Using an Instagram Bot might be controversial as it is against Instagram Rules & potentially gets your account banned. However, running it safely will help your account grow, including new followers spurge. Read on to know how to use Instagram Bots effectively in 2023 to increase your followers & avoid spammy setups.

Are you looking for the fastest way to grow your followers?

Use an Instagram Bot (a good one).

It is proven to bring your account to an accelerated follower growth rate in a  very quick way.

However, it is also known as the worst destroyer of your account.

Here is the deal: run the IG Bot very wisely.

How to use an Instagram bot effectively

Produce legit & valuable content for your audience and limit your bot’s activity.

Never ask the Bot to kick off a sudden ‘loud’ automation on your IG account.

Rather do it slowly, making sure the activity looks organic & human.

Here is the complete guide to automating your account using an IG Bot in 2023

Using Inflact to grow your followers in no time.

Let’s do it.

TL;DR: 7 Steps to run an Instagram bot for more followers:

  1. Sign up for the price of an IG Bot that suits your needs
  2. Turn on your IG VPN to use the Instagram bot safely
  3. Start targeting: list your competitor’s audience using the IG Bot
  4. IG automation #2 targeting: selecting hashtags
  5. Run the Instagram bot to target audiences in specific locations
  6. Set filters for more targeted & “human” IG bot activity
  7. Watch your follower grows with the Instagram automation

How to use bots to increase followers on Instagram?

An Instagram Bot won’t harm you unless you use it carelessly.

If you doubt it, read here thoroughly whether you should use Instagram automation or not.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use IG Bots effectively to get more followers in 2023.

  1. Sign up for an IG Bot
  2. Turn on your IG VPN
  3. List your competitor
  4. Select your hashtags
  5. Set up specific locations
  6. Set “human” targets & activities
  7. Analyze your IG bot

This time I will use Inflact, the most complete & affordable Instagram automation so far.

Let’s see how it helps you automate your IG account safely.

Sign up for the price of an IG Bot that suits your needs

Using a free Instagram bot is dangerous, we never suggest using one.

Inflact offers the most flexible price ever.

You try it for $3 for 7 days using the Pro Account with all the features.

Adjust the price to your needs and you’re ready to set up your IG automation.

The flexible pricing option from an Instagram bot
Only Inflact allows you to have this flexibility 🙂

However, before using Inflact, you must require some of these first:

  • Set up a public account
  • Complete your Instagram settings with a phone number and email
  • Make sure your account has at least 12 posts
  • Ensure that the oldest post has been published more than fourteen days ago
The requirements before using an Instagram automation
Make sure you tick all of them for safety reasons 🙂

Turn on your IG VPN to use the Instagram bot safely

Before doing further setups, you must turn on an Instagram VPN for protection.

No worries, all Inflact premium plans already include a VPN.

Once you subscribe to Inflact, you can automatically use and turn on the default Virtual Private Network.

The VPN feature included in an IG bot’s pricing
Inflact is considerate of your protection 🙂

Open your Inflact dashboard and go to the “Promo” tab.

Scroll down until you find a “Targeting” menu to set up things.

Now, let’s start (for real)!

Start targeting: list your competitor’s audience using the IG Bot

After everything is set up, it’s time to set up your targeting metrics.

First off, decide what kind of audience you are targeting.

Pro tip: aim for your competitor’s audiences.

They are the perfect & relevant people to attract through your content.

To do this, open the free user search tool by Inflact, type a keyword, set filters if needed, and see the results.

Tick any account you want to generate followers from and add them to your list.

Or just simply copy and paste the username on your Bot’s Targeting settings.

The IG bot user search tool on targeting competitor’s audiences
Only target relevant & quality audiences.

IG automation #2 targeting: selecting hashtags

Another important targeting metric: hashtags.

No need to worry (again), Inflact has provided a hashtag generator,

Also available to every pricing plan. 

The best thing ever: you can use Smart Selection.

It mixes both generic & specific, niche-targeted hashtags.

The hashtag smart selection from an IG bot tool
Say goodbye to manual hashtag selection for your IG account~

Run the Instagram bot to target audiences in specific locations

If you want to go very specific, set up the location too.

Is it specifically in Hanoi, Vietnam, or the whole of Singapore?

On Inflact, you can add up to 50 locations at once.

The location set up from an IG automation tool
Put every country in the world to spread your brand worldwide.

Set limits for more targeted & “human” IG bot activity

Setting up a limit here means you can narrow your daily automation targets.

It’s helpful to control the bot, not to ‘over automate’ your IG account.

When it’s not restricted properly, you can easily get suspended by Instagram.

