Male fashion influencers in Indonesia have always been a hot sensation.

More than 50% of Indonesian care about fashion.

Fashion Content Creators are their ultimate inspiration in how they dress up their daily looks, for both males & females.

Top 10 Indonesian Male Fashion Influencers in 2024 👇🏼

As fashion is important in Indonesia, many male fashion trendsetters you can find on social media.

But to say top influencers,

These are the best Men fashion influencers in Indonesia in 2024 so far.

  1. Tysna Saputra
  2. Naufal Zuhdi
  3. Yoland Handoko
  4. Stefandy Yanata
  5. Omar Daniel
  6. Anugrah Aditya
  7. Arnold Teja
  8. Kevin William
  9. Gamaliel
  10. Raivan

I have carefully curated the list to present you with the best influencers in every style.

Best male Influencers in Indonesia to work with

Fashion brands should be aware of this situation and start working with the best influencers in the field.

So, here is the up-to-date list of the top Indonesian male fashion influencers in 2024.

From street to elegant high-end style, the list consists of influencers with different styles.

From minimalist followers, fashion stylists, and vintage junkies, to shoe collectors,

To sum up, Indonesia has a large market for fashion.

Let’s dive in.

62% of People buy products from influencers in Indonesia
in Indonesia, Influencers are powerful 🔥

Let’s get to know each one of the top 10 Indonesian male fashion influencers in 2024.

Tysna Saputra – Fashion Stylist & Influencer of Indonesia

The first influencer on the list, Tysna Saputra.

He is among the famous fashion stylists in Indonesia.

Having been working with big Indonesian public figures, Tysna pulls off every single style he’s wearing.

From casual, street style, to elegant formal, he is looking good in every outfit.

Not only outfit inspiration, Tysna also encourages his followers to care for grooming and skincare.

He has also been collaborating with various brands like Uniqlo and Sony.

Yep, Tysna is open to any brand.

Keep him on your list to target his large follower base.

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Naufal Zuhdi – Minimalist Fashion Influencer based in Indonesia

Naufal is the epitome of minimalist style in person.

You will never be bored looking at Naufal’s Instagram feed! It’s very pleasing and aesthetic.

If you love seeing the best achromatic mix-and-match, Naufal is your go-to influencer to watch!

Aside from being a lifestyle & fashion content creator,

Naufal is the creative director of a clothing brand, photography studio, and thrift shop.

He is all in for the fashion business.

Naufal has also been working with brands that support his minimalist lifestyle.

Go for him if you want to attract minimalist followers in Indonesia.

Yoland Handoko – Indonesian Fashion Stylist, Vintage & Modern Clothing Influencer

Here is another fashion stylist that has been working with top celebrities in Indonesia,

Yoland Handoko.

Started his career in a lifestyle magazine, and now he is among the established male fashion content creators in Indonesia.

Yoland is very versatile in his fashion.

From vintage look to modern classic style, he always presents himself to look chill.

Yoland is a daddy of 3 dogs & 1 cat and loves cooking!

He also loves to post the artists he’s dressing on his Instagram page.

Yoland is a great influencer for brands targeting Indonesian fashion enthusiasts!

Stefandy Yanata – Nusantara’s Streetwear Fashion Influencer

Recently, streetwear fashion has been a national sensation in Indonesia,

After Citayam Fashion Week becomes a trending topic on every Indonesian social media platform.

But Stefandy has been consistently building a reputation as the best Streetwear fashionista for years.

He often goes to fashion events and also loves fashion design.

Stefandy once made it to display his design at one of the fashion events in Jakarta.

He also loves sharing his makeup look and does many skincare promotions.

Stefandy has built his own business, a clothing brand The Escapade Story.

He designed the clothes with Jovi Adhiguna, another influential fashion designer in Indonesia.

Stefandy has the influence so you should add him to your list!

Omar Daniel – Indonesian Celebrity, Model, & Elegant Fashionista

Omar is a well-known male actor, model, & presenter in Indonesia.

With over 770k followers, Omar has built a large follower base on social media,

including women fans who love watching his series.

He also loves wearing high-end brands, like Gucci, Dior, etc.

On his Instagram, Omar prefers sharing behind-the-scenes of his upcoming projects.

Also, lots of elegant looks from branded clothes!

If you are targeting an Indonesian general audience with your clothing brand,

Omar is the best pick to start.

Graph on What impacts Buying decisions on Indonesian Consumer in percentage

Anugrah Aditya – Indonesian Sneakerhead & Fashion Influencer

Among other fashion influencers on the list, Anugrah Aditya has the most unique niche.

I think he loves sneakers more than anything in this world.

When you scroll through his Instagram page, you will find tons of sneaker recommendations from Anugrah.

He has been invited to Jakarta Sneakers Day, the biggest Sneakers exhibition in Jakarta.

Anugrah also creates Soboyow, a page featuring the best sneakers & streetwear around the world.

Never miss out on him and keep Anugrah on your list to reach the Indonesian sneakerheads!

Arnold Teja – Indonesian High-end Fashion Blogger

I might say Arnold has the best fashion sense on this list.

Aside from being a fashion blogger and model, he also loves traveling around the world.

He mostly likes to wear branded clothes from Gucci, Chanel, etc.

Wearing layering sweaters, knitted vests, or even vintage shirts, he always slays!

Every unique piece of clothing & mix-and-match always looks good on him.

With only 15k followers in hand, Arnold has been working with various fashion brands.

If you want to target the Indonesian branded fashionista, go collab with Arnold!

Kevin William – Casual Fashionista based in Indonesia

Kevin William is an entrepreneur and fashion content creator on Instagram.

He also has been attending lots of fashion shows in Indonesia.

On Instagram, Kevin shares every daily look and he is good in each of them.

On YouTube, he loves sharing grooming tips and daily outfit ideas.

After the office, going to a gym, and hanging out with friends, he always takes care of his appearance.

Kevin loves a casual look, sometimes also formal & elegant.

If you want to reach the Indonesian casual wearers, Kevin is the best pick for your campaign!

Gamaliel – Musician & Gender-neutral Fashion Influencer of Nusantara

Gamaliel is a famous singer in a triplet group, G.A.C.

While producing lots of hits, he also loves sharing his rare style in Indonesia:

the gender-neutral look.

Gamaliel sometimes wears a skirt, and also pulls off some masculine style with a tailored blazer.

But most of the time, he looks unique!

No wonder many people love him as a fashion inspiration.

Go add Gamaliel to your list to attract pop music lovers slash fashion enthusiasts in Indonesia.

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Raivan – Indonesia-based K-pop Fashion Inspiration & Influencer

Indonesia is one of the countries with a large K-pop fanbase.

Every beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trend is always a booming thing in the country.

And Raivan takes the opportunity to show off his K-pop fashion style on Instagram.

He also manages to create his Instagram page look aesthetically.

Even brand sponsorship content looks very fancy.

Raivan is the must-watch K-fashion influencer in Indonesia for your brand!

Ready to Launch your Campaign in Indonesia with the Top Male Fashion Influencers on the list?

That’s it, my top 10 fashion influencers in Indonesia the male version in 2024.

Indonesia has a unique market for fashion, and brands should leverage the potential.

So, it’s very important to take a position

And pick the best influencers to bring the best results for your brand.

The influencers on this list are very well-curated to drive your targeted goals.

They might walk on the same path,

But they have a very diverse fashion niche, which best matches your brand’s needs.

Also, they are very popular in the market.

With their dedicated follower base, it’s very easy to reach the Indonesian fashion consumer.

I wish you the best in your campaign journey!

Continue to read if you want more insights from Influencers in Indonesia 🇮🇩

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