This is a complete guide to Instagram comments and Direct Messages dedicated to Businesses.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to reply to comments for your company through the following:

  • How to respond to Instagram comments 
  • Types of comments and how to deal with them
  • Why you should respond to comments
  • Build brand loyalty and grow your business through comments
  • Auto reply tools for Instagram comments
How to reply to Instagram Comments

Now if you’re asking

How do I effectively communicate with my brand’s customers on Instagram?

We’re here to help.

Here’s our extensive guide to replying to commentary on Instagram for your business, your brand, or any professional or creator account.


  1. Reply to Instagram comments genuinely in a conversational manner
  2. Find a solution to customer’s questions on Instagram comment
  3. Type the Instagram reply with emoji
  4. Give feedback to appreciative Instagram comment
  5. Respond professionally to negative Instagram comments
  6. Report or delete hate Instagram comments

How to Respond to any Instagram Comment?

If you’re clueless on how to use Instagram comments.

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you the basics of handling them like a pro. 

To start off, here’s how to reply to a commentary on your Instagram posts as well as the types of comments you can expect.

Someone commented on my Instagram post, how do I reply to my customer as a brand?

Well, it’s quite simple!

These are the 3 steps to reply to a comment on Instagram:

  1. Click on the post
  2. Tap “Reply” under the user’s comment and type in your response
  3. To send the reply, tap “Post”
reply option on instagram comment
Use the Reply Button to reply to a comment on Instagram

Now, moving on.

Here are common types of Instagram comments your brand will commonly receive and how to handle them like a pro.

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Praise and Compliments: The Most Common Comments on Instagram

Did you know that praise comments are the most common type of comments on Instagram posts? 

Sounds familiar?

It’s just a simple compliment.

You’ve seen these comments before

  • Love it !!!
  • Can’t wait, so excited
  • Amazing work
  • Wow 

While it is highly common, praise comments should be replied to, as a form of gratitude and appreciation.

By expressing a simple “Thank you!”

Your brand appears more sincere and encourages others to interact with your posts.

Most people who comment praise a brand’s post expect to be noticed by the brand.

Make your followers happy by sending them a reply and they’ll keep boosting your account’s interactions in the future 😊

Replying a praise comment on instagram
An example of replying to a praising comment nicely

Instagram’s algorithm places posts with high engagement and interaction higher on your audience’s feed

Giving your posts more exposure. 

Responding to praise comments also builds brand loyalty with your followers.

That means they’re highly likely to make a repeat purchase from your brand. 

Your followers enjoy the attention you give, and in turn, may share your brand’s posts with their followers. 

So, you can definitely see how this helps your account gain more exposure while improving your engagement rate and account performance, right? 😉

But.. What about emojis? 🙃

Well, you can reply to emoji comments with emojis too.

Matching the energy of your audience builds a form of human connection and proves that your replies aren’t bot-like and are truly genuine. 😉

I’m sure you’ve encountered brands who actually respond to each and every comment sincerely.

They look like this: 

replying all the comments on instagram brand account
Replying to every commentary on Instagram is important for brand exposure

Here’s an example of a genuine response to praise comments on Instagram:

  • Hi, we’re so glad you love our product! 🤩
  • Thanks for the love💗💗
  • It’s one of our favorites too, have you tried Product B? We think you’ll love it too😉
  • We’re happy to hear that 😊✨💗

Product, Service, or Brand-Related Questions in Instagram Comments

When your audience asks a query regarding your product or service, it’s crucial to respond within an hour.


40% of users on Instagram expect a reply within 1 hour, especially from business accounts.

That’s the ideal social media response rate

This means if you don’t respond ASAP, your audience will purchase from a competitor brand instead. 

Reply Instagram brand related question comment quickly
An example of replying brand related queries quickly and efficiently

Even the most basic questions should be answered.

Not everyone knows about your brand, product, or service

Customers should always be given the benefit of doubt.

Responding to simple questions also positions your brand as sincere and trustworthy.

How to Pin, Report and Delete Comments on Instagram?

Did you know that Instagram has a feature that allows you to pin, report and delete comments made on your posts?

This feature allows you to highlight an important comment, and also remove unwanted comments from your Instagram posts.

Now, How to pin, report or delete a comment on your Instagram post?

