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How to Measure Instagram Reels Performance for Better Video Content in 2023?

Measuring your Instagram Reels performance will be helpful to increase your video content performance and generate more engagement, views, & impressions. Leveraging the important performance metrics on Instagram Reels insights is one of the best ways to start. In this article, you will find another tip to measure your Instagram Reels performance and take advantage of the insights for better video content-making in 2023.

If you are struggling with your Reels’ views or the overall flop performance,

This is the best place to spice up your IG video content strategy.

Follow my advice: start analyzing your Instagram Reels’ performance.

Every single video you have ever posted.

After checking every metric on the published Reels, you can get some important insights

You can use to optimize your next Reels strategy.

There are ways to check your Reels performance, the easiest way is to look into Instagram analytics.

The built-in feature will help you track any important metric of your Reel

Like the number of views, interactions, impressions, reach, and many more.

If you need a thorough tutorial to run your Reels assessment, this article will help.

Here is a step-by-step guide to measuring your Instagram Reels performance

And using the generated insights for better video content in 2023.

Let’s go!

TL;DR: To measure your IG Reels performance:

  1. Open your Reels Insights on the Instagram analytics
  2. Go to the “Content You Shared” and choose Instagram Reels
  3. Analyze every IG Reel you posted and see what video performs well
  4. Learn about your Instagram Reels’ Reach & Audience

4 Steps to Measure Instagram Reels Performance

Here is the guide to running your Reels assessment using the in-app Instagram analytics.

The IG analytics is accessible for the past 90 days.

Make sure you have switched to Professional accounts, so the feature will automatically track your Reel videos.

If you are a general user, sadly the Analytics feature won’t appear on your account.

Now, let’s go through the tutorial.

1. Open the Instagram analytics to access your Reels Insights

First off, go to the Insights section of your Instagram profile.

You can do this with 2 options: go to Settings or your Professional Dashboard.

To view your IG Reels insights through Settings, open your profile page.

Find the three lines icon on the top right of your screen, then tap on it.
After that, click the “Insights” menu with a chart icon beside it.

The number of reach from your Reels in the Instagram insights menu
See your insights summary here~

For the shortcut method, open your Instagram profile page.

Then tap on the Professional Dashboard under your IG bio.

There will be a short “report” there about your best account performance in the last 30 days.

Performance of your IG Reels accounts reached in the last 30 days
The IG Reels are reaching 100% non-followers~

Now you have the report page opened,

Let’s explore what statistics you need to level up your Reels game.

Go to the “Content You Shared” and choose Instagram Reels

As you are only checking out Reels, open the “Content You Shared” section and pick Reels.
Set the time period, metrics, & content order you want to evaluate.

Selected metric to check the IG Reels performance
Choose whatever metric you like to see~

There are a lot of metrics you can check:

Comments, likes, saves, reach, plays, shares, and Reel interactions.

Select the ones you’re most curious about, or the one that you think performs well or badly.

Don’t forget to also include the time span.

The number of plays displayed on every IG Reels posted
See all your plays in a glimpse~

Good news: you can check your Reels in the last 2 years :)

Also include the content order, you can pick from the lowest, highest, or newest.

Analyze every IG Reel you posted and see what video performs well

After setting up the filters & categories, now it’s time to check every single video posted.

See what video performs very well or very badly based on the most important metrics.

Views or plays & reach.

To see every metric on a single Reel, just click on the video.

You will be directed to this page.

The summary of every metric performance of top IG Reel
Check the top Reel and metric insights.

Inspect every single video and see what performs best or worst, so you can decide

What kind of content and video format your audience likes.

This is very important as you are “serving” your followers,

So always understand what they want to generate the most engagement

And more metrics for your business benefits like lead generations or sales increase.

The content interaction performance by a top IG Reel
See also how engaged your audience with your Reel.

Learn about your Instagram Reels’ Reach & Audience

Last but not least, go deep on the Reach metric.

The number of impressions is an important metric to see if people are rewatching your Reel.

If the number of impressions is bigger than the number of accounts reached,

The definition of Reach as one of IG Reels performance metrics
Click the “i” trademark to understand the meaning of each metric.

It means people are coming back to your content.

On the other hand, if the number of profile visits is larger than the number of new followers,

Well it seems like you need to improve your Reels strategy.

My best tip: draw some important insights from your finding.

And use them to fuel your future Reels strategy.

Here is how to do it.

4 Best Tips to use Instagram Reels insights for better video content

After measuring your Reels performance, this is the time to take an action.

What should you do if your Reel flops?

Should you keep producing the Reels with the best views, engagement, reach, & impressions?

Here is the answer.

This is the ultimate follow-up action after doing the Reels assessment.

Watch and try out different Reels styles

To make good writing, you must read a lot of books first.

That’s exactly how you want to excel in creating viral-material Reels.

Trying out the trending elements is a guarantee of a successful Reel, but what if your audience doesn’t like it?

Testing is the key to finding the best Reel style for your brand.

Also, by evaluating your Reels, you get real insights to create a data-driven & more accurate Reels strategy.

When your Reel gets a lot of likes, comments, saves, and shares, you know it works well, right?

Keep up what you’ve done, but don’t be monotone.

Rather keep testing & using various Reels styles to prevent your followers from boredness with your content.

Look here for the best Reel ideas to try out.

Upload Reels with different video lengths

Testing different styles also include how long the video would be.

You can create Reels up to 90 seconds long, but ask again, do your followers like long videos?

Or do they prefer shorter Reels? In fact, shorter Reels can be more engaging.

