Here are the most influential Japanese YouTubers worthy of influencer marketing in 2023.

Upon releasing its Japanese version in 2007, YouTube’s popularity in Japan has since skyrocketed.

Now, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site in this country.

This is a huge success, knowing how hard it is for social media to penetrate Japan’s market.

Even though the Japanese are not very active on social media compared to the global average, YouTube has succeeded in reaching millions of Japanese monthly users.

Don’t get me wrong, Influencer Marketing in Japan is a huge market.

Best Japanese Influencers on Youtube

And with the need for digital content greatly increasing after the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Japanese have become familiar with YouTube.

With the huge interest Japan has in the platform, brand and business owners should consider working with the YouTubers in the nation to reach bigger audiences.

In response to this, we have prepared a list of Japanese YouTubers for you to check out.

We promise that they will help your business grow, given the influence they have.

Without further ado, here is our:

Top 10 Japanese YouTubers in 2023 👇🏼

  1. HikakinTV
  2. Bayashi TV
  3. Yuka
  4. Kimagure Cook
  5. Mochimaru
  6. Let’s ask Shogo
  7. Kimono Mom
  8. That Japanese Man Yuta
  9. ALISA
  10. ToKini Andy

Here is the list of the best Japanese Youtubers to watch in 2023.

1. HikakinTV – The Popular Japanese YouTuber

Hikaru Kaihatsu, widely known online as Hikakin is a Japanese YouTuber and beatboxer.

On his YouTube channel “HikakinTV”, Hikakin is seen playing games, reviewing food, and doing mukbang.

He also occasionally vlogs. 

Because of his respectful manner and cheerful personality, people of all ages enjoy his content.

Working with Hikakin means having a ticket to his wide range of audience.

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2. Bayashi TV – The Straightforward Japanese Food YouTuber

Bayashi TV is a food YouTuber with 8M subscribers on YouTube and 36M followers on TikTok.

This Japanese YouTuber posts straightforward cooking shorts and even his videos are relatively short.

His videos have good quality with the cooking steps being shot from such close angles.

The audio of his videos is also very clear, ASMR style.

Bayashi can be seen doing a little mukbang, savoring the meals he just cooked at the end of every video.

His content is enjoyed by people from around the world.

If you work with Bayashi, you can rest assured that your brands will only continue to grow.

3. Yuka Kinoshita – Japan’s Skilled Eater and YouTuber

Yuka Kinoshita began is a YouTuber that specializes in eating content.

This female Japanese YouTuber can eat meals with 5,000 to 23,000 kcal. 

This of course surprises a lot of people, given her slim figure.

Kinoshita has many international fans.

Because of this, her videos have English subtitles. 

Her shocking ability to consume such a large amount of food attracts Japan’s TV programs and foreign news portals.

For brands looking for a food YouTuber to work with, Kinoshita’s fame and reputation are totally worth considering.

4. Kimagure Cook – Japanese Seafood Expert and YouTuber

Kimagure Cook is a YouTube channel created by Japanese YouTuber, Kaneko.

Kaneko’s content revolves around him cleaning, cutting, and cooking various seafood, including exotic ones, such as giant squid, stingrays, and moray eels.

He sometimes shows his viewers how he gets the seafood, either straight from the sea or the market.

Apart from his impeccable knife skills, his viewers love him for his entertaining narration.

He usually eats what he cooked at the end of his video, then enjoys his favorite drink – silver canned Asahi beer. 

Kaneko’s viewers are from different countries, hence his English-subbed videos.

With the traffic he gets, Kaneko should be on your top list should you want to grow your business.


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5. Mochimaru – The Fluffy Japanese YouTuber

Mochimaru is a Japanese YouTuber and a…. cat.

And he is not an ordinary cat.

In August of 2021, this Scottish fold was crowned as the most-watched cat on YouTube by the Guinness World Records.

But even without the prestigious title, he would still capture people’s hearts with his cuteness and personality.

He will always be the nation’s most loved cat by simply existing and doing cat things.

Can you blame him, though?

With the number of views and interactions on his channel, Mochimaru is a gateway to reaching Japanese cat lovers.

6. Let’s ask Shogo | Your Japanese friend in Kyoto – A Japanese Martial Art Trainer and YouTuber

Shogo is a Japanese YouTuber born in Kyoto.

Being raised in Hiroshima, growing up in the US, and living in Beijing for a year, Shogo chose to go back to his birthplace and reside there.

This Japanese YouTuber is currently working as a katana, tea ceremony, noh theatre, and bamboo flute trainer. 

He shares a lot about those things on his YouTube channel as well.

On top of that, you can find other content about Japanese traditional culture.

His content is in both Japanese and English but he provides subtitles in both languages.

Shogo is a comfort YouTuber for lovers of the Japanese language and culture.

And might as well be a comfort YouTuber for brands wanting to expand their market.

7. Kimono Mom – A Former Geisha Turned Japanese YouTuber

The YouTube channel Kimono Mom belongs to Moe, a 30-year-old former geisha. 

On her YouTube channel, Moe talks about her life and stories.

She also makes daily vlogs showing her routine as a mom of one living in Japan.

She shares cooking content starring her cute daughter, Sutan, too.

Read here if you want to know the best food content creators & reviewers in Japan.

The sweet mom-daughter interactions gain them many international fans.

Moe often wears a kimono in her channel, even when cooking.

Her love for Japanese culture inspires her to share it with her subscribers even in the smallest ways.

If you are a business owner, your business is guaranteed to grow if you collaborate with Moe.

8. That Japanese Man Yuta – Online Japanese Teacher and YouTuber

Yuta Aoki is one of the first English-speaking Japanese YouTubers.

He talks about Japanese culture, language, and anime.

Some of his videos are him breaking down how Japanese is spoken in movies and anime.

On his channel, Yuta also does reaction videos with fellow Japanese.

Furthermore, this Japanese YouTuber has a mini-series where he interviews Japanese on the street about interesting topics.

With the variety he gives, YouTube users from both Japan and other countries love his interesting content.

Collaborate with him and gain exposure for your brand to his Japanese and foreign audiences!

9. ALISA – The Japanese Beauty YouTuber

Alisa is a beauty YouTuber from Japan famous for her doe-eyes makeup looks.

Since she is a professional makeup artist, she gives a bunch of tips that are easy to follow.

Consequently, makeup beginners love her content.

She reviews beauty products on her channel, giving her viewers insights about many beauty brands.

Alisa also has hair tutorials on her channel.

She is a must-watch for people wanting to learn how to do natural makeup. 

And a must-work-with for brands wanting to reach Japan’s beauty community.

10. ToKini Andy – The Expat Japanese YouTuber

ToKini Andy is a Japanese learning YouTube channel by Andrew Thalmann.

Thalmann is a foreigner residing in Nagano, Japan.

On his channel, this Japanese YouTuber mainly teaches beginner to intermediate Japanese grammar, pronunciation, and kanji.

He breaks down the mistakes Japanese learners usually make and shares his ways to avoid them.

Thalmann has many loyal fans that are grateful for the knowledge he shared.

He is a gateway for brands that want to target the Japanese learner community.

Which Japanese YouTuber is your favorite?

The Japanese YouTubers we have on the list are all amazing and unique.

They have their own niches that might be what your brand is looking for.

Like the prolific Japanese gaming influencers, or the unique virtual content creators.

No matter who, any of these YouTubers are perfect when they fit your brand’s needs, and goals.

Not to mention that they have loyal subscribers who always look forward to their content.

Once you work with them, you can only expect your brand sales to increase.

So, are you ready to expand your brand in Japan with these influencers?

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