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How to Use Instagram Reels for your Business in 2023? The definitive Guide

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In August 2020, Instagram launched Reels, a new feature that allows users to share content in short videos of 15 to 30 seconds, with the possibility to add music in the background.

Since then, it’s been the most used and favorite format on Instagram in 2023.

It was not that easy and a lot of Brands were not really happy to switch from a Photo App to a Video App.

Every Instagram user now has access to this new way of creating video content; from business (companies, brands….), artistic (singers, comedians, YouTubers…) to any random accounts (yep, I’m talking about you & me here).

Like all new launches on Instagram, the app will give more visibility to your Reels (and any other video contents), therefore will increase the number of visitors on your account if you use their new tool in a professional way, purposefully and with a minimum of organisation (and a tiny bit of imagination).

Here is a complete guide that will explain in detail how to create the best Reel videos for your business Instagram account.

First things first, let’s have a closer look at those Reels on Instagram.

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Instagram Reels? What are they?

Reels is a feature developed by Instagram as a response to the popularity of TikTok, and a way to create similar content within their platform.

For the record, TikTok has reached more than 2 billion downloads worldwide.

So, we get it Instagram – the temptation to steal the idea was too great! 🙃                                                                                                              
After the Stories were stolen from SnapChat, we kinda saw it coming.

Instagram users can now create short videos to share their tips, tutorials, inspirational activities or even showcase their favorite products with their community…

But let’s quickly get back to TikTok:

At first, TikTok was mainly targeting an audience of teenagers, very young users.

But then, some influencers, businesses and other personalities, out of curiosity at first, became interested inthis new and fun way of communication.


☀️DEW IT RIGHT!☀️ Introducing CHEEK DEW! Launching in 10 STUNNING SHADES on Thurs. 3/4 at 10am pst! @jazlmao #colourpop #colourpopme #makeup #swatch

♬ original sound – ColourPop Cosmetics

More and more entrepreneurs and/or brands (especially online businesses) quickly understood the platform’s potential and used it to their advantage. But the craziest thing about it was the reach that TikTok generated and the number of sales that resulted from it for those businesses.

We’re talking big figures here!

And (yep, there’s more) all that for free!

I’m sure that by now you are dying to know how to use this new tool, aren’t you? Well, relax, grab a nice cup of tea or coffee, and let us explain it all to you. After this read, you will have all the keys to create Reels that will allow you to develop both your communication but also, and most importantly, the visibility of your brand.

Now, let’s be clear.

Nobody is asking you to mess around… sorry, dance around or lip sync like influencers do, to promote your business on Instagram.

This is usually the first thought of my customers or prospects that come to our agency to ask us to upgrade their video content on platforms like TikTok, Reels for Instagram or Triller.

If you feel like it, (or if you do like to dance) and your business lends itself to this exercise then, yeah, why not 😁

But then again, as you’ll soon discover, there are plenty of other ways to use Reels on Instagram.

If you want to make the most of these Reels for your company IG account, here is a list of what you’ll need to do:

  1. Think about a strategy of creation (what kind of things you want to put in your videos)
  2. Create storyboards to have a better idea of what your video should look like (scripts, content, etc…)
  3. Create a few drafts before posting your final Reel, just to try your hand.
  4. While creating your drafts, make sure you try out all the tools featured in Instagram Reels.

Even though they are very familiar, Reels are different from TikTok videos.

Reels you create on Instagram will appear both:

  • In your Instagram feed.
  • On your profile (only if you wish to as this can be changed).
  • In the Reels window (in Discovery if your videos are hit – meaning if they receive a lot of likes, comments or a large number of shares).
  • In Explorer (if you use the right Hashtags).

Let’s see how you can use Reels to boost your Instagram account.

Therefore, potentially attracting more customers/viewers to your IG company page.

7 Ways of Using Instagram Reels to Grow your Business in 2023

From day 1, Instagram has been an excellent sales and marketing tool for many businesses. 

: 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 83% of users say Instagram has helped them discover new products and services.

And video formats were already available on the platform.

With IGTV, for example, a feature for watching long-form, vertical videos.

The perfect tool to share your corporate videos and/or “behind the scenes” content, whilst taking the time to introduce your work environment and your collaborators in 5 or 10 minutes videos.

For shorter videos of less than 60 seconds, you can just post them on your feed like you usually do for a classic post.

