Did you know that along with its cherry blossom and tea ceremonies, Japan is also known for its video games?

In fact, the gaming industry is one of the most famous and profitable industries in Japan, especially on YouTube.

This country is home to gaming streams, gaming products, and video games.

And the gaming industry will only continue to grow.

Which is perfect, because in the same time, Influencer Marketing in Japan is booming.

Best Influencer Gamer in Japan

No wonder, many gaming YouTubers in Japan have massive numbers of subscribers due to the ever-growing interest in the gaming industry. 

And if you want to be familiar with unique Japanese gaming YouTubers, then this article is for you.

This article contains Japan’s 10 best gaming YouTubers.

They can be your go-to YouTubers if you want to hone your Japanese or simply watch entertaining gaming YouTube videos.

For businesses and brands, they can also be the ideal YouTubers for both short and long-term partnerships.

Because not only are these Japanese YouTubers dedicated, but they are also very influential in the gaming industry.

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Japan 👇🏼

You might be knowing Japan as a must-visit trip destination

When lots of Japanese travel influencers are encouraging you to go.

As stated before, gaming is also the top industry in Japan,

Resulting in countless talented gaming influencers, YouTubers, and streamers in Nippon.

Here are the best video games Content Creators in japan in 2023.

  1. Pocky
  2. Retoruto
  3. Odaken
  4. ChihayaTV
  5. Gokou
  6. Shuuya
  7. Bambee
  8. Mikado Arcade
  9. channel fujita
  10. hijiQuish channel

Let’s get to know each one of them.

Here are the best Japanese gaming YouTubers in 2023.

1. Pocky – A Japanese Gaming YouTuber or A Snack?

First off, we have Pocky.

Having more than 3.28M subscribers, this Japanese gaming YouTuber plays games with long stories.

He also occasionally streams and does reaction videos.

Pocky loves to play playful and horror games thoroughly – from start to finish.

Because of this, his videos can be hours long.

If you love games that focus on the story, this YouTuber is perfect for you.

And if you are a business looking for a Japanese gaming YouTuber to collaborate with, you can choose Pocky and prepare to gain more exposure with his massive audience.

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2. Retoruto – A Japanese Gaming YouTuber that Plays a Wide Variety of Games.

Next, we have Retoruto.

He is one of the most famous gaming commentators in Japan.

This Japanese gaming YouTuber is known for his nasal voice.

From relaxing to horror games, Retoruto has them all for his 2.3M subscribers to watch.

With his slow pace of speaking and simple choices of vocabulary, it is no surprise that people enjoy his content.

His channel is perfect for people who just started learning Japanese.

And because of this, many people from other countries enjoy watching him, too.

If you work with him, your business will benefit from the massive number and wide variety of his audience. 

3. Odaken – The Japanese Gaming YouTuber Who Loves to Scream

Odaken’s channel is full of him playing horror games.

Although there are many other horror game YouTubers, Odaken stands out from the rest because of his reactions when playing horror games.

Odaken plays games with a lot of jump scare.

And he would occasionally scream throughout his videos.

He even has to warn his viewers that his screaming might rupture their eardrums.

Because of this entertaining personality, many of his 866K subscribers made compilation videos of him screaming.

This Japanese gaming YouTuber has loyal fans that love his uniqueness.

And this is a sign for brands and businesses to consider working with him.

4. ChihayaYT – The Impeccably Skilled Super Mario Japanese Gaming YouTuber

If you like the classic Mario Bros games, arcade, or quest games, you should definitely check this channel out.

You’ll be surprised at how he makes all the impossible quests easy to do.

He is exceptionally good.

This Japanese gaming YouTuber has 605K subscribers with his Mario Bros videos being the most watched on the channel.

Although Super Mario Maker is his specialty, this Japanese gaming YouTuber also plays Splatoon games, such as Salmon Run.


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5. Gokou!! – A Japanese Gaming YouTuber for All the GTA Fans

Gokou is known for his GTA content on YouTube.

He has many playlists containing his videos playing GTA 5.

