Taking Instagram Marketing online courses is a great strategy to enhance your Instagram marketing campaigns. It is also very helpful to understand Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm and learn the best practices of Instagram’s marketing efforts. In this article, I have ranked and reviewed the 4 best Instagram marketing online lectures, and certifications for 2024 and picked my top 2 picks for you.


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Do you feel that it’s getting harder to get organic growth on Instagram?

It’s because Instagram is always upgrading, both its features and algorithms.

New Instagram updates mean new ideas for boosting your Instagram marketing campaigns.

The 4 Best Instagram Marketing Courses to Take in 2024

Looking for an affordable way to learn Instagram marketing?

Or a course providing the best tips to master Instagram monetization?

Here are the best Instagram marketing courses in 2024 so far:

  1. Skillshare
  2. Udemy
  3. Domestika
  4. Hubspot

It also means that you need to adapt to the new changes and run a new Instagram marketing strategy.

One way to stay up-to-date on Instagram trends is by learning from Instagram marketing courses.

They have great advice and perspectives from the leading Instagram marketing experts and practitioners.

But taking the right Instagram courses is another thing.

You need the best insights to optimize your Instagram campaigns.

That is why I come up with this article, to recommend the 4 best Instagram marketing courses in 2024.

These courses will teach you everything you need to grow your business based on best practices.

Let’s find out which one is the best suited for you!

Take note that every course highlights different marketing strategies.

Some may offer free courses, but others may charge you to join their class.

Now let’s look at my review for each one of them

And see which one best matches your need.

SkillShare – The Best updated resources to learn Instagram Marketing

Best & inclusive Instagram marketing course in 2024 at an affordable price (Free-$32/month)


Best Instagram Courses

You want to learn Instagram marketing from zero to hero? This platform has everything you need, from growing followers, and monetizing your account, to Instagram marketing for Reels, it’s all here. Try the free courses, or be an expert by subscribing to its affordable plan.

Who is not familiar with SkillShare?

Years and years being the number #1 platform available for everyone to learn everything,

from productivity, business strategies, digital marketing, and many more.

To learn about Instagram marketing, Skillshare has a great resource and environment.

Instagram marketing course search results
Browse any subtopic from Instagram marketing your want~

Lots of business leaders and marketers sign up to teach on the platform over the years.

A bunch of award-winning classes and hands-on projects.

The best for beginners.

Just search for the topic of the class and you will get tons of classes related to the topic.

You can also filter based on your needs: class duration, level, and many more.

Check the teacher’s background and convince yourself you are meeting the right person.

The coach description from an Instagram marketing course
You can always check the teacher’s credibility!

Afraid to attend the wrong class?

Worry no more, SkillShare provides students’ testimony about the course.

How the class meets their expectations or not, how the teachers deliver the material, whether is it boring and many more.

The rating & reviews from students attending Instagram marketing course
You can always check the teacher’s credibility!

SkillShare complete courses and robust features to select the lesson you want

Is the perfect parameter for the best Instagram course provider.

For beginners to advanced learners.

Let’s see their main features.

Key Features:

  • Free courses, best for small creators and businesses.
  • Trending classes to help students learn about the happening topics
  • Robust Filter to look for a class type, level, duration, etc.
  • Search related courses for more classes
  • Class Ratings, helpful for learners’ consideration


You can try free classes on SkillShare, yes.

However, most of the time, the free classes are only available for 1 session or episode.

You must pay the premium plan to watch the next classes.

Don’t worry, SkillShare has the best price plan for you. Check this out.

  1. Free plan: limited classes
  2. 7-day free trial: unlimited classes
  3. $32/month: access to all classes

Subscribing to the premium plan not just benefits you,

You can share your appreciation for the teachers that are helpful to you.

Udemy – Affordable Instagram Classes

Best Instagram lecture with various price options (Free-$16.99/course)


Affordable Instagram class Choice

If you feel a course price should vary depending on the teacher & discussion, this is your go-to platform. It offers you many classes with different prices, very flexible with your need and budget.

Udemy is like a marketplace of online courses.

You can add a course to your cart, or buy it immediately.

Yes, there are no free classes on Udemy. You must pay beforehand to watch and access certain lessons.

add to cart instagram course 1024x455 1

But that’s exactly how the courses are very worthwhile.

You can see a sneak peek of what you’ll going to learn in the class.

Not enough? Udemy lets you see the full subtopics, and discussions, to make sure you search for the right class.

You get the preview, the duration, all of it.

topic list instagram courses 1

You can also get to know the instructor to validate their capabilities of delivering the topic.

Worry about taking the wrong class?

