Between 2024 and 2028, the French influencer advertising market is projected to grow by 8.86%, reaching a market volume of 711 million US $.

Evolution and prediction of the Influencer marketing market size per year in US dollar from 2020 to 2028

Influencer marketing in France has shown maturity where some companies have successfully built new business niches and made several acquisitions. In 2024, the French Creators industry is still evolving and this article will accommodate some useful insights to welcome the next trends of influencer marketing in the fashion capital of the world.

  • The French influencer advertising market will see an 8.86% boost over the next five years, reaching $711 million by 2028
  • Instagram remains the dominant platform for influencer marketing in France, with 62,516 influencers with 5,000+ followers in 2023.
  • TikTok is experiencing rapid growth, with influencer numbers jumping 27.2% to 184,162 in 2023
  • Nano-influencers are the most popular influencer tier on TikTok and Instagram in France and have the strongest connections with their audience
  • 78% of brands in France are expecting an increase in their influencer marketing
  • TikTok Mega-influencers have the highest engagement rate in France
  • 76% of French influencer marketing agencies get consistent marketing demands
  • 64% of French consumers make a purchase after viewing an influencer’s content
  • 69% of brands in France entrust their campaign to influencer marketing agencies
  • Instagram fraud in France has decreased by 6.16% in 2022

Many have failed in the crisis, but the French influencer marketing industry is still managed to reach an expected average of annual growth of 30% until 2025.

How come?

Some companies have succeeded with potential businesses never seen before.

Some also have acquired promising players to join their companies.

This is a very progressive move and brands should not get left behind in the trend.

But here’s the kicker: you won’t once you read this article.

It contains top insights on the influencer marketing state in France in 2024.

Also to help you launch a successful influencer marketing campaign in the land of Franks.

Influencer marketing study with insights in France

Keep scrolling to fully master the French competitive market.

What is Influencer Marketing in France?

Influencer marketing in France is a social media marketing strategy where brands collaborate with content creators or key opinion leaders (KOL) from the Home of the Eiffel Tower who are considered to have an influence on their audience to market brands’ products.

Content creators are those who start their accounts to gain a certain audience by diligently creating content and other strategies.

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INSG. Influeancer Search
INSG Influeancer Search mobile view

While KOLs are considered to be the expertise in a certain topic. Their opinion is respected by the public.

Almost similar to Southeast Asia’s market, influencer marketing in France is somewhat still amateurish.

There is barely any standard and brands & influencers still seek the best practice.

Despite being young, influencer marketing in France is predicted to reach a promising level.

Now let’s see the stats.

The global Instagram Influencer Marketing is expected to reach $22 billion in 2025 – Worldwide

The Instagram influencer marketing market is predicted to grow by $15.2 billion in 2022.

Four years later, or in 2025, the number is expected to hit $22.2 billion.

The trend is gradually rising, from $13.8 billion in 2021, to 17.4 billion in the next year, then $22.2 billion in 2025.

This prediction comes from the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in 2021 at 12.6%.

Thanks to the high CAGR rate, the market keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Influencer Marketing Market growth prediction for 2025
Fact. Influencer Marketing will continue to grow.

Many factors support the steady growth rate.

There is the rise of social commerce, offline and television ads going digital, and the solution of the many users using ad-blockers.

In fact, 36.8% of French users use ad-blockers while browsing the internet in 2022.

Here is the list of ad-blockers usage in some countries in Europe in 2022:

European CountryAd-blocker Usage rate
The United Kingdom35.2%
The Netherlands33.6%
Ad blocker are damn popular in 🇪🇺

It spares space for influencer marketing to thrive in Europe.

Truth is, the Europe influencer marketing market has formed its own strength a long time ago.

Europe considers influencer marketing as a big part of brands’ marketing strategy.

What about the state of influencer marketing in Europe?

Influence is a big deal in Europe.

Including influencer marketing in your marketing strategy and budget is a must.

No brands would market their products without leveraging the influence of the influencers.

In 2021, the Europe influencer marketing industry has reached more than 10 billion euros.

It is also predicted to grow at a CAGR of 30% until 2025.

Based on the number of the last year’s CAGR, then the Europe influencer marketing market is valued at 13 billion euros in 2022.

It will also reach 28.4 billion euros in 2025.

The huge number has attracted more than 300 different key players in the Europe influencer marketing landscape.

They are ranging from traditional talent management businesses to data influencer providers and other influencer relationship management.

France situation in the European Influencer Market

France is known for its strong and competitive influencer market.

Especially what makes it big in the European market: the beauty industry.

In 2021, France is ranked fourth for the number of influencers among European countries.

But French beauty influencers ranked second behind The United Kingdom.

Here is the list of beauty influencers in European countries:

European CountryBeauty influencers Number in 2021
United Kingdom5,9k out of 90k total influencers
France3k out of 50k total influencers
Germany2,9k out of 55k total influencers
Italy2,4k out of 80k total influencers
Spain2k out of 35k total influencers
Europeans Countries and Beauty influencers – A love story

Beauty influencers gain a solid position in France because they are liked by many online consumers.

In fact, 64% of French consumers make a purchase after viewing an influencer’s content.