To add diversity to his channel, this Japan’s famous gamer & YouTuber also play The Walking Dead, Assassin’s Creed, and The Last of Us.

With this range, no wonder 380K people subscribe to his channel.

He has loyal subscribers due to his strong influence.

It is definitely something to take notes on for brands looking for a Japanese gaming YouTuber to work with.

6. Shuuya – The Famous Japanese Mario Bros and Minecraft Gaming YouTuber

I think we all can agree that Mario Bros and Minecraft are games that just never run out of players.

People will keep playing with them and making content out of them.

One of those people is Shuuya.

From the millions of views he gets on his Super Mario Bros videos, it is clear that people enjoy watching him.

Among his videos, you can find that he plays other relaxing games, such as Animal Crossing and Stray.

He has more than 14 thousand videos uploaded on his channel. What a dedication!

We can all agree that Japanese gaming YouTubers have a passion for gaming.

7. Bambee – The Hardcore Pokemon Fan Japanese Gaming YouTuber

Who doesn’t know Pokemon?

Coming out in 1996, Pokemon has captured people’s hearts until today.

Bambee is one of them. 

Up until recently, all of Bambee’s YouTube videos are about Pokemon.

He plays battle games and explores different Pokemon and battling styles for his 237K subscribers to watch.

His channel is perfect for people who watched Pokemon or played Pokemon games growing up.

And if you are a brand looking for a Japanese gaming YouTuber to collaborate with, his passion and consistency are worth considering.

Not to mention that every video he uploaded is always flooded with views and comments.

Even his YouTube videos have a total of 184 million views!

8. Mikado Arcade – A Japanese Gaming YouTube Channel for Arcade Game Lovers

ゲーセンミカド (Mikado) is actually an arcade in Japan.

Yes, it is a venue that you go to if you want to play arcade games.

This channel started streaming video game content on YouTube in 2014 and has gained 97K subscribers since.

Mikado mainly streams fighting games, such as Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, and saves the streams for people to watch.

With its unique concept, this YouTube channel will only get bigger.

This is such a perfect channel to visit if you want to reminisce about your arcade game-filled childhood.

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9. channel fujita – Japan’s Retro Game Collector and Gaming YouTuber

Channel fujita revolves around Fujita collecting retro games and talking about them.

This Japanese gaming YouTuber is clearly not like the others.

He is eccentric and you can tell that he is doing what he loves – collecting retro games.

Fujita also talks about the history of the games he bought and reviews them on his channel.

If you are looking for fresh gaming content, go ahead and be one of his 77.5K subscribers!

10. hijiQuish channel – A Japanese Gaming YouTuber for Video Game Enthusiasts

With only 34.4K subscribers, the hijiQuish channel has an overall 23 million views!

He has must-watch videos for all Gameboy, PSP, and Nintendo game fans.

He reviews video game devices and serves detailed information about them, from the oldest to the newest.

Speaking slowly in a detailed manner, this channel is suitable for beginner Japanese learners.

This aspiring Japanese YouTuber also records himself playing classic Nintendo games, PlayStation games, and other classic ones on old bulky PCs.

For some people, such old video games might be outdated.

However, a lot of Japanese think otherwise.

Because even though Japan has advanced technology, it is the birthplace of video game brands, such as Nintendo and Sega and many Japanese still play classic video games.

Go check his channel out to reminisce about your childhood. 

Or if you want to collaborate with a Japanese gaming YouTuber with a promising audience in Japan.

Want to work with the Best Video Games Content Creators on Youtube in Japan?

Whether you want to discover Japanese gaming YouTubers for entertainment or business purposes, I highly recommend checking out all of the mentioned YouTubers.

Some of them create unique content no other YouTubers do, hence having loyal subscribers.

Japan is known for its unique things, including having the best virtual influencers in Asia.

For brands and businesses, you can check the channels of these 10 best gaming YouTubers in Japan out and click on the “About” section of their channels to see their links and contact.

You may also find their Instagram accounts and utilize them as one of the marketing tools that help you achieve your brand’s sales and growth KPI as well as improve the ROI of your business.

From there, you are only one click away from connecting and collaborating with them.

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