Understanding how to track influencer campaign results is important for brands when working with content creators. For a successful influencer marketing campaign, brands need to monitor its outcomes so they can measure the ROI for their businesses. This article will guide you to easily track your campaign results with an influencer marketing platform.

It’s known that influencer marketing brings so many benefits to your business.

Influencer marketing is proven to bring $5.78 per 1 dollar spent.

But do you know that brands are having difficulty monitoring their influencer campaign’s progress?

In 2021, 65% of brands are having a deep concern to measure ROI.

Guide on on how to track Influencer Marketing Campaign

Those two are among brands’ biggest challenges in running influencer marketing campaigns.

In fact, tracing the influencer campaign’s progress and measuring ROI is important.


To make sure you are working with the right influencers that drive the best results.

Also, to see whether your campaigns are successful or not.

That’s the reason I’m writing this piece: to give you a solution to those problems.

This is the complete guide to tracking your influencer marketing campaign progress

And getting to know the important metrics to measure the success of your influencer campaigns.

Let’s dive in.


  • Choose the best influencer marketing platform and set up the campaign
  • Monitor all your influencer campaigns in real-time
  • Check the KPIs, audience details, published posts, and campaign stats
  • Compare the success of each influencer campaign’s results

What are Influencer Marketing and Tracking?

Influencer marketing is one of the social media marketing strategies to market brands’ products through product placements and endorsements by key opinion leaders (KOL) or content creators’ that are considered to have an influence on their audience.

There is no standard for doing the right influencer marketing, you can run campaigns everywhere on the internet.

You can work with influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, emails, podcasts, blogs, and many more.

But we know that Instagram has the best place in brands’ and marketers’ hearts.

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Sometimes brands are also doing multi-channel influencer campaigns with many influencers in hand.

But the problem comes when a brand watches its influencer campaign.

Tracking your campaign means you are monitoring your influencer campaigns’ progress.

It could also mean you are checking whether the campaign results have met the target (KPIs) or not.

The thing is, many brands can’t monitor their campaigns well.

It’s essential for your brands.

Read carefully about why it matters.

Why should you monitor your influencer marketing campaign results?

Because you need reassurance.

How do you know your influencer campaigns are successful if you don’t observe them?

Most basic brands’ goal to run any marketing campaign is to increase sales, including with influencer campaigns.

If you find sales decrease, it will automatically link to weak marketing.

This can be a parameter of the influencer campaigns you run.

So, it’s important to control your campaign results and see your success.

Besides, you have the ground data to measure tangible ROI for your business.

Also, it’s the best way to uncover each influencer’s performance and see how well they bring results to your business.

Tracking your influencer marketing campaign results will help you understand whether the influencer you’re working with can achieve the targeted KPI and how much they bring ROI to your business.

Furthermore, monitoring your influencer campaigns helps you figure out whether influencer marketing is the right channel for your business and if yes, you can learn what works & not for future partnerships.

Now, let’s move on to the strategies to monitor your campaigns.

What are the manual strategies to track your influencer marketing campaign?

The thing is, you can track your campaign manually.

However, I suggest you use an influencer marketing platform. Its campaign monitoring feature will help you keep an eye on your campaigns easily.

But, if you don’t have enough budget, you have to spare more time to check your campaign progress.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Use UTMs to observe individual influencer campaign

If your campaign goal is to direct the influencer’s audience to your website, this is the perfect strategy.

It is to prepare UTM links to keep an eye on influencers individually.

UTM, which stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor, are simple code at the end of the URL.

This is the best way to observe every performance and content.

UTM links structure breakdown to track an influencer campaign
Yup, when you see “UTM” in a link, it is definitely a tracker link 🙃

Later the results will be shown in Google Analytics reports in real-time, so you can observe your influencer marketing performance directly.

The UTM link will look like this:


That is only an example of the source tracker. In fact, you can use other standard variants.

Here are 5 parameters of UTMs you can use to monitor your campaigns:

  1. Traffic Source
  2. Medium
  3. Campaign
  4. Content
  5. Term

2. Traffic Source to trace the influencer campaign platform

The source tag is used to show where the traffic comes from. The source can be any platform where your campaign project is run. It could be Instagram, Facebook, Google, email list, etc.

It will turn out like this:


3. Medium to check the influencer campaign’s channel

Like the name, the medium tag checks what kind of platform the traffic is coming from. It can be social, referral, email, organic, paid, etc. For example, when you are working on an influencer campaign, you can name the channel “influencer”.