These short video formats are what works best and you should continue to use them while creating Reels; that is the best strategy to go for on Instagram.

So, to sum up, Reels are just new ways to reach more and more people, using your creativity in shorter formats of 15 to 30 seconds.

This is a perfect fit for our use of social media nowadays; we are living in a society of very busy and “always in a hurry” type of people, so our attention is usually limited to a few seconds.

These videos are what we call today Snack Content

If we quickly and efficiently grab people’s interests, we can end up with potential customers for our products or services.

And invite them to discover more.

And TikTok does it so well.

Hence why IG copied their concept. ;)

If you know about TikTok, then you are probably familiar with the term “organic reach”, and are aware of its great importance.

Long story short, you do not need (yet) to pay anything for your account to be put forward by the platform if your content is interesting (basically, you post good content that attracts people to use the platform, they will then advertise your account for free; simple give and take principle).

This is the biggest perk of this social network.

Now, let me ask you some questions about your Instagram account.

Whether it’s your personal or professional one.

At this level, it doesn’t matter :)

Try to answer without thinking too much.

(Well, you still have to think a little, but I’m sure you’ll know what I mean!)

  1. In the last few months, did you notice a decrease in the number of visits on your account?
  2. A decrease of interactions? (DMs, comments, mentions…)
  3. Loss of followers?
  4. Do you need more followers to grow your business?
  5. Do you want to access a better reach for free?

If your answers are mainly YES to everything, here’s the thing.

You must start creating Reels RIGHT NOW!

No messing around. And without asking yourself too many questions.

Or you will be at risk of watching the train go by and having to invest an awful lot of money in advertising very soon.

But if you are reading this article today, you must be ready to get on with it… aren’t you?!

That is a great news 😉

Together, let’s discover the Reels that other businesses post on Instagram.

What are the best ideas to create popular Reels on Instagram?

The ones that can inspire you to get started in the creation of qualitative Snack Content.

Here are some brands and examples of popular Reels on Instagram.

1. Reels ideas for your business: showcase your products or services

Showcase your Products on Instagram Reels

Reels offer a great opportunity to highlight and tell your product(s)/service(s)’s story.

But most importantly, to showcase its purpose, your recommendations, speak about the packaging, explain and prove the benefits of its use.

Since these are very short videos, you have the possibility to create as many as you want, using different formats and mixing your script ideas.

Example: Create 4 or 5 videos about one of your flagship products.

Let’s say we’re talking about a Day Cream you’re selling online.

Video 1 = 30 seconds: You hold the cream in your hand so your customer can see the product, while presenting and describing it using the voice-over feature in the background.

Edit it in 3 sections of 10 seconds each, like so:

  • First 10 seconds of video = Showcase the product (front and back). Announce STRAIGHT AFTER the name of the brand and product, and let your audience know that you are about to test it.
  • 10 to (up to) 20 seconds = Open the jar and apply a bit of cream on your hand, or even better, on your face (this is a Day Cream after all).
  • Last 10 seconds = Talk about its price, its availability (how many units available?) Parlez de son prix, de sa disponibilité ? Make your audience feel they can ask you anything about the product; make them send you questions, comment on the video or send you a message about the product.

Make sure you talk about its consistency, its smell… Anything your potential customers would want to know so they will more likely end up buying your product.

Anything they cannot yet perceive or feel, to clear up any doubts.

Video 2 = 15 seconds: same video, but shorter.

Instagram Reels, show your product on video

But this time, let’s add some music in the background!

Why not also add simple sentences to illustrate the presentation?

Using the same type of video, but focusing more on the product itself.

  • First 5 seconds: Front and back of the product + zoom in on the brand’s name and product.
  • 5 seconds (up to) 10 seconds: Opening of the jar + cream application
  • Last 5 seconds : Price, stock quantities, shipping… Questions? Make sure to highlight the benefits of the product (call to action).

Make sure to focus on the biggest strength of the cream.

5 seconds is very little time :)

Video 3 = 30 seconds: the composition of the product.

If it’s one of the strengths of the product; because it’s organic, vegan, environmentally friendly…

Then make sure you highlight it clearly in a dedicated video.

Or, straight on camera if you master your subject and you like to talk and share your enthusiasm.

