🇹🇭
  5. Charm de Leon – 🇵🇭
  6. Denis Lee – 🇲🇾
  7. Kien Thuc Crypto – 🇻🇳
  8. Digital Genius – 🇲🇲
  9. Coinvestasi – 🇮🇩
  10. Boy Sa Moum – 🇰🇭
List of the top Cryptocurrencies Influencers and content creators in SouthEast Asia

And as its concept is still alien to many people,

These influencers are welcomed by those starting to study cryptocurrency.

Content creators are who people watch and listen to whenever they have questions about the famous digital currency.

On top of that, their knowledgeable nature gains them, loyal followers.

For business owners, their fame and influence are great means to target a wider audience in their homeland.

The growth of Instagram Influencers in SouthEast Asia per countries

And if you are one of the business owners thinking about working with a South East Asian crypto influencer, 

Then you have come to the right place.

Because we have curated the 10 best crypto influencers in South East Asia who will help you grow your business in the ASEAN countries.

Southeast Asia is full of great & top influencers with a dedicated follower base.

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1. Andy Senjaya – The Famous Crypto Influencer in Indonesia

Andy Senjaya is a trader motivated to share his insights on the stock market and other investment instruments, including cryptocurrency. 

He uses a technical analysis approach to teach viewers how to read stock charts and movements.

Senjaya mainly uses YouTube as a platform to educate the public on crypto.

There, this Indonesian influencer discusses how to start investing as a beginner, gain profit, and many more.

Connect with Andy to reach the crypto enthusiasts of Nusantara.

2. Felicia Putri – Indonesia’s Investment Storyteller and Crypto Influencer

Felicia Putri is another famous Indonesian crypto influencer we have on the list.

She describes herself as an investment storyteller, making her one of the best Indonesian YouTubers.

Living up to this title, she shares many investment stories, including cryptocurrency.

With her knowledge and experience, this content creator teaches the public to be more financially independent.

Her videos are genuinely helpful for people wanting to have a passive income and succeed in crypto investment.

through Felicia’s online fame, your brand can get a hold of the Indonesian crypto community.

3. Marvin Germo – Crypto Influencer from The Philippines

Apart from being a Filipino YouTube content creator,

Marvin Germo is also an entrepreneur, stock market trader, book author, and personal financial consultant.

He is one of several Filipino financial experts the public follows.

His expertise inspires him to change people’s lives by educating them to invest in the stock market and cryptocurrency using the right strategies.

Germo is also passionate about changing the reputation of investing from being seen as difficult.

And he succeeded in capturing people’s hearts with this approach.

Connect with Marvin now and reach his massive audience!

4. Paul Pattarapon – Thailand’s Most Influential Crypto Influencer

Paul Pattarapon is a Thailand content creator who talks about cryptocurrency and stock trading.

On top of that, he is also the writer of one of the best-selling finance books titled “Retired by 40”.

This crypto influencer is all-around knowledgeable and experienced.

Paul gains the respect of his audiences by pointing them in the right direction of crypto investing.

Even a lot of people say that his advice is the best and most realistic.

We promise, your brand will benefit from the online engagement he gets if you collaborate with him.

5. Charm de Leon – Filipino Crypto Influencer

Charmaine de Leon is a Filipino public figure known for her investment content.

This entrepreneur discusses personal finance, including cryptocurrency.

She shares crypto how-to’s, and crypto investment 101.

Her content is a must-watch for those planning to invest in cryptocurrency.

To aim for a broad Filipino audience, Charmaine should be on the top list of the influencer you plan to work with.

6. Denis Lee – Aspiring Malaysian Nano Crypto Influencer

Here is a Malaysian nano crypto influencer.

Denis Lee analyzes how to gain profit in crypto investment.

He also shares the strategies to avoid making investing mistakes.

Although Lee always breaks down his explanation step by step, his videos are short and straightforward.

We believe that with his devotion, he will continue to reach wider audiences, being one of the most influential Malaysian YouTubers.

Denis is a gate for your business to target the Malaysian market.

7. Kien Thuc Crypto – Vietnamese Crypto Investor and Influencer

Kien Thuc is a Vietnamese influencer & online personality whose expertise is cryptocurrency.

Even his YouTube channel is named “Kien Thuc Crypto”.

And ever since he created his channel in 2017, Kien Thuc is still sharing his knowledge about cryptocurrency up until now.

His dedication to cryptocurrency is definitely unmatched.

And with Vietnam having the highest crypto adoption rate in the world, Kien’s popularity is also unmatched.

This is a valuable opportunity for brands that want to reach Vietnamese investors.

8. Digital Genius – Myanmar’s Micro Crypto Influencer

Digital Genius is a Myanmar-based crypto content creator.

Besides being a “Digital Genius”, he is also a crypto genius.

On his YouTube channel, this micro-influencer discourses all things cryptocurrency.

He is very knowledgeable about technology and computer engineering, too.

And this gains him the public’s trust by being one of the leading crypto influencers in Myanmar.

Work with a knowledgeable content creator and start growing your brand sales in Myanmar now!

9. Coinvestasi – Indonesian Leading Crypto Media Site and Influencer

Coinvestasi is a cryptocurrency media site in Indonesia that delivers daily blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused news to its Indonesian readers.

It also makes use of YouTube and Instagram to share all about cryptocurrency with Indonesian netizens.

This media site is a true influencer in many ways.

And whichever platform they are using, it’s always crowded with people eager to study cryptocurrency.

Should your brand works with them, it is going to be crowded with massive online traffic.

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10. Boy Sa Moum – Young Cambodian Crypto Influencer

Known as Boy Sa Moum on the internet, Vatana Pang is a computer programmer, content creator, angel investor, and young entrepreneur of blockchain technology. 

This content creator has successfully educated thousands of people in cryptocurrency.

With his honest and beginner-friendly approach, he guides those who want to become crypto investors.

And with his knowledge and experience, he is one of the most trustworthy crypto influencers in the country.

Work with Vatana and watch your brand grow with the help of his influence.

Start your influencer campaign in South East Asia now with the crypto influencers we have on the list.

Once you work with them, increased brand awareness and sales are promised.

These South East Asian crypto influencers are the leading content creators in their nations.

And a massive number of netizens watch and follow them.

Their fans also actively interact with their posts and content.

With such engagement and the fact that the global influencer marketing industry in South East Asia increases very significantly over recent years, 

These SEA crypto content creators are a path to your brand’s success.

All Crypto Influencers in SEA per country

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