Here is the ultimate and updated list of the top 10 Japanese food influencers in 2023.

Perfect to satisfy your craving for Japanese foods, or help you with your influencer marketing.

When people go to Japan, best believe that along with many things, they must be looking forward to trying the intricate Japanese delicacies.

If you own a Food Brand you should definitely give a try to Influencers Marketing in Japan.

It’s a great Market.

Food and Cuisine Influencers Creators in Japan

Japanese foods are that famous and reputable, we can’t deny it. They are delicious and healthy, and so many are put into making them.

This is to be expected since people emphasize quality and not quantity.

When it comes to food, the Japanese will never run out of options. And even if you have been living in Nihon your whole life, there will always be something you have yet to try.

Consequently, many watch food influencers so they know where to go next. 

These influencers give out trustworthy food reviews and suggestions and that’s why many people follow them.

And even if you live on the other side of the world, the popularity of Japanese food is gonna make you want to try some, right?

Well, don’t you worry.

Because on this list, we also have some food content creators you can watch to help you make them at home.

But what if you don’t plan to do all of the above? These food content creators are still worth watching because,

They will invite you to take a closer look at the rich foods and culture Japan has to offer. For free!

Now, if you are a brand owner wanting to reach Japanese cuisine lovers through influencer marketing, they are also who you are looking for.

The combination of their expertise, influence, online presence, and traffic will do nothing but broaden your brand reach.

Whichever the reason is, we have a list of the perfect Japanese food influencers you need to follow and collaborate with.

Top 10 Japanese Food Bloggers to Follow in 2023

  1. JunsKitchen
  2. Masaru
  4. macaroni
  5. TabiEats
  6. JapaneseCooking101
  7. Bento Club
  8. Papadesuyo777
  9. Mio’s Kitchen
  10. Maimo Channel

Here are the 10 best Japanese food influencers in 2023.

1. JunsKitchen – Nihon’s Cooking Channel for Food & Cat Lovers

JunsKitchen is a YouTube channel run by Jun Yoshizuki which covers basic cooking tutorials with cuteness on the side.

Let me explain.

Jun started including his cats in his videos and his subscribers go crazy over it. Now, you almost never see him uploading a video that doesn’t star his cats in it.

They are basically the main characters in his channel and fans love how well-behaved they are. They’re just there watching him cook, without trying to take a bite of anything.

I know, the cats attract many viewers but that doesn’t mean Jun’s cooking skill is any less admirable.

Jun is still here to teach you how to cook many Japanese delicacies with easy-to-follow recipes. He even sometimes shares his farming knowledge and experience, too.

Watching Jun’s videos will give you that win-win situation where you can hone your cooking skill, all while getting your daily dose of serotonin.

Now, if you are a brand owner wanting to expand your reach in Nihon, Jun should definitely be on your A-List.

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2. Masaru – Entertaining Japanese Fisherman & Food Influencer

Next off we have Masaru, a Japanese food influencer specializing in seafood.

Masaru is pretty entertaining and offers like-no-other content. 

This is because he cooks unusual foods, such as snakes, moray eel, poisonous fish, and even deep sea creatures.

But most of the time, he cooks mouth-watering cuisines made from more common fish like tuna, yellowfin, and many others.

If you watch his videos, you will see all the processes of him catching his food and serving it on the table, including cleaning, butchering, and cooking.

Oddly enough, Masaru’s content is like a breath of fresh air – very relaxing and entertaining to watch.

No surprise he has generated many fans from all over the world.

If you plan to work with Masaru, increased brand awareness will definitely come your way.

3. MOGUMOGU – Japanese Food Content Creator & Street Food Specialist

MOGUMOGU is a Japanese YouTube channel slash street food specialist.

It covers small restaurants and street foods all around Japan so you should check it out for food recommendations. 

The thing is, you will get a closer look at how the food is prepared and also hear the authentic stories told by the cooks and restaurant owners.

To know more about the places MOGUMOGU covers, you can check out the description box under each video. There, you will see the information about the menu, price, and location.

MOGUMOGU shows that you don’t need to go to fancy restaurants to enjoy good and comforting food. 

If anything, the featured places are guaranteed to welcome you with a comforting and nostalgic feeling.

MOGUMOGU’s subscribers are from all around the world because both locals and tourists trust his suggestions.

If you think this channel has what you need to expand your brand in the country, wait no more and collaborate with MOGUMOGU now!

4. macaroni – Japanese Home-Cooking & Food Content Creator

Want to try cooking Japanese dishes at home? Then check this channel out!

It has many recipes by categories, such as 10 egg recipes, 10 avocado recipes, 10 bacon recipes, etc – you get the gist. 😉

So when you only have one main ingredient, you just need to go to her channel which I think is very suitable for university students.

Not to mention that it also has “under ¥1500” or “under ¥2000” playlists. 

Macaroni covers many recipes, from soup, desserts, pastries, Bentos, and meat dishes, to healthy dishes.

And the channel will teach you not only how to cook but also how to prepare and organize your ingredients.

With everything it offers, we can only understand why macaroni is loved by many Japanese culinary enthusiasts.

Brand owners, leverage the channel’s presence and get your brand recognized in no time!