These are the 3 main reasons why French online consumers like beauty influencers so much:

  • Entertaining: French online consumers like to consume content from beauty influencers because it entertains them – Doing a makeup challenge to your friend
  • Appealing content: French online consumers like to consume beauty content because they find it interesting to watch – Listing of the most expensive world’s beauty products
  • Reproducible and relatable: French online consumers like to consume beauty content because they relate with the excitement and they can recreate the look – 90’s-inspired makeup looks
  • In line with today’s beauty trends: Online consumers in France like watching beauty influencers’ content because they help them keep up with today’s trends – Top viral makeup trends you need to try in 2024

So, talking about France position among European influencer market, France is always leading the beauty industry.

But then, you might be wondering…

How big is the Influencer Marketing market in France in 2024?

It is quite big.

The French Influencer Marketing market is projected to reach 609.4 million € ($664.4 million) by 2027, experiencing a steady growth of 10.29% CAGR over the next four years.

This means that the market is sizeable and still has room for expansion.

Here’s a breakdown of the French market size from 2023 to 2027

  • 2023: €418.8 million ($499 million)
  • 2024: €460.7 million ($539.5 million)
  • 2025: €506.3 million ($595.7 million)
  • 2026: €556.2 million ($656.8 million)
  • 2027: €609.4 million ($664.4 million)

Also, the key pillars of the market show a big portion of interest in this market.

Like how brands in France invest so much in influencer marketing.

Or the fact that there has been a strong increase in influencer marketing demands to agencies.

Let’s check it out.

78% of brands in France are expecting an increase in their influencer marketing

You heard it right.

More than three-quarters of French brands will increase their marketing budget for influencer marketing in 2024.

Brands years of usage of Influencer Marketing in France
Oui Oui. Brands love Influencer Marketing in France

The global trend says so.

In 2022, 68% of global brands agree to invest more of their marketing budget in influencer marketing.

But here’s the thing:

the trend in France has grown with a clear tendency in the last year.

In 2021, 61% of French brands have integrated influencer marketing into their marketing strategy at least for one year.

While 50% of brands in France have included influencer marketing for a minimum of 3 years to more than 4 years.

Here is the full list of how long French brands have been leveraging influencer marketing in 2021:

Influencer Marketing usageFrench brands in %
Less than one year17%
1 to 2 years31%
3 to 4 years30%
More than 4 years20%
Not sure2%
French Brands & influencer marketing usage

Influencer marketing has been acknowledged for its effectiveness in boosting sales.

Especially when it gets 11x more ROI than banner ads.

Seeing French brands have been using it so early, I believe they will invest more than 40% of their marketing budget someday.

Let’s wait for the future, but now take a look at the French agencies’ part.

76% of French influencer marketing agencies get consistent marketing demands

As brands make a rapid movement to influencer marketing, the demand for help from an influencer marketing agency is in line with the increase.

A study reveals how agencies get constant marketing demands in the last 2 years.

42% of influencer marketing agencies in France agree the demand to launch an influencer marketing campaign increases.

While 33% of French influencer marketing agencies say there has been a strong increase.

In total, 76% of French agencies specializing in influencer marketing get consistent support requests from brands.

While 22% of brands get stable requests and 2% of the last part don’t really pay attention to it.

As long as brands trust influencer marketing, the demand from an agency specialized in influencer marketing will always be there.

What are the best social media for influencer marketing in France?

Today, 80% of the French total population or 52.6 million by number are on social media.

They spend 1 hour and 46 minutes online.

Now, let’s see which social media is the favorite among those users.

Facebook is the most-used social media in France

In February 2022, Facebook still holds the crown for most users in France.

What are the most used social media networks in France
France is a Meta world. This old friend Facebook.

Followed by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Here is the list of the most-used social media in France in 2022:

  • Facebook: 73% of French people are on Facebook.
  • Facebook Messenger: 59% of French use FB Messenger daily.
  • WhatsApp: 55% of French people use WhatsApp every day.
  • Instagram: 54% of French people are scrolling Instagram daily.
  • Snapchat: 41% of French still use Snapchat.

Despite being the most used, Facebook is still the third choice in mind when brands want to run an influencer marketing campaign.

Brands, agencies, and influencers in France admit that Instagram is the best for influencer marketing.

Let’s check it out.

Instagram remains the most popular social network for influencers and brands in France

In 2021, brands, agencies, and influencers, basically the key pillars of influencer marketing agree that:

Instagram is still number #1 to launch more effective influencer marketing campaigns in France.

Even the number in the survey for Instagram takes a huge gap with other social media.

Check this out: the list of favorite social media networks to carry out an influencer marketing campaign for brands, agencies, and influencers.

Preferred social networks for Influencer Marketing in France
Hello Instagram 👋🏼

In 2022, Instagram users in France have hit 26.5 million people.

It is equivalent to 40% of the total population.

While YouTube comes second with the most users in France: 80% of the total population or 52.6 million people by number.

Yes, Instagram still reigns supreme in the field, but we can see the fast spurge of TikTok which is placed fourth on the survey.

39% of agencies consider TikTok is the best place for influencer marketing.

In 2022, 17.4 million French people are already on TikTok being active users. The number is catching up with Instagram.

My takeaway:

the key players have seen TikTok as the next potential platform to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing on Instagram in France: What makes Instagram a marketing-friendly channel?

It is known that Instagram has a bunch of helpful features to help brands and creators boost their business performance on the platform.

One of them is the ultimate Professional Dashboard, a compact tool to create and optimize business-oriented content.

