Here are the best, must-follow Japanese photography influencers in 2023.

They are just who you need to get inspired, learn more about camerawork, and grow your brand in Japan.

These photography influencers in Japan are powerful as well as having unique portraits.

The Influencer Market in Japan is very different from other markets.

List of Photography Influencers in Japan

As some might know, the Japanese love taking photos of themselves and other objects.

Whether just for fun or professionally, this love for camerawork gives birth to many influential photography content creators in Japan.

They are not only skillful but also passionate about what they’re doing.

Everything they capture screams art and has stories to tell.

And it is not surprising to see a Japanese photography content creator go to great lengths to bring their creative vision to life.

And people love to see it – the beautiful pictures and the stories behind them, as well as the technical stuff like photography tips and camera reviews.

People love and need them all, hence following photography influencers in Japan.

They are the answer to all camerawork-related questions the public has.

Top 10 Photography Influencers from Japan in 2023

  1. RK – @rkrkrk
  2. Kohki Yamaguchi – @kohki
  3. Wataru Nishida – @watrunishida_photography
  4. Saru Photo
  5. Takahiro Takinami – @nekoze_photo
  6. Linksphotograph – @linksphotograph
  7. Sakura Ishihara – @sakuraquiet
  8. Sunpono – @sunpono
  9. Hiroshi Mizutani – @hiroshi_mizutani_060
  10. Yuichi Ishida – @you_ishida

It is then understandable why so many people look up to them and await their content.

Even if you don’t plan to plunge into the creative world, following these influencers is also a must.

Because they take breathtaking pictures that remind you how beautiful our planet and its people are.

Ready to know who they are?

Here are the 10 best photography influencers in Japan in 2023.

1. RK – Japan’s Famous Photography Influencer

RK is a Tokyo-based photographer who started with an iPhone back in 2013.

Then, in 2018, he began growing his career and started traveling and photographing what he saw along the way.

RK is now famous for capturing life in Japan and other countries, covering their people, culture, cityscape, and nightlife.

All of RK’s photos are so well shot that big celebrities like Takashi Murakami, KAWS, and Tyga collaborated with him.

His work has also been globally featured in magazines, media platforms, and exhibitions.

Which is understandable because everything he captured is a work of art.

Follow RK now and see it for yourself because I am at a loss for words.

And if you plan to work with a Japanese photography influencer, RK must be on your top list.

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2. Kohki Yamaguchi – Prominent Japanese Photographer & Content Creator

Kohki Yamaguchi is a prominent travel photographer in Japan who captures the many sides of Nihon and other countries through his lens.

And I mean it when I said prominent.

Because he has collaborated with Adobe, Apple, Paul Smith, BMW, SONY, and the list goes on~

He also spoke at the 2013 TEDx and is the face behind Tokyo’s largest Instagram community “Discover Tokyo.”

Another thing Kohki is known for is his editing skills and presets. He will show you how to elevate your pictures using Adobe Lightroom.

Kohki loves traveling and has visited many countries. You can enjoy his traveling vlogs and take a glimpse of what’s behind his camerawork on YouTube.

Kohki has many fans from all over the world. Should you work with him, your brand recognition will skyrocket in no time.

3. Wataru Nishida – Japanese Camera Reviewer & Photography Influencer

Nihon photographer and content creator Wataru Nishida is here to share many things about camerawork and its equipment.

In his channel, you will learn about photography techniques and devices.

Let’s say you just recently purchased a new camera or lens but aren’t familiar with all the technical stuff.

You don’t have to worry because Wataru is here to help.

Wataru’s knowledge also allows him to make thorough comparisons between two camera types and brands.

I honestly don’t know how one has that many cameras.

It is clear that Wataru’s content is aimed at beginner photographers.

If his audiences are who you want to target, then consider working with Wataru ASAP.

4. Yuuki Saruta – Informative Portrait Photographer in Japan

Japanese content creator Yuuki uses YouTube and Instagram to share his love for portrait photography.

On YouTube, he covers photography tutorials, photo-hunting vlogs, camerawork methods, and equipment discussions.

Much of his helpful content includes ways to take better portraits for beginners, 

how to use a strobe, and why you should pay attention to lighting.

He really is experienced in taking portraits either outdoors or in a studio, making him trusted by various magazines in Japan.

With such expertise, many portrait photographers look up to Yuuki for free knowledge and advice.

