Virtual Influencers are the new sensation and their presence has always been a hot topic everywhere, including in Singapore.

They are most definitely your gate to growing your business in Lion City.

Influencer Marketing in Singapore is rising.

Working with the top cyber influencers will immensely boost your brand awareness in no time.

Virtual Influencer in Singapore

Because they will help you introduce your products to a wider audience, hence increasing your sales in an instant.

And doing just that in Singapore is no exception.

To expand your reach in the country, you need to work with computer-generated influencers ASAP and get your brand acknowledged by more Singaporeans. 

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The Best Virtual Influencers in Singapore

  1. Rae –
  2. Ava –

Just picture your products in one of their posts and think of how many people will see and click on them!

Collaborating with virtual influencers in Singapore is overall very promising and this article is here to convince you to do so.

Read through to learn more about Singaporean cyber content creators in the article.

Let’s dive right in.

Here are the 10 best virtual influencers in Singapore in 2023.

1. Rae – Cool & Stylish Virtual Influencer from Singapore

First off, we have Rae, the first-ever virtual influencer in Singapore and a forever 25-year-old who indulges in digital art.

Rae is cool, in the way that she showcases her artwork, diverse style, rides, and love for skateboarding and rollerskating.

She also has a cool fashion style and you can find many of her followers asking where she got her top or other clothing items.

On Instagram, Rae can be seen visiting many beautiful places in Singapore and having photoshoots there.

She has a significant number of followers and her posts are always packed with likes and comments.

On top of that, she has also been featured in many newsletters and media in Singapore.

Rae’s significance is the reason why she is trusted by many brands to promote their products.

And I suggest you do the same if you plan to get your brand recognized by a wider audience in Lion City.

2. Ava – Well-Known, Fashionable Virtual Influencer from Singapore

Next, we have Ava, a stylish virtual influencer from Singapore.

She mainly utilizes her Instagram account to show her fashion taste through OOTD pictures.

It’s like Ava is a model and Instagram is her runway.

She poses for the camera to show her most stylish outfits.

If you follow her, you can expect to be inspired by streetwear, casual, and even formal fashion.

Unlike Rae, Ava has limited movements but her influence is nowhere near limited.

The virtual influencer has even collaborated with BHG Singapore, a retail company in the country, to launch new in-house labels.

If you want to come up with a unique project for your brand, Ava is who you need.

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Work with the top virtual influencers in Singapore and grow your business.

Virtual influencers are unique and their concept is still alien to many people in Singapore.

However, this can mean a good thing since they spark curiosity among the public.

People want to learn more about them and flock to their Instagram pages to see what they are up to.

And many end up being their loyal followers who look forward to their content and latest projects.

That’s why I encourage you to collaborate with virtual content creators in Singapore ASAP because once you do,

I promise that your brand will grow in terms of both sales and awareness through its influence.

There is many agencies who can help you to build a campaign with virtual creators like them.

Or just to do it by yourself and just send them a DM to know their rates and availability.

There are still a few computer-generated content creators in Singapore but with the impact, they have on social media users,

We will definitely see more of them in the future and this list will expand.

While we wait, you can learn about other virtual influencers from around the world through our other articles.

Continue to read if you want to work with virtual influencers in other countries

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