If you are wondering if male influencers in Indonesia could help you grab the local audience to accelerate your business,

You have to pick the best ones in their field.

With this article, I present to you:

the well-curated top male Instagram influencers in Indonesia for your 2024 campaigns.

The male influencers industry in Indonesia is very vast yet very dedicated to their niche.

Top 10 Male Influencers in Indonesia in 2024 ⬇️

  1. Atta Halilintar
  2. Arief Muhammad
  3. Windah Basudara
  4. Geraldy Tan
  5. Marco Parama
  6. Muhammad Aga
  7. Dennis Adishwara
  8. Kevin Pramudya Utama
  9. Yoland Handoko
  10. Miko Panggayo

Male influencers in Indonesia have various niches.

From the most famous to the most specific niche,

Best male Influencers in Indonesia to work with

The up-to-date list consists of male influencers in Indonesia who have the most loyal followers.

Don’t get me wrong, they also have a very high engagement and potential account growth.

They are very powerful and influential.

Basically, they are the perfect match to launch brand sponsorships in Indonesia,

both for the initial phase and the established market.

But one thing is for sure: the Indonesian audience still prefers a masculine persona from male influencers.

A graph showing the Most popular Influencer Content by Industry in Indonesia

However, skincare & beauty are no longer taboo for men in Indonesia, thanks to the Korean wave.

In fact, Indonesian men embrace and give a space for beauty & skincare to be part of their ‘looking good’ treatment.

Now, let’s take a look at the 2024 best male influencers in Indonesia for any business scale.

I have carefully picked the male influencers that are suitable for any brand and business in Indonesia.

From a famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, gamer & streamer, and comedian, to a photographer, it’s all there in this list.

And they are highly influential.

Now, let’s meet the top 10 Indonesian male influencers in 2024:

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Atta Halilintar – The biggest male influencer & Indonesian Youtuber king

Atta Halilintar is a national sensation for the Indonesian audience. Everyone recognizes his name.

Together with the Halilintar family, he produces a lot of iconic YouTube videos.

Like the one when he impersonates a homeless person.

The portrait of him becomes a viral meme everywhere in Indonesia instantly.

He practically lives in the top 3 most-subscribed YouTube channel.

In April 2021, he married Aurelia Hermansyah, the daughter of the Indonesian well-known singer, Anang Hermansyarh.

Now, they are one of the most powerful celebrity couples and influencers in Indonesia.

Atta also hops on Instagram to expand his influence.

He is getting bigger and bigger every day until he owns several businesses under his management, AHHA.

Now Atta is enjoying his successful life with Aurelia and his 4-months old daughter.

Go check him out for the biggest family-oriented influence from Atta!

Arief Muhammad – The most prominent Indonesian male influencer & Entrepreneur

Here is another influential male influencer in Indonesia, Arief Muhammad.

Initially, he was famous for his anonymous Twitter account @poconggg which shares daily humorous tweets back in the 2010s.

He was basically a celeb tweet and Twitter phenomenon.

Later in 2011, someone unknown revealed his anonymity, and now everyone knows that @poconggg is Arief Muhammad.

Even if he loses his special identity, Arief has built another great reputation for being Arief Muhammad.

He is known for his crazy giveaways, especially the 100 Vespas recently.

Everyone was very excited and they ‘sell’ themselves for Arief to notice and give the Vespa to them.

Most importantly, Arief has a very loyal audience since he was known as @poconggg.

Arief is also the brand ambassador of many big local businesses.

Go add Arief to your list if you want to run a unique yet strong campaign.

Windah Basudara – The best streamer & male influencer in Indonesia

Windah is the rising gamer & streamer figure in Indonesia.

He is known for his devoted audience.

Well, his audience might be dominant male teenagers, but actually, his content is for any age.

Another thing about Windah, he is unlike any other streamers.

YouTube gamers/streamers are known for their toxic traits and profanities.

But Windah builds a more polite persona with no cursing whenever he failed to shoot the target.

He also loves to donate to those in need.

His YouTube channel now is subscribed to by 8 million people.

Windah also shares his influence on Instagram, mostly for branded content and his precious moments with his loved ones.

Windah is an A-list if you want to rush into his dedicated audience!

Geraldy Tan – All-around Indonesian male influencer

Geraldy is a versatile content creator.

He produces various content for his Instagram & YouTube channel.

Mostly, he creates funny content and builds a hilarious persona on the internet.

But he also loves to react to viral phenomena and review booming food brands.

Basically, he produces popular content for every audience in Indonesia.

Sometimes, he also shares his daily Outfit of The Day and his love for K-pop on his Instagram.

Also, people don’t stop crowding his posts.

Exactly, Geraldy has built such an influence that his audience always interacts with his content.

