Here are the 10 best male French influencers who are perfect to help you grow your business in France.

Because they have amassed quite a following and have a very significant online presence.

Many people, male and female, follow male French influencers for various types of content,

Including entertainment, fashion, education, food, music, and many more.

Influencer Marketing in France is one of the strongest in Europe.

Best male Influencers in France

Fans are always eager to see their next content, even if it’s about their life updates. 

These male influencers are who you need to grow your brand through digital advertising in France.

If you work with them, I can guarantee that increased brand awareness will instantly come your way.

Top 10 Male Influencers in France in 2023

  1. Squeezie – @xsqueezie
  2. Cyprien Iov – ‍@6pri1
  3. Mister V – ‍@yvick
  4. Kevin Tran – @superkevintran
  5. Johan Papz – ‍@johanpapz
  6. Jordan M – ‍@seizemay
  7. Momo – ‍@boon.vivant_
  8. Lucas – ‍
  9. Lio – ‍@liogomm
  10. French Teacher Carlito – ‍@frenchteachercarlitoo

Of course, not all French influencers are men.

There are a bunch of influential French beauty influencers, fashion figures, travel content creators, and more.

But here, I have curated the best male content creators in France because brands sometimes specifically look for them

Ready to learn more about men influencers from France?

Here are the 10 best male influencers in France in 2023

1. Squeezie – France’s Famous YouTube & Instagram Influencer

Lucas Hauchard, known professionally as Squeezie, is a male French YouTuber.

He is the most well-known francophone gamer in the country and specializes in Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs.

In September 2018, he launched a gaming channel titled Squeezie Gaming where he uploads his live streams on Twitch.

Although initially famous on YouTube, fans also follow him on Instagram to see selfies, his dog, behind-the-scenes, and special announcements.

Recently, Squeezie became even more viral after hosting a Formula 4 racing event featuring 22 prominent streamers. That’s insane!

He’s truly the epitome of “Go big or go home.”

If you want to target French audiences, I think it’s clear that working with Squeezie is a must.

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2. Cyprien Iov – Multi-Talented Male Influencer in French

Cyprien Iov, also known as Monsieur Dream, is a French comedian, actor, dubber, cartoonist, and blogger known for his funny YouTube videos.

Among his videos are skits, reaction and commentary videos, and bloopers – all guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

He is also the person behind the storyline of a comic book, Roger et ses humains.

Cyprien loves getting involved in creative work and recently, you can see him working on his new short movies. 

Which is anticipated by many since his facial expressions are seen to fit the role so well.

Cyprien’s content is well-loved because it never fails to his fans’ day a little better.

With his influence, working with Cyprien means getting your brand instantly acknowledged by the general public of France.

3. Mister V – Male French Rapper & Funny Influencer

Yvick Letexier, famously known as Mister V, is a male French digital creator who loves creating funny videos.

His skit covers relatable everyday struggles, landing him thousands of views in each clip.

Then, in 2017, he surprised his fans by releasing his first French rap album “Double V” which now has more than 100.000 copies sold!

Although his music career is rising, he still shows his followers that his quirks never left.

Fans will always see Mister V as that one funny internet guy who happened to turn into a hilarious, talented rapper.

Want to grow your brand in France? Consider working with Mister V and reach many of his loyal followers now!

4. Kevin Tran – Famous Male Influencer in France

Kevin Tran is one of the duo behind the YouTube channel “Le Rire Jaune” where he used to make hilarious videos with his brother Henry Tran.

Their clips are about everyday life, Parisians, their parents, the French school system, and other random topics.

Now, both Kevin and Henry have their own separate channels but their fame stays undivided.

Kevin still actively makes videos that are just as funny and entertaining.

He even published a comic book series called “Ki & Hi” that tells stories of two siblings living in a panda-shaped kingdom.

Whatever Kevin is pursuing and working on right now, his dedicated fans always look forward to it.

And with the significant online presence he has, Kevin Tran is your gate to reach many social media users in France.

5. Johan Papz – Charming Male Influencer from France

One thing about Johan is that he loves fashion.

He always looks polished and neatly dressed, no matter what he’s wearing.

On his Instagram, Johan posts about many things – pictures of his dog, his photoshoots, cooking videos, him on vacation, and just how much he loves his girlfriend.

The French content creator is out here enjoying life and we love to see it.

Johan also uses TikTok and YouTube to share fun videos, showing another side of him people don’t see on Instagram.

His charm makes people become drawn to him and can’t get enough of his content.

Johan is definitely your one-way ticket to expanding your brand in France.

6. Jordan M – Male Food Influencer from France

Want to cook easy meals at home? Try following Jordan now.

Jordan is a French food content creator who will show you how to make easy yet delicious dishes.

From pastries to fried chicken, he has the recipes for them all.

He even has published his own cookbook!

And if you don’t feel like cooking, Jordan also posts food recommendations on his Instagram page.

Jordan is well-known among many foodies in France.

With his influence, growing your brand in France will be a piece of cake. 😉

7. Momo – France’s Fashionable Male Content Creator

Fashion and art – that’s what Momo’s Instagram page is all about.

Momo is a French fashion content creator who clearly has an artistic nature to him. 

It can be seen from the way he color-codes his whole Instagram feed. Everything has a theme and is just very pleasing to the eyes.

But that’s not all. You can also see his love for art radiating through his styles.

The way he mix-and-matches his clothes and accessories screams art in every way.

He is also not afraid to use flashy colors many men don’t dare to wear.

Momo’s style makes him adored by many fashion enthusiasts in France and even landed him the opportunity to work with Prada and Fashion Nova.

If Momo’s audience is who you want to target in France, then wait no more and work with him ASAP.

8. Lucas – Stylish Male French Influencer

Just like Momo, Lucas is fashionable but his style is more on the casual side.

You can often see him pulling off streetwear fashion items such as varsity jackets, simple T-shirts, or hoodies.

But if you look at his Instagram account, you will see that his fashion inspiration is actually so diverse.

Lucas’ account is perfect for French young adults in need of a streetwear fashion role model.

If you think Lucas’ niche represents your brand, then he is your perfect candidate to thrive in France.

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9. Lio – Marseille-Based Chic Male Content Creator

Lio is a digital creator from Marseille, France, who uses his platform to inspire many French men on fashion.

Lio doesn’t really use flashy colors.

His style is simple yet classy and chic and he is living proof of “less is more”.

Lio rocks everything like a pro, from long blazer jackets to casual shorts, everything looks good on him.

If Lio represents your style preference, then you must follow him for fashion inspo.

Lio is also the gate to the many male fashion enthusiasts in France.

Therefore, working with him is also a must.

10. French Teacher Carlito – Male French Teacher & Content Creator

Carlito is your favorite French teacher on the internet.

He makes learning French fun with all the little quizzes and challenges.

He also discusses French vocabulary and phrases and allows you to practice your pronunciation by repeating what he said.

Apart from the valuable knowledge he shares with the world, many follow him due to his charming personality.

Carlito is a big TikTok influencer and also on Instagram. However, if you want to see more of his life as a French man,

You can see his Instagram profile and explore French monuments, music, and food with him.

Follow Carlito on both to hone your French skills and if you want to target French learners through his influence.

Ready to work with the best male French influencers?

The content creators I have on the list are all influential and inspirational.

People always anticipate their content and once they post something, it’s never empty of likes and comments.

It’s clear, right? They will immensely help your brand thrive through influencer marketing in France.

But before choosing, always pay attention to these male influencers’ niche and audience.

Then, choose the one you know will represent your brand the best.

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