  1. Swipe left on a comment
  2. Click on the icons that appear
  3. From left to right:
  4. Tack icon: Pin comment to the top of the comments section
  5. Middle icon: Report the comment 
  6. Red trash can icon: Delete a comment 
Options to delete, report, and pin Instagram comments
Pin, Report, and Delete Comment options on Instagram

Pin your top comments on Instagram, why it’s important

If you’re not familiar with how this function works

The Pin feature allows you to stick a comment to the top of the comments section.

This is handy especially when you receive a comment that you want more people to see when they click on your post.

Sometimes, when your page receives too many comments, the important ones get drowned out

Which is not what you want. 

pin a comment option on instagram
Use this button to Pin a comment on Instagram

When useful questions are pinned, others with the same question can easily find the response they want. 

This prevents duplicate questions from being asked – while saving time for both you and your audience.

Pinning comments is also a form of encouragement

Users love being noticed by brands, it brings them gratification.

Others would also be inclined to send a comment hoping to get noticed by your brand 😉 

See how this handy little feature triggers more engagement? 🙂 

Report comments, bots, and spam commentary pollution

As a community manager, I’ve rarely found the need to report comments

However not all accounts can be perfectly managed,

Anyone can be a target of bots and scam comments. 

If it happens too often
This is how to report a really bad comment:

  1. Click on the post
  2. Tap “Reply” under the user’s comment and type in your response
  3. To send the reply, tap “Post”
Report comment option on Instagram
Don’t hesitate to report spam comments

However, sometimes there are just those users (or bots) who send that dreaded spam comment. 

Those are the bad guys you’ll need to delete – They’ll just clutter your comments section and appear unprofessional. 

Reporting spam comments also deter bots from engaging with your content.

Delete bad comments on Instagram – Keep your business clean

Spam and bot comments are everywhere on Instagram.

They’re just clutter that tarnishes your business page.

Other comments that should be deleted are those that are offensive in nature

Potentially sexist, racist, ableist, harmful comments that go against your business ethics and social policy must be removed.

Examples of bad comments you may face on Instagram:

  • Explicit comments
  • Promoting services 
  • Self-promotion    
an example of negative comment on instagram brand page
An example of a bad comment on an Instagram brand page

Content on Instagram represents your business

You wouldn’t want any offensive content to be in your comments section? 

Maintain a professional facade, and keep the comments section clean from bots! 🔥

option to delete spam comments on instagram
Use the delete button to get rid of bad comments

Otherwise, negative comments made by users who are unhappy with your brand should never be deleted.

A common example

Product or service complaints.

Here’s what you should do when you encounter a negative comment regarding your business:

What to do when your Instagram Business gets negative comments from haters?

Most brands and companies are scared of haters and bad feedback…

That’s why they don’t want to reply and just ignore the comment.

Or worse. Delete it.

It’s a huge mistake.

Let me tell you why:

Users on Instagram build their first impressions of brands based on what they see on Instagram. 

Imagine seeing a brand for the first time and noticing that the brand has many complaint comments, but no replies are being made.

Obviously, as a consumer: the brand is immediately unappealing due to poor customer service. 

Simply by ignoring comments, you’re driving potential customers away, and tarnishing your business’ reputation online.


If you encounter hate comments – worry not! It’s all part of the game

Every business has its haters and trolls, you just gotta handle them well

When it comes to hate or negative comments, start off by assessing the context of the comment.

If it’s a complaint regarding the product or service, reply to the user by stating that you will contact them via Direct Messages for more details.

An example of replying negative comment on instagram
A nice example of dealing with negative comments on Instagram

Replying to complaints regarding products and services is crucial, as it impacts the reputation of your business. 

It gives reassurance to anxious customer who just wants to know how to solve the problem they’re facing. 

Remember, de-escalating the situation quickly is vital in social media customer support.

When you should remove comments on your professional Instagram account?

Sometimes, not all comments can be replied to.

You’ll have to delete them under certain circumstances

We’ll explain why and how.

How to delete a hate comment on Instagram:

  1. Swipe left on the comment you want to delete
  2. Click on the red trash can icon 
  3. Once done, the comment has been deleted!
an example of comment on instagram that you should delete
An example of a negative comment which should be removed

Every business has its code of ethics.

Therefore on Instagram, your Instagram page should be a safe space for people from all walks of life. 

Remember, your Instagram page may be the first time a consumer has seen your brand.

They’ll perceive your brand based on your social media customer service and what they see on your page. 

Therefore, it’s always important to ensure your page doesn’t have anything offensive

Particularly in the comments section.

Examples of the best Instagram comment Replies

Below are some examples of replies you can make.