Worry no more since Udemy provides rating and testimonials space for students taking the course.

Also, you can get 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the class.

Key Features:

  • Add to cart, to collect preferred lessons
  • Powerful Filter: class ratings, duration, subcategories, language, subtitles, etc.
  • Detailed & thorough course content


Udemy has a different payment method to access the classes.

You need to pay for a course (usually starts from $16.99 above)

before learning the material and get a lifetime access to the lecture.

The price of the courses varies depending on the coaches and how deeply they want to discuss the topic.

Otherwise, you can try Udemy’s premium plan.

However, the subscription is not available for every student.

The price also depends on the regions, markets, etc. Learn more about the Udemy Subscription here.

If you are not the lucky user who gets the opportunity, it’s very worth trying their 7-day free trial.

Domestika – Instagram Video Courses

Best video format Instagram course platform ($9.9/course)


Instagram Video Courses

If you are more comfortable with learning through a video, this platform provides what you are looking for. You can access thousands of videos in many languages and adjust your budget option per class.

Domestika is another version of Udemy.

It is a marketplace for Instagram lectures, most of which must be in video format.

The 2-4 hours content are also accompanied by additional resources such as reading materials, templates, and spreadsheets.

Before purchasing a course, you will be given the content preview to check whether you are interested in taking the class or not.

Then, you can download the class and watch it anywhere.

The courses can be listened in English and Spanish.

You can also turn on the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, and Polish subtitles.

However, make sure to watch the preview videos because the translation are automatic.

instagram course subtitle options 1

Apart from learning through courses, you can also connect to its community and discuss about your shared interests freely.

You can also learn about the rating and testimonies about the lecture, what’s good and not,

so you won’t attend a wrong class.

Key Features:

  • Video format courses with preview videos
  • Pay before learn system, suitable for learners who want to adjust their learning topic & budget
  • Translated in many languages


Same as Udemy, you need to pay for a course before accessing a course from Domestika.

It usually starts at 

The price varies depending on the coaches and the topic’s depth.

You can also try out the platform’s subscription plan with lots of benefits

By paying $249/year, you can get:

  1. 20% discounts on every class
  2. Access to free courses open every month
  3. Access to course certificates (including courses completed before PRO)
  4. Exclusive newsletter for PRO members
  5. PRO ID in the community profile.

If you need to take a certificate, the premium plan will be worth it for you.

But if you only need several classes, the price-to-course is more than enough.

Hubspot – Free Instagram Courses for Beginners

Best FREE Instagram training for beginner & advance learner (Free)


Free Instagram Courses for Beginners

If you are a beginner to Instagram marketing and looking for a free course to start, this website right here is perfect for you. It also provides you certification if you want to earn a skill recognition.

If you are looking for a free Instagram course, you can’t miss this out.

HubSpot Academy is a free e-Learning platform for various areas of expertise, including inbound marketing.

Of course, you can learn about Instagram marketing on this platform.

HubSpot specializes in singular topic courses.

The lessons are also straightforward and to-the-point, very good for beginners.

instagram course search filter 1

You can also search a specific topic through its powerful filter.

From topic categories, duration, to levels and language, it’s all provided by HubSpot.

HubSpot also provides bite-sized lessons for professionals to grow their career and business.

It is also famous for its HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification.

With over 112,000 awarded annually, the badge has helped elevate many people’s marketing skills.

participant certificate instagram course 1

If you are not a native English speaker, no worries at all!

HubSpot translates all its courses into 5 languages:

French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Key Features:

  • Free courses, best for beginners & advanced learners
  • Powerful features, include certification or not
  • Recognized certifications worldwide


All the classes from HubSpot are FREE for life, yes!

You just have to sign up a free account on HubSpot and voila!

You can access the courses available on the platform.

However, take some notes that some certification and practical exercises might require paid features to complete.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is social media marketing that leverages Instagram features and tools to promote a brand or business, spread brand awareness, and showcase your brand’s product or service through engaging content, campaigns, and ads.

Instagram is the best social network to build a brand’s online presence and connect with its audience more intimately.

It has also created more business-friendly tools for brands to help them grow organically.

To run a successful Instagram marketing strategy, brands or businesses need to understand their audience niche.

This will lead you to know exactly what type of content they want to watch.

After that, you can freely create content or campaign that drive the most results for your Instagram marketing strategy.

But, understanding the audience is not enough.

You need to master the Instagram algorithm and features to reach them,

Such as using the right hashtags for every content or using Instagram Reels to reach a bigger audience.

4 Reasons to learn from Instagram Marketing Courses

Instagram has 1 billion more active users monthly and 500 million daily users on Stories.

About 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.