You can limit anything, from likes per profile, Stories view, daily follow & unfollow, and more.

The filters unfollow limit on an Instagram automation tool
Limit your automation & make it looks organic.

Watch your follower grows with Instagram automation

After everything is set, let the bot works for a couple of weeks.

You can monitor the results during or after the setup.

Just move from the “Targeting” tab to the “Statistic” tab.

And see your account growth in a blink of an eye 🙂

The automation results statistic on an Instagram automation tool
Tap on the dots and see the numbers.

What are Instagram bots?

Instagram bots are automation tools to do certain activities on Instagram without a human present for account growth needs like acquiring followers, auto-likes, and more.

An Instagram bot is usually used to grow followers, but it also offers other automation features,

Such as auto comments & likes, hashtag generators, and more.

One of the automation features from an Instagram bot
From hashtags, location, follow-unfollow & likes daily limit, it’s all there.

How does an IG Bot work when gaining more followers?

It works based on your targeting setting based on hashtags, location, etc.

It also automatically likes and leaves a comment under the targeted audiences

In a certain amount within a period of time.

Since the activities are too risky for your account, it’s important to use the IG bot safely.

Tips for running IG bots that are not spammy

Wonder no more,

Here are the best tips to use Instagram automation

And save your account from Instagram anti-bot detected.

Understand your IG account’s target audience

The most important thing to run an effective IG bot, know your target audience.

Figure out what kind of content they find valuable,

And what kind of accounts they want to follow.

Answer those questions, it’s more than enough to map out your target audience.

Produce Instagram content that gives people value

It’s such a waste if you use automation but your content is trash.

That also looks a lot more like a “bot”.

Make sure you already have good-quality content first,

Then make the IG bot your content pusher.

Never think of Instagram automation as the “main” strategy, but more like a “helper”.

Limit your daily IG account’s auto-comments & auto-follow

Auto-comments & auto-follow are the most spammy automation.

Never set a high number of those 2 metrics.

Start with slow and continue with a decent number to avoid spam flags from IG.

Instagram has built up advanced detection from engagement activity.

Once your account exceeds some of the things limited by Instagram,

You will be flagged as a bot which is caused by a bad automation setting.

What is the best automation tool to boost followers on Instagram?

Inflact, indeed.

It’s the best IG automation with the most complete package ever.

You can find literally every automation feature there.

From hashtags, follower boosts, user search tools, and more.

It is also very affordable and lets you pay based on your needs.

Also, you get a free VPN and hashtag generator for all the premium plans.

Take a look at the pricing.

The pricing options from an Instagram bot
Freely use Inflact based on your budget 🙂

The best thing about Inflact: you can try the 7-day trial for only $3.

On Inflact, you can also download other content from Instagram, totally for Free:

And all of them are very simple.

Type any keywords or username/profile URL and Inflact will automatically load them for you.

Here are the best & safe Instagram Bots from our side. They are the good ones, don’t worry.

Our final IG automation tool recommendation in 2023 to get more followers

Using automation tools is a key to accelerated account growth in 2023.

It’s a lot more competitive on Instagram these days.

It’s fair to grow organically on the visual app, but it sure takes a long damn time.

The best solution is to use Instagram automation.

Of course, there are pros & cons of Instagram bots.

As long as the IG Bot is well-programmed and used in moderation, it will work effectively for your business.

I have tried several tools and Inflact is still the best automation so far.

It has flexible options, the best for small companies that are tight.

It is also completed by some supporting automation features,

Like hashtag generators, user search tools, and even a free VPN.

If you don’t know how to use Instagram bots properly

Leave the job to the professionals or an agency,

Let them handle and grow your business safely & effectively.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have other Instagram bots that are worth trying?

Let’s discuss this in the comment below 🙂

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

More Questions on Using Instagram Bots?

Are bots legal on Instagram?

Instagram bots are legal if you obey the Instagram Policy when using them. Some IG bots such as auto-likes & comments are against the rules so it’s technically violating the Instagram Policy. Worst case, your account will be shut down completely from the photo-sharing app, so it’s best to use it wisely.

Can I use free IG automation?

You can, but I suggest not. Free Instagram automation is very risky and might cause a ban on your IG account. If you are tight on your budget, just pick an affordable Instagram automation to avoid getting on Instagram’s anti-detection and ban radar.

Is Instagram removing bots in 2023?

Instagram is knowingly shutting down bots these days, especially when they allegedly level up the organic parameter and mass suspend accounts on its outage. If you get a push notification about “inauthentic” likes and follows associated with a third-party application, it’s better to slower your automation setting.

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