These are just general samples

you should always tailor your responses according to your brand. 

How to respond to appreciative Instagram Comments about your Business, Product, or Service?

These are quick and easy- but make sure to include variations.

Don’t reply to compliments and positive comments with the exact same response. 

Remember, your replies should be human, never bot-like. 

Examples of appreciative responses include:

  • Thank you for loving our service! We appreciate you too 💗
  • Thanks for the love xx Have an awesome day! ☺️
  • We’re glad to hear that! We cater our services to everyone’s needs 😉
How to reply a positive comment on instagram
An example of appreciating a positive comment

Emoji – only comments on Instagram posts

Respond to them like how they commented; if they simply sent you an emoji, you can reply with only emojis too. 

This proves that your brand provides tailored responses and is not just a copy-paste bot.

Here’s an example of Pomelo’s event – They asked their followers to pick between pink or blue emojis, and then replied to the comments with emojis

Replying instagram comment with only emojis
Replying to Instagram comments with only emojis

Move it to the Instagram DMs – Tell them in the comments

This response should be mainly for negative customer complaints.

You wouldn’t want to expose the private details of your customers


So, send them a reply and let them know you’re moving the conversation privately. 

respond to an instagram comment through message
An example of replying to comments through a message

Simply sending a direct message to the user involved isn’t enough!

Your brand should also reply to the comment by stating that you took action.

Otherwise, others will simply assume that your business didn’t respond. 

Here are some great examples of Instagram comments response:

  • Hey, we’ve sent you a DM!
  • Thank you for letting us know, we’ve sent you a DM with support details 
  • We’re so sorry to hear that, please send us a DM with your order number 

Replies like these make your brand appear responsible and responsive.

Others can see that your brand is actively responding to both positive and negative comments. 

Remember, the comments section is a reflection of your brand’s online presence and customer service 😉

5 Brands who are amazing at replying to Instagram business comments

Need some inspiration for Instagram comments replies?

Here are some brands that are absolutely killing it at the Instagram comments game 🔥

From emoji replies to appreciative comments – they customize their replies according to every comment on their Instagram posts. 

Let’s be honest.

Brands like DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) or D2C (Direct 2 Consumer) know what they’re doing.

It’s obvious just looking at their success on Instagram and business growth.

You could learn a thing or two from looking at their responses!

Great Instagram customer service goes a long way.

Note how their Instagram comment replies are genuine, with no copy-paste or robotic responses 😉 

They’re fast at replies, fun and witty – yet professional in handling all types of queries.

1. HiSmile Instagram Business Success through Comments Replies

HiSmile is an excellent example of consistency in brand engagement. 

It’s been revealed that HiSmile’s secret to its rapid business growth is its excellent Instagram marketing strategy

Influencer Marketing, as well as active responses to Instagram comments, are their major strategy. 

And they’re always responding fast, in a conversational manner. 💯

Human replies and encourages followers to share their experience with their products. 

They’re a perfect example of profitable community management on Instagram.

reply to customers instagram comments as a brand
A great example of customer service reply on Instagram

Oh and by the way.

Reply to comments Influencers fast is a thing.

But also do not forget to DM them and find the best natural approach for your Brand to interact with them privatly.

Outreach and writing to Creators is an art.

No joke.

Even now with AI tools.

Adapt your message, even if it’s by emailing an influencer or contacting any creator by Direct Message.

2. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf – Keeping followers Up-to-date with Instagram comments and replies

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf always launches new drinks and deals

and keeps their followers up-to-date about promotional periods. 

Killing two birds with one stone!

Not only do they keep their followers engaged, but they’re also encouraging purchases and driving sales 💯

how to respond a customer professionally on instagram comment
An example of replying customer professionally on Instagram

3. PomeloBusiness growth with excellent social media community & comment management

Pomelo is another brand that’s absolutely responsive in replying to commentary.

With excellent community management on Instagram, Pomelo was able to grow 250% during the pandemic 😱

From simple emojis to compliments.

Their responses are always conversational and catered to each comment. 

They work with Influencers on Instagram, it’s no wonder they have many happy influencers in their comments section.

Responding instagram customer with comment emojis on brand account
An example of replying on Instagram professionally with emojis

4. Later Media – Keeping followers in the loop with Instagram comments and replies

In this example, Later Media receives negative comments from users. 

But look at how they handled it professionally! They debunked the misconception by stating the facts clearly. 

