Discover the leading Male Instagram influencers in Thailand in 2024 and check out the list of the Men Social accounts in the country.

Because male influencers’ content is never without interactions and social media users in Thailand can never wait to see their next posts.

With their online presence, they are your ultimate gate to reach many people in Thailand.


Influencer Marketing Industry in Thailand is already a huge market.

Here are the 10 best male influencers in Thailand in 2023.

Male Influencers in Thailand 👇🏼

  1. Bright Vachirawit – @bbrightvc
  2. Win Metawin – @winmetawin
  3. Chalee – @chalee._
  4. Liuge – @yggg_3
  5. Ohm Pawat – @ohmpawat
  6. Mix Sahaphap – @mixxiw
  7. Kyutae Oppa – @kyutaeoppa
  8. Keno – @arteereview
  9. Kantanapon – @art_taiyang
  10. Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin – @chahub

This is to be expected since Thais love social media and male influencers are among those they follow and interact with every day.

Most popular types of influencer content or verticals in Thailand
Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment & Food are the most produced content in 🇹🇭

Just picture your product being promoted by the top Thai content creators. Imagine how popular it will be among the people in Thailand

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Of course, not all influencers in Thailand are men, but I know that many brands specifically need male influencers to represent their brands.

Perfect for your influencer marketing in this South East Asian major Country.

Male Influencer in Thailand - The Complete List

To meet the demand, I have created a list of the most loved and influential male influencers in Thailand in 2023. 

Bright Vachirawit – Charming Male TV Personality & Influencer in Thailand

Vachirawit Chivaaree, known professionally as Bright Vachirawit, is a Thai-American actor, singer, host, and model. 

He is best known for his leading roles in 2gether: The Series, and F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

But overall, there are actually many Thai movies and TV series he’s been in, which explains why he is so well known among the general public of Thailand.

His online presence is also very significant, even Harper’s Bazaar featured him once.

Bright has many followers on his social media and whatever he posts, it’s always crowded with likes and comments.

Understandable, really. I mean, have you seen him? The male Siamese influencer is charming in every way.

If you are a brand owner planning to expand in Thailand, Bright Vachirawit is your gate to reach the general public in the country.

Win Metawin – Young Male Celebrity & Influencer in Thailand

Just like Bright, Win Metawin is another famous male celebrity in Thailand.

Win is a globally-known Thai actor, model, and singer of Chinese descent who made his debut in 2020.

That’s not even too long ago but his popularity on both TV and social media is no joke.

He even ranked first as the top voice, post, and influencer in Milan Men’s Fashion Week for his appearance.

Now this is who you call a powerful influencer.

No wonder many brands chose to leverage his power to promote their products and services.

Want to get your brand recognized by the people in Thailand? Follow their steps and connect with Win now!

Chalee – Entertaining Male Siamese Fashion Influencer

Chalee is a famous influencer for his funny content and role-plays.

He mainly covers light and relatable topics through his skits.

Being a famous comedian on the platform, his posts are always full of comments.

As simple as a laughing emoji or “55555”, his fans always make sure to let him know that he made their day.

Even when he uploads an ad!

Because even when endorsing a product, Chalee’s videos are still entertaining to watch.

Should you work with Chalee, I can guarantee that your brand will be more acknowledged in Thailand.

Liuge – Funny Male Siamese Content Creator


เมื่ออ่านข้อความแฟนไม่ทัน ใครเป็นบ้างคอมเม้นมา@jaoyhong #ไผ่หนักใจ #ดูให้จบ #พีคในพีค

♬ 原聲 – LG(พี่ไผ่) – LG(พี่ไผ่)

Liuge is like Chalee. He makes use of his TikTok account to show his humorous personality.

He makes funny short films and skits everybody can enjoy.

What makes him popular among TikTok users in Thailand is how relatable and funny his clips are.

Liuge also covers couple humor starring his girlfriend.

When you look at his comment sections, you will find many people tagging their significant others.

That’s how relatable his content is. It is no surprise that he is among the most popular content creators on Thai TikTok.

Ligue really should be on your A-List of influencers to work with.

Ohm Pawat – Loved Thai Actor & Influencer

Ohm Pawat is a Siamese actor you can see in many Thai movies and series.

His acting talent got widely recognized when he played in the “Make It Right” series.

Since then, his popularity has continued to skyrocket.