5. TabiEats – Famous Japanese Food Influencers on YouTube

Shinichi and Satoshi are the hosts of the popular YouTube channel TabiEats, where they travel around Japan to try various foods.

They do mukbang, and food reviews, and feature their food journey on the channel. 

There, you can see them exploring foods in unique restaurants, street food stalls, convenience stores, and even food vending machines in many different cities in the country.

Because of this, they are seen as the must-watch YouTube influencers for locals and foreigners wanting to find good eating places.

If you think your brand’s niche matches theirs, you must totally work with them and have your brand recognized by Japanese food lovers.

6. JapaneseCooking101 – Japanese Duo Food Influencers

Noriko & Yuko are the faces behind JapaneseCooking101. And just like the name, this channel will be about Japanese Cooking 101. 😀

The duo has been passionate about sharing their cooking knowledge with the public since 2012.

And they are here to show you how to make the same meals you eat at Japanese restaurants from scratch.

Noriko & Yuko both speak English, hence all their videos being English-dubbed, so they are perfect for foreigners who want to eat Japanese food without actually going to Japan.

Not to mention that both Noriko & Yuko share recipes with ingredients you can find anywhere.

Their recipes are easy and tasty, and their delivery is straightforward – all around perfect for beginner cooks and those who don’t like to spend much time in the kitchen.

Brand owners, if Noriko & Yuko’s online presence and their audiences are what you need, you need to contact them ASAP.

7. Bento Club – Foreigner Teacher and Food Influencer in Japan

Behind Bento Club is Chris, a foreigner residing in Nihon as a teacher.

Although he is not Japanese, his channel is fully dedicated to Japanese foods.

Chris is well-known on YouTube for his shorts covering convenience store foods and Japanese foods he eats throughout the day.

Because he isn’t a native, he delivers his content in a way that informs you how the foods are unique.

So you’ll also get to learn a little bit about Japanese food culture from his channel.

Chris also gives food recommendations and they are mainly fast or street foods with relatively cheaper prices, such as pancakes, gyoza, miso soup, and onigiri.

If your brand is promoted by Chris, we promise that it will definitely reach international Japanese food enthusiasts.

8. Papadesuyo777 – Nihon’s Comfort Food Influencer & YouTuber

Papa Desuyo is actually an engineer and self-proclaimed “not a pro” cook (but you would want to tell him he’s wrong upon watching his videos).

He just really loves cooking and he does it for his family and himself.

And by uploading his cooking videos on his channel, he unknowingly does it for many of his subscribers.

His recipes are short and only need the simplest ingredients but if you follow them, you are guaranteed to make delicious dishes everyone will love.

Especially when he mainly cooks comfort foods that just make you feel nostalgic and at home.

Papa Desuyo’s channel is subscribed to by many, some of which are from different countries. Therefore, it is clear that his influence is not to be doubted.

Work with him now and leverage his presence to help your brand grow in sales and exposure!

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9. Mio’s Kitchen – Must-Watch Japanese Food Content Creators

Have you ever seen those neat Japanese lunch boxes and thought “I wanna make that, too”? Well, follow Mio’s kitchen now!

Mio’s content will show you how to make easy, healthy, but super tasty lunch boxes – perfect if you are a mom, a businessman/woman, a fitness enthusiast, or a student.

The channel is actually about Mio and her husband who have been into fitness for some time.

Having a husband who loves musclebuilding, Mio experiments with plenty of vegetables and high-protein ingredients to come up with delicious daily meals.

She even shares the meal she eats when she was trying to lose weight. And if those kinds of menu is what you’re looking for, Mio’s channel is for you.

And if you are a business owner, you need to work with Mio now and get a hold of the bento and healthy food enthusiasts in Japan. 

10. Maimo channel – Japan’s Food Influencer for Healthy Food Lovers

Maimo channel is worth-following if you want to go on a diet but still want to eat good foods.

Maimo is actually a fitness enthusiast who also finds comfort in cooking and the combination of both inspired her to cook not only tasty but also healthy foods.

And since she also has the number of calories included in each of her recipes, the channel is totally perfect for those going on a diet.

Maimo is here to share her recipes with everyone because, quoting from her channel description, “Diet is a group work and I want to become beautiful with everyone.”

When you follow her, it’s going to feel like you’re having a genuine friend in your weight-loss journey.

And when you work with Maimo, your brand will surely be recognized by Japanese healthy food enthusiasts.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Ready to work with Japanese food influencers?

With the established influence they have, it is impossible to resist working with them.

Because once you did, your brand will get recognized by many of their audiences –

Who are so loyal to them and trust them for food recipes and restaurant recommendations.

These influencers’ content is always awaited and their comment sections are never empty,

Be it of people complimenting their cooking skills, or of those saying thanks for being brought along on their food adventures.

I know that different brands have different niches, hence providing you with a diverse list of food content creators who vary in them.

Now it’s your job to pick one who suits your company’s values the best and watch how their expertise and influence benefit it in every way.

Whoever you choose, we can guarantee you that they are not influencer fraudsters.

Our list is reliable, don’t worry. 😉

Want to work with Japanese YouTubers with different niches instead?

Check out our Japanese influencer articles here:

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