In 2022, there were around 16 million TikTok users in France. By 2027, it is estimated there will be close to 19 million users of the short-form chinese video based app.

Wanna know who the best French TikTok influencers are?

TikTok Influencers in France 👇🏼

  1. Noholito – @noholito
  2. Antton Racca – @anttonracca
  3. Yoanna – @yoannafreestyle
  4. Elise – @elise_cm
  5. Diego Alary – @diegoalary
  6. Etienne – @daetienne
  7. Joachim – @iamjoaskills
  8. Lisa – @lisa.bpro
  9. What’s Up World? –
  10. Kaatsup – @kaatsup

Ready to learn more about them?

You have come to the right place.

In this article, I will break down the most loved and followed French TikTokers.

All the preferred Social Networks for Influencer marketing in France ranked by percentage

They are perfect for your influencer marketing in France because they have loyal followers who always engage with their content.

These French TikTok influencers are also well-liked and their comment sections are never empty.

Many TikTok generations look up to them, hence always taking into account their reviews and suggestions.

Just imagine having your brand promoted by them to their dedicated fans – an increase in brand awareness and sales is definitely guaranteed.

And because the platform is a place for everyone to express themselves, TikTok usage in France shows significant growth over the years.

Even French senior influencers can get famous on TikTok, too!

The combination is perfect for any brand planning to expand in France.

Wanna know who these French TikTok influencers are?

Check out my ultimate and reliable list now and read through it.

List of the Best TikTok Influencers available in France

I promise, at the end of the article, you will be convinced to contact them and start your TikTok influencer marketing through their online presence.

Here are the best TikTok influencers in France in 2023.

Noholito – Entertaining French TikTok Star


Il fallait que je teste (insta : noholit_o)

♬ son original – Noholito

Noholito is a famous TikTok star & male influencer from France. He is mainly known for comedy, dancing, and lip-sync clips.

He also makes funny skits of him reviewing viral products.

This includes toys, face masks, snacks, water bottles, and pretty much anything that is currently being talked about.

Many love watching him because of his funny narration and facial expressions.

No wonder he has many fans who always tell him that he makes their day.

You need to work with Noholito now and get your brand recognized by the general public of France.

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Antton Racca – French TikTok Influencer & News Presenter

Antton Racca is no stranger to the French TikTok community.

This verified content creator and social media personality is known for sharing pop culture and gaming videos.

He enjoys making content about Fortnite and Pokemon.

As of now, he also likes to cover spooky news about murder and mystery on his TikTok account,

Making him the perfect influencer for all the game and horror junkies in France.

If you think his niche and audiences are what your brand needs to grow in the country, then collaborating with Antton is a must.

Yoanna – Freestyle Football Athlete in France

Do you like seeing people do football tricks? Then you need to take a look at Yoanna’s TikTok 

She is a famous football athlete who showcases her impeccable freestyle skills on her platform.

Yoanna has many international fans.

There are even compilation videos of all the tricks on YouTube.

With all her dedicated fans and online traffic she gets on her posts,

Yoanna is your gate to reach the football enthusiasts in France.

Elise – Funny Female TikTok Content Creator in France

Here we have Elise, a French TikTok star who uploads funny and relatable clips.

Unlike Noholito, Elise mainly uses the already-known TikTok sounds from famous movie scenes or other viral videos.

She loves lip sync-ing to hilarious sounds and she always acts it out with funny but not exaggerated expressions.

Elise’s content is well-liked in the country and it’s always crowded with likes and comments.

Should you work with her, I can guarantee that your brand will reach a wider French audience in no time!

Diego Alary – France’s Famous Cook & Food TikTok Influencer

Wanna try French food without actually flying to France? Digeo Alary got you.

Diego is a food TikToker who makes use of his platform to share many French food recipes

His recipes are all easy – perfect even for beginners with no cooking experience.

The TikTok star covers not only famous main courses but also desserts and snacks.

Follow Diego now if you are craving French delicacy and want to cook it at home.