Otherwise, use the voice-over feature by speaking using an enthusiastic and friendly tone in the background of the video (it has to make people want to buy!).

First 10 seconds: don’t beat around the bush!

100% organic product

Once again, highlight the strengths of your product and share all the benefits potential buyers will get from it.

Brands like Respire already know how to use Reels to their advantage in promoting their partner’s point of sale.

It’s as simple as that. And terribly effective.

And it works the same for any concept / product!

If you get any ideas of topics to explore about this product, then you can make as many videos as you have ideas!

Note that it is very important to be well organised and to write your video scripts beforehand (in order to avoid blanks or hesitation: you need to make the most of those few seconds!).

Note down ideas. Be inspired by what is being done (whilst trying to be different)

But, especially, think about what you don’t find but would like to see out there.

The best ideas always come from this train of thoughts.

You need to give as much info as possible about the product, be organised and create.

There’s nothing you cannot do with Instagram.

No complex video editing software needed to create great quality Reels on the platform.

Nor on TikTok, by the way. :)

Go ahead and feel free to explore all the features Instagram can offer.

Define how many videos a week you want to create and try to keep up the pace in the long run (consistency is a very important factor on social media!).

Without ever giving up.

After all those efforts, a larger reach will be yours, as well as subscriptions growth for your IG account!

2. Instagram Reels ideas for your company: Show your followers a glimpse behind the scenes of your business.

Do you have employees, suppliers, logistics: a whole team working with you?

Then introduce them to your subscribers and show them how you all work together.

I sadly still notice way too often that many companies underestimate the impact of showing this, because they often find it little or uninteresting.

In short, they think it doesn’t matter.

Big mistake!

Let your customers get to know your brand and the people behind it, that there are a bunch of employees who are working very hard to make sure they receive top quality products!

These types of video are highly appreciated amongst customers when they are well thought out and edited.

Here is an example with Sephora France, introducing its in-store sales and beauty teams for the holiday season.

This is a nice way to let their customers know about its new shop opening and show that employees are ready and look forward to welcoming those who will show up to try/buy products.

It may look simple and easy. But there’s quite a bit of work behind it :)

A fun video using Reel tools.

Even if it’s a remake of TikTok’s :)

Instagram Reels ideas for your company : educate and inform your potential customers.

Introducing a product or service is an important first idea to implement.

We’ve just illustrated it with 3 examples of script ideas for Instagram Reels.

You will now be able to go into more details and create videos that your followers will enjoy even more!

This will happen if you:

1. Create a series of quick tutorials on how to properly use the product
Example: How to apply the product? How often? etc…

2. Let them know about the potential and benefits of the product.

When sharing this type of “educational” content for your targeted customers, make sure to know what tips, tutorials, hacks, and other info to share in these 15 to 30 seconds format videos.

You need to organise yourself so you will sound and look like you know what you’re talking about, which will comfort customers about the product and they will be more likely to buy (and that’s what we want, isn’t it?!)

What would be better than content generated by your direct customers and ambassadors?

Or by influencers ?

This is exactly what we are going to see in your community.

Instagram Reels ideas for your company: introduce your community.

That is if, of course, you’ve got a real network of both users and customers.

Then you can use their content and creations featuring your products and/or services directly on your page.

It’s even more interesting if you don’t want or can’t create content by yourself yet.

So let others help you advertise your brand!

Think about UGC.

Users Generated Content 

And not influencers only.

If you just started your business but still would like people to talk about your brand on Instagram,

Use micro-influencers and you’ll get fresh video content for your Reels, for free.

If you already have a strong base community of followers with whom you have established a very special relationship then take care of that, make sure it stays that way.

Most of the time, the best quality content to promote your brand comes from followers who share the same values and opinions.

Give them a chance to shine in letting them showcase your products. It’s a win-win for both sides: your loyal followers will be well-represented!

Use this type of content and repost it directly on your own Reels or IGTV to help you grow on Instagram (or any other social media like TikTok, Facebook, etc, where you have a company account).

Always make sure you give credit to people creating content for you or about your products in mentioning them, otherwise this will be considered as stealing content.

Fortunately, in most cases, all parties always manage to get along well when it comes to content creation where everyone wins something.

For you, that’s all the more interesting in that the content already exists (so you have nothing else to do!)
You’ll only have to add your own personal touch to it

A little something that is sure to bring some return on investment and more popularity to your Instagram business account.

