TikTok Gains Foothold In Indonesia With $1.5 Billion Investment To Take Over GoTo’s E-Commerce Platform.

Tiktok has been a widespread sensation in the world, including in Indonesia.

Many Indonesian content creators and KOLs who previously did not see the potential, suddenly crowded TikTok.

Here are the best Indonesian TikTok influencers in 2024, for brands & businesses focusing on the rising video app.

Top 10 TikTok Influencers Indonesia in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Fadil Jaidi – @fadiljaidi
  2. Vina Muliana – @vmuliana
  3. Brigita Meliala – @idgitaf
  4. Agung Karmalogy – @karmalogy
  5. Ananza – @ananzaprili
  6. Andrew – @dreamcorestan
  7. Rinaldy Alexander – @rnalxnder
  8. Hadni – @aintyoursb
  9. Hanny Soegianto – @hannysoegianto
  10. Aa Kabayan – @aa.kabayan

It is now considered one of the most promising apps for influencer marketing in Indonesia.

The influencers are already on TikTok, now it’s the Indonesian brands’ turn to make a profit from the situation.

The TikTok shop is very successful in Indonesia, and sellers that gain millions of Rupiah in just one TikTok live a prominent story now.

Most used Social Media platforms in Indonesia, including TikTok

our guide to the Top 10 best Indonesian TikTok influencers for your business.

They have various niches: beauty & makeup, lifestyle, comedy, dance, food, and many more.

The TikTok algorithm, plus the influencer’s creativity in creating content will bring you the best exposure ever for your brand.

Also, TikTok influencers in Indonesia are the perfect getaway to reach the young adult audience.

If those are what your brand needs for your TikTok influencer campaigns in Indonesia, then this is the right place.

Let me show you how well they could bring results to your brand.

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There are a lot of TikTok superstars in Indonesia.

But here is the hand-picked list of the most popular Indonesian TikTok influencers.

The best for your brand and business in Indonesia.

For any business scale and various brands in Nusantara.

Take some notes that the influencers in this list are highly influential.

Their content is being reposted everywhere on social media.

TikTok Influencer Marketing in Indonesia

Here are the best TikTok Influencers in Indonesia in 2024.

Fadil Jaidi – The biggest TikTok star & influencer from Indonesia

Everybody laughs at everything Fadil Jaidi does. He is that funny.

He is known for his unique ‘selling’ when doing brand sponsorships.

He impersonates the sellers from the traditional shop market to promote the endorsed products.

Everyone loves it and his videos are constantly watched by millions of people.

A very great chunk of exposure for an endorsed product.

Fadil is also willing to sell products from local small businesses, with the same promotion.

His account has become one of the most famous TikTok accounts in Indonesia, yet he treats every brand equally. 
Fadil is the number one choice if you want original marketing and also, to enter the Indonesian market easily.

Vina Muliana – The best Indonesian career coach & TikTok influencer


Reply to @vmuliana jadi gini bestie, rahasiaku ngomong lancarrr macem jalan tol #tipskerjavina #publicspeaking #serunyaramadan #serunyabelajar

♬ DINDA – Keroncongin 🎶

Every college students, interns, and jobseekers in Indonesia know Vina Muliana.

She educates people about careers and self-growth, especially how to get your dream job.

She won the TikTok Awards 2021 in Indonesia as the Best of Learning & Education.

Vina is also chosen in the 30 under 30 Forbes Indonesia in 2024.

Her content is very inspirational and many admit her tips & insights.

She is literally the best KOL on TikTok Indonesia right now.

She also does brand sponsorships and she makes it subtle from her usual content.

Thanks to her tips, her content also has regular millions of views.

Add Vina to your list if your brand targets career enthusiasts in Indonesia.

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Brigita Meliala – The rising Indonesian musician & TikTok influencer

Songs on TikTok are very easy to go viral, including in Indonesia.


sudah rilis. lagu galau pertamaku wleee, Dermaga😌🛶💚 #tiktoktainment

♬ Dermaga – Idgitaf

And what happens after the songs went viral? It helps the TikTok ‘cover’ musician transform into the ‘real’ musician.

That’s what happened to Brigita Meliala, or her now stage name, Idgitaf.

She was doing covers, duets with other content creators, and parodies.

Her content went viral and suddenly she has her own songs on Spotify.

She then produces folk-pop music, which becomes a mainstream music genre in Indonesia.

Well, she is not entirely absent from TikTok and focusing on her music career.

She still creates TikTok content and does some brand deals.

She accepts every brand, so you should try her out for your TikTok campaigns in Indonesia.

FYI, the folk music base is very loyal in Indonesia.

Agung Karmalogy – Funny TikToker & Influencer Indonesia


Siapa Byuti Influencer paling jujur menurut kalian? Ngomongin soal jujur2an, @eglowplatinumskin.id ini jujur bukan skinker abal2, beneran bikin glowing!

♬ original sound – Agung Karmalogy – Agung Karmalogy

Agung Karmalogy’s content is very funny, but it relates to Indonesian culture.

He mostly impersonates women or moms on some occasions.

This type of content always has a place in the Indonesian audience, so his content is always popular.

The video above is about women influencers when asked about their beauty secrets.

Agung also does brand sponsorships where he makes a very creative approach to promote the product, like the one we see in the video.

Go check him out for another unique ‘marketing’ from an Indonesian TikTok influencer.