If you are a brand owner, connect with Diego to reach the culinary enthusiasts in the country.

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Etienne – France-Based Public Interviewer & TikTok Influencer


Épisode 2: Tu me fais rire, tu gagnes 50€ 😂 Les dernières m’ont CHOQUÉ 😭

♬ Take Me to Hell – Chloe Adams

Etienne is a content creator who basically goes out and interviews passersby on the street.

His content is entertaining because you can hear many different answers to the same question, 

Such as “What’s the worst anime?” or “What’s the purchase you are most proud of?”

It makes you realize that different people have different opinions of things and that’s okay.

He also gives strangers challenges such as, “Answer correctly and win €5”, or “Make me laugh and I’ll give you €5.”

With such a unique concept, I can only see why he is popular among French TikTok users.

Work with Etienne now and leverage his influence in the country.

Joachim – Male Freestyle Football Athlete in France


J’ai assisté à la finale de la coupe de France 🇫🇷 ⚽️🏆 un grand merci à @Betclic 🔞 pour cette expérience unique ❤️‍🔥 #starfreestyle ⭐️


Joachim is like the female version of Yoanna, the freestyle football athlete we discussed earlier.

But what makes him different is that he gives out tutorials on how to do some freestyle tricks.

So, if you want to be as cool as him, you should totally check him out.

Joachim is also creative when it comes to presenting his content.

He would play football in a crowded public place, pass a ball to a stranger, then let him kick it and then rate their performance.

He even dressed up in a dinosaur costume once and showed off his skills in it.

He is cool, creative, skilled, and of course, influential.

You need to connect with Joachim now and get a hold of football lovers in France in no time!

Lisa – French Makeup Artist & Beauty Influencer

Lisa is a famous makeup artist & beauty influencer in France.

But she stands out because of her skills in doing themed makeup.

She has turned herself into so many characters including Pennywise, Scar, Gollum, Medusa, and many more.

When you see her as those characters, you will think to yourself, “What sorcery is this?”

I know, the talented makeup TikToker truly is a shapeshifter.

Although she mainly does character makeup, you can also find her sharing tutorials on how to achieve everyday makeup looks.

But whatever looks she’s trying, she always looks amazing.

For brand owners, you need to work with Lisa now and be recognized by makeup lovers in the country.

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What’s Up World? – Insightful TikTok Influencer in France

What’s up, World? Ready for some quizzes and trivia?

The TikTok account “What’s Up World?” is about a French guy sharing trivia about the world, history, culture, geography, and many more.

On his platform, he shares the Top 10 lists of well, many things, such as the most spoken languages and the most powerful passports in 2023 – you get the gist.

He also has fun little quizzes on his account such as “guess the country flag”, or “guess the country”.

His account is the best for those who like learning about random world facts or those wanting to check their knowledge.

What’s Up World is very popular in France and his content is never vacant from likes and comments.

He must be on your A-List if you want to expand your market in the land.

Kaatsup – Famous French Twitch Streamer & TikTok Influencer

Kaatsup is widely known as a gamer and twitch streamer in France.

So, when you scroll through her TikTok, you will find many gaming-related content and memes.

But Kaatsup also makes use of TikTok to upload vlogs about her everyday life and some entertaining skits.

She also creates fun unboxing and lip-sync vids.

No matter what she posts, fans always look forward to it and are ready to flood it with likes and comments.

And this is a promising opportunity not to be wasted if you plan to grow your brand in France.

Leverage Kaatsup’s influence now and watch how she will help you meet your marketing goals.

Ready to work with French TikTok Influencers?

The influencers I have on the list are all amazing and influential.

They are even powerful enough to start a trend because many want to follow what they’re doing.

And once they posted something, it is always crowded with online engagement.

The TikTokers I have on the list vary in niches so you just have to choose one that matches your brand values the most.

Because the best influencer for your campaign is not the one with the most followers,

But the one who can represent your brand well and whose followers are your target audience.

Wanna know other influencers in France instead?

Also, check out our article on “The Top 10 French Fashion Influencers.”

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