Notice how they even got likes from users for their transparent response?

That’s a great move 🙂

How to professionally reply a hate comment on instagram
Example of a comment well replied to on Instagram

5. Glossier – Excellent social media customer service on Instagram comments

Glossier is a highly successful makeup brand that started on Instagram.

Their comment game is amazing, look at how they give tailored replies to every comment!

example of responding each comments individually on instagram
An example of a tailored reply for each comment on Instagram

Importance of replying to Instagram comments as a business

important to reply to comments on instagram
No replies on any comment make your brand looks effortless to maintain professionalism.

It’s 2023, is your business making the most out of Instagram?

By ignoring comments and replies, you’re simply leaving money on the table. 

But why should a business reply to comments on Instagram?

Here’s why it makes a difference. 

Businesses that respond actively to feedback and compliments in the comments section are seen as more credible. 

Customers have peace of mind that whenever they may encounter an issue with the business, they will get the reply and support they need quickly. 

Nobody likes to interact with a dead account.

78% of users prefer active business accounts on Instagram.

There’s no fun in liking and commenting on a post and not getting a reply back. 

Upholding a positive and warm image of your brand on Instagram not only involves posting and creating new content

You’ll have to communicate actively with your followers through comments too 🙂

How your business can benefit from replying to Instagram comments?

Replying to comments, and being conversational and active with your followers bring many benefits. 

Did you know that you can recommend a product to your followers through a comment reply?

When your follower leaves a positive comment regarding your product or service, you can recommend a similar one that they will enjoy as well. 

This helps generate more leads and sales – especially when others browse the comments section and notice your recommendations. 

When you reply to your followers, you’re building a connection with them. 

Through consistent engagements with your followers, they’ll gain more brand loyalty.

These new connections who are loyal to your brand may reshare your posts onto their feed, or Stories.

And even when someone mention your company using a sticker on story (location or account) your can even interact and reply with them automatically.

It’s much better than just say: “Oh thanks for the mention”

Here you are giving them value directly.

No time to waste.

Example of an automatic reply when someone tag your company on Instagram stories
Level up your Instagram reply by using this automatic reply for Stories Mentions

That’s how you get more connections, visibility, leads, and eventually, 

More sales. 

As a customer-oriented business, your brand should strive to be as conversational, friendly, and responsive as possible. 

Being active in responding to commentary helps to maintain your brand’s image

Your business will gain credibility and appear more reliable when you provide excellent customer service both offline and online.

Why you should respond to Instagram comments as soon as possible? Time is Money my friends

So, how quickly should you respond to customer comments? 

Did you know that 40% of customers expect business accounts to respond within ONE HOUR?


That sounds overwhelming indeed.

We understand that it may be challenging as a business to actively respond to comments. 

But, worry not

There are plenty of online chatbots like

  1. ManyChat
  2. SendPulse

…which allows you to plan automated responses to your comments. 

40% of consumers make their purchase decision by viewing an Instagram post.

It means that if their questions regarding a product or service go unanswered, they won’t purchase from your brand.

Read that again 🙂

Timely responses improve lead generation and convert your followers into buyers.

Let’s be very clear

Fast responses = Higher sales 🔥

Go and check all the best ways to use a chatbot for your business.

Thanks me later.

Customer and brand loyalty on Instagram – It’s in the comments

How do Instagram comments and replies affect brand loyalty? 

Replying each comments on instagram helps to increase band loyalty
Replies each comment individually to increase brand awareness

First off, replying to comments is a form of customer service.

Not only is it a basic courtesy, but it’s the same as responding to queries offline. 

The difference is; customer service on Instagram is more crucial than offline interactions. 

On Instagram, your potential customers are constantly faced with various products and services put out by you and your competitors. 

Therefore if your clients were to choose between your brand VS that of your competitors

They’re more likely to choose the brand with the best customer service response.


Customers perceive brands that are more actively engaging on social media as credible and trustworthy. 

In case they ever encounter an issue with your products or services, they have peace of mind that they’ll get the support they need ASAP through Instagram.

You see where this is going, right? 

Therefore, responding actively to Instagram comments not only differentiates your brand from the competition;

It’s also a form of customer service which strengthens your brand loyalty with your customers.

Grow your business by replying to Instagram comments

Did you know that Instagram comments play a part in your business growth? 

Yes, you read that right.

Your business grows more when more sales and customers are generated.

reply comments to build your brand
Reply to Instagram comments to increase brand awareness

When responding to a commentary, especially product or service queries, you’re helping your consumers make their purchase decisions. 

