The best Instagram Bio Link platform will stop you from swapping links over and over again. More than that, using the right Link in Bio software can bring you more leads, and traffic, and even increase sales, only from your IG account. In this article, I have ranked & reviewed the best Instagram Bio Link tools in 2023 to optimize your links & grow your business. This is my top 8 for you.


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Tired of changing your shop links on your IG bio over and over again?

It’s 2023 and Instagram Link in Bio tools are literally everywhere.

If you don’t use one, try it ASAP.

The Bio Link Tools are used to display more than one link provided by Instagram,

Very helpful to put all your business links on one page.

From your shop profile, website link, and product links, to giveaway announcements, and more.

The best Bio Link tool will accelerate your lead generation, bring you more traffic to your website,

And even increase sales, generated from your IG account.

Here are the 8 best Link in Bio software in 2023 to optimize and gain more business benefits.

Let’s get into it.


Use Shorby if you need a robust bio link builder tool & outstanding bio page templates

Or Zaap for Automated links in Bio tool for all Social Media Platforms

The 8 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram

Here, I have a well-curated list of the Best Bio Link tools you can use for your business in 2023.

  1. ShorBy
  2. Zaap
  3. Pallyy
  4. Sked Social
  5. Plann
  6. Feedlink
  7. Beacons
  8. LinkTree

Putting useful information on your Instagram profile is important, as much as decorating it.

That’s literally the first thing the visitor sees in your IG account.

Basically, you should know how to brand yourself on Instagram, starting from your profile.

You won’t use a goofy Instagram profile picture when you want to grow a professional account, aren’t you?

Not just a profile picture, you should put an aligned & essential persona and information on your IG profile, all the way to the Bio link.

There are plenty of tools providing the same service, especially in 2023: Link in Bio.

You can easily pick and use them, but choosing the best ones is tricky.

Let’s review them one by one and see the most outstanding ones for you.

1. Shorby – The best Link in Bio tool for all your Social Media

The ‘Best in Class’ Link-in-Bio tool for Instagram in 2023 (Free-$15/month)


Best Instagram Bio Link Tool so far

This tool is a must if you need a simple yet powerful link collector for your IG bio. From scheduling links to putting any link & decorating it to your liking, it can be done with this software at affordable pricing.

The most advanced Link in Bio tool ever with powerful features is Shorby.

It has a SmartPages feature where you can create a custom page

Consisting of any links according to your priorities, making it a monetization channel.

Take a look at one of the best Bio Link page examples using Shorby.

An example of an Instagram Bio Link page using a tool
Customize the theme, font, and link composition to your liking with Shorby~

It supports any kind of link, media, and even stickers & GIFs to decorate your page link theme.
From messenger links useful for customer service & lead generation, and content pages to increase traffic, to your other social profiles.

The template page provided by an Instagram Link in Bio tool
Add your title, messenger profiles, social links, etc.

Even custom domains are supported by Shorby!

After everything is added, you will have a short link that you can display on your Insta Bio

So the link won’t make it too crowded.

You can also use ad-tracking pixels to attract new leads/customers.

Wanna see how your link performs? No worries.
Go to the view analytics and see which links get the most clicks on your SmartPage.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic content feeds: schedule & customize links with videos, GIFs, icons, etc.
  • Support any link: messenger services, social profiles, 
  • Ad-tracking pixels to retarget audience from third-party apps like Amazon.
  • Analytics to see click insights


All of this, you can use for only $15 a month! Crazy!

If you need more benefits, try using advanced features like custom domain & Google Analytics.

Here is the price list.

  1. Rocket $15: 5 pages, click insights
  2. Pro $29: 50 pages, custom domain, Google Analytics.
  3. Agency $99: 250 pages, project & teams

If you’re not confident with Shorby’s benefits, you can always try its 5-day Free Trial.

See if it’s worth your money 🙂

2. Zaap – Best Link in Bio for Instagram with Integrated Automation

Most-advanced Instagram link in bio Tool (Free-$9/month)


Best Instagram bio link tool to generate leads

Try this tool if you need an advanced bio link tool for your Instagram, but is not pricey for its robust features. This tool uses automation to show your latest works, content, or products without updating them on your link. There is also an in-app feature to help you collect emails & send newsletters at the same time.