Ananza – All-around Indonesian TikTok influencer


Replying to @hourlygasly Nih buat yang dari kemaren nitip, CAMKAN YAA jangan sampai ada orang yang bikin kamu down lagi!! 😡 #selfdevelopment #mentalbaja #mindset #tipspsikologi #tipsdarinanza #selfesteem #serunyabelajar

♬ original sound – Ananza, S.Psi✨ – Ananza, S.Psi✨

Ananza is a psychologist and versatile TikTok content creator.

She mostly shares content about self-development, mental health, beauty, & lifestyle.

Sometimes, she is doing makeup while answering comments about mental health from her audience.

With her wide influence, she also does various brand deals.

Ananza’s content is also very universal so,
she is the right influencer if you want to reach the ordinary people in Indonesia as many as possible.

Andrew – Indonesian streamer & TikTok influencer


When there is no food left in France, what do we do? We go on a roadtrip, mon chèri! 🇫🇷✈️ @tahugo_official #oui #slay #fypシ

♬ Vroom Vroom – Charli XCX

Andrew is known for his comical ‘Omegle Show’ on TikTok.

He and his friends dress up and speak like French people. (Actually, they just can say oui, merci beaucoup).

In fact, he is very famous on TikTok, especially among foreigners who play on Omegle.

He keeps this French dupe persona in all his content, including doing product endorsements.

Andrew is still humble to accept SMB’s products to promote,
so he is the best alternative for your brand to reach, not only Indonesian but also a few overseas audiences.

Rinaldy Alexander – The best comedian TikTok influencer in Indonesia

To be honest, I love Rinaldy Alexander so much.

He is effortlessly funny and his content makes people laugh on a daily basis.

Sometimes he creates some cultural family scene in Indonesia.

Rinaldy also makes varied impersonations.

Like the one “If Indonesian student was in Hogwarts”, or other TikTok videos.

Rinaldy also accepts brand deals, where he makes the promotion both very subtle and creative.

And also, will make you laugh out loud.

You should add Rinaldy to your list for sophisticated TikTok campaigns.

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Hadni – Established Beauty TikTok influencer Indonesia


plsss w kepoooo, so far so good sihh tp kalo kalian yang udah rutin pakeee hasilnya gmnnn guysss?

♬ original sound – hadni – hadni

If you are looking for a beauty influencer on TikTok, Hadni is worth a choice.

She mostly produces product reviews, skincare tips, and beauty hacks.

For endorsements, it’s very very easy for beauty products to push in the content of a beauty influencer.

Sometimes, Hadni reviews a single product in one content, sometimes she mixes it with other products.

Her videos usually gain a minimum of 200k views so it is very beneficial for brands to endorse their products.

Keep her on your list for successful beauty campaigns on TikTok Indonesia.

Hanny Soegianto – Indonesian Lifestyle Micro-influencer on TikTok


Siap2 ke kantor, GrabBike jadi solusi diwaktu mepet. Makin hemat karena banyak promo dengan langganan GrabUnlimited🤗#Fyp #foryou #adayinmylife #foryoupage #dailylife #dailyroutine

♬ LULLABY WALTZ – Marcel Coulomb

Hanny Soegianto is a mediocre corporate worker in Indonesia.

She shares her daily routines going to the office, the reality of being a ‘corporate slave’, daily packed meal recipes, and many more.

Hanny is basically the real representative of young workers in Indonesia.

Her vlogs are so warm, sometimes also calming, despite her tight schedule.

The niche she chooses is very open to any brands for daily necessities.

So, it will be very easy for brands to work with her, especially where she has collaborated with various brands, big and small.

Hanny is definitely your best pick for your home appliance or office support tools.

Aa Kabayan – The best traditional food influencer on TikTok Indonesia


Video ini di buat untuk mengedukasi,, tidak untuk menyindir siapapun,, yuk belajar lebih saling menghargai makanan dari negara lain, kalau tidak suka cukup bilang tidak suka atau tidak sesuai dengan selera kita ❤️ #nattochallenge #natto #menuviral #fyp #fypシ

♬ suara asli – Aa.Kabayan – Aa.Kabayan

Aa Kabayan is a rising food nano-influencer on TikTok Indonesia.

He is recently popular for his video of #NattoChallenge.

FYI, Natto, the traditional cuisine from Japan is currently viral in Indonesia.

It starts with an Indonesian TikToker who tries Natto but ends up throwing up the food.

It makes many content creators curious and wants to try (and make content out of it).

But only Aa Kabayan’s review can reduce the panic and curiosity of people.

He said what makes Natto delicious and not, objectively.

He also educates people not to exaggerate their reactions and disrespect other nations’ dishes.

On a daily basis, Aa Kabayan shares his love for Sundanese cuisine, one of the biggest tribes in Java, Indonesia.

Try working with Aa Kabayan ASAP, ride his ‘wave’, and enter the Indonesian food industry.

Launch your influencer campaign with these top TikTok influencers in Indonesia, is it worth it?

It is VERY worth it.

There are a lot of TikTok content creators in Indonesia, with various niches and audiences.

I have made this list, specifically for you to find the best TikTok influencers in Indonesia.

For your 2024 campaigns and their success.

There is also dramas like everywhere else with TikTok Influencers

Just be careful on how to pick the best Influencers. Avoid the bad ones.

All of these influencers have different niches yet loyal follower bases.

You only have to decide which one is the best suited for your brand’s needs and goals.

Business growth is a guarantee if you work with these highly influential content creators.

Good luck with your campaign 😉

More Indonesian Influencers and Creators in Indonesia

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