You can access analytics, and leverage Instagram shop. Even Instagram has let every user attach links to their Stories.

Also, the newest Instagram feature, Reels, has been the talk of the town.

The feature was previously mocked for being the copycat of TikTok. But today, businesses on Instagram have witnessed the power of Instagram Reels.

You can earn 3x-4x more views than a classic feed post = which makes your content more reachable to people.

Now let’s see the most important insights from Instagram users in France.

45% of Instagram users in France are aged between 25-45 years

In 2021, the Instagram users in France are mostly middle-aged people.

And the most-crowded age group (25-34) is mostly females.

This is the list of French Instagram users by age group:

  • 13-17: 8% of French Instagram users are teenagers around 13-17 years old.
  • 18-24: 33% of Instagram users in France are young-adult aged 18-24 years old.
  • 25-34: 45% of French Instagram users are middle-aged

The gender majority of Instagram users are females.

But for the most popular age group, males are leading the number.

Analyzing who is the dominant age on the platform will help you better target your audience.

The target audience is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign.

If you want to target people of this age group (25-34), then Instagram is the perfect place to do it.

Lifestyle influencers are the most popular niche on Instagram in France

There are a lot of influencers’ niches in France, ranging from Lifestyle to Fashion or Art.

However, Lifestyle influencers remain the most popular niche in France.

Take a look at some of the popular French influencers by category throughout 2021.

French Influencer categoryPopularity rate
Literature & Journalism4.4%
Humor & Fun4%
Lifestyle influencers are the most popular in France

FYI, the lifestyle niche remains at the top for consecutive 2 years.

Even the number of French influencers who create lifestyle categories increase by 43% in 2021.

No wonder lifestyle becomes the most popular since it is the most general category everyone could land on.

But as France is the powerhouse nation for Fashion and Art, it’s interesting to see that the two niches both place at the bottom ranking.

Other popular categories are Photography, Music, and Beauty which place second, third, and fourth on the table.

“Economics & Finance” is a trending topic on Instagram in France and “Sports with a ball” is the category with the highest Engagement Rate

You might be wondering:

“what are those active French users preferred content on Instagram?”

Wonder no more: they like talking about economics & finance.

Here is the full list of most-talked-about topics by Instagram users in France in 2021:

Instagram Topic in FranceAverage Yearly Growth
Finance & Economics29.7%
Health & Medicine22.6%
Adult content21.7%
Water sports17.9%
Kids & Toys16.4%
Do French People like to talk about Money?

Well, French users actually like to consume finance content to help themselves manage their money better.

But, if we are talking about which content gives the highest results in engagement?

The answer is Sports with a ball.

These are the types of content that have the highest engagement rate on Instagram in France:

Type of Instagram Content in FranceAverage Annual Engagement Rate
Sports with a ball4.92%
Winter sports4.34%
Nature & landscapes4.34%
Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity4.13%
Racing sports4.06%
France is massively on Football (Soccer)

Well well well, looks like Instagram has become the Sports Home for French users.

In fact, the top 3 most growth Instagram accounts are won by Football figures, they are:

  1. PSG (@psg), with 22 million followers growth in 2021
  2. Kylian Mbappe (@k.mbappe), with 18 million followers added to his account in 2021
  3. N’Golo Kanté (@nglkante), with 5 million new followers in 2021

To sum up, French users on Instagram prefer talking about Finance & Economics and are excited to engage with ‘Sports with a ball’ content.

Now you know what type of content French people like on Instagram.

But here’s the best part of all.

French Nano-influencers are the most popular influencer tier on Instagram and have the strongest connections with their audience

Yep, despite being a small size, nano-influencers are powerful as ever.

Average Engagement rate by Instagram influencers by tier in France in 2020 and 2021
Nano Influencers are 🔥 in France

In France, nano-influencers are number  #1, dominating Instagram with 43% of them actively doing promotions on the platform.

Next, micro-influencers are the second largest group of creators on Instagram.

While macro and mega influencers just take a very small percentage.

Look at the influencer tier spread on Instagram here:

French Content Creator Tier% creators on Instagram
Nano-influencers (1k-5k)43.7%
Micro-influencers (5k-20k)36.3%
Mid-tier influencers (20k-100k)15.7%
Macro-influencers (100k-1m)3.9%
Mega-influencers (>1m)0.3%
Influencer Tier representation in France

Not only is the biggest group, nano-influencers actually have the highest engagement rate among other influencer tiers.

What is the engagement rate?

It is a metric used to assess the level of engagement generated from a creator’s content.

To measure it, you need the total engagement and total followers.

This is how you calculate the engagement rate

[Engagement rate = Total Engagement/ Total followers x 100]

Total engagement here means the overall interactions on the account, such as likes and comments. It’s different for each platform.

It is essential to measure how well an influencer connects with their audience.

That is why checking out an influencer’s engagement is important to estimate your campaign’s success.

In 2021, the average engagement rate of nano-influencers on Instagram in France is 5.8%.

Creators’ tierEngagement Rate (%)
Nano-influencers (1k-5k)5.8%
Micro-influencers (5k-20k)2.9%
Mid-tier influencers (20k-100k)2.3%
Macro-influencers (100k-1m)2.2%
Mega-influencers (>1m)2.2%

While the highest number can be reached by others is only 2.9% by micro-influencers.

