Being known for its modern technology, it is no surprise that Japan has come up with several CGI and AI Influencers taking over social media.

You can easily penetrate the Influencer Marketing in Japan by using this Influencers and Creators robot version.

The Top Virtual Influencers in Japan are 👇🏼

  1. Hatsune Miku
  2. Imma – @imma.gram
  3. Zinn – @plusticboy
  4. Ria – @ria_ria_tokyo
  5. Teresa – @virtual_teresa
  6. Liam Nikuro – @liam_nikuro
  7. RIM – @rim_virtual
  8. Aoi Prism – @aoiprism
  9. Ella – @ella.imagination
  10. Myra Keiko – @myrakeikomusic

The virtual influencers even have distinct personalities that make them relatable and more “human”.

With their own specialties, these virtual influencers present different content genres, ranging from music, fashion, and lifestyle to modeling.

Types of the most popular influencer content niche of Japanese influencers
If you can make beauty product reviews and add a bit of entertainment to it in 🇯🇵 = 💰

And despite people’s skepticism against manmade humans, 

These content creators are well-loved and accepted not only by the Japanese but also by their international fans.

Their online presence is even more significant than many “real” influencers, which gains them huge online traffic.

Business-wise, this is an amazing opportunity to penetrate Japanese social media.

Virtual Influencers Lists in Japan

If you want to be familiar with Japanese virtual influencers, this article is for you.

1. Hatsune Miku – Japan’s Most Famous Virtual Idol

Hatsune Miku is a CGI influencer developed by Crypton Future Media.

The cute 16-year-old girl has long, turquoise twin tails and has been known in the country as a computer-generated singer and idol.

She even has performed live onstage using 3D graphics tech in Japan and other countries.

Miku’s fame is truly an embodiment of Japan’s advanced technology.

If your brand has the budget, Hatsune Miku is your golden ticket to reach J-Pop idol fans all around the world.

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2. Imma – First-Ever Virtual Fashion Model in Japan & The World

Imma is an iconic Nihon virtual influencer and the first CGI fashion model in the world.

Produced by Aww Inc., her hyperrealistic features will make you take a second look just to make sure she’s not a human.

Imma has her signature striking pink bob hair and honestly, no one pulls it as she does. The girl looks good in everything!

Many big brands have collaborated with the influencer, including IKEA, Porsche, Nike, Puma, Amazon, and even SK-II. I guess robots need skincare, too.

And if you already think that’s amazing, Imma was also featured in VOGUE Japan.

She truly is a social media sensation.

Work with Imma now and watch how your brand growth skyrockets in the country.

3. KAF – Nippon’s Virtual Musician and Influencer

Kaf is an eighteen-year-old Japanese virtual girl who is famous for her beautiful singing voice.

She has her own original songs, such as Devour The Past and Heart & Trick.

On top of that, KAF’s voice also captivates fans’ hearts through her music covers.

KAF is a famous virtual singer, just like Miku.

With her popularity, your brand is guaranteed to thrive in the country should you collaborate with KAF.

4. Zinn – Charming CGI Influencer in Japan

Just like Imma, Zinn was also produced by Aww Inc.

Based on the company’s family tree, Zinn is Imma’s brother whose popularity is also huge.

The good-looking virtual influencer occasionally models, too.

I guess good looks and modeling talent run in the family.

On Zinn’s Instagram feed, you can see the random pictures he took. It’s like he’s sharing a glimpse of his cool personality with us.

With Zinn’s charm and cool online persona, it is only obvious how he has so many fans.

If you want your brand to expand in the Japanese market, you should add Zinn to your list.

5. Ria – Japanese Gorgeous Virtual Content Creator

Who would’ve thought robots can fall in love? Well, with Ria, it’s possible.

The gorgeous influencer’s bio says “‘I’m a virtual girl in love.”

And who is she in love with, you might ask?

Wait for it,

It’s Zinn!

And the pair looks so good together. Their admirable love story is also better than mine.

Besides her pictures with Zinn, Ria’s Instagram is full of her modeling gigs, and pictures of her living her life as a virtual girl.

If your brand work with Ria, it will be recognized by many of her international followers.

Preferred social media platforms to run influencer campaigns in japan
Youtube + Twitter + Instagram = 🏆

6. Teresa – Japanese-American Virtual Singer & Musician.

Teresa is a Japanese-American virtual content creator specializing in music.

She has released several song covers and hits on YouTube and even has her own music videos!

Apart from music, Teresa is also seen as having an interest in fashion and modeling.

She can be seen doing sponsorships for some Japanese businesses.

With her cool and chic style, you must look forward to making her the face of your brands.

7. Liam Nikuro – Japan’s First Male Virtual Influencer

Liam Nikuro is another Japanese-American virtual influencer who works as a music producer and model.

His established career has granted him the opportunity to meet with The Weeknd, Post Malone, and San Holo.

On his Instagram account, you can find photos of him producing music, modeling, going to the gym, and playing sports.

And with his distinguished features, he has modeled for fashion brands, too.

Work with Liam if you think his niche matches your company’s and get ready to grow your business in Nippon.

8. Aoi Prism – Flashy Japanese Virtual Influencer

Edgy but flashy, is what I would use to describe Aoi.

Aoi Prism is a CGI online celebrity whose style and Instagram feed scream boldness.

Her fun and colorful street fashion style are unmatched.

And Aoi looks good in everything she wears, whether it is something with many layers, sparkles, or patterns.

If you are a brand owner wanting to target the edgy Gen-Z of Japan, Aoi is your perfect fit.

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9. Ella – Japanese Virtual Influencer for Disney Lovers

Ella is a Tokyo-based virtual influencer who works as a fashion model.

She was created by Disney Japan and upon scrolling through her feed, you will see her obvious admiration for Disney.

Everything she owns is Disney-themed, from clothes, utensils, cosmetics, and pretty much everyday objects.

Her feed is cute, just like her and she is the perfect virtual influencer for Disney fans out there.

If you plan to target Japan’s Disney fans, Ella must be on your A-List.

10. Myra Keiko – Japanese Virtual Singer & Influencer

Myra Keiko is a Japanese virtual singer and influencer that started as a 2D character.

Upon releasing her first single, Believe, her character since shifted into a 3D figure, which can be enjoyed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Myra’s signature look is ash blonde hair and gray baggy pants.

She has loyal fans who always say that they can’t wait for her next single to drop.

So, which Japanese virtual influencer do you want to work with?

We encourage you to work with the Japanese virtual influencers we have on the list.

Because they have dedicated fans who always crave their new posts.

And many are even invested in the crossovers and existing stories among some of them.

In fact, virtual influencers can bring great fortune to business owners.

Not only will working with them gain your brand increased awareness,

But it also shows your potential customers that your business is open to unique concepts.

Just don’t forget to make sure that the niche of the influencer that you choose matches your brand’s.

And if you want to collaborate with other Japanese influencers, read our articles here:

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