A brand deal with the top list of Indonesian gaming influencers will reach a wider audience to promote your brand.

Indonesia’s game & e-sports industry is very prolific.

The country is among the Southeast Asian countries with the most demand for smartphone gaming in 2023.

That’s why you can find gamers and streamers in Indonesia just as easily as beauty influencers.

Influencers gamers in Indonesia

This is an excellent chance for brands to showcase their products.

Basically, they help your business grow faster as they have the best influence on their audience and their niche.

So, here we go:

The 2023 top 10 of the most popular and influential gaming influencers in Indonesia.

The best for any brand on any scale.

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Let’s meet each one of them.

Top 10 Gaming Influencers in Indonesia

  1. Tobias Justin – @jessnolimit
  2. Maureen Gabriella – @btralicee
  3. Windah Basudara – @windahbasudara
  4. Olivia Gosandra – @oliviagosandra
  5. Muhammad Rasyid – @pokopow
  6. Diwantara Anugrah Putra – @diwantaraanugrah
  7. Ridha Audrey – @audreyffreal
  8. Indri Sherlyana – @indrisherlyana
  9. Vina Eleast – @vinaeleast
  10. Nabila Sulthana – @rrq.nabbsky

There are A LOT of gaming influencers in Indonesia.

Here, I have curated from the most popular & successful to the potential Indonesian gaming influencers in the future.

The list consists of various influencer tiers, from mega to micro-gaming influencers.

The most popular social media networks in Indonesia
Brands. Go to find Indonesian Influencers on Instagram.

Here is our list of the 10 best Indonesian gamers in 2023.

Tobias Justin – The biggest Indonesian gaming influencer & streamer

Tobias Justin a.k.a Jess No Limit is one of the veteran gamers in Indonesia.

He was previously known for his Mobile Legends streams on YouTube in the 2010s.

Now, he is known for his dedication to being a professional e-sports player.

He is now the pro player of Mobile Legends and he’s the runner-up of the fourth season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the world.

Yes, he is that SKILLED.

In 2019, Jess was honored to be the Esports’ President Cup Ambassador.

Jess is now dating Sisca Kohl, who was once viral because of her “DIY ice cream” and “spending thousand dollars” for expensive foods.

Jess and Kohl are now a powerful couple, making Jess’ influence bigger than ever.

Collaborate with Jess ASAP for a large sum of sales increase!

Maureen Gabriella – Best female gamer & influencer Indonesia

Maureen Gabriella or widely known as BTR Alice is one of the biggest female gamers in Indonesia.

She is among the richest female gamers in the world.

She is also the brand ambassador of Bigetron Esports, one of the biggest esports teams in Indonesia.

Maureen is not only uploading videos on YouTube, but she is also expanding her influence on Instagram.

While sharing her selfies and precious moments with family and friends, Maureen has also done a lot of brand sponsorships.

Trust me, her uploads are overflowing with engagement: likes & comments.

Utilize Maureen’s big audience and grow your business through her influence!


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Windah Basudara – Rising Indonesian male gamer & streamer

Windah is a rising gamer & streamer figure in Indonesia.

He is unlike any other streamers who openly show their toxic traits and curse at the screen whenever they failed a mission.

Windah is a more polite, somehow “clean” and kind persona.

That’s why his followers love him very much.

Windah also loves collecting money and then donating it to those in need.

He usually runs live streams and uploads videos on his YouTube channel with more than 8 million subscribers.

Windah is also active on Instagram sharing his special moments with his loved ones.

He also posts branded content with various brands.

If you want to work with an Indonesian gamer with the most loyal audience, then Windah is the best pick for your brand.

Olivia Gosandra – Established game influencer Indonesia

Here is another influential Indonesian female gamer: Olivia Gosandra.

She is known as a gamer of everything.

Yep, she plays every popular game in Indonesia, not limited to esports games.

One thing about Olivia: she always makes her videos entertaining enough for her fans.

Five years being in the industry, Olivia has grown so much.

Now she is the brand ambassador of Gear Sades Indonesia and Tim Eksports Recca.

She is very active on YouTube, not only creating game content but also funny videos like pranks on her lover, Patrick (also a big gamer in Indonesia).

