The Thailand food market is expected to expand at a rate of 5.04% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a total market value of US$87.40 billion by 2028.

And Thai Influencers interested in Cuisine and delicious spicy meals are legion.

Because honestly, what’s a better way to reach Thailand foodies if not through food influencers?

Let me show you why this works. Influencer Marketing in Thailand is already a huge and mature market.

Food Influencers in Thailand in 2024

  1. Alek Teeradetch – AlekT Official
  2. Chumnan Maughong – @chumnan101
  3. Pimry Pie
  4. Banki
  5. PlaoCooking
  6. Bon Appetit BKK – @bon_appetitbkk
  7. Su’s Kitchen –
  8. Bigger Tummy – @biggertummy
  9. Itan Tanraitiemtarn – @itan
  10. Dreammy – @dreamxxarisara

They can post only one picture of your product and boom! increased recognition for your brand in no time.

Most popular types of influencer content or verticals in Thailand
Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment & Food are the most produced content in 🇹🇭

Thais love to eat, even up to six to seven times a day. This is because they don’t usually eat big amounts of food each time.

They love to snack, too – day, night, and between meals.

Eating out with family and friends is more favored there, with some believing that dining alone can give you bad luck.

In response, there are many restaurants and food stands serving all kinds of food across the country – ready to accommodate the unique Thai food culture and trends.

But how do you know which place actually serves good food?

Yup, you resort to food influencers!

They are who Thais look up to whenever they need food recommendations.

And even if they want to cook at home instead, many of these influencers also give out recipes to follow, for free.

This leads to the public’s dependence on food content creators and many Thai social media users follow them and stick around.

No wonder that food & beverage is among the top influencer verticals in the country.

See? This is why influencer marketing should definitely be your choice if you want to reach the many food enthusiasts in the country and get your brand recognized by them.

Best Food Influencers in Thailand

Here is an ultimate list of the Top 10 Thai Food Influencers.

1. Alek Teeradetch – Charming Thai Actor & Food Influencer

Alek Teeradetch is actually a Thai actor well-known for his role in many movies and dramas.

But apart from that, Alek is a huge foodie – you can’t see it on his Instagram but he has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to his food videos.

Whenever he travels to a country/city, he documents what he eats and vlogs it for his fans to see, be it fine dining or street food

Alek also gives out store and restaurant recommendations.

With his already established reputation, huge online traffic on his videos is only understandable.

Quoting from a fan’s comment on his YouTube video, “Alek is good-looking and the best foodie ever… the way he explains the food taste, and everything is just perfect!”

And honestly, I agree.

With all the love he gets from his fans, I can guarantee your brand will thrive in the country. Put Alek on your Influencer A-List now.

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2. Chumnan Maughong – Funny Siamese Mukbanger & Food Influencer

If most food vloggers show themselves eating various kinds of dishes, Chumnan stays consistent presenting only sour and spicy meals. 

Even though the ingredients vary, everything he eats has got to be sour and spicy – that’s his characteristic.

Chumnan is also known for his mukbang videos which are super entertaining because of his funny expressions and narration.

Generating a big number of followers, Chumnan is popular in other countries, too, especially Indonesia.

Consequently, he is not only trusted by Thai brands but also by Indonesian ones to promote their products.

Should you work with Chumnan, your brand will be recognized by spicy food lovers in Thailand and other countries.

3. Pimry Pie – Pretty Siamese Food YouTuber & Influencer

When you look at Pimry’s pictures on Insta, you will think she is a model with a slim waist and body goal she has.

You wouldn’t believe that she is a huge mukbanger in the country. She can literally consume a big amount of food in one sitting!

Where all that food goes, I also don’t know.

Pimry doesn’t post much about food on her Instagram, but once you see her YouTube channel, you’ll find so many cooking & eating videos.

However, whatever kind of content she posts, it’s always flooded with likes and comments from her loyal followers.

If you want to reach Thailand’s foodies, collaborating with Pimry is a must.

4. Banki – Thailand’s Foodie & Content Creator

Banki is a Siamese food influencer who has a huge love for food and cooking.

With the combination of both, he presents cooking, eating, and food adventure content on his YouTube channel.

You’ll see the process of meal preparation, cooking, and, eating in some videos.

And in some others, you can find him trying foods in different places, allowing you to take notes for new food recommendations.

Banki is well known among Thai foodies and if you trust him to endorse your brand, I can assure you that increased awareness and sales will come your way.

5. PlaoCooking – Thai Food Influencer for Cooking Enthusiasts

Looking for a YouTube channel to help you learn Thai cooking? PlaoCooking is your answer.