Zaap is your all-in-all tool to collect your links, content, community, and products.

Used by well-known creators & public figures, Zaap is the first IG bio link tool

That can show your latest content or information automatically.

No need to spend time updating what content you wanna show to the visitors,

Zaap will do it for you instantly.

The latest content showed automatically by an Instagram bio link tool
Let Zaap update your latest content!

Zaap brands itself as the best alternative to big players like LinkTree, Beacons, etc.

And they don’t brag, but they actually provide features that are worth trying.

Not only supporting your link in bio, Zaap actually has a feature to support your lead generation.

The email input box to generate leads from an Instagram bio link tool
Attach the email box and send your weekly newsletters~

They also provide an in-app newsletter feature to help you send your welcome messages.

List all your new leads and send them newsletters at once.

Very helpful, right?

The newsletter page by an Instagram bio link tool to send messages at once
Run an effective customer relationship with Zaap.

You can also link your website, your Paypal account, and more.

The best thing is: Zaap is Free to use.

Or you can also subscribe to its premium plan and enjoy watermark-free and more pro features.

Key Features:

  • Auto-update the latest content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Lead generation by email
  • Easy-connect with your website and any digital payment services like Paypal.
  • Newsletters block sending emails simultaneously


Zaap is one of the most affordable Instagram link in bio services.

You can use the FREE plan or the premium plan which is not so expensive,

But equipped with powerful features.

  1. Free: Unlimited projects/pages, sell digital products
  2. Pro $9/month: Custom domain, remove Zaap’s branding
  3. Enterprise $24/month: Unlimited pro projects, personal account manager, multiple brands

Get 20% OFF on all plans using my exclusive promo code: INSG20

With the features provided compared to the price list, it’s indeed worth trying.

Start using Zaap, sell your products, and grow your business!

3. Pallyy – Link in Bio tool and scheduler for Instagram

All-in-one Scheduler & Bio link tool for Instagram (Free-$15/month)


Economical Bio Link Tool + IG Scheduler

If you need a tool that provides all your Instagram automation in one go, this software must be in your #1 list. Combining an Instagram scheduler and link in bio tool to ease your content planning & publishing for only $15/month is a huge deal.

This software is a must if you need a straightforward Bio Link tool

Accompanied by powerful scheduling tools.

With Pallyy, you can compile all your priority content pages & shop links using the Link in Bio tool.

An example of an Instagram Bio Link page from Pallyy’s link in bio tool
Compose the links based on your top priorities~

Any links you want to add are supported by Pallyy, even social profiles.

You can also replicate your Instagram grid and use it as the theme of your link page.
Add colors for customization, images, videos, and more.

The customization button menu on Pallyy’s Instagram bio link tool
Personalize the page, match the color to your image, & drag & drop the buttons.

Since the Bio Link tool is integrated with the Instagram Scheduler,

You can directly use it when you plan your content.

This is the best automation tool that saves you a huge amount of time.

You also get access to a full suite of Instagram analytics and see the performance of your link.

Key Features:

  • Simple custom link collection into one page & customize the theme
  • Create your link based on the Instagram grid
  • Link to other social profiles
  • Schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Pallyy charges you $15 a month to enjoy all of its features,

Including the Link in Bio tool.

You just need to add more pennies if you manage more than 1 social profile.

See the price list below.

  1. Free Trial: All premium features, including Link in Bio for 14 days
  2. Premium $15/month: All premium features for monthly use

Pallyy is the go-to tool for those who need one package feature:

Instagram scheduling + bio link tool.

Try its long 14-day Free Trial to use all the premium features for two weeks.

4. SkedLink by Sked Social – The Fastest tool to provides all links on Instagram

Fastest Instagram Bio link tool (Free-$25/month)


Powerful IG Bio Link tracking

This tool lets you plan your content and add the direct link in your Instagram bio simultaneously since it offers a one-package scheduler & bio link tool. Try the fast page loader 3x faster than other similar tools. You can also track your link easily through the auto-added UTM tags on Google Analytics.

Same as the previous tool, Sked Link also provides both Instagram scheduling + bio link tools.