He is definitely the must-chosen influencer if your brand wants to target ordinary people in Indonesia.

Marco Parama – Male podcaster & influencer Indonesia

Marco hosts a podcast called “Sruput Nendang” with his brother, Marlo Ernesto.

He is also among the best Indonesian TikTok influencers who often go Live.

They are the sons of a famous Indonesian news presenter.

Together, they grow their “Sruput Nendang” podcast on Spotify and YouTube channel “Doa Ibu Selamanya”.

The podcast usually talks about daily issues delivered through usual-conversations-like with friends.

Marco is known for his sadboy and loyal persona, so does his fans.

He is jokey, but also melodramatic at the same time. But his followers love this side of him.

Even if he pretends to chat with his girlfriend, his followers always KNOW. They indeed have a beautiful bond.

Work with Marco ASAP to reach the sadboys and sadgirls who laugh on a daily basis in Nusantara.

Muhammad Aga – Coffee enthusiast & male influencer Indonesia

Aga is a coffee enthusiast based in Indonesia.

He is also a Q-grader, Roaster, and the winner of the Indonesia Barista Championship in 2018.

His love for coffee has grown since 2009. Now, he owns various coffee & drink businesses.

Not different from now, Aga still loves to share his love for coffee on his Instagram page.

Even his sponsored content must be a brand from a coffee mixing or products related to coffee.

Yes, he is very passionate about the industry of coffee.

No wonder he has built such an influence in a very specific niche.

If you want to reach the coffee lovers community in Indonesia, Aga is a must-candidate on your top list.

Dennis Adishwara – Indonesian male actor & influencer

Dennis is known for his role in “Milly & Mamet”, a spin-off of a famous Indonesian 2000’s movie, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?”.

Apart from his actor appearance, Dennis is also an active content creator.

He is into virtual reality such as crypto, metaverse, and NFT, and loves to share content about those issues on Instagram.

If not, then he is enjoying a special time with his wife.

Dennis has created a distinct audience with his online presence.

But his audience is loyal, to the point where his posts are always flowing with interactions.

If you like virtual reality content, Dennis is a wise choice to avoid misleading information.
Unlike the infamous Binomo founders, Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan who influence people using their trading apps, later turns out they have deceived many people.

Dennis is the perfect gateway to reach the big “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” fanbase and crypto lovers.

Instagram Influencer Prices and rate card in Indonesia in USD

Kevin Pramudya Utama – Best male photographer & Influencer in Indonesia

Kevin is very famous for his amazing works and is among the best photography influencers in Indonesia.

He was famous for his Twitter thread when Adobe reached out to him after winning an Editing Photo Contest.

Just look at his page and you will understand why Adobe is interested in him so much!

He is now working in Japan and actively sharing his beautiful edits on his Instagram.

Kevin is known for neon and nightlife photography.

Not limited to that, he also loves to give a cool, breeze edit for daylight moments.

He is very passionate about photography and most branded content he collaborates with is from photography products.

Kevin is the best choice to reach the loving photography community in Indonesia.

Yoland Handoko – Famous Indonesian male fashion Influencer

Here is a fashion stylist that has been working with top celebrities in Indonesia, Yoland Handoko.

Started his career in a lifestyle magazine, and now he is among the established male fashion content creators in Indonesia.

Yoland is very versatile in his fashion.

From a vintage look to a modern classic style, he always presents himself to look chill.

Yoland is a daddy of 3 dogs & 1 cat and loves cooking!

He also loves to post the artists he’s dressing on his Instagram page.

Yoland is a great influencer for brands targeting Indonesian fashion enthusiasts

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Miko Panggayo – Rising male micro-influencer Indonesia & comedian

Miko is known for his comical role in the YouTube channel “Froyonion”, a work from him and his partner, Arie.

He expands his online presence on Instagram and shares daily life with his family.

Born to spread happiness he said, Miko is always successful in making other people laugh.

That’s why his followers love him so much.

Miko’s account might be small but his posts are always crowded with engagement.

The effect of his loyal followers, I know.

Keep Miko on your list to reach the Indonesian micro-comedy community.

Ready to work with the top Indonesian male influencers?

This is it.

We’re now reaching the final section of the 10 most popular male influencers in Indonesia.

For any business, and from any tier.

Who is your favorite so far?

Well, they are all amazing and have influence in their own way.

Whatever it is, don’t forget to keep track of their audience and niche since it’s important to match your goals & needs.


The best influencers are the ones who represent your campaign goals.

The ones who meet the criteria and bring the best results for your influencer campaigns.

So, are you ready to launch your campaign in Indonesia with the influencers on this list?

Continue to read if you like Indonesian Influencer Marketing Tops and Insights

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