Although people of all ages know Ohm, him being born in 2000 makes him mainly followed by the young adults of Thailand.

Actually, by the gen-z in other countries as well.

If you plan to reach the gen-z in Thailand, Ohm Pawat is who you should collaborate with.

The preferred social media platform to run influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand
Facebook (Meta) Still leading the game of influencers in Thailand

Mix Sahaphap – Multi-Talented Male Thai Influencer from The North

Mix Sahaphap is another Siamese actor famous for his roles in many Thai series and for being a former member of Thailand’s boy band “Cute Chef Thailand”.

He is also known for his Northern Thai accent and in many interviews, he is often asked to speak in his original accent.

Mix is an animal lover and is currently studying Veterinary Science at Chulalongkorn University.

And he has a cat names Somporn that you can see in several of his posts. 

Mix is adored by many and has dedicated fans all over Thailand.

I mean, he is a multi-talented man who cares about his education and loves animals. How can you resist adoring him?

His fame and established popularity are definitely not to ignore. Brand owners, wait no longer and start collaborating with Mix now!

Kyutae Oppa – Korean-Born Male Thai Influencer

Kyutae Oppa is a Korean expat finding home in Thailand and is now residing there.

He is big on YouTube after uploading mukbang videos which Thais love watching.

Now having dedicated fans who also love him for his quirks, 

Kyutae Oppa began sharing song covers, vlogs, and challenge content, such as the “Spending 82 Hours in My Car” video.

His post is always anticipated by many, even though it’s different from what he’s initially known for.

Want to grow your brand in Thailand? Be sure to work with Kyutae Oppa ASAP.

Keno – Insightful Male Siamese Tech Influencers 

The TikTok account Keno is two guys from Thailand making videos about gadgets, mainly Apple devices.

They review the most viral phones in the country covering their camera quality and features.

Other types of devices like iPad, speakers, and accessories are also covered on their platform.

Keno also makes videos comparing a certain feature of two different devices.

And they have answers for every Apple device-related question you have, such as “Can I connect a Gen 1 pen to my iPad Air 5?’ or “How do I change my AirDrop name?”

With how much information they provide to the public, they sure are the ultimate tech influencers in the country.

Work with Keno now and reach all Thai tech enthusiasts in no time

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Kantanapon – Male Thai Foodie & Content Creator


แจ่วมะนาวทั้งลูก รับประกันเปรี้ยวทุกลูก🤤#มะนาว #ห้องครัวtiktok#TikTokUni#artasmr

♬ Baila Conmigo (Afro Twerk Remix) – DJ Moon & Byro

Do you love cooking?

Then you need to follow Kantanapon.

Kantanapon will teach you how to cook various Thai dishes and snacks using simple ingredients and easy-to-follow steps.

Everything you see on his page is mouth-watering and makes you want to recreate the same thing.

He is the best influencer to follow for all home-cooking enthusiasts in Thailand.

If you plan to reach them for your influencer marketing in the country, then working with Kantanapon is a must.

Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin – Goodlooking Male Influencer in Thailand

Chahub is a half-Thai and half-Iran model, host, Instagram influencer, and Youtuber.

He is now also an actor, which makes his online presence even more known to the public.

Chahub loves many things and shares them on his Instagram, including traveling, food, sports, photography, and music.

His page is like a breath of fresh air because unlike many public figures who only post about brand endorsements and photoshoots,

He posts so many pictures of him just enjoying life.

Chahub is many things, including good looking. No wonder many Thai girls are crazy about him.

He has many dedicated followers who always comment on his posts.

That’s why you should definitely utilize his influence to grow your brands in the country.

Collaborate with male Thai influencers and grow your brand in Thailand now

The male Thai content creators I have on the list are all influential.

They have many fans across the country on any social media platforms they use.

Not only that, their content is also always awaited by their fans.

Fans always want to know what they are up to, where they are going, and what content they will make next.

Male Thai influencers truly are who you need to grow your business in Thailand.

However, you might wonder,

There are many male influencers in Thailand. How do I know which influencer is the most suitable to promote my brand?


Pay attention to their niches and audiences. 

Does their niche represent your brand? Are their audiences who I want to target?

If you have your answer, then congratulations! You are one step closer to penetrating the lucrative Thai online market.

More types of Influencers and creators in Thailand

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