You can add links to your bio and plan the content in advance.

All links are supported, a link to your articles, email newsletter signups, products, and more.

An example of an Instagram bio link page from a tool by Sked Social
Insert your priority links to make your account a monetization channel.

One special thing about Sked Link:

It loads way faster than any other and gets more conversions with Sked Link.

You can also customize the theme & colors to your liking, matching them with your brand persona.

The customization feature on an Instagram link in bio tool
Pick your own color, shape, and link composition.

Sked Link also adds UTM parameter tags to auto-tracking using Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.

My take is that this tool is simple but can help save you time in content planning.

Key Features:

  • Create, arrange, & customize link pages from existing themes
  • Faster link page loading
  • Integrated with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, & UTM parameters
  • Analytics to see clicks
  • Instagram scheduler


SkedLink also charges along with the scheduler tool, only $25 per month.

You can start using the Bio link feature once you subscribed to its premium plan.

See the price list below.

  1. Fundamentals $25/month: 1 user, 1 IG account, Link in Bio
  2. Essentials $75/month: Unlimited user, 3 IG accounts, Link in Bio
  3. Professional $135/month: Unlimited user, 5 IG accounts, Link in Bio

No worries, if you still doubt the price, you can always start FREE.

Use the FREE TRIAL option and see for yourself if SkedLink is really that worthy.

5. Plann – Link in bio Tools for Marketers

Build Influence and Make Sales on Social Media.


Link in Bio Tool for Marketers

If you don’t want to spend a single penny for ‘just’ a bio link tool, this software right here is your lifesaver. It provides all-time free services of tailoring any link for your business on Instagram. Enjoy all the templates and display your all-in-one link page to grow your business.

Plann EasyLink is a powerful tool that enables businesses and individuals to enhance their social media presence by making it easier to direct their audience to their desired webpage or product.

You can basically create custom landing pages that feature your brand or product.

Making it easier for your audience to access your content and make purchases.

One of the most impressive features of Plann EasyLink is its ease of use.

Schedule your Instagram post and Edit your link in bio in the same tool

You can just create custom landing pages in just a few clicks, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to customize the page to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Moreover, users can easily track the performance of their landing pages, allowing them to optimize their content and increase their conversion rates.

You can super easily create and monitor your traffic on Social Media.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Performance tracking
  • Mobile responsive

Plann EasyLink is also an affordable solution, with a range of pricing options that cater to businesses of all sizes.

Start your 7 day free trial, no credit card required – and yes, you can cancel anytime.

Here is the Pricelist

  1. Power User $15: 1 user, Visual drag + drop social planning, Caption libraries + hashtag suggestions, Unlimited media uploads + scheduled posts, Link in bio tool
  2. Build $30: 2 users, Visual drag + drop social planning, Caption libraries + hashtag suggestions, Unlimited media uploads + scheduled posts, Link in bio tool
  3. Grow $75: 4 users, Visual drag + drop social planning, Team chat and approval flows, Unlimited media uploads + scheduled posts, One-click cross-posting across platforms, Link in bio tool

Plann frequently offers promotions and discounts, so do not hesitate to create an account and give a try.

Making it even more accessible to businesses and individuals on a tight budget.

6. FeedLink – Complete link in bio builder with .link domain for Creators

Optimized IG Bio Link tool for Mobile Devices (Free-$3/month)


Mobile-optimized Bio Link tool for Instagram

If you are a visual person, how your Bio Link looks to visitors matter. This tool provides a a Link in Bio tool that is optimized for mobile users. With creative Bio blocks and a very affordable price, your Bio Link will look so much better, more neat, and more visually appealing.

Built by EmbedSocial, FeedLink is actually a web & mobile-friendly landing page

That collects a clickable Instagram feed on a single page.

It’s not just a Bio-Link, but an all-in-one creator tool
And the extension of your Instagram feed, and other social profiles like TikTok.

The Instagram bio link builder tool from FeedLink
Add all your priority links to a single monetization page.

You are right, FeedLink has a mission to enable IG users to optimize their profile as a sales and distribution channel. 

You can have a personalized link to your name & use the provided templates by FeedLink.

Choose your own character.

