Working with French influencers is the ultimate way to reach makeup, skincare, and fashion enthusiasts in France.

This is why.

Just like many others, French women love elevating and taking care of their appearance.

Well, I mean, who doesn’t?

Be it through makeup, skincare, body care, and fashion styles, they want to look gorgeous.

But then it’s clear that there’s always a demand for beauty content to help them achieve their goals.

And that’s what French beauty influencers are here for.

french Beauty and Cosmetics Influencers and Creators in France

The presence of beauty content creators in France is needed so the public knows what products they need to buy and what steps they need to take.

Not to mention that the French get all the advice and information through them for free.

All they need to do is follow them on social media, watch their content, and that’s it.

No wonder many beauty influencers in France have dedicated fans who are always eager to see their new uploads.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in France

  1. MissouMakeup
  2. YanissaXoxo
  3. MarionCameleon
  4. SleepingBeauty
  5. Mimi’s Signature
  6. Pibou Beauty
  7. Mariela Nova
  8. Parys Batonda
  9. Tendance Clemence
  10. Glow with Norhane

With their significance on social media, French beauty influencers will greatly help your brand get acknowledged by the public.

Ready to know who they are?

Here are the 10 best French beauty influencers in 2023.

1. MissouMakeup – Famous French Beauty Influencer.

Missou is among the most prominent beauty influencers in France.

She teaches her audience how to achieve many types of makeup and hair looks.

From simple everyday makeup to full-face Halloween makeup using face paints, she has them all.

Missou also gives out product recommendations and makeup hacks for you to watch.

Missou’s followers also enjoy watching her other entertaining videos, such as testing questionable makeup trends and trying out weird hacks.

Missou is also on TikTok, being one of the prominent influencers on TikTok.

She is super entertaining, so whatever the type of content is, it is guaranteed to have huge online traffic from her dedicated fans.

Follow the funny and talented influencer now to get refreshing beauty content from her social media.

And leverage her influence ASAP if you want your brand to thrive in France.

2. YanissaXoxo – France’s Entertaining Beauty Content Creator

The French beauty content creator Yanissa is well-known in the country for her makeup tutorials on YouTube.

She will show you how to look flawless in every part of your makeup – complexion, lips, eyes, eyebrows, all of them.

Sometimes, she also does a storytime while doing her makeup in a series called “Makeup et Blabla” and “Chit Chat Makeup”.

She’s always been in such a mood and fans say it’s just very entertaining to watch her do her makeup and talk about relatable women’s topics. 

Yanissa is also pretty popular on Instagram where you can see her uploading photos of her outfits, lifestyle, and current brand sponsorships.

Many brands indeed have worked with Yanissa to expand their reach in France.

And I suggest you do the same if you want your brand to get recognized by more audiences in the country.

3. MarionCameleon – Shapeshifing Makeup Influencer in France

When you check out Marion’s YouTube channel, you can see why it’s named MarionCameleon.

The girl is indeed a Cameleon with her ability to turn herself into many different characters, including an alien, witch, demon, vecna, zombie, and many more.

And she does it so effortlessly every time, probably because she’s been a professional makeup artist since 2010. (That’s more than a decade of experience!)

If you want to see simpler looks instead, Marion also has a bunch on her channel.

From the simplest to the most complex makeup looks, she is the queen.

Marion also uploads makeup tips, product recommendations, makeup challenges, and her cosmetics collections.

I think it’s clear why Marion has many subscribers with that variety of content. She truly is your gate to reach makeup lovers in France.

4. SleepingBeauty – Inspirational Beauty Influencer in France

Marie Tuffery, the influencer behind the channel SleepingBeauty, is the inspiration for many French women.

She is perhaps one of the few beauty influencers who are passionate about promoting wellness and maintaining inner beauty.

For Marie, beauty is embraced from the inside out and that’s why she will not only help you with makeup but also with personal development and wellness-related things.

Her content is about skincare, diet menus, fitness tips, health insights, motivation & habit, and even elegance.

She is like a big sister inspiring you in taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

When explaining something, Marie always makes it educative and clear. This, along with the things I mentioned, makes her even more admired by many.

Marie’s online presence is very significant and she should be on your A-List of influencers to work with in France.

5. Mimi’s Signature – Experienced Makeup Influencer in France

Want to elevate your looks while learning how to avoid makeup mistakes? Mimi will guide you to your goals.

Mimi is a French beauty and lifestyle content creator who shares her makeup knowledge and experience on YouTube.

