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Top 10 Influencers in the Philippines in 2023: The Best KOLs and Content Creators for Brands and Businesses

Working with influencers in the Philippines is one of the most significant marketing channels to target the local audience.

In a survey, 7 out of 10 Filipino online consumers shop on social platforms.

Brands should take advantage of it by teaming up in paid partnerships with the best KOLs and content creators in the Philippines.

When the best influencers promote your brand, it increases the possibility of reaching the “7 Filipino online consumers” on the survey.

List of the best Influencers and content creators in the Philippines

Simply, your brands can target more Filipino consumers on social media with the influencers on the list.

That way, you can spread more brand awareness and boost brand sales.

The best way to start is to pick the best influencers in The Philippines with a loyal audience and high influence in their niche.

This article exactly gives you what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Influencers in The Philippines 2023

  1. Katzi
  2. Jam Manalo
  3. JP Anglo
  4. Geraldine Rivera
  5. Sam Concepcion
  6. Marj Maroket
  7. Liz Uy
  8. Aly
  9. Laura Barber
  10. Jeff Ong

Let’s get to know the top 10 Filipino influencers on the list one by one.

From beauty, gaming, and fashion, to food influencers,

There are countless Filipino influencers with different niches.

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I have selected and made this list of the most diverse influencers in The Philippines to look out for.

Here are the 10 best Filipino influencers on Instagram in 2023.

1. Katzi – Mom-influencer & Reading Advocate in the Philippines

The first on our list, is one of the best Filipino mom influencers, Katzi.

Well, she is more than that.

She is a mom of 2 and loves promoting reading habits for children.

Her Instagram page is full of children and parenting advice. Go to her Instagram bio link page and find all her learning channel or children books there.

Katzi also loves sharing Children’s Books and Toys recommendations. 

Surely, she is the best mom role model and children activist in the field.

Between her posts, she also does brand sponsorships, sometimes together with her daughter.

Katzi is the right choice for brands that target a family-oriented audience in the Philippines.


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2. Jam Manalo – Philippines-based health & fitness influencer

Let’s meet the best Filipino Fitness & Health content creator, Jam Manalo.

Jam has gained a quite lot of audience with his inspirational posts.

When he creates Reels, he loves sharing healthy food recipes and his daily workout routine.

When he posts, he mostly loves showing off the result of his hard work:

the portrait of his fit and muscly body.

He also posts a lot of brand deals, mostly the brands that support his healthy lifestyle.

Jam is the perfect influencer for your brand to target the fitness community in the Philippines.

3. JP Anglo – Filipino chef & famous food influencer

JP Anglo is a well-known chef and food reviewer in the Philippines.

He likes sharing the dishes he made with his followers.

He also often hops on cafes to try their food and share how it tastes on Instagram.

Other than the food, JP shares his love for basketball and motorcycle with his audience.

With overflowing engagement on every post,

JP has established a dedicated audience with his online presence.

Add him to your list and start working with JP to reach the food lovers of the Philippines.

4. Geraldine Rivera – Filipino Lifestyle & beauty content creator

Geraldine Rivera is one of the well-known KOL in the Filipino beauty industry.

Her honest reviews and affordable makeup recommendations make everyone loves and follow her account.

Also, she makes makeup tutorials very easy to follow and finishes with the perfect look.

Geraldine first gained her online reputation through TikTok and is now followed by 713k people.

She continues her influence on Instagram while sharing her daily look and self-portraits.

With her trusted reputation, it will be very beneficial for your brand to work with Geraldine!

5. Sam Concepcion – Filipino Musician & influencer

Are you looking for Filipino musicians?

Here, I bring you the loved musician and actor, Sam Concepcion.

Sam is also a versatile influencer with many entertainment titles, VJ, host, dancer, you name it.

He was formerly known for winning a survival singing contest, Little Big Star Season 1 in 2006.

Sam established her career a long time ago

And succeeded to gather loyal followers, and still growing.

Sam loves sharing the behind-the-scenes snippet of his future projects.

When not, he posts various brand sponsorships, from microphones to hair dryers.

Add Sam to your influencer list to reach the Filipino general audience.

6. Marj Maroket – Rising micro beauty influencer in the Philippines

Marj Maroket is a makeup artist and has completed formal education in the Center of Aesthetic Studies.

She previously established her influence on TikTok and gained wide attention from the beauty community.

She now has 117k followers and 5 million likes on TikTok.

Marj then hops on Instagram to expand her follower base, and so far, it works.

She is now a rising Manila-based beauty content creator on Instagram.

Her loyal audience made it easy to grow her Instagram account with crowded engagement in every post.

If your brand wants to target the Filipino beauty audience on multiple platforms,

Marj is the best choice to work with.

7. Liz Uy – Philippines-based entrepreneur & biggest fashion influencer

Liz Uy is famous for showing off her edgy and glamorous look.

Both with her outfit and face.

Her consistent look and her influence in the fashion world have made her

one of the biggest Filipino fashion influencers.

Liz is actually a fashion stylist, but she embroidered her work to build her online persona.

She usually posts about her OOTD (of course), makeup look, fitness routine, and her overall lifestyle.

Liz is also an entrepreneur who loves branded luxury items from Gucci, Bvlgari, Versace, and many more.

If your brand wants to work with a luxury & influential fashion influencer in the Philippines,

Liz is the perfect one to start your journey.

8. Aly – Filipino gaming influencer & streamer

She is a rising Filipino streamer & gamer who posts a lot of brand deals on Instagram.

Well, she usually shares about her daily life, including her gaming schedule.

But her branded content is everywhere on her page.

She promotes beauty brands, snacks, streetwear caps, and many more.

Aly is an influencer with a specific niche but can target a general audience.

Whether it’s a gaming console or lipstick, you can work with Aly,

Especially when the branded content is very welcomed by her audience.

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9. Laura Barber – Established Filipino travel influencer & children activist

Laura Barber is a Filipino traveler, also an environmentalist.

She also loves sharing children’s books on her Instagram page.

She actually wrote a children’s book called “Eddy Saves The World”.

With her ideology, Laura encourages her followers to put sustainability first when traveling.

So it doesn’t litter nature, the thing she loves the most and should be taken care of.

Laura also posts various brand sponsorships, mostly with beauty brands.

Add Laura to your list if you also support sustainability.

10. Jeff Ong – Male fashion influencer from the Philippines

Last but not least, one of the biggest Filipino male fashion influencers, Jeff Ong.

Jeff has a minimalistic style that doesn’t look boring at all!

Mixed with the hype beast streetwear, Jeff always manages to look chill.

On Instagram, he mostly shares his daily outfit look.

With a simple yet cool persona, Jeff always had his posts crowded with comments and likes.

If your brand wants to target the streetwear enthusiast in the Philippines,

Jeff is the best influencer to choose!

Start your Influencer Campaigns in the Philippines with the Top Influencers on the list!

That’s a wrap for this top 10 influencers in the Philippines in 2023.

So, which one piques your interest?

The choices might be limited but these influencers are very popular in their market

and have the most dedicated follower base.

Both on Instagram and TikTok, they always gain attention and influence people.

They have high engagement and can bring you the best KPIs for your influencer marketing.

They are literally the best influencers to invest your money.

Work with them and see how their influence helps your business to grow.

And always remember to match your brand needs with the influencers’ niche and quality.

So, are you ready to work with the best Filipino influencers in 2023?

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