On Instagram, she shares everything, including sponsorship deals with various brands.

Add Olivia to your list to reach the Indonesian game community who also love watching a cute couple on the screen.

Muhammad Rasyid – Indonesian gamer, influencer, & cat lover

If you want a slice niche, like being a gamer and a cat lover, Muhammad Rasyid is the best choice.

Widely known as Pokopow, Rasyid is a part-time gamer and full-time cat caregiver.

Even Rasyid has a soft spot for cats, he actually loves playing action games like Road Redemption, Garry’s Mod, etc.

He is also on Instagram sharing his favorite game console, special moments with his loved ones, also a lot of brand sponsorships.

Collaborate with Rasyid if you want to reach the game enthusiast who also love cats.

Diwantara Anugrah Putra – Creative Indonesian gaming influencer

Diwantara Anugrah Putra, a.k.a. The founder of Tara Arts foundation is a creative gamer in Indonesia.

Through Tara Arts Games, he targets the international market by producing English content.

But then many Indonesian brands want to collaborate with him,

Diwantara creates another YouTube channel named Tara Art Game Indonesia.

Not only producing mediocre gaming content, he packs the content with a fun vibe.

Like finding a Kuntilanak (Indonesian folk ghost) on GTA 5.

He is also present on Instagram to share his upcoming competitions with his followers.

Having a big audience, Diwantara has published a lot of branded content.

Add Diwantara to your list to reach the chill gaming community in Indonesia.

Ridha Audrey – Versatile female gaming influencer Indonesia

Here we go, another well-known Indonesian female gamer.

Ridha is a successful gamer and influencer with 624k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Widely known as AudreyFF, Ridha loves to play every online game in the world.

From action to fluff games, Ridha has played it all.

On Instagram, she prefers sharing her precious moments with her loved ones.

She also has collaborated with various brands, including not game related brands.

Ridha has built her loyal gaming audience but she is also suitable for any brand to make sponsorships.

Indri Sherlyana – Rising female gamer & influencer Indonesia

Indri “Clarity” Sherlyana looks ‘common’ on Instagram.

While actually, she is one of the most successful female gamers in Indonesia.

Thankfully, Indri has added gamer & streamer on her Instagram bio.

Indri is the champion of the Point Blank Women’s Competition.

She is also the second runner-up of Point Blank Women’s International Women’s Championship with the Galaxy Ladies.

Her YouTube channel is still growing but she has built an established online presence on Instagram.

You should definitely add her to your list!

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Vina Eleast – Indonesian female micro gaming influencer


Same as Indri, Vina keeps an ordinary persona on Instagram.

While she is actually a gaming content creator.

On Instagram, she is actively posting her selfies and self-portraits.

She loves makeup and dogs.

Vina has also worked with a lot of brand sponsorships, and they vary.

Even if her audience is not as many as the top lists, people are always crowding her posts.

Check her out and add to your potential influencer list!

Nabila Sulthana – Growing micro-gaming influencer in Indonesia

Nabila, a.k.a, Nabskyy on YouTube and Instagram is a professional gamer

Even if she is not famous yet, but Nabila is known for her skill.

She loves playing Counter-Strike and holds the crown as the queen of the game in Indonesia.

Nabila’s online presence still gains a small audience, but she is actively joining the game competitions and building her reputation.

She has also done a lot of brand deals, mostly gaming-related products.

Nabila is still very good for your brand as her posts are overflowing with engagement.

Start collaborating with her!

Start your Influencer Campaigns in Indonesia with the Gaming Influencers on the list!

That’s it, the top gaming influencers in Indonesia in 2023.

Who is your favorite gamer so far?

Whoever it is, the right influencer depends on your needs and goals.

Even if every influencer on this list is focusing on the game industry, they have their unique colors & specialties.

But they are very popular in their market and have the most dedicated follower base.

No matter at what level their influence is, their posts are always crowded with likes and comments.

When you work with them:

getting more traffic, engagement, new followers, and brand awareness is very easy.

Launch your influencer campaign in Indonesia with these influencers ASAP and get the benefits for your brand.

Good luck 😊

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