The apparel market in France will experience a growth rate of 1.05% from 2024 to 2027, culminating in a market size of approximately $41.95 billion by the year 2027.

Are you a brand that wants to expand your market in the world’s fashion trendsetter, France?

Here is the thing: Influencer marketing in France is thriving.

Collaborate now with the best French fashion influencers in the biggest vogue market.

Fashion Influencers in France in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Jen Azoulay
  2. Jeanne Damas
  3. Lise Pierron
  4. Estelle Chemouny
  5. Ellie Delphine
  6. Fatou N’DIAYE
  7. Eugénie Trochu
  8. Juny Breeze
  9. Kenza Sadoun
  10. Geraldine Boublil

Especially when the industry is moving forward to embrace sustainability.

Highly-engaged influencers in the fashion center of France is the perfect way for brands to target local audience.

Working with the top French fashionistas helps target wider potential consumers beyond your current audience

All the preferred Social Networks for Influencer marketing in France ranked by percentage

And also accelerates your brand growth considering the French high-demand model industry.

With just a short photo appearance, your product or service is shown to people with aligned interests.

Even if they walk on the same path, the French influencers with the latest styles have different niches.

They might love fancy clothes, walk on the runway, and even influence fashion sense through their arts.

And you can push in on everyone, making the paid partnerships various enough to reach any fashion enthusiast in France.

Here is the up-to-date, versatile list of top fashion influencers in France with a wide audience demographic.

Top list of Fashion Influencers in France

Talking about styles & looks in the home of fashion,

You might find lots of influencers and might be confused about who to choose.

Here, I give you a well-curated list of the best creators in France that match any fashion brand.

Now let’s get to know one by one: the top 10 best French Fashionista in 2024.

1. Jen Azoulay – French Creative Director & Fashion Influencer

The Parisian-born is a hardworking & creative figure in the industry.

Jen Azoulay started her career at a young age becoming an Elle Magazine model.

In 2016, she created a blog Jen Wonders plus an Instagram page with the same name.

She then thrives, has a growing Instagram page with dedicated followers,

And owns a business called Jen Wonders Studio selling redesigned vintage pieces.

Now her Instagram page is full of her daily outfit on the street, hotels, cars, and more.

Add her to your list for targeted influencer campaign results!

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2. Jeanne Damas – Vogue Model & Fancy Designer in France

Jeanne Damas is a model, creative director, and designer based in France.

She also owns a fashion label Rouje offering daily casual wear.

Jeanne started everything on Tumblr, sharing inspiring Parisian youth’s latest tastes.

Her page suddenly grabs the world’s attention and attracts fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

Jeanne’s highly-engaged Instagram platform is a must-list for brands to reach wider, general audiences for fashion.

3. Lise Pierron – Beauty & French Fashionista

Lise is the embodiment of great fashion and humanity sense.

She is the face of the Valentino Beauty campaign and fights for justice.

Aside from fashion, Vogue mentions that Lise is very committed to things that are close to her heart:

Justice, diversity, women’s rights, and inclusion.

If your brand wants beyond promoting and supporting social change,

Add & contact Lise for an amazing collaboration.

4. Estelle Chemouny – Fashion Designer & Influencer in France

The South of France’s queen, Estelle Chemouny is an established influencer and entrepreneur.

Estelle was in London developing what match her style & look, later moving to Paris.

After years of building her career, Chemouny now owns Paradise Garage,

an intimate hand-picked boutique that is also co-designed by her husband.

She also has an engaged Instagram page where likes & comments are crowding her posts.

Go add her to your list of inspiring fashion figures & entrepreneurs.

5. Ellie Delphine – Stylist & French Fashionista

Known for her unique username, Ellie Delphine is an influencer from Martinique but currently living in Paris.

Sharing daily wear, Ellie has developed her Instagram page into a promising account to collaborate with brands.

Highly-engaged posts, high-quality content, and versatile looks,

Ellie has set a standard of an inspiring fashion act.

Work with her and grabs the attention of the fashion mania of France.

Instagram Influencers Prices and rate card in France

6- Fatou N’DIAYE – Influential Fashionista Based in France

Fatou N’diaye is French-raised, half-Nigerian, quarter-Malian, and quarter-Senegalese fashion blogger.

She creates in 2007, a blog that preserves the beauty of the Black community.

Her step has set a new definition of French beauty,

More than just neutral colors, clean lines, and timeless basics.

If your brand aligns with what she does, preserving Black style & taste,

Fatou deserves your number #1 priority.

7- Eugénie Trochu – French Fashion editor & influencer

Being an influential person is not merely becoming an influencer.

Eugenie Trochu has proven the point by being a French fashion editor.

She is literally the Head of editorial content at Vogue France.

Yup, she is the person who decides what kind of fancy dress or art style should be on the cover.

After graduating with a degree in literature and journalism, Trochu began her career working at Vogue Paris.

If you are looking for a creator with a great sense of style, Trochu is the perfect one to start.

8 – Juny Breeze – French model, influencer, & entrepreneur

Living a multi-career, Juny Breeze is a founder of JBV, an online vintage boutique.

She also models and promotes brands on her Instagram page, being an influencer.

Her career as an influencer began when the Glossier team discovered Juny on Instagram.

This half-Egyptian and half-Moroccan grew up in Paris and chooses fashion for a living.

Add her to your list for a highly-engaged Instagram influencer page.

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9 – Kenza Sadoun – Fashion & beauty blogger based in France

Kenza Sadoun is a Parisian mode blogger La Revue de Kenza & entrepreneur.

Pure fashion blood having a mother of an ex-Elite model,

Kenza succeeds to build her fashion sense (and business) and admitted career in the trend industry.

Her Instagram page is crowded with engagement from followers,

Making her influence more beneficial for brands.

Collaborate with Kenza and take the heart of French fashionistas.

10 – Geraldine Boublil – Inspiring French vogue consultant

Being a stylist & fashion consultant, Géraldine Boublil embodies fashion into her own self.

Having an aesthetic Instagram account with monochrome vibes,

Boublil has set the standard of fashion expert.

She is also the founder of the new interior project Things From.

Erin Off Duty, her Instagram page was made to share her stories and inspirations

About her passion for fashion, travel, photography, and more.

Contact her to have an inspiring fashion campaign in France.

Ready to work with the top French Influencers and Fashionistas in 2024?

Did you find your favorite fancy creator on the list?

I hope you did since this 2024’s top 10 list of fashionistas in France was carefully selected.

These French girls are the top tier to gather fashion fanbase in France

Their Instagram pages are highly-engaged, full of high-quality content,

And have an impact on French’s vogue scene.

Even if everyone on this list competes in the same industry,

You can still see how they grow their Instagram influence and have a dedicated audience.

When you work with them, having a high traffic, engagement, and increased lead generation

Is like a guarantee.

They are definitely the best choices for your business to grow.

Take some notes before choosing one for your influencer campaign.

Choose the one that resonates best with your brand image & voice.

If you want beyond selling, you can work with people like Fatou to raise social awareness.

Do you need help finding more quality influencers?

Try some of these influencer tools to find any creator on Instagram & TikTok.

So, are you ready to work with the best Fashion creators in the French scene?

French Influencers and Other Fashion related topics

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