5. Instagram Reels ideas for your company: showcase your brand’s personality.

Another way for Reels to help your business grow is by helping you showcase your personality.

Users do business with people, people with great personalities.

And we’re not only talking about the brand itself here.

It’s often one of the first things we discuss with our clients to make them understand.

For some companies it will be their CEO or director.

The playmaker, so to speak.

For others, it will be the company’s spokesperson who will be in charge of the account.

For some e-Commerce websites, managers are often the ones talking to us about their on-going and/or upcoming events.

It’s a bit different for freelancers, as they usually start alone so they will have to highlight their company by themselves.

Once again, it’s really important that you represent your brand.

Unboxing video for Brand on Instagram Reels

You will need to show who you are and what your professional values are.

You’ve got a funny personality? Or maybe one of your core values is discipline? You’re offering a different service? You’re a reference for other companies in your field?

Good for you!

But your followers have no idea of that (yet).

Instagram Reels is a great way to showcase your sense of humour and musical tastes. In  a nutshell; your fun side!

And it gives you the opportunity to bond with your subscribers.

But not only that.

It will help you portray confidence, security and top-quality products/services from your brand… Or show your community that you are a very affordable brand for all.

Again, you will need to repeat all your brand’s benefits on a regular basis and show how you work hard everyday to deliver excellence for your brand.

What are the different stages of productions? Who are the people involved in that production? What type of materials are you using to create your products…

In short, make sure to showcase all your values and know-how through your people.

Your best brand ambassadors.

Instagram Reels ideas for your company: Reuse your TikTok videos by reposting them on Instagram.

Use your TikTok videos on Instagram Reels

If you are already on TikTok, don’t hesitate to reupload your videos directly on Instagram in Reels format.

This is existing content that you can repost easily.

Many influencers are already doing so.

Some “Repost accounts” don’t even bother to give credit to people from whom they steal content from TikTok, before reposting their works on their Instagram account.

So if your company or brand is not yet on TikTok.

It’s time to think about it :) and have a look around to see if your brand and/or products are mentioned out there.

9:16 format is identical.

Take the time to edit your videos several times if needed.

Currently, there isn’t a 60 second format video for Reels on Instagram (yet).

So let’s try to be creative for 30 seconds, and get started!

If, for aesthetic reasons, you want to get rid of the TikTok logo in the top left corner of your videos,

You should know that you can now remove it after you finish uploading your videos, using a free online tool that will do it for you.

Instagram Reels ideas for your company: Remix your Reels, secure Collaborations

Remix your Reels to secure Collaborations

Instagram now has a Remix feature. How does this work? Just like TikTok.

You can now create a side-by-side comparison view of an original Reel with your own version of the Reel.

This is a handy feature especially for collaborations.

You could reach out to brands, fellow professionals and even creators and influencers for a collaboration – through Reels.

This is a super amazing opportunity for your account’s reach to skyrocket.

With Reel Remix, your account will reach not only your followers but the audience of the person you’re collaborating with.

You should take advantage of the remix feature for your Instagram Reels.

It’s a great opportunity to get a lot of reach and grow your business on Instagram.

Partner that with the high viewership and reach of Reels – you can expect a huge growth in audience, views, reach and followers.

How to download a TikTok video to post it on your Instagram Reels?

  1. Open your TikTok account, press the Discovery icon and select the video you want to download.
  2. Once the download is complete, press the Share icon you will find in the right corner.
  3. Press Save Video and the TikTok video will automatically be saved in your photo gallery.
  4. The video is now on your phone.

Note that you must remove the TikTok logo from the downloaded video before you upload it on Instagram.

Instagram algorithm will give a lesser priority to content which contains a TikTok watermark 😧

Therefore, if you want your account to be on the good side of the Instagram algorithm, do yourself a favor by removing the TikTok watermark first.

Just give it some thought :) And make both platforms advertise your work!

This is all to your advantage.

Then, get back to your Instagram account and upload your video directly on Reels.

How do I create a Reels on Instagram from scratch?

All the features on Instagram Reels
This is the Instagram Reels Page
  1. Open Instagram and press the [+] icon, in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Reels
  3. Choose a video from your gallery clicking the square in the bottom left.
  4. Choose your video’s length (15 or 30 seconds), music, speed, effects as well as a filter and timer if needed.
  5. You can use the original audio from your video, or use a different one.
  6. Click on the arrow on the right > you will get access to the voice-over or mixing audio feature, drawing, add stickers… Same as for your Stories!
  7. Press Share on the bottom right corner of your screen to publish your Reels.