One of the Instagram link in bio page templates from FeedLink
Make it pink, green, sage, blue, or another signature color of you.

This way, you can easily boost traffic, conversions, and revenue through your Instagram profile.

How does the tool work?

You can tag each content in the feed with a unique link that directs the visitors to your Bio Link page.

Key Features:

  • A mobile-optimized & shoppable landing page
  • Reusable links can be used for other social media networks
  • Load faster because using an AMP version


FeedLink is totally FREE.

But you can also try their premium plans with the lowest price you’ve ever seen.

Trust me, it’s gonna be worth it.

  1. Free: 1 link page, unlimited links
  2. Premium $3/month: 3 link pages, unlimited links, TikTok & IG Feeds
  3. Business $9/month: All premium features for annual use

Try FeedLink now or never, all plans are very tempting

A.k.a quality at a very cheap price 🙂

7. Beacons – Build a link in bio website that your fans will love – For Free!

Creative Instagram Link in Bio tool (Free-$10/month)


IG Bio Link tool with outstanding templates

If you are a creative person and need your Bio Link to look unique & different from others, this tool is right here for you. The templates are very out-of-the-box, best for creators that don’t want to be mediocre.

For brands, content creators, and influencers,

Beacons can be a helpful tool to express your creative side while still selling your service or product.

It’s like having a mini-website for your Insta profile.

One of the creative Instagram bio link page from a tool Beacons
Compose your link, personalize the theme, and more with Beacons.

With Beacons, you can easily link anything, from your shop or website link to products

And even your TikTok or LinkedIn content.

Given the 3 different block options, you can display content, attach your personal information,

And even make payments.

Also, you can’t miss the page customization & templates by Beacons.

The robust Instagram bio link builder by a tool, Beacons
Add your subscriber list link, video content on other platforms, social profiles, etc.

They are all pretty, cool, creative, and all those in-awe words.

You can also integrate your donation page like Ko-fi, Pietra, etc into your Link Page.

If you’re looking for a Bio-Link tool that doesn’t limit your creativity, this one is for you.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple links on one page
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and templates
  • Analytics to track clicks & insights of your followers’ behaviors
  • Integrated with well-known payment platform services


Best news about Beacons: it is forever FREE.

But if you need more features for marketing purposes, I think it’s better to subscribe to its paid plan.

It’s not that expensive tho.

  1. Creator Free: unlimited links, on-page analytics
  2. Entrepreneur $10/month: custom domain, 3 link pages, SEO & Ad pixels integration, no Beacons branding

See how the premium plan literally helps entrepreneurs to make affordable monetization channels.

Are you sure don’t want to try Beacons?

8. LinkTree – The most popular Link in Bio Tool for Creators

Simple IG Bio Link tool (Free-$5/month)


Creative IG Bio Templates

If you only need minimum bio link tool, LinkTree is more than enough to help your business. Even if you get the brand watermark on the link, the robust features are very helpful to attach more than one link, making it an easy monetization channel.

LinkTree is well-known in terms of linking bio tools on Instagram.

In fact, it is a direct competitor to Shorby.

Almost the same, LinkTree provides all types of linking like social profiles, contact, content pages, websites, and more.

The Instagram bio link builder from a tool LinkTree
Adding your podcast is very easy with LinkTree

There is also a link scheduling, customization page, link tracking, link shortener, audience analytics, and existing tools integration.

If you subscribe to the premium plan, you can add social contact like Whatsapp & email contact links.
And advanced customization features & analytics.

The Instagram bio link analytics by a tool, Linktree
All the monitoring metrics you need are here.

The best thing about the paid plan: you can easily remove the LinkTree branding

LinkTree is all FREE.

But you must pay if you don’t want to use the LinkTree branding.

Yes, that one link that you are familiar with: “”.

Read here if you need bio ideas for your bio creation in 2023.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited, scheduled, & customizable links with photos, content, videos, etc
  • Link tracking, retargeting, & email integration
  • Enhanced Analytics, including referral and location data


The thing is, LinkTree is all FREE to use.

But free use comes with limited functions.

Here is the price list of paid plans from LinkTree to try.