And more than 83% of users discover a new product or service on Instagram.

Also, Instagram has the most outstanding visual interface among other social networks.

Do you know what that means? Exactly.

Instagram has responsive followers and possibly high engagement.

As a result, there is a broad opportunity to build an online presence on Instagram, later leading to business growth.

To achieve that, you need a strategy and that is Instagram marketing.

By understanding Instagram marketing, there are so many things you can do to elevate your business, from magnifying customers to increasing sales.

One thing for sure, you need an Instagram marketing strategy to market your business through the huge user base of Instagram.

And no, I will not recommend any expensive Instagram marketing strategy as you can grow organically through these strategies:

Instagram Marketing Strategies – Gain more followers

To get organic growth, you need more followers, not fake ones.

Because if your goal is to have your business known among customers, then gain real followers.

Remember that you can convert followers into customers, right? If you build your audience based on follower bots, it will not lead you anywhere.

But it’s not easy to get more followers.

However, it’s possible with running a good Instagram marketing strategy.

One of the best Instagram strategies to gain more followers is to use the right hashtags.

A hashtag is a similar tool for SEO optimization for blogs.

So, it is very important to use the right hashtags if you want your content to get more visibility.

Another way to gain more followers is to maximize the use of Reels.

Its algorithm won’t let your content stuck on your follower’s timelines. Rather it lets your content spread freely to users that have little connection to your brand.

The friend of one of your followers will potentially see your Reel.

The Reel will also appear past users’ timelines that like to consume similar content to yours.

See how much Instagram has improved its features for business accounts.

There is plenty of tools to determine how your content will show up on Explore page. It lessens your work to reach new followers.

And these new Instagram insights will not go anywhere if you don’t learn about them to enhance your Instagram marketing effort.

How to make money on Instagram – Monetise your Audience

There are many ways to earn money on Instagram.

You can work with brands, earn from ad revenue, or try out Instagram subscriptions.

But there is one Instagram marketing strategy that works better than those: grow your audience and monetize them.

Monetization doesn’t mean selling, but rather earning money from the content that has been posted on the Instagram account.

So, monetizing your audience doesn’t mean selling them, but you capitalize on their presence to bring more business-oriented results.

To put it another way, monetizing your audience means converting your followers to customers.

The question is: How?

First and foremost, understand your audience. This is the key factor in turning them into loyal customers.

You must create a clear persona of the potential customers you try to attract by learning about the demographic and their problems & interests.

Then, customize the content with the persona you have formulated and the audience’s preferences.

After that, build a relationship with your audience. You can do this by both creating engaging content and engaging with them on your content.

Don’t forget to put call-to-action sentences on your content and try to interact with anyone or the one who has the best response from all.

A study from GlobalWebIndex says that 37% of beauty consumers purchase a product after seeing positive comments on brands’ social networks.

When you create the content, don’t put up plain words, but rather write a more ‘human’ and story-telling content.

Remember that you don’t only attract customers but also connect with them.

Also, don’t create repetitive content. Be creative.

If you have been drained from ideas, just make funny videos, memes, GIFs, etc., and enjoy some crack conversations with your audience.

Instagram influencer Marketing – Find the best Creators

Another Instagram marketing effort that is worth trying is influencer marketing.

The Earth web data says that there are 3-37 million influencers in the world across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help from influencers to promote your products or services as influencer marketing has many benefits.

In 2021 alone, 67% of brands globally have used influencer marketing.

In fact, conducting an Instagram influencer marketing strategy could get you 11x ROI higher from banner ads.

Influencer marketing also helps you to get more brand awareness.

Here is how it happens:

Influencers already have their own audience base.

They build a special connection with their audience through their personal content.

This is what makes Instagram influencer marketing very valuable.

Brands buy the organic relationship between influencers and their audience to promote their products/services.

Brands could build trust and credibility with the audience towards their products/services through the mouth of the influencers.

To find influencers on Instagram, choose the best ones that resonate with your brand image and voice.

Because 44% of influencers want to work with a brand if they can create relevant content for their audience.

You can use one of the influencer marketing tools to find your brand’s best match.

Don’t forget to audit the influencer too, stay alert for fake influencers, they are everywhere.

Otherwise, you will only waste money on the wrong audience.

Need the inspiration to find and contact influencers?

Click here to learn how to write a perfect influencer outreach and see the templates.

Instagram Marketing for Businesses – Make money with a professional Instagram Account

If you want to make money on Instagram, then first switch your Instagram account to a business account.

There are plenty reasons of why you should switch to an Instagram business account.

An Instagram business account will unfold more features you don’t get from a regular account.

It’s like a door that leads to more business benefits.