The channel shares everything about Thai cuisine recipes.

From soup, desserts, to snacks, PlaoCooking has all the recipes you need.

And if you don’t like long videos, the channel is also perfect for you. The videos are relatively short and straightforward, despite showing all the preparation and cooking processes.

They’re even English-subbed to help international viewers understand everything well.

PlaoCooking is also on TikTok and is as well-known on the platform.

If PlaoCooking’s niche is what you are looking for in a food influencer, then connect with PlaoCooking now and expand your brand in the country.

Percentage of Thai online buyers who feel influenced by influencer’s product endorsements
40% more means the influence from Thailand it’s just strong

6. Bon Appetit BKK – Bangkok-Based Food Content Creator

If you are looking for a food content creator who gives out food recommendations in Bangkok, then you need to follow Bon Appetit BKK.

The Instagram account covers restaurants and food reviews.

On her feed, you will see many kinds of food, such as desserts, authentic Thai food, fancy steak, and even foods from other countries like ramen.

And if you are interested in any of the posted food, you can easily know where you can get it.

If you follow this food influencer, you will also be invited along the journey to food festivals and other eateries in Bangkok.

The account is the ultimate inspiration for those wanting to explore Bangkok’s cuisines – either locals or foreigners.

Work with Bon Appetit BKK now and reach all the culinary enthusiasts in the capital city of Thailand.

7. Su’s Kitchen – Famous Siamese Cook & Food Influencer

Su’s Kitchen shares easy Thai recipes through her high-quality Instagram reels. 

From main dishes, side dishes, desserts, to pastries, Su’s account is here to help you learn how to cook.

Her cooking instructions are easy to follow and even if you think you are not a good cook, you can make delicious dishes by watching her content.

Su’s recipes are also healthy and diet-friendly, as she has gone through a weight loss journey herself.

With such helpful content, it is no surprise that Su is followed by many Siamese home-cooking and food lovers.

Connect with her now and get your brand the desired recognition among her audience!

8. Bigger Tummy – Thai Food Reviewer & Influencer

Bigger Tummy is a Thai food influencer known for the catchphrase “our tummies bigger together”.

The account mainly focuses on eating places you can visit in Bangkok.

But you can also find food recommendations for when you are in Pattaya or Hua Hin.

So, if you are visiting one of these big cities, make sure to check out Bigger Tummy on Instagram for culinary suggestions, just like many did.

And if you are a brand planning to reach Thai foodies, especially those in the mentioned cities, consider working with Bigger Tummy now!

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9. iTan Tanraitiemtarn – Bangkok Food Influencer & Photographer

Now, we have Itan, another Bangkok eating specialist on the list.

But what makes Itan stands out from others is his beautifully photographed food pictures.

Upon scrolling through his Instagram feed, you will find yourself thinking, “Is this an Instagram feed or a photography book?”

All the close-up photos are not only pleasing to the eye but also very mouth-watering.

They make you want to go where he got the food and eat the same thing.

Itan is the comfort influencer for people looking for food suggestions in Bangkok.

And if you think his audience is who you want to target, waste no more time and connect with him ASAP!

10. Dreammy – Thailand-Based Popular Food Influencer

Do you want to make delicious savory dishes at home? Or maybe a dessert box and a scrumptious beverage? Or even vegan food?

You should follow Dreammy because the girl has it all!

This Siamese food content creator documents her process of preparing her food at home.

Then, she uploads it to her Instagram feed, which is very aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. Whatever camera she uses, it’s better than my eyes.

Too lazy to cook and wanna eat out instead? Don’t worry because Dreammy gives out restaurant recommendations, too!

With all the content she offers, it is unsurprising that her posts are always crowded with Thailand foodies.

Dreammy has even collaborated with many F&B brands, too. And I highly recommend you do the same if you want your brand to flourish in the country.

Ready to work with Thai food influencers?

With the help of food influencer marketing, your business is guaranteed to thrive in Thailand.

Because food influencers’ content is always awaited by their loyal followers and those in need of food and restaurant recommendations.

Consequently, they have generated huge online traffic across their platforms, which is a must-utilize for brands.

Once you worked with them, your business page is promised to grow in terms of popularity.

Read more about this here: “How to grow Instagram Business Page

Just remember to always choose the one who you think can represent your brand the best.

Good thing we have provided you with a diverse list of Thai food content creators who vary in niches, right?

Find and work with Thai influencers

Continue to read if you want to work with Food Influencers in Southeast Asia

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