The overall average engagement actually dropped for all tiers in 2021.

This might be because more users spend more time on Stories and Reels.

Check out each engagement rate for the French Instagram influencer tier in 2021 respectively:

After all, nano-influencers are proven to have the strongest connection with their audience.


Nano-influencers’ audiences are mostly friends & family.

The more you recognize the person behind the account, the more you are likely to interact with the content.

When a nano-influencer uploads branded content, it will look genuine and more honest than those branded posts on a mega-influencer account.

After all, nano-influencers are the best to work with among other tiers in France.

Instagram fraud has decreased by 6.16% globally in 2022

Follower fraud or influencer fraud has been a common issue in the world of influencer marketing in recent years.

Percentage of influencers impacted by fraud by follower number
Influencer Fraud is not hype anymore

What is follower fraud?

It starts with an influencer who hastily wants to get money from brand sponsorships.

To quick-grow their followers, they purchase followers of non-organic or bot accounts.

Sometimes they also use other cheap tricks like buying likes & comments, follow-unfollow, and engagement pods.

When fake influencer collaborates with brands, they can’t reach the targeted goals: their audience is not a real person, after all.

That’s when brands feel cheated → follower fraud.

In 2019, global companies have lost $1.3 billion because of fake influencers.

In the same year, 63.5% of Instagram influencers around the world have involved in fraud.

Global Influencer tierFollower fraud rate in 2020Follower fraud rate in 2021
Nano-influencers (1k-5k)41%37%
Micro-influencers (5k-20k)58%52%
Mid-tier influencers (20k-100k)57%56%
Macro-influencers (100k-1m)60%59%
Mega-influencers (>1m)66%62%
Average fraud by year55%49%

Fortunately, the number has decreased gradually year by year.

In 2021, the global average of follower fraud has dropped by 6.16%.

Check out the annual progress of global follower fraud from 2019 to 2022:

We can see that mega-influencers have consistently done the worst for follower fraud.

On the other hand, micro-influencers were once having the highest influencer fraud of all tiers in 2019 with 71%.

But one thing for sure: nano-influencers have the least follower fraud.

It’s also important to note that NOT all of the influencers involve with this fraud or use some cheap techniques.

But still, better safe than sorry

Influencer marketing on YouTube in France: What are marketing features supported by YouTube?

With video-type content, YouTube videos are one of the most-loved content for brands.

It lets YouTube creators have their message heard.

56% of global marketers agree that YouTube videos are the most important content format for influencer marketing. 

YouTube has also been providing more supporting tools for creators to create both creative and branded content.

In May 2021, YouTube has joined the bandwagon to create a TikTok replication with Shorts.

YouTube actually modified the concept by giving creators a reward through their new project: 

YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund distributed from 2021-2022 to thousands of creators each month.

Those, who have the highest engagement and views on their Shorts, will be selected and rewarded by YouTube.

YouTube also lets creators monetize their videos more by tagging the featured products.

You see YouTube has improved its features to be more marketing-friendly, both for creators and brands.

Now let’s see the best insights to help your marketing campaigns with YouTube creators.

70% of YouTube users in France are between the ages of 18-34 years

First of all, we should take a look at the audience demographics.

In 2021, most YouTube users in France are young-adult and middle-aged people.

This is the list of French YouTube users by age group in 2021:

  • Teenagers: 11% of French YouTube users are teenagers around 13-17 years old.
  • Young adult: 27% of YouTube users in France are young-adult aged 18-24 years old.
  • Middle-aged: 33% of French YouTube users are middle-aged.

Unlike other platforms, Youtube is actually filled with male users.

The same domination also seems to the age group of middle-aged people.

While people aged 24 and under are the most female watchers on YouTube.

As I said before, having the majority of audience knowledge will help you to choose the platform wisely.

If your target audience is teenagers and grown-up people (18-34), then YouTube is the best platform for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Music & Dance is the most popular influencer by category on YouTube in France

It seems like Spotify has a big competitor here in France.

Turns out, French YouTube users like to watch Music & Dance a lot.

Most popular type of content on Youtube in France
🇫🇷 loves to sing and dance on Youtube

Well, most music videos from famous musicians are usually uploaded here.

These are the top 5 of the most popular content categories on YouTube in France:

  • Music & Dance: 21% of YouTube users in France prefer watching Music & Dance videos – Watching BTS music videos like Butter, Permission to Dance, etc.
  • Video Games: 20% of French users like to watch Video Games on YouTube – Watching streamers play online games
  • News & Politics: 9% of YouTube users in France like to consume videos about News & Politics – Watching updates about the Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Design/Art: 6% of French users like to watch Design or Art videos on YouTube – Watching design trends in 2021
  • Humor: 5% of YouTube users in France like to watch funny videos on YouTube – Watching the funny compilation videos.

From the graphic below, Video Games is catching up with the Music & Dance number.

And News & Politics become the third most-produced content on French YouTube.

Some agree that YouTube content is more challenging because creators must hold the viewers’ attention longer due to the video format.

See the graphic for the full list.

Now you might be wondering: what are YouTube creators’ rate cards?

They are not paid based on the size of the subscribers, but rather on their average views.