Collaborate with him if you want your brand to be popular among his followers.

5. Takahiro Takinami – Tokyo-Based Rock Band Photographer & Influencer

If you have been to a rock concert, you must be familiar with the atmosphere – loud and lively.

And Takahiro Takinami is always ready to freeze those moments through his lens.

He is the man behind many rock band photos in Tokyo. From candid on-stage pictures to backstage photoshoots, he captures them all.

When you see his photographs of energetic singers, concentrating drummers, and screaming fans,

You can instantly feel that lively energy radiating from your phone screen.

With his skills, Takahiro is followed by many photographers who enjoy capturing moving subjects.

Work with Takahiro to reach Japanese camerawork and rock music lovers.

6. Linksphotograph – Japan’s Talented Travel Influencer & Landscape Photographer

Linksphotograph is a skilled photographer who graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University with a degree in photography.

He mainly showcases pictures of all the amazing places he visited on Instagram along with his stories through the captions.

But he is also active on YouTube talking about camera types and photography gear.

On the video-sharing website, he uploads his traveling vlogs as well, so you can see just what goes behind all the wonderful photos he took.

Linksphotograph loves mountain climbing and oftentimes, you can see the sceneries he captures from the summit –

The stars and clouds, they will remind you just how beautiful and vast this world is.

Put Linksphotograph on your A-List if you want to grow your brand in Japan.

7. Sakura Ishihara – Cat Photographer & Influencer in Nihon

Ever heard of cat photographers? Sakura Ishihara is one of them.

Cats are a huge part of the people in Japan.

It is not strange to see these cute animals being featured in Japanese magazines.

And by featured, I mean being put on the front page.

Consequently, many photographers are specializing in only cats, Sakura being one.

She showcases all her work of capturing the felines in cute and majestic poses.

When you see her work, you’ll find yourself thinking, “There’s no way these cats aren’t model.”

Many cat lovers and animal photography lovers in Japan follow Sakura. And to work with her is to have your brand recognized by her followers.

So, make sure to connect with her for your influencer marketing in Japan. 

8. Sunpono – Japanese Street Photography Influencer

When hearing the term “Japanese street photography,” many people imagine the busy Japanese streets along with crowded stalls.

But Sunpono will show you that there’s much more to that.

His content is about street photography that doesn’t only portray the lively side of Tokyo,

but also the ones people don’t really explore such as the small streets and vacant underground markets.

If you want some variation, Sunpono documents the beautiful nature of Japan, too.

Make sure to join many others in following him to see the gorgeous pictures he took.

Also make sure to leverage his presence and grow your brand in Japan ASAP.

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9. Hiroshi Mizutani – Nihon’s Professional Black & White Photography Influencer

Black and white is a photography genre many love, including Hiroshi Mizutani.

The Japanese influencer takes BnW portraits of people – babies, elderlies, and everyone in between.

His pictures are raw, candid, and somehow romantic.

Perfect for all the BnW portrait lovers in Nihon.

On his Instagram highlights, you can see that Hiroshi also takes colorful pictures of many other objects, such as the nightlife, fireworks, and flowers.

With or without colors, his work is always captivating.

Now, after knowing Hiroshi’s niche and followers, I encourage you to work with him if they’re what your brand is looking for.

10. Yuichi Ishida – Skilled Japanese Videographer, Photographer, &  Influencer 

Yuichi Ishida is a Japanese filmmaker and photographer currently residing in Seoul and documenting his life there through photography.

He loves traveling around the world and cinematically capturing authentic stories in between his adventures.

Yuichi is on YouTube and mainly uses it for cinematic vlogs, travel videos, and camera-related gadget reviews. 

And yes, you guessed it.

Yuichi is followed by both photography and videography enthusiasts in Japan.

Want to target his audience? I suggest you work with Yuichi now!

Ready to work with photography content creators in Japan?

These content creators are perfect to grow your business in Nihon.

As previously mentioned, they are followed by many photography enthusiasts.

Perfect for your influencer marketing in the country.

Just imagine your product being mentioned to their dedicated followers – growth in brand sales and awareness are guaranteed.

One thing, though:

Always make sure the photography influencer you plan to work with can represent your company.

Because the best influencer isn’t the one with the most followers.

Rather, it’s the one who can introduce your brand to the right audience.

Want to work with other Japanese influencers? Read our Japanese influencer articles here:

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