For example, you get access to Instagram analytics.

It is an important tool to know your audience better and what post works and doesn’t.

Instagram analytics will give you insights into the demographics of your followers.

It presents you with the most crowded time, later can be used for the best time to post.

Instagram analytics will also give you a report of your account performance such as reach, impressions, profile views, and many more.

But most importantly, the Instagram business account will help you to be found.

This means you can present yourself as a legit business profile where they can get in touch further with you.

Even Meta try to launch its own Academy with Meta Blueprint, indicating how important learning Instagram marketing is.

For example, adding a contact button, adding a product/service label or industry, attaching links in bio, etc.

You can also use other business tools to help promote the product or drive more sales.

Such as attaching links to your Stories, running Instagram ads, and making promoted posts.

Can you learn Instagram Marketing on your own?

Absolutely, you can learn from any courses talking about Instagram Marketing on your own.

Remember: do not stuff your brain with many theoretical concepts at once.

Rather, watch or read 1 or 2 Instagram Marketing courses then apply the knowledge directly.

Jump on Instagram to practice what you’ve been learning.

It’s useless to learn many concepts in advance but you don’t know which one works best for your IG account.

Or you can also pick the course where it provides hands-on experience.

You can learn & practice simultaneously.

This is why selecting an Instagram marketing course is essential.

Make sure which one provides you with the best guide and materials so you don’t have to sign up for another lesson.

Are there other ways to understand Instagram marketing instead of learning from courses?

You can do other learning activities to understand Instagram marketing.

You can choose the learning method that suits you best.

If you are the type of learner that needs guidance and need reassurance from the experts,

Then taking Instagram marketing courses is definitely the best option.

However, if you prefer learning on your own using free & paid resources,

Here is a list of what you can do instead of learning from Instagram marketing courses:

  • Read Instagram marketing books or blogs on the internet
  • Listen to Instagram marketing podcasts
  • Watch free videos on YouTube about Instagram marketing
  • Follow and watch content from Instagram marketing coaches on IG and other social media

Pick the right Instagram Marketing Course for you : Business, Creator or Beginner

That’s a wrap!

Now you know a glimpse of Instagram marketing and how to optimize it on your Instagram campaign strategy.

But it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you learn more about Instagram marketing in those courses, I guarantee that you get more explanations and complete the lego pieces you still don’t understand.

So far, which course do you think is best for you from these lists?

My choice lands to Skillshare.

It is the perfect lecture for beginners who are searching for an at-your-own-pace learning experience about Instagram marketing.

Skillshare also has a FREE plan where new accounts can use the platform for free in a month and a 7-day trial.

It offers the best packages and various courses to learn to.

Subscribing to an Instagram marketing course basically selecting the class based on your needs, and budget.

If you still don’t have enough budget, then try the free one and read more articles to sew up the confusing parts.

But, if you have more budget then don’t hesitate to take the paid ones as it will give you a deeper understanding and things you don’t get from the free courses.

If you are one of the Instagram practitioners, I suggest you keep learning about Instagram marketing.

Since Instagram is always improving for better use, whether it’s for creators, businesses, or even ordinary users, so do you.

And we have come to the end of the article.

Do you still have any questions regarding Instagram marketing? Here let me answer some for you.

Answering Questions about Instagram Marketing Courses

How to find Instagram courses for Free?

Just type on Google and you will find many of them. Or you can choose from this list: Skillshare, Udemy, Hubspot, and Domestika. They all provide Instagram marketing courses for free and for everyone. Hop on their website and explore which class you want to take.

Can I learn Instagram Marketing by myself?

Absolutely. It’s not rocket science where you need some guru to teach you about this. Today, there are many free and paid Instagram marketing courses. Blog and social media posts about Instagram marketing are also everywhere. Especially when you can access the tool freely. You have your own control to explore the features and apply the insights you have learned. Indeed, it’s very easy to learn self-taught Instagram marketing.

How to learn Instagram Marketing quickly?

Learning by doing. Learn Instagram marketing from courses or anywhere else, then create or switch your current Instagram profile to a business account. Practice all the insights you got in advance to run the account’s Instagram marketing strategy. The knowledge you gain will be applied immediately and you can dig deeper by asking about the thing you still don’t understand in the next session/chapter.

Can I find a job thanks to Instagram Marketing?

Of course. Instagram marketing is a versatile knowledge for everyone. You can be an independent worker to implement that by being an influencer or content creator. If you prefer working in a company, you can make use of Instagram marketing as a social media marketing, social media strategist or specialist. Or you can work on a specific niche of Instagram marketing like influencer marketing as a KOL specialist.

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