Here are how much brands should pay for sponsored content on YouTube:

  • 1k-5k views: French brands should be willing to pay from $60-$850 if they want to collaborate with YouTubers that have 1k-5k average views. 
  • 5k-20k views: French brands should spare $180-$1240 for YouTubers with 5k-20k average views. 
  • 20k-100k views: French brands should provide $389-$1859 when collaborating with YouTubers that have 20k-100k average views. 
  • 100k-1m views: French brands must be willing to pay from $1105-$6234 if their products want to be displayed on a 100k-1m average views YouTube channel.
  • 1m+ views: French brands should spare $2500-$∞ if they want to collaborate with YouTubers that have more than 1m average views.

It might seem pricey, but promoting your products through YouTube creators will still give your brands a good amount of exposure.

You will get their full attention.

Now let’s peep at the rising star in France: TikTok.

Influencer marketing on TikTok in France: What makes TikTok a promising platform for brands?

Globally, we know that TikTok has gained big popularity.

Best French TikTok influencers are making impressive content.

At the beginning of January 2024, TikTok already has 1.7 billion active users from all over the world.

And 18% of them are from France (between 20 to 25 million people).

But what makes TikTok grab the world’s attention so easily?


Encore des nouvelles coques iphone (insta : noholit_o)

♬ son original – Noholito

TikTok has a high engagement rate. And you can get viral easily from its algorithm.

Also, TikTok has been building more supporting tools for creators to expand their creativity.

TikTok has enabled live streaming where creators can engage and talk to their audience in real-time.

You can do Q&A sessions (supported by TikTok), or simply promote your products.

TikTok will let your followers purchase the items shown during the live.

TikTok has also launched Creator Portal where creators can learn tips to help with the content.

To use TikTok wisely, let’s go to some insights.

72% of TikTok users in France are under 24

TikTok is very popular among teenagers and young adults around the world.

Indeed, most TikTok users in France are young people in 2021.

Here is the list of some TikTok users by age group:

  • Teenagers: 32.6% of French TikTok users are teenagers around 13-17 years old.
  • Young adult: 40% of TikTok users in France are young-adult aged 18-24 years old.
  • Middle-aged: 21% of French TikTok users are middle-aged.

Female users are very dominant on French TikTok. They are the majority of almost every age group.

For teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged, female users are higher in number.

It makes the total number of TikTok female users in France 68.67% compared to male users with 31.33%.

Let’s take some notes that TikTok ‘belongs’ to young people in France.

If you want to target this age group (13-24), definitely TikTok is the best place to start.

Nano-influencers are the most popular influencer tier on TikTok in France

It seems like everywhere around the world, nano-influencers have the biggest crowd, including in France.

Nano-influencers in France take up more than half of the total TikTok influencers in France.

Check this list of influencers in France in number:

French Content Creator Tier% creators on TikTok
Nano-influencers (1k-5k)51.2%
Micro-influencers (5k-20k)30.5%
Mid-tier influencers (20k-100k)14.2%
Macro-influencers (100k-1m)3.8%
Mega-influencers (>1m)0.2%

After nano-influencers, micro-influencers are catching up with 30.5% of the total population.

Same as Instagram before, TikTok in France is full of influencers with smaller size audiences.

While we can see very little existence from bigger size influencers like macro-influencers.

Even mega-influencers only managed to contribute 0.2% of the total TikTok influencers in France.

Well, it’s safe to say that smaller size influencers are everywhere on TikTok in France.

Collaborating with micro or nano-influencers is actually good for your brand.

Even though they have fewer followers, they create more niche content that appeals to their audience.

It makes their audience trust them and hear the message genuinely.

But there is one interesting fact:

Even if they are (nano & micro) dominant, does not mean they have the best performance.

The mega-influencers are.

TikTok Mega-influencers have the highest engagement rate in France

Talking about powerful engagement, TikTok is the winner of all platforms.

Globally, the average engagement rate on TikTok is 17.4%.

Even Instagram is struggling and only managed to get an average of 2.2%.

French TikTok influencers are joining the trend.

But French mega-influencers are still the winner of the winner for an engagement rate of 13.8%.

They beat the smaller-size influencers gang: nano & micro.

Here is the average engagement of French TikTok influencers in 2021.

French Influencer tierEngagement rate on TikTok (%)
Nano-influencers (1k-5k)12%
Micro-influencers (5k-20k)12.3%
Mid-tier influencers (20k-100k)12.2%
Macro-influencers (100k-1m)13.4%
Mega-influencers (>1m)13.8%

See? Everyone has a very good stat. The gap is also very thin.

Having a 5+ engagement rate is very difficult for any other platform, let alone 10+.

To be honest, this is not the best performance from French TikTok influencers.

They actually have better stats in 2020.

See the comparison of French TikTok influencers’ engagement in 2020 and 2021 below.

Engagement rate on TikTok in France for all Influencers tier
Engagement Rate on TikTok is damn high in France

Even mega-influencers almost hit 20% back in 2020.

Just how crazy this is.

You might be wondering, how did TikTok mega-influencers do this?

First of all, we know it is the TikTok algorithm and the easy-viral stuff.

TikTok has let both the creators and audience create and interact EASILY on the platform.

The infinite scroll and variable reward pattern leave a unique experience for the audience, so they stay longer.

They end up getting addicted to spending more and more time on the platform.

Second of all, mega-influencers have the highest number of audiences.

With the manual ‘engaging’ setting from TikTok, their audience will definitely interact with the content.