Example link:


4. Campaign to monitor the influencer campaign’s name

Now we go specific with the campaign tag. Basically, this tag allows you to control any marketing campaign you are running.

Since this is the most detailed name to differentiate your campaigns, you can use it in many ways. You can keep an eye on your sales promotions, the number of campaigns you are working on with specific influencers, etc.

Let’s try with an example. You are a brand that wants to run influencer campaigns with many influencers called “summer new product promotions”. You want to observe every single campaign run by them. You call the project “June Promotions” and check the influencers by name.

It will turn out like this:


5. Content to detect the influencer campaign’s type of post

This tag also allows you to keep an eye on very specific parts of the campaign. As said, the content tag is used to observe the type of content to run the project. This also applies to content with more than one CTA button. You still can monitor each one of them using UTM.

Let’s say your project is run both on Instagram Stories and Feeds. The link will be like this:
&utm_content=instagramstories OR &utm_content=instagramfeeds

6. Term to track the visitors’ clicks specifically

If you want to go very very specific, then you can use the term code. It can check the trace of what keyword the visitor comes from.

Example link:


Give influencers unique coupon codes

This is the best way if your campaign goal is to increase sales:

Give the influencers unique coupon codes.

A unique code attached on an influencer's caption for an easy tracking
Who doesn’t love coupons? An easy requirement to get big discounts and also, track the campaign 😉

In fact, 145 million US consumers have purchased a product using digital coupons.

The thing is, you have to set trackable coupons to see how well the campaign works.

Especially for Instagram which doesn’t allow users to attach links to the post.

When users see branded content, they might go to the brand’s profile without visiting the influencer’s account.

Like this, you can’t analyze the influencer’s impact.

But, if you set unique coupon codes, then you can check how many people are impacted by the influencer to buy your product.

You need to measure the cost of compensation for the influencers with the revenue generated from the coupon code.

This way, you get a real idea of the ROI and estimate its impact on your business.

Read this article to measure your influencer campaign’s ROI effectively.

Add influencers to your affiliate program

Even if you don’t give your customers a discount, you still can observe the influencer’s impact through affiliate links.

An affiliate link used by an influencer in their captions for campaign tracking
The link will show how many purchases are done through it, the easiest trick 😉

Let’s say your brand launches a new product.

Set up a unique affiliate link where only the influencers you are working with have the link to the product.

Well, affiliate links can’t be considered as accurate as UTM links, but they still can streamline the customer’s purchase journey.

Meaning, affiliate links are a good choice if your campaign goal is to generate leads & sales.

This is also an almost accurate way to compensate for an influencer’s impact.

Give influencers personalized landing pages

Another way to keep an eye on an influencer’s impact is through personalized landing pages.

Let’s say influencer X is endorsing some of your products.

You can create personalized landing pages only for those products.

That way, you can monitor easily how many influencers X’s audiences taking action through the link.

This is also a good funnel for leads and sales generation.

It is also another accurate way to measure the influencer’s impact on its audience regarding the product endorsed.

5 Steps to Track and Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You have read the common strategies used to observe your influencer campaigns.

How do you feel about it? Were you chill or did you suddenly regret your life decisions?

LOL, I’m joking.

The thing is, monitoring your campaigns is not easy. It needs dedicated patience and discipline.

However, you need it for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

As I said before, the best and easiest way to check your campaign progress:

Use an influencer marketing platform.

Now, I will show you how handful it is for your business.

In this section, we will use Inflact, my all-time favorite influencer marketing software ever!

It has robust campaign management that will help the best out of your checking process.

Let’s check it out and see for yourself how great it is.

Define your campaign goals that align with business objectives

First of all, before jumping into monitoring your campaign progress, let’s recall your campaign goal.

This is necessary as your goal will be the benchmark of your campaign success.

Not setting a proper goal is the top common mistake for brands to run an influencer campaign nowadays.

How can you say the campaign is successful only for it getting 100 likes?

Actually, you don’t know calculate the cost you spend on the campaign and how much it should have brought you results.

That’s why setting attainable goals are very important before starting any campaign, including influencer campaigns.

Having clear goals also helps you set attainable KPIs.

Lastly, you can define the important metrics needed to measure your campaign’s success.

That can be said, both important metrics and KPIs depend on the goal you are achieving.

I will explain further the important metrics for the most common goals for brands when running influencer campaigns.

Stay tuned.