  1. Free: unlimited links, customizable page
  2. Starter $5/month: redirect, schedule links
  3. Pro $9/month: hide LinkTree logo, email collection
  4. Premium $24/month: all premium features unlocked & VIP support

If you don’t want your link to appear to be “”,

Try the Pro plan and enjoy the beneficial features.

What is a Bio-Link tool for Instagram?

After reading all the reviews and you still wonder what is exactly a Link in Bio tool:
It is a mini web page attached to your IG profile consisting of multiple links to promote your content, websites, products & services, and more.

An Instagram account using a bio link tool attached to its bio
For a productive content creator, having a collection of your work is a must.

Basically, the link’s purpose is to make your content, website, and product/services clickable and shoppable. 

The reason why there is a link bio tool is that Instagram practices a one-link rule only on every user’s bio.

That’s why Bio Link software is everywhere offering its services.

“But is it necessary to use a Bio-Link Tool?”

Yes. Find out more about why it’s an essential tool for your branding & marketing on Instagram. 

Why is the Instagram Bio Link tool important? Why should you optimize it?

Collecting all your marketing links in one place is a lot more effective for visitors to look more at you and your business.

Instagram limits some of its features, including how many links you can attach to your bio.

Instagram only provides a single-link attachment on every user’s bio.

Just imagine the tiring job of swapping links over and over again.

Such a waste of time and inefficiencies, right?

Having the best Link-in-bio tool is the answer.

It is the perfect way to help followers discover more about you, your products, and your brand.

When using a Link in Bio platform, you will save a huge amount of time from changing new business links back & forth.

Making your job a lot easier, more effective, and producing more benefits.

Pro tip: don’t put the CTA “link in bio” on your captions too often, it might decrease your content performance.

Read further about the bio link affects Instagram performance.

What is the best Link in Bio Platform should I use in 2023?

For me, it’s Shorby.

The Bio Link tool provides the best features

To schedule, collect, and track all your promotion & marketing links.

All kinds of links are supported, from shops, products, messengers, and websites, to other social profiles.

You can create a shortened link, and decorate the theme, colors, fonts, photos, videos, and even embed GIFs.

You can also use ad-tracking pixels to attract new leads/customers.

Shorby offers new users a 5-day FREE TRIAL

And if you want to upgrade, the Link in Bio platform offers the best price, starting from $15/month.

Shorby is the best monetization channel ever for creators.

My Final Take: Grow your business by optimizing Links in your Instagram Bio using the best tool in 2023

Every Instagram marketing expert or course will say Link in Bio tool for Instagram is highly essential.

It’s 2023 and there is no way you miss using a bio link tool for your Instagram business.

If you want to include more than one link on your Instagram,

Then putting a bio link page from one of the best Instagram link in bio tools is the best answer.

Really, you can do anything with it:

  1. Create and show your marketing campaigns to the visitors
  2. Make a shoppable product link
  3. Share your business messaging contact
  4. Share other social profiles
  5. Overall, generating an easy monetization channel

Using the best bio link tool will help you gain the most profit from your Instagram business.

However, the best one depends on your goals and budget.

If you only need it for minimum use like putting your social profiles or content on other social networks

Using the free version is more than enough.

But if you need to maximize the usage to drive traffic to your website, for example,

Subscribing to one will be very beneficial.

My best choice so far is Shorby.

The tool is very excellent in its bio link builder & customization.

The best thing is, you can use it starting from $15 per month!

Are you still doubting Shorby? Use the Free Trial and see how it can help accelerate your business on Instagram.

Do you still have more questions? Drop them below and let me answer them 🙂

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.


Is the Link in the bio on Instagram effective

Of course, putting a link on your bio will help drive traffic to your shop pages or websites. You can also display your work, attach shoppable product links, share your other social profiles, and many more. If used properly, links on the bio will be very helpful for your monetization channel & marketing extends. When not, Instagram might flag you to “lure” visitors to other pages.

How to change a link on your Instagram Bio?

To change or add a link to your bio, open your Instagram account and go to your profile page. Find the “Edit Profile” button and click on it. Scroll down until you see the “Bio” section or the box that you already fill with your profile description. Put the link at the end of your bio to make your bio look neat, don’t forget to add a strong CTA before the link so the visitors will be interested to click on it.

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