My advice: if you want to leverage TikTok, start working with mega-influencers.

It’s a bit pricey, yes (minimum of $1,034), but seeing the benefit will make your brand shines more.
You can even join the brands from the shopping phenomenon on TikTok to boost product sales.

French Influencer Marketing Trends to watch in 2024

Insights from the most popular platforms for influencer marketing are done.

To complete your understanding, and for the sake of best practice,

let’s see what are the future trends of influencer marketing in France in 2024.

Influencers in France will have more opportunities to monetize their audience

Monetizing the audience will be more sophisticated in 2024.

With more features from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, creators will find more creative ideas to monetize their content.

One way is to share them on multiple platforms.

Especially since the TikTok format has been copied by many big players, including Instagram and YouTube.

It will be easier to post TikTok content to Reels and Shorts, and vice versa.

Also, LinkedIn has come up to the surface to compete with big competitors.

In 2024, we will also see influencers that endorse books, movies, and TV shows.

People nowadays don’t want to watch a movie after seeing a bad review from others.

The production houses could see this as a potential to work with influencers.

Brands in France choose brands ambassadorship over one-time deals

Today, influencers have more freedom to choose what brands they want to work with.

In that case, the key holder is the influencers.

It also means brands will work harder to sign partnerships with them.

This is why brands should start signing brand ambassadorships with influencers.

Well, it’s not a very new thing during this uncertain time.

It is a real case like Lena Situations that has gained the genuine trust of her audience.

Now, ambassadorships in France are becoming very popular compared to one-deals.

Brands want to build long-term trust over anything else to feel more authentic and sincere.

One important tip: find influencers that align with your brand’s values.

Also, find your brand’s fans! It will look very natural for them to endorse your brand.
Plus the opportunity to work with non-one-time deals will be wide open with them.

Virtual influencers are becoming more prominent in France

Have you heard of Meta trying to build a Metaverse?

Of course, you are

The thing is, it will be the next revolution for influencers.

Yes, virtual influencers are going to be a thing in the next 5 years on Metaverse.


When announcing Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to attract programmers and creators to make content for it.

Influencers promoting virtual lands on social networks are everywhere nowadays.

Let’s see how many of them would come to an agreement with Zuckerberg to promote Metaverse as a new sensation.

The rise of social commerce in France

With more social media networks building business-oriented features,

it will be possible to see new functionality in near future: social commerce.

Previously, social platforms only supported ads for business.

Now they try so hard to make shopping as easy as possible for users through their apps.

We can see the potential of TikTok Shop which enables users to do a direct purchases on the platform.

It’s like witnessing Instagram and Shopify in one place.

Well, today it’s only on TikTok.

We never know until the other big players imitate the same way as the original TikTok format on their platforms now.

New influencers’ niches are coming in France, while classic influencers will lose boundaries

The old classic beauty influencers will no longer be there in the future.

You won’t see standard food bloggers, and fashion influencers flourishing in the next years.

It was years ago and now we are seeing the blurring lines slowly vanishing.

You will see beauty-travel-fashion-influencer and everyone will welcome the mixed niches.

Now we even have finfluencers, skinfluencers, pertfluencers, momfluencers, and granfluencers or male influencers.

Who knows the names for them in the future?

Let’s wait and see

Who are the top French Instagram influencers?

“Top Influencers” can be interpreted in many ways.

It could be the most famous celebfluencers in France, or the best influencers to work with.

As France is filled with smaller size influencers, plus they perform better than anyone else,

I will give you the top mix recommendations for nano and micro-influencers in France.

Check this out!

Jeanne – Modeling and France Influencer

Jeanne loves fashion and does photo modeling as her current job.

Her Instagram page is filled with her daily poses, moments, and photoshoot’s behind the scenes.

She also shares her precious moments with friends and her little brother.

You can also see her love to travel when she is visiting Italy and posted it on her page.

Jeanne will be a good match if you want her to wear your brand effortlessly.

She will pose naturally and boom! Your brand looks good on her, and so does everyone else!

Need the Best

Let us help. We can find and contact them. Build your Campaign and ROI

INSG. Influeancer Search
INSG Influeancer Search mobile view

Cailloux – The best French thrift influencer

Camille, better known as Cailloux is a thrift lover. She is also a rising Parisian micro-influencer today. She loves to share thrifting tips, including her thrifting hauls. And of course, apart from sharing daily moments with friends, her page is full of her daily mix-match vintage looks.

Cailloux is a dedicated influencer. She regularly organized vintage pop-up stores for her followers. It is her way to support a more eco-friendly use by wearing second-hand clothes. It is also a great way to tackle fast fashion trends which cause many pollution & labor issues.

Anne Lataillade – Established food blogger & France influencer

Anne is an established food blogger on Instagram.

She first runs her cooking blog in 2005, making her one of the culinary pioneers among others.

And yes you can imagine how mouthwatering her Instagram feed is!

She also loves traveling and shares the food she has been eating throughout her recreation.

She also loves sharing her own delicious recipes on Instagram, giving her audience inspiration to cook.

Anne is the best choice if you want to collaborate with an influencer with a bigger audience.

Romain Le Bis – The best French lifestyle influencer

Romain is a versatile lifestyle influencer. On Instagram, he shares his cool poses, sometimes chill, and moments with friends. But once he hops on TikTok, his personality changes instantly. He uploads lots of anecdotes and funny jokes on his TikTok page.