Choose the best influencer marketing platform and set up the campaign

After recalling your goals and KPIs, now it’s time to keep an eye on your campaign progress with the help of an influencer marketing platform.

And my choice is Inflact.

Once you sign up and subscribe, you can use all of its best features, including campaign management.

Open the influencer marketing dashboard and click the graphic icon 📈to check all your campaigns.

Click “New Campaign” to set up your campaign.

After that, it leads you to name your campaign.

It will appear like this.

Type your campaign name, the number of influencers you are working with currently, and the campaign period.

When done, click next.

After this, you will fill out more filters such as your target and KPIs.

This part is important because it will run the follow-ups based on your target.

Let’s move on to the core step:

Keep an eye on all your influencer campaign progress in real-time

You can keep an eye on your campaign very easily.

You don’t have to manually calculate, plus you get extra insights that you might not have thought of.

On page 1, Inflact will show you the complete important information about the campaign.

Such as KPIs, info about how many influencers and content have been posted, and the campaign summary.

Look at this.

When you see everything in green, it means the campaign runs very well.

Check the KPIs, audience details, published posts, and campaign stats

Another worthy mention: the campaign’s fast and intuitive KPIs.

It summarizes all important reports for your campaign and it runs in real time! So it gives you direct reports in advance.

In the summary section, it will help you put the campaign reports into perspective.

For example, the Earned Media Value is higher than expected, or how the influencers doing well for the campaign.

It will give you a very representative result of the overall campaign.

And when you look at a 4.9/5 score, your mind would automatically say you did a good job on the campaign.

You can judge the campaign’s success in one glance through the score.

On page 2, you will read your target audience reports in detail.

Take a look at the pic.

From countries to age split, all the information about the audience is there.

Again, Inflact will give you perspective through its audience score.

Look at the B score.

It is whether your campaign has fit your target audience or not.

Also, if you want to check all posts have been uploaded for the campaign, you can scroll to page 3.

Inflact will show any kind of posts, Stories, Reels, TikTok videos, etc.

Here’s what it looks like.

In the last section, you will find two stats that summarize your campaign growth.

You can see it from how much the publications have been posted, how many people engage with the content, and how far the content reaches the audience.

With this, you can see the campaign progress gradually from time to time.

See the image below.

That’s it.

All these robust features will help the most out of your influencer campaign tracking.

You can get the most comprehensive and representative reports.

You don’t choose one, you get both 🙂

Compare the tracking of each influencer campaign’s results

The last thing to do for your tracking campaign process is to conduct a comparison.

As you can see, you get a bunch of important reports and insights.

Rather than just seeing it as a mere report, you can see it in a broader view as your campaign evaluation.

To do that, you must compare each influencer campaigns you have done.

This is to show you the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign.

Later, you can use the strengths as the strategy for the next campaign.
And get rid of the weaknesses so you run the best strategy for your influencer campaigns.

Which metrics are important to trace for your influencer marketing campaign success?

Depends on your campaign goals.

Exactly. The most important metrics to calculate how successful your campaign depends on your objectives.

Later, the objective is used to measure KPIs you target for the campaign.

Let’s break down the important metrics for the most common influencer campaign goals.

Important metrics for Brands to raise Brand Awareness

One of the reasons you should invest in influencer marketing is that it could create brand awareness.

It has also become one of the most famous goals for influencer marketing.

In fact, 85% of brands are seeking brand awareness for their influencer marketing campaigns.

If your goal is to raise brand awareness through influencers, here are the metrics you should pay attention to.

  1. Impressions: are the number of how many times your content has been shown on the platform.
  2. Views: are the number your content has been watched, usually for video types like Reels.
  3. Reach: are the number of unique social media users who have seen your content. Impressions, Views, and Reach are the most important metrics on social media. The more number your brand gets, the more people see your product.
  4. Follower growth: is the number of followers your brand gains from time to time. This means the influencer’s audience is interested in hearing more from your brand. Work with followers who can lead to more follower growth.
  5. Bounce rate: is the percentage of people who have visited your site but left without taking further action. You could see how the readers enjoy the content or not by evaluating this metric. The good bounce rate is from 26%-40%.
  6. Sessions: are the number of referrals an influencer can drive to your website. This can be seen to rate how engaging the content is to make people want to know more.

Metrics to watch if your brand wants to Drive Engagement

Getting a good engagement is also an important goal for influencer marketing.

It could motivate the audience to take further action regarding the content.