She discusses what to do and what not to do when using certain cosmetic products.

She also chats about product recommendations, reviews, and comparisons.

If you follow Mimi, you’ll learn many makeup techniques easily.

Following Mimi is a must if you want to get better at makeup.

And if you plan to grow your business in France, then working with her is also a must.

6. Pibou Beauty – (Very) Insightful Skincare Influencer from France

Pibou Beauty is a cosmetic chemist whose goal is to popularize science and technology regarding skincare so you can find the right ingredients for your skin.

Not only does Pibou give out skincare recommendations but she also covers many topics such as double cleansing, exfoliation, dark circles, aging, acne, current trends, and the list goes on.

Pibou will also educate you on skincare ingredients and how to combine them to achieve flawless results.

It doesn’t end there. Pibou gives many tips and advice, too, such as avoiding tanning and using SPF every day.

The thing about Pibou is that she always explains why you should or shouldn’t do a certain thing for your skin.

And fans love her for this as they can get a better understanding of everything she is discussing.

Pibou’s expertise & credibility are truly a lifesaver for many and her influence is just what you need to reach the skincare enthusiasts in France.

7. Mariela Nova – Helpful France Beauty & Body Care Influencer 

Maintaining the beauty of your skin should be about your whole body. That’s what Mariela Nova believes in.

Mariela is a beauty influencer from France who will help you learn about makeup & skincare,

AND also help you take care of your body from head to toe.

She has tips and remedies for those dealing with hair problems, eczema, stretch marks, dark underarms, dark knees, and cracked heels.

It is obvious that Mariela’s followers include many hair care, skincare, and body care enthusiasts in France.

And working with her means getting a hold of them all at once, so make sure you connect with her ASAP.

8. Parys Batonda – Beauty Vlogger & Content Creator in France

Parys Batonda is a professional makeup artist and beauty digital creator whose niche is similar to Mariela Nova’s, the one we discussed previously.

Meaning, she serves the most helpful content to help French women take care of their bodies.

Parys shares her acne story and how she “glows up”, in hopes of helping others going through the same thing.

Other than that, she also talks about body care, such as how to treat dry underarms and fissures.

Parys also shows her subscribers what products she uses when taking a shower in her “shower routine” series.

For variations, Parys sometimes uploads relaxing vlogs so her fans can see what she’s up to.

And fans always anticipate her content no matter what it is. Therefore, I suggest you work with Parys and benefit from her online presence now.

9. Tendance Clemence – Luxury Fashion & Beauty Influencer from France 

Here we have Tendance Clemence, a well-known fashion influencer from France who sometimes talks about makeup tutorials and products.

But mostly, her content revolves around luxury fashion items, especially bags. 

Among her videos are “20 Practical Tote Bags”, “10 Dupes of Luxury Bags”, “Fashion Bags for Summer”, “Bags for Every Budget”, and many more.

Doesn’t matter what the style, occasion, and budget are, Clemence has the answer for your needs.

Clemence also discusses other fashion items, such as sunglasses, shoes, sandals, and other essentials, luxury or not.

Subscribe to her now and make sure to follow her on Instagram for classy outfit inspirations that scream ‘old money.’

Also consider working with Clemence to help you with your influencer marketing in France and reach many high-end fashion enthusiasts in the country.

10. Glow with Norhane – A flawless Beauty Influencer in France

Norhane is a French beauty content creator inviting you to glow with her through her channel “Glow with Norhane.”

She shows her subscribers how to achieve different looks, including the clean girl makeup look, summer look, natural glam, and brown smokey eyes.

Her tutorials are perfect for those who want to look flawless and elegant.

Norhane has amassed many followers on both YouTube and Instagram and they are always thankful they discovered her accounts.

With her skills and comforting videos, I believe that she’s only going to get bigger from here.

Collaborate with Norhane now and get your brand introduced to many of her followers.

Ready to work with French beauty influencers?

As mentioned before, the beauty digital creators I have on the list are influential in their own ways.

They make use of their social media to share their expertise at no cost.

Consequently, many cosmetics and fashion lovers in France follow them to stay updated on their new helpful posts.

Imagine your product being advertised on their platforms. Just picture how many people will see it!

Growing your brand through influencer marketing in France can never go wrong.

Especially if you understand this important point:

Pick the beauty influencer whose niche is similar to yours.

Because they will be your gate to introducing your brand to the right audience.

Want to work with other French influencers? Check out our article covering the “Top 10 Male Influencers in France in 2023“.

That’s it for now, see you at the next one!

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