I can say that it’s a smart move for Romain to adapt to each social network and create different online personalities. On Instagram, he got 13k followers and 434k followers for TikTok with a quite good engagement. He definitely should be on your list!

Sheila Shanel – The rising French nano-influencer

Sheila is a rising nano-influencer in France. She does modeling as her current job and shares daily pose on her Instagram page. She also makes her Instagram a platform to show off her daily looks and outfits.

Sheila loves elegant style, sometimes she also looks sweet & casual in a floral top. Despite having a tiny amount of followers, she managed to get 400+ likes and 40+ comments on each post. Give Sheila a try and see how well a nano-influencer could help boost your brand.

Rayalix – Best French couple influencer

Rayalix is a couple account: Rayan & Alix. Of course, their Instagram page is full of their precious moments. They are a sweet  & jokey couple, also very creative young influencers and entrepreneurs. Recently, they launched their online game called GOZO.

It consists of up to 4.500 questions and debates, such a fun game for friend gatherings, and a great saver when you are out of topic on your date. You should add Rayalix to your list if you want to promote your couple’s hoodies!

Agnès – Lifestyle, food, & humor French influencer

Here is another sweet lifestyle influencer, food blogger, and humor lover: Agnès. Nope, she is not only that, she is also an inspiration for her community. She spreads body positivity towards people with eating disorders, the thing she suffered from.

She will create a challenge to eat foods from restaurants/cafes and invite her followers to do so. Plus, her sense of humor can be her audience’s daily booster to fight this common problem among young generations today. Agnès is definitely a gem for your influencer list if your brand is also concerned about the same issue.

Melo – Another growing French nano-influencer

Another rising lifestyle nano-influencer in France: Melo. At a glance, her Instagram page is full of ‘ordinary’ posts. But if you look closer, she has posted many branded content, mostly from beauty products.

She shares many of her sweet moments with her loved ones, her drawings, daily outfits, and many lovable selfies. Go reach out to her if you want to leverage nano-influencers’ benefits!

Need more

We can help you to find the best one of your Brand

Content, Messages, Partnerships mobile-view
INSG. Analytics

Collin Island – The best French Fashion & Art influencer

Collin calls himself an artist on his Instagram bio. Well, he is not wrong. Just look at his Instagram page! He really breathes a great sense of fashion. From colorful blocks to an all-black outfit, he rocks every single look.

I call his style very eccentric: a hybrid of classic and streetwear outfits. He also adds an artistic touch to every photo he took and his feed. Sometimes he stands in front of a symmetric building which will give him liminal space or posing in a themed place like his outfit.

Trust me, you just can’t stop admiring both his taste and his aesthetic care for his Instagram page. Collin is the best match for your luxury brand.

Léonie Gaultier – Social media manager & French creator

Léonie is an all-around creator and social media manager. Her main page has gotten a quite big audience while she also shares Instagram tips for creators and entrepreneurs on her creator account: @popcom.ig.

Despite being a social media manager, she is very fashionable. She wears tuxedos, streetwear, heels and she always looks stunning in every look. Try to collaborate with her for your streetwear brand!

How to get started with an influencer marketing campaign in France?

Understand the market.

That’s the ultimate strategy to start a successful influencer campaign in all country.

In this article, I have given you deep insights to land the market.

Let’s see from his perspective on influencer marketing in France.

How do I feel about the growth of Influencer marketing platforms in France?

It’s a natural pattern. As more and more companies are integrating influencers into their marketing strategy, it’s only natural that they feel the need to use platforms. You either work with agencies or do it on your own. Doing the latter with no platform to help you along the way is a direct path to failure.

Influencer marketing in France has already hit the mature stage. What do I think is the most important insight/trend to keep up for brands?

I wouldn’t say influencer marketing has reached this mature stage yet, not by a long shot. It’s still incredibly amateurish on so many levels. In addition, even social networks haven’t hit the mature stage yet. There is barely any standard yet when it comes to influencer marketing, and that’s also the beauty of it.

What about the French consumers? Do they have a certain demand that shapes how influencers and brands should work?

French consumers put a higher focus on authenticity. The biggest creators such as Lena Situations are highly trusted by their audience, which makes any partnership with her super bankable. It’s more about building trust over time than anything else. That’s why ambassador programs are so popular in France as opposed to one-shots, they feel more authentic and sincere to French audiences. It’s definitely not the same in the Asian market for instance.

What is my prediction for future influencer marketing in France?

Startups and SMBs in general will shape the development of influencer marketing in the near future. As of now, they are still largely underusing influencer marketing as a growth channel. When they realize just how powerful it can be for them, the number of partnerships will explode. Right now, it’s still very much an insiders market, with large companies and agencies taking a huge chunk of the market. It will be the other way around in a few years as influencer marketing will grow into any marketing or growth strategy, alongside emailing, SEO, and paid ads.

Now, It’s time to discuss the method.

If you have much time and money: do it manually.

But I doubt you will get the best results.

Yes. We can help
your Brand

Influencer Marketing – With the Best Creators
Social Management – Post, Comments & Messages
Content Creation – Video Edition & Design

Gregory Taslaud help your brand

You might end up burned out as running an influencer marketing campaign is a lot of work.

If you don’t have time and your brand spares a budget:

try using third-party help.