Was it so difficult?

Let’s continue.

For your business: The Community Manager is the first thing to put in place.

Because you’re not going to create video content and then wait for Sales to come in.

If you assume that every video you post will be a hit and reach millions of people straight away…

You’re dreaming (but we don’t blame you!)

That’s all I wish for you, though. :) But if we look at facts, it almost never happens.

Interact and communicate with your subscribers; that is an essential thing on Instagram.

Reply to all comments even on Instagram Reels

Because amongst them, you will find loyal customers (and maybe a few haters, too).

But above all, they are real people to satisfy.

Let’s talk about creating and posting tutorials about your products again.

After you recorded and edited your video, then posted it on your Reels feed.

This is only 40% of the work done.

This is how 95% of your post will fail.

Not enough marketing work, or related research but, most importantly, not enough interaction with your community.

Here’s how you should use the remaining 60%.

20% = Go comment on similar posts to promote your own.

Considering how big Instagram is today, it is a 100% certainty there is similar content to yours out there.

In other formats, from different countries and posted from a diversity of people; colleagues (not competitors), influencers, ambassadors, customers, repost accounts…

I’m not just talking about liking posts, but also professional Instagram comments with a consistent strategy.

You can always give a like away, no biggy.

Oh, and please, don’t just comment 3 fire emojis 🔥🔥🔥

Be smart, by asking questions about the product, for example.

It will be an opportunity for you to get in touch with potential partners,

People in charge of the account or subscribers… So they can visit YOURS!

Make a list of 30 posts to visit, using hashtags related to your products to find relevant ones.

Try to do this for 30 days. 1 hour per day.

You will have written 30×30 = 900 comments at the end of the month.

A good start to show your hand.

This is tedious and kind of boring work that requires discipline.

If you put this routine in place and stick to it, you will get long-term results.

Don’t forget to check your notifications regularly and keep replying to any DM or comments you receive.

Speaking of the devil… Other 20% = Replying to DMs / finding partners to increase your Reels’ visibility on Instagram.

After posting all your daily comments, you will also need to start talking more to account managers and other people managing successful accounts on Instagram.

Directly by Direct Messages (DM),

You can manage your DM and comments’ settings directly from your Facebook Business Page.

And it has become terribly effective.

No need for third party tools anymore. Facebook did a good job on it.

Promoting your content through your DM and latest videos can be tempting.

But if we look at facts, it doesn’t really work that way because people don’t like it.

Sending a link to your video and begging for a Like or a comment…

Nah, forget about it.

Instead, try to get a first contact without commercial ulterior motives.

Take your time and don’t expect anything in return. Especially in the beginning.

Same principle as for the comments; starting point will be 20 daily DM in order to establish a maximum number of partnerships.

You will have to stick to it for a little while before you get any results.

10% = Add relevant Hashtags to your Instagram Reels legend.

When you’ve got your video’s subject, your video is ready.

Choosing the relevant hashtags is essential.

And that doesn’t mean using a bunch of widely used ones on Instagram.

Not at all.

Do it conscientiously, without spamming, without being “too much” but by using hashtags within your reach.

You will find a complete guide here on how to use them.

For Reels, in theory, and for each publication on Instagram,

It’s 30 hashtags maximum.

In reality, if your selection is good, 6 hashtags should do the trick.

10% left = Legend

I always write my legend last.

Make sure your Reel is in keeping with its short content: keep it simple and straight to the point.

Short description, a few emojis if needed and 6 hashtags.

And you can finally click on Share and get to work.

Share your Reels to your Feed to get more Reach on Instagram
Spread the Reels vibe to your Feed for more Reach

Are you ready to grow your business using Instagram Reels?

You now know you must start producing videos to advertise your company.

But what you might not know is, what sort of content to post?

I hope this article will help you find some ideas and leads.

In the meantime, you may need some inspiration from Business accounts that are already very active on Instagram Reels.

Here they are.

What are the brands using Instagram Reels best? All businesses who are killing it on Instagram Reels

There are generally always accounts you can take examples from on Instagram.