And there’s a high possibility that they will proceed to a purchase, which also means micro-conversions.

Here are the best metrics to watch for good engagement.

  1. Engagement rate: is the percentage of people taking action in your content, such as likes, comments, shares, etc. The names also depend on the platform. This is the main parameter to get a good engagement on social media as it’s visible and countable.
  2. Email Subscription: same as the name, email subscription means how many people have said yes to you bringing them more information in a more personal conversation. Tracking this metric could show you influencers who don’t really boost sales but bring a more engaged audience.
  3. Adds to cart: this metric will show you how engaged the influencer’s audience is with your brand. If they directly add the product to the cart, then it means the audience is interested in your brand. Just a little more push for them to buy.
  4. Sessions: same as before, sessions are the number of referrals an influencer can drive to your website.
  5. Bounce rate: as mentioned before, bounce rate is the percentage of people who have visited your site but left without taking further action. Same with the email subscription, even if the influencers don’t bring sales, at least they drive more traffic with the number of sessions and bounce rate.

Important metrics for brands whose goal is Sales Increase

Eventually, every marketing effort is made to drive more sales, including influencer marketing.

To measure sales increase in your influencer campaigns, these are the important metrics you should watch.

  1. Revenue: how much profit do you get from working with one influencer? If they bring you good money, then keep working with them for long-term sponsorships. Remember to always track with traceable links so you can get the right number.
  2. Average order value: this is the number of people who make a purchase by the influencer’s recommendation. You can see who is bringing more value to the transaction.
  3. Sales conversion rate: the number of how many people from the influencer’s audience who have interest, demographic, and purchasing behavior that match your offer. If they are stuck only on the cart, then maybe there’s a point where your product still doesn’t resolve their needs.
  4. Cost of content produced: this is the amount of return you get from the cost you spend on one influencer or basically your ROI. How much money do you get from compensating the influencer at $15 for example?

What is the best affordable solution to track your influencer marketing campaigns?

Let’s welcome, our best influencer “tracking” software: Inflact

As I mentioned, It has very robust features to track your influencer campaigns.

You can get complete information about the campaign KPIs, the audience details, the published posts, also the campaign growth stats.

Also, you can rate the campaign’s success in one glance

Do you know how much you should pay for such powerful features?

I have reviewed much similar software but trust me, it has the best features and the best price.

You can also customize your price based on your needs.

The mission is to bring influencer marketing to everyone, they have proven what they said with the best offer brought in the market.

Start to Track Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Results and Run a Succesful One in 2023

Here we are at the final section!

So, tell me what was the experience like learning how to track your influencer marketing campaigns?

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Whatever it is, I hope you can understand the guide and apply it to your campaigns from now on.

Tracking your influencer campaigns is important to measure your campaign success and ROI.

But it needs more time and energy.

You need to create links, unique codes, special landing pages, etc. to track every influencer you are working with.

Other than creating specific links, you also need to spare some spreadsheets to manage them in one document.

But I have a solution for you: use influencer marketing software.

It has exceptional and powerful campaign management features.

Especially when you just need to take one glance to see if the campaign is successful or not.

Also, the price is very affordable and small-business-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start using Inflact for the best influencer campaign results and follow-ups!

Here is an alternative for efficient tracking: use the Instagram bio link tool.

Are you still confused about some parts? Let me help answer your doubts 😊

Note: Do you think something is missing and you want to complete the pieces? Contact us here and contribute your thoughts.

All your questions and our answers about Influencer Marketing tracking

What is the best way to measure any influencer marketing campaign’s success?

Use links that can track the influencer’s performance and impact on its audience. For example, using UTM links, unique coupon codes, affiliate links, personalized landing pages, etc. This way, the results are tangible and you can compare them to your KPIs and see how well the influencer is doing for your campaign.

How to optimize your influencer marketing campaign?

First things first, you need to find the right influencers with good follower growth and engagement. After that, decide on the content that could bring the most results, like leveraging Instagram Reels to reach a bigger audience. You can also highlight and optimize the call-to-action messages. Most importantly, give the content creators freedom because they know their audience the best.

How do you evaluate an influencer’s performance?

3 things to consider: content quality, reach and engagement, and cost-effectiveness. First, see how much the influencer puts effort into their content. Second, see how well their content engages with their audience or how far the content could reach unique audiences. Lastly, you should also count the cost of compensating the influencer for the results they bring to your brand.

Continue to read if you like Influencer Marketing Insights & Studies

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