Make sure you get this data from your Reels performance assessment.

Try out different Reel lengths to see what your followers’ preferences are.

Try posting Reels with different audio options

The audio on Reels also affects their performance.

In fact, many users have their audio muted when scrolling Reels.

That’s why adding captions or subtitles to your Reels.

You should also pay attention to your Reels’ audio input. On Instagram, you can:

  • Input the original audio from your video clip on the Reel
  • Add a voiceover to your Reel
  • Insert a text-to-speech or auto-subtitle generator on the Reel
  • Use a song or a viral snippet on Instagram Music

Based on your Reels Insights, try & use the best audio input for your followers’ sake,

And your content performance too :)

Publish your Reels at a different best time: general standard & your own

Last but also very important, always post your Reel at the best time on Instagram.

Doing a Reels assessment also helps you find out your best posting time.

Remember the step when you must evaluate the Reach & Audience demographics?

See what your follower’s most active times are, that’s your best time to generate the most engagement.

But don’t be satisfied just yet.

The idea of the follow-up is testing & trying out.

You can also try publishing the Reels on the general best posting time from some of Instagram schedulers’ findings.

What Are Instagram Reels Insights?

If reading this far doesn’t bring you to light what Instagram Insights is,

Here is the explanation. 

Instagram Reel Insights is an in-app analytic tool to help you measure, track, and monitor your Reels performance.

From views or plays, impressions, likes, comments, and shares, to saves, all statistics are provided by Instagram.

Not just Reels, the tool is also applicable to your overall content & account performance.

This information helps you understand what content works best for your account and what doesn’t.

“Is this step necessary for my Reels content strategy?”

Yes, here is why.

Why should you monitor your Reels performance?

Tracking the performance of your Reels means identifying opportunities to make better content.

It can also mean an effort for content improvements.

Analyzing your Reels performance helps you get in-depth analytics,

Helping you create better-informed strategies for more engaging content.

Basically, evaluating your Reels performance can help you to

  • Know your audience better, what they like and dislike.
  • Decide the best time you should post your Reel
  • Determine your Reel video styles

The thing is:

Measuring your Reel performance can help you understand what’s the best content for your audience.

Stop guessing what your followers like and start generating real insights for your Reel strategy in 2023.

What are the important Reels Performance Metrics to track?

You must be thinking that there is a lot to evaluate after running a whole Reels performance measurement.

But what’s more important is the ones you should pay attention to.

There are the metrics of your Reels that you should take into consideration to improve your content strategy.

Reach metrics to consider after the Reels’ performance assessment

How many accounts have your Reels reached?

The number of the Reach can also teach you something for your Reels strategy.

Here they are:

  • Accounts Reached, is a metric that tells you how many unique IG users saw your Reel at least once.
  • Plays, shows how many times your Reel has been played. It can be higher than the number of accounts reached if some users watch your Reel more than once.

Comparing these two, especially for the number of Plays,

Can be helpful to tell whether people are coming back to your Reels.

If there are a lot of Plays on a single Reel, it means people are interested in your content.

If not, you must stop creating that certain kind of video since people are skipping the Reel.

Engagement metrics to consider after the Reels’ performance assessment

Next important thing to look into is engagement metrics.

The number of likes, comments, shares, & saves is essential

To tell if your Reel generates the best interaction & discussion for the audience or not.

Let’s get to know what those metrics mean.

  • Likes, tell how many users like your Reel
  • Comments, show how many people leave comments on your Reel
  • Saves, show how many times your Reel is bookmarked
  • Shares, tell the number of times your Reel is shared on Stories, DM to another user, or even another platform.

These are very important parameters to say whether people love your content or not.

The way they are engaged with the content, involved in a conversation, and stay on the discussion,

Indicates if your Reels are successful.

My Take: Start measuring your IG Reels performance in 2023 to make better video content

There are lots of gains and benefits you can get by evaluating your Reels performance.

If you still rely on content-guessing without having real data about what content your audience likes,

You lose the game.

Everyone in 2023 is doing the same: measuring their Reels statistics & data for better content.

and if you still don’t leverage the free data,

Just prepare for a loss, even before you start competing.

Start taking advantage of Instagram analytics and get real insights into your Reels.

Analyze every important metric: plays, reach, impressions, likes, comments, and more.

The Reel with the most number on the main metrics is the one that succeeds,

The one that resonates the most with your audience.

While the ones that generate only little reach & engagement are the failed ones.

Do you think you can evaluate your Reels performance now?

Are you still confused about some things? Let me answer it for you.

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Your Questions on how to improve Instagram Reels Performance? 👇🏼

What is considered a successful Instagram Reel?

A successful Reel doesn’t have to be viral, but getting one is also very good. For me, a successful Reel is one that generates much better performance than your previous videos. So, if you get 10x more impressions on your Reel after evaluating, you did a very good job for the Reels’ performance assessment.

What is the most important metric when measuring Reels performance?

Reach & engagement are the most important Reels’ metrics you should pay attention to. Check if your Reel has reached a wider audience and also if they are interested in your content or not by evaluating the “Plays” number. How many likes, comments, shares, & saves also determines whether your Reel flops or not.

Why do some Instagram Reels flop or don’t perform well?

There are a lot of factors if a Reel doesn’t perform like what you expected. The content might be not engaging enough, the quality is low, there are missing subtitles or captions, the headlines are not catchy enough, and many more. This is where evaluating your Reels performance becomes important, you will know what content works and what content doesn’t generate any performance at all.

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