The more questions answered = the more sales secured. 

You’ll notice an increase in sales just from Instagram comments. 

With higher engagement rates due to frequent replies, your account performance will be boosted. 

Instagram’s algorithm favors posts with high engagement. 

This means that your posts will be pushed up your followers’ feeds, increasing your reach and impressions. 

High reach and impressions = More brand exposure.
Account growth = Business growth

That’s the reality.

So, you see how interacting with your consumers and followers through Instagram comments can indeed impact your brand positively?

Now let’s see if there are useful tools to help you.

Manage Instagram comments easily with community management tools

Now that you’re already familiar with Instagram comments management and how to reply, you’re ready to start replying to comments on your Instagram page. 

If replying to comments is too much of a chore, there are always automation tools available. 

They are bots that generate automatic replies to specific comments. 

An example is ManyChat simply adjust the settings you require and you can configure automated replies for post comments.

Even with a small community, replying to comments is the first step to gaining more reach and growing your audience’s loyalty.

Most comments are happy to receive a reply from brands and businesses.

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My Advice on Replying to Instagram comments for your business

Your brand may have the best, aesthetically pleasing content on Instagram. Your strategy may have the most optimized Instagram posting schedule.

But if you’re ghosting your followers, and not responding to their comments- what’s the point? 

You’re basically missing the most important part of social media strategy – you can say goodbye to your engagement.

For the future of your brand, you need to consider making a difference – start off simply by replying to comments. 

As a social media community manager, it was tough at first for me.

But after some routine work, I got used to it quickly. 

To start off, you just have to reply to each and every comment on your post. 

Bring value – recommend them a product they’ll love. 

Empathy – Apologise for any negative experiences and resolve them ASAP

I’m sure you understand the importance of replying and responding to Instagram comments after reading this lengthy blog. 

After a while, you’ll see the difference and enjoy the benefits of your community management.

Our clients also enjoyed higher interactions and reach thanks to the efforts put into comment responses 🤩

This is our last insight regarding interactions:

Insights of instagram by responding comment
Insights overview of Instagram Marketing through comment

You can start off by replying to comments manually, if you’re a small business,

Or if your account is big and there are too many comments to handle – use Automation tools

There are many professional social media management companies that offer community management services too. 

One very last thing, especially for small brands.

Do not abuse or spam in Direct messages. Instagram have limits.

Respect them.

I’ve got this email quite often from Brands who are starting way too fast.

I wish you the best of luck with your Instagram business journey.

If you ever need help with Instagram management – Drop me a line if you need help, or use the comments.

I might reply 😉

Are you ready to start your Instagram comments journey?

What is the best advice to reply effectively to Instagram replies for my business?

Be genuine and respond in a conversational manner, and reply with appreciation. If they comment with emojis, reply with emojis. Give useful support and reply to your customer about what they need to know. Provide the support or information your customer needs through direct messages. Say a simple “Thank you” with an emoji to appreciative comments.

When should I reply to comments on Instagram?

Reply ASAP as people hate waiting. If you can’t respond quickly, just take a note and respond within a maximum of 48 hours. If you passed the duration, simply “like” the Instagram comment. Just don’t leave it untouchable. It’s important to make the commenter realize that your brand notices everyone in the comment section.

Should you respond to all comments on Instagram?

Yes, including the ones that leave a resentful hate comment under your post. On a brighter note, positive and questions comments are an open opportunity to generate engagement for your content. On the other hand, hateful comments ruin your comment section. Get rid of them to maintain the professional facade.

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  1. Hey there! I really enjoyed reading your blog post on how to effectively reply to Instagram comments for business accounts. As someone who is relatively new to the world of social media marketing, I found your tips and strategies to be very insightful and helpful.

    One of the things that really stood out to me was the importance of personalizing your responses to individual commenters. I think it can be easy to fall into the trap of using canned responses or generic replies, but as you mentioned, taking the time to craft thoughtful and personalized messages can go a long way in building strong relationships with your followers and customers.

    Another key takeaway for me was the idea of using comments as a way to gather feedback and insights from your audience. By actively listening to what your followers are saying and responding thoughtfully, you not only show that you value their opinions, but you also gain valuable information that can help you improve your products or services.

    Overall, I found your blog post to be a great resource for anyone looking to up their Instagram game and improve their engagement with their audience. Thanks for sharing your expertise and insights!

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