Companies and brands that have the means to achieve their ambitions.

But above all, they have very good ideas, and put them into practice quickly.

Always with a long-term vision and a strong discipline to create and share great video content on Instagram.

Here is a list of luxury, airline, fast food, clothes, sport brands that are already doing very well using Instagram Reels.

Get inspired by it!

Surprise: some are clients of our agency 😊

Louis Vuitton: New collection on Reels and studio entertainment

A little more work from LV. Punchy animation and soundtrack that draw attention.

Ryanair: Introduces us to its headquarters, employees and cockpit using Instagram Reels

Burger King: Users are playing with Chicken and male it viral on Instagram Reels

Sephora: New Product Launch on Instagram Reels, Check it Our In-Stores and Online

Nike Football: Launch of a new range of football shoes presented by the brand’s designers directly on Reels

Defected Records: A fun and trendy video became viral to celebrate the weekend

Remake of a promotional video from Puma.

With original audio directly from Instagram Reels.

Plan your Reels posting following a set timeline

Start from the principle that you will create a series of videos per week, for example.

It can be 1 video, 3, or even 4, if you have the relevant content and discipline needed.

Post your Reels on a regular basis and stick to it

Take note of any ideas, have a look at what your competitors do… if there is not much out there that equals your product, then you’ve got a real opportunity to shine!

Believe me.

Plan when you’re going to post your Reels

You should analyse the best timing to post your reels.

And use the best Instagram Scheduler.

Find out by checking your Instagram insights, see when your followers are most active on Instagram.

This way, you’ll enjoy maximum reach and engagement when you upload your reels!

Conclusion regarding Instagram Reels

As a social media community manager, my experience with Reels has been positive so far.

My clients enjoyed boosts in reach and page discovery ever since posting Reels as part of the Instagram strategy.

So, if you’re still asking:

Do I really need to start posting Reels if my business has an Instagram account?

Let’s conclude on this clickbait’s question.

As you have just read,

That’s a question quickly answered.

Instagram brought out the big guns to showcase its Reels feature.

Their directors, led by Adam Mosseri, truly believe that this short format is the future of Instagram video.

Eventually, either videos on your Feed will disappear.

TikTok started it all. Instagram carries their work on.

Facebook will soon monetise this format faster and more actively.

We all need Free Organic Reach.

For a business these days, paying for advertising is only one option among many others.

Thanks to the pandemic, high costs and disappointing results.

If you have a concept, some discipline and a desire to work on a regular basis with this video format, then just go for it.

Your efforts will pay off in the coming months.

Explode your Reach on Instagram by using Instagram Reels

Start with 2 to 3 videos a week, and make sure to stick to it.

For all our customers, this approach always ends up paying off.

In the long run, I guarantee that your business will benefit from it.

You hold the cards now, so what are you waiting for? Press Save and start posting Reels.

Practice makes perfect.

Good luck!

Can I grow my Instagram organically by using Reels videos ?

Yes, Instagram Reels can grow your brand’s business Instagram page. Instagram Reels generate high reach and visibility, allowing your brand to enjoy more followers and page growth. With optimized Reels – using the 9:16 video format, trending music, engaging content, your business will be able to see growth and a great improvement in your business Instagram engagements and performance.

How can I use Instagram Reels efficiently ?

Instagram Reels can be used for personal, creator, businesses, brands- anyone can create Reels on Instagram. Here is a list of what you’ll need to do: Think about a strategy of creation (what kind of things you want to put in your videos)Create storyboards to have a better idea of what your video should look like (scripts, content, etc…)Create a few drafts before posting your final Reel, just to try your hand.While creating your drafts, make sure you try out all the tools featured in Instagram Reels.

How to promote my business using Instagram Reels ?

Instagram Reels is an excellent way to promote your products and services for your brand. Here are some Instagram Reels content ideas for Businesses: New product launchBehind the scenes of the brandA day in the life of a brand ownerHow-to content, product or service tutorialsQA: Answering common product questions Instagram Reels can grow your business, increase lead generation and sales.

How to get more views on Instagram Reels ?

Instagram Reels have a high viewership and discoverability rate. Your business page will generate many new visitors to your brand, helping to grow your business on Instagram and also attract new customers. Brands can also use Reels to promote their products and services, using QA themed Reels to encourage more sales and lead generation.

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