There are 2 best ways to start with that concept: influencer marketing platform & influencer marketing agency.

Read carefully to choose your best suit!

Choose the best French influencer marketing platform with french profiles


Because they have handy features that will help the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns.

As more brands are integrating influencer marketing as part of their strategy, it’s natural that they feel the need to use help, especially from an influencer marketing platform.

Need the Best

Let us help. We can find and contact them. Build your Campaign and ROI

INSG. Influeancer Search
INSG Influeancer Search mobile view

Running influencer campaigns on your own is like choosing a direct part to a failure.

Especially they have many helpful features like:

influencer discovery tools, influencer analytics, campaign & CRM management, and many more.

All in one place.

Let me explain them one by one.

Influencer discovery: easy searching to find the right influencer that resonates with your brand image.

Nano, micro, macro, mega, all type of tiers you can find easily on the platform’s big databases.

Just set the filters and the desired influencers will show up.

You can never forget their fraud detection tool!

It examines how many suspicious followers are from the influencer’s account.

After that, you can check which influencer has the best performance that matches your brand goals with influencer analytics.

They will give basic information like audience demographic, and engagement rate, to the most important insights like the rate card and how it is to work with them.

Lastly, you can reach out and manage your campaign using the platform.

They will give you templates if you ran out of ideas, and they let you manage every outreach you sent in one place.

Once you collaborate with the influencer, you can easily monitor the ongoing campaigns.

They will give you brief KPI stats to see at one glance.

Such a supportive marketing assistant, isn’t it?

Find the best influencers with the help of an influencer marketing agency in France

Having an influencer marketing platform by your side is a good idea.

But using the service from an agency specializing in influencer marketing is better.

You can save time, money, and energy.

Yes, they will find you the right influencer AND run the campaign for you.

Worry about influencer fraud no more.

You can sit down and have the campaign results in your hand.

Be it an international influencer marketing agency or the local one in Paris, they drive better results.

Why? Here’s the deal.

They handle hands-on cases. They have the best insights into this ever-changing industry.

They know better than anyone what campaign and who is the best influencer for your brand.

Also, they have a dedicated team who has a bunch of creative ideas for the campaign.

You don’t need to worry about the campaign being failed.

Do you know the best part?

That 69% of French brands trust their campaign in influencer marketing agencies’ hands.

It means influencer marketing agencies in France are the biggest help for your campaign.

Start working with them for the most successful campaigns in France.

What is the best influencer marketing software to find influencers in France?


It’s a local-yet-international influencer marketing platform so it’s the best to find influencers in France!

It is also one of the leading Influencer Marketing platforms in Europe.

Their ambition is to bring influencer marketing to everyone and make the market as transparent as possible.

Inflact has more than 10 million influencers worldwide in its database.

You can choose conveniently

It also has a very powerful influencer auditor where you can analyze each influencer’s account performance.

Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign in France for your Brand, is it worth it?

So, how was it? The experience of diving into influencer marketing insights in France?

I hope you come back to the surface with hands of pearls 🙂

Truth is, influencer marketing in France is not very mature.

The demand is nearing 80% as brands leverage influencer marketing more than other marketing channels.

Also, French online consumers rely on influencers’ recommendations so much. 69% of them to be exact.

So, is it worth it for brands to launch an influencer marketing campaign in France?


Yes. We can help
your Brand

Influencer Marketing – With the Best Creators
Social Management – Post, Comments & Messages
Content Creation – Video Edition & Design

Gregory Taslaud help your brand

Right now, maybe the French market is still dominated by a few players like companies and agencies.

But years later, it will be the other way around where influencer marketing becomes one of the main strategies for brands to grow.

So, it’s always important to master the insights to understand the market better.

But understanding the market is not enough. You need clever tactics to steal the attention.

And the best tactic starter is using the service from an influencer marketing agency like us

We can guarantee you real results.

We have experience and a bunch of creative best practices for your campaign.

We know the best of what campaign and who are the right influencers for your brand.

So, don’t hesitate to call us for your influencer marketing campaigns in France 😉

Continue to read if you like Influencer Marketing studies and insights all around the world

Note: Do you think something is missing and you want to complete the pieces? Contact us here and contribute your thoughts.

How much does influencer marketing cost in France?

Depends on the type of influencer. The rate card varies from nano, micro, macro, or mega-influencers. The price range for small to medium influencers on Instagram is $10-$350. The price is different from video-format content like influencers on YouTube which can go from $60 to $1800 for a small to a medium audience. But there are more parameters to decide the cost like reach, engagement rate, the channel they use, the number of posts, the content format, the effort the influencer needed to create the content, and many more.

How effective is influencer marketing in France?

Let’s see the stat: 64% of French online consumers make a purchase after viewing an influencer’s content. It is more than half of the total online consumers in France. It also means that French online consumers trust influencers’ product recommendations more than anything. Brands should utilize this insight by starting influencer marketing campaigns sooner. In fact, influencer marketing brings 11x more ROI than traditional banner ads.

How to do influencer marketing in France?

First things first, know your marketing goals, whether it’s to increase brand awareness or boost sales. Then choose the right influencer that meets your needs. Offer them the sponsorship deals through perfect email outreach, start collaborating, and review the campaign performance. One crucial tip: work with expert local practitioners that understand